Dil Dhoondta Hai 13th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Ravi realizes her love for Vishi

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In the Sangeet function, a competition was announced. Ravi sends Vishi to the girl’s side. Both sides boast about their abilities. Vishi was boastful that residents of Mumbai are able to do anything, while Ravi mentions their abilities of Punjabi wedding dance. Ravi accepts Vishi’s challenge. Parneet asks to decide penalty of losing team. Ajji says if they lose, they will wear Punjabi dress in the wedding but if they lose they must wear Marathi dresses. Happy bucks Parneet to accept. Avinash laughs they are fearful in heart. Parneet finally accepts the challenge.
Bride’s family dances around Payam. Payam brings Baldev to the center and swirls around with him. It was Ravi and Manjeet’s turn to dance with Baldev. Ajji, Avinash and Anjali were worried they are doing really well. Vishi stands up taking the challenge with Abhijeet. Ravi was nervous this time. Ravi asks her team why are they tensed, and goes to show them Punjabi dance. The spectators wonder how to decide, both teams are alike. Happy suggests a face-off; one member from both teams. Vishi and Ravi come to confrontation. Both dance together. Ravi fell into Vishi’s arms, distressing everyone around. Ravi and Vishi share an eye lock. Ravi daydreams a romantic dance with Vishi in a lone hall. Vishi resumes the performance, while Ravi was nervous. It was decided Vishi’s side won. Ajji says it’s decided now they will have to wear Dhoti-Kurta and cap. Anjali was determined to make Manjeet wear nauvari saree. Vishi announces everyone will wear what they have decided already, and withdraw their condition. It’s enough they have won already.
Payam brings Ravi aside. Ravi hugs Payam and congratulates her for winning over. Payam asks why Ravi missed the dance. Ravi says she fall in love. Payam was excited, and says she didn’t even dance with Happy; Ravi qualifies it’s not Happy; it’s Vishi. Payam was shocked and asks Ravi about Happy, it’s her Roka tomorrow. Ravi says she fall in love, and she couldn’t realize when, how and why? It wasn’t deliberate at all.

PRECAP: Ravi drags Vishi under the table to speak to him. Avinash catches Vishi beneath the table, and bends to see if there was something else.

Update Credit to: Sona

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