Dil Dhoondta Hai 13th November 2017 Written Episode Update: Sangeeta steels the jewellry

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Ravi hands the reiling. Vishi and his friends successfully holds her up. The family was relieved. People at Chawl discuss if Ravi went upstairs to jump from reiling, after all she must have problems in adjustment.
At home, Sangeeta had successfully broken the lock of suitcase and brought the jewelry boxes from inside it.
Anjali decides to speak to Ravi. Ravi was lost and doesn’t reply to anyone’s answers. She comes home and finds Sangeeta’s dupatta under the bed. She was about to look down when Anjali comes from behind. The family asks why they had gone upstairs. Vishi comes to say he took her, it was hot in the dark here. Avinash was about to slap him, but Ajji makes Vishi and Ravi apologize him. They advices Vishi to be careful and mature now. Ravi spots Sangeeta come out

of under the bed. She was suspicious. Ravi wonders what she was doing here. Later, Anjali takes Ravi to sleep outside while Sangeeta sleep inside the kitchen.
The next morning, Anjali was annoyed over Ravi. Ravi was sweeping and notices Sangeeta was conscious of under the bed. Avinash calls Anjali and asks to leave with the jewelry. Ravi panics as the lock is broken. Everyone was tensed. Avinash suggests to call the police but Kaka and Sangeeta stop her. Ravi was weepy as those jewelry were a blessing from her mother. Ajji calms her down, her glass fell on the ground. Ravi recalls Sangeeta under the bed last night, then denying it. She bends down to look under the bed. Sangeeta tightly clutch her eyes. Avinash asks what Ravi is looking under the bed. Ravi comes outside with pile of jewelry boxes. She looks up towards Sangeeta. Avinash was relieved. Anjali wonders how they reached down there. Ravi only stares at Sangeeta. Ajji laughs and says last night she placed the jewels under the bed because it was dark. Avinash was late. Ajji and Anjali leave for bank. When Ravi and Sangeeta were alone, Ravi asks Sangeeta if she thinks she didn’t see Sangeeta from coming out of the bed, or couldn’t sense her nervousness. She stole her jewelry and hid it under the bed. Sangeeta was furious. Ravi says she doesn’t understand why Ajji said this, but she wants to question Sangeeta why she did this. Sangeeta denies taking the jewelry. She interrupts Ravi to speak to her loudly. She says Vishi did this. Ravi says Vishi didn’t need to break the lock, he knows about the keys. Sangeeta poses to be afraid and asks her to go and tell everyone she broke the lock and stole her jewelry. How would she prove this, if she should call the police for Ravi? No one would believe her here. Everyone in the house will take her side. She must take the lock and put it on her mouth.

PRECAP: While serving food, Ravi whispers to Sangeeta she has a proof against her. She is a recording in which Sangeeta accepts of stealing the jewelry. She speaks to the family to see the recording. Sangeeta was worried

Update Credit to: Sona

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