Dil Dhoondta Hai 12th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Avinash and Parneet’s argument

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Ravi comes to the room and asks if Vishi is running from her. Vishi denies, then turns to leave. Ravi apologizes him for whatever Parneet said to him yesterday. He must also be upset about what happened a while ago. Vishi says they are elders, youth must never get angry if they say something.
At night, Payam comes to Ravi. Ravi hands her a dress for Sangeet. She gifts her a set of earrings as well. Payam sits with Ravi and asks how her outing with Happy was, was he romantic. Ravi was nervous. Payam says there must be something wrong, if Happy isn’t the right man. Ravi says may be they just met, she didn’t get any feeling. Payam says there is an excitement, and the magic in the first time. Ravi asks if there is restlessness. You find that person always, and doesn’t like anything when

he isn’t there. Ravi thinks about Vishi. Payam agrees to all the feelings and asks if Ravi feels this way? Ravi replies this happens, but not for Happy. Payam asks for whom then? Their attentions were diverted by noise from outside.
Avinash was drunk and annoyed, he shouts at Parneet for being disrespectful to his guests. He says they don’t own huge houses in Mumbai, but are always respectful to their guests. This Canada return is a selfish man. He says they have been eating up Rajhma-rice for three days and didn’t say a word. Vishi comes to take him inside. Avinash says Parneet must come to Mumbai chawl, he will see how welcoming they are towards their guests. Ajji takes Avinash inside as he is drunk and speaks all truth when drunk. Vishi joins hands to Parneet but he holds his hand in interruption and leaves inside.
The next morning, Avinash wakes up and asks Anjali for lime water. He notices everyone was packing bags and asks what it is about. Anjali wasn’t ready to speak to him. Vishi comes with their tickets. Abhijeet says they are all going to Mumbai, Avinash left them disgraceful in front of them all. Avinash asks what he did, Anjali tells him that he insulted Parneet while drunk. Avinash was shocked to hear. Ajji says she was afraid what if he breaks Payam’s wedding. Avinash was tensed and stops them from packing. He decides to leave himself. Anjali says they won’t be able to meeting eyes with Parneet anymore. Harnam comes to ask if they are leaving. Avinash apologizes Harnam for creating the drama. Harnam accepts it was his mistake to let him drink, it wasn’t a huge mistake anyway. Avinash says they have been in some problem since they arrived and doesn’t want an interruption in Payam’s wedding. Vishi says this would be an awkward situation for them, as Parneet holds a high place in the family. Avinash asks him to marry Payam with full zeal, they will celebrate when he returns to Mumbai. Ravi was tearful overhearing this.
Ravi tries to convince Parneet that they are guests, they are ashamed and are leaving. It doesn’t suit that guests leave their house. If he wish Payam always hold a memory that her dearest family leave her wedding. She requests Parneet to forgive them, Vishi’s absence in her wedding mean Baldev’s absence in hers. Parneet interrupts Ravi from saying another word and leave.
Ravi now comes to the hall and watches Dalvi family leave with their luggage. Payam stops Ravi from leaving. Parneet asks if they have hired a taxi, why they had arrived. Harnam says it was a mistake. Avinash says they came for wedding but… Parneet asks what… They are leaving without attending the wedding? He smiles and asks them to leave all that has past, and start it over again. Avinash comes forward, joins his hands in apology. Parneet asks him to forget what happened yesterday. Parneet forbids him drink again, as he begins to speak it all true otherwise. Ravi comes to hug Parneet thankfully. She takes their luggage bags inside.
Ajji was singing with her saree in front of mirror. Anjali smiles at her, as it’s her second hour and fifth dress. Ajji says she must appear as a queen there, and was excited to dance in the function too. Anjali asks how Parneet got so nice all at once. Ajji says he must be afraid of Vishi. Ajji forbids Anjali share this with anyone, but Parneet gets tensed everyone he watches Ravi and Vishi together. Anjali says Ravi is about to get engaged, what they have to do with each other. Ajji signals there is something going on between Ravi and Vishi. Avinash comes from behind and asks what? Anjali explains it was nothing. Avinash tells her to hurry up, the function would end up until she gets ready. The ladies cheer Avinash hadn’t heard anything.

PRECAP: In the function, Ajji announce a competition between Punjabi and Mumbai. Ravi and Vishi dance together, Ravi fells into Vishi’s arms. Happy asks Vishi if he has been dreaming? Vishi says he was dreaming but woke up after meeting Happy. Later at home, Ravi was tensed. Baldev asks if she is worried because of Vishi?

Update Credit to: Sona

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