Dil Dhoondta Hai 11th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Parneet fixes Ravi and Happy’s roka

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Ravi and Vishi bring Payam and Baldev to meet at roof. Vishi takes Ravi aside. Ravi thanks Vishi for helping him, such memories remain forever. They speak about romance. Ravi was excited about Shahrukh Khan’s films, she feels awkward about discussing romance with Vishi. Vishi tells her to relax, it’s about Payam and Baldev. They hear footsteps and run to hide Payam and Baldev. Parneet arrives from behind and warns Ravi it’s late. Ravi leaves. Parneet strictly warns Vishi to stay in limits and away from Ravi, as Ravi is to marry Happy soon.
Vishi comes to sleep in the hall. Ajji notices he was awake and teases him through a song. Ajji says insomnia in youth is dangerous, but she is aware why he didn’t sleep. Vishi says Ravi is only a friend, but that Tauji… He warned him to stay

away from Ravi. He feels there is something between them, but how can he even think like this. Ajji says she also sensed something between them, and it’s about experience. Avinash scolds Vishi for the disturbance. Vishi thinks Parneet is right, he won’t think about Ravi anymore.
Ravi was disturbed about Parneet’s warning. She thinks he must not have said this to Vishi, then wonders why she always think about Vishi. Why she dislikes if someone scolds him, what is this all.
The next morning, Parneet gathers everyone in the hall. Manjeet was worried if the guests did something wrong again. Parneet says he wants to announce double celebrations in the family today, first is Baldev and Payam’s wedding. Second is Roka of Ravi and Happy. Vishi notices his stare over himself. Manjeet was elated, they guests were all happy too. Vishi leaves the hall. Parneet says Happy’s parents have left Canada for India and have accepted the proposal as well. Ajji murmurs if he doesn’t care about Ravi’s wish. Avinash asks for their permission to prepare their conventional sweet. Parneet sends Ravi to prepare sweets. Happy asks Parneet to take Ravi’s consent. Manjeet says Ravi is only shy, else she must have told Parneet about it.
Outside the house, Baldev asks Ravi why she is so lost. Ravi was upset about her Roka. Baldev cheers, and asks Ravi if she like someone else. Ravi takes Vishi’s name, Baldev was alert for a while then notices she was staring at him on the roof. Ravi goes to apologize Vishi.
Ravi comes to Vishi on the roof. Vishi gets a call from his boss and goes aside to take the call. Ravi thinks he might be upset because of last night, and he is rightful. Papa ji appreciates Avinash’s efforts for party. Anjali wish they like Mishal-pao. Avinash boasts everyone love them. The family gathers. Avinash makes a serving for Baldev. Parneet and Happy also join the table. Avinash happily serves everyone. Happy denies to take oily food. Parneet denies taking such food, but Ajji delieberatly prepares spicy serving for him. Parneet takes a bite just to keep his respect, but gets hiccup and cough. They all hurry to bring water for him. Parneet was furious, he warns Payam strictly not to try cheap food in Punjab again.

PRECAP: Payam and Ravi the symptoms of love they both felt. Ravi was worried she doesn’t feel this for Happy. In a function, Ravi and Vishi confront each other.

Update Credit to: Sona

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