Dil Chahta Hai-Prologue 1




A lady is shown in a modern dress…wearing her utmost attitude on the face…she walks along a garden…A servant is seen
Servant:Mr.William.Robert has come to meet you….Your new contract.
Lady:Ask him to wait for me….as I cant miss my 1/2Nhr talk with mom

Another lady calls out:Khushi!
The lady turns and smiles.They chat for a while

Screen freeze

A college is shown…A boy is seen admired by all girls.
A girl:Hey you! Come here!
The boy wearing his cool look on face and his Dior glasses….
Boy:Yes babes.
Girl:Why didn’t you call me yday?
Boy:What to do I am so busy everyday!
Girl1:With whom?
Boy:My mother (laughs)
Girl laugh and beats him playfully…

Another girl from behind:Excuse me can I just go in
Boy see her and admires her!
Girl2 cuts off:Thank you
Boy admires her as she walks past him to her class.

Screen freeze

A man is shown in casuals and looking at his watch
Man(to himself):Where the hell is this guy??
Suddenly another Man comes and says:Sorry sorry sorry sorry yaar…I had to drop Ishu.

Man1:It’s ok…Don’t forget I am ur lecturer and be on time from tmw
Man2:Ok Sir (winks)
Man1:I was just joking…come lets go!
Both leave

Screen freeze

A lady in a modern outfit looking classy entered an hall where many people where seated
Lady:Sorry that I took time
A stranger (ps.for us):Ma’am what made you late?
Lady:No questions!let’s start the meeting ?
The man looks on shocked!

Screen freezes

Havent u heard opposites attract! Lets wait and watch for the meeting of Arshi, Ishra and Rurav (Ruhi-Aarav). What do you think will be the common factor between all of them? What or who will bring them closer! STAY TUNED TO THIS PAGE!

*So guys how is my prologue??? I hope that all of you are happy with this.After one more promo lets start the story.

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