Dil Chahta Hai – Episode 6



Khushi reach India….Aman stands in the arrival section with a board written Khushi.Kumari.Gupta….Aman looks at the board and laughs
Aman(to himself): I hope this lady is not like Ishita madam.

Khushi in modern dress with high attitude on face comes there….She moves towards Aman.
Khushi:I am Khushi.
Aman:Hi Ma’am please do come
Khushi is taken in a Car by Aman
Aman:Ma’am first can we go to….
Khushi cuts off
Khushi:I will say, first take me to your office and from there with Ms.Ishita I would like to go..!
Aman nods
Aman(to himself):This girl is like Ishita madam itself….Oh god! Raizada house will have a tough time…………!
Aman calls Ishu and tells her to come to office.

Raizada fashion house,

Khushi enter and Ishu was waiting for her in her room.All the male employees go awww after seeing Khushi.She enters Ishu’s cabin,
Ishu:Hi Ms.Khushi….Have a seat.(smiles)
Khushi:Yah sure(smiles)….u have a beautiful interior designing done
Ishu:Thank you…The credit goes to my friend Sharon.
Khushi: So I just wanted to enquire about the place where I am going to stay.
Ishu:Ah…Actually it was on a short notice that I came to know about your arrival….We couldn’t arrange any good hotel’s for your stay…
Khushi:Come to the point Ms.Ishita.
Ishu:Will u mind staying at my place?
Khushi thinks
Khushi:Ah…I am ok
Ishu smiles.
Khushi:Then I hope you don’t mind coming with me to show the way
Ishu(smiles):Give me 5 mins
Khushi:Take your time.

After sometime,

Ishu enter with Khushi in Raizada house,
Khushita were talking business and Aman was getting bored.

Ishu introduce Khushi to Aarav,Shalini,Gautam and Subha…Khushi gets emotional seeing Subha
Khushi to Subha:Ma aapka kismat bohat achi hai isliye aapko aisi achi gharwale aur beti mile (Ma you are really lucky to get a family and daughter like this)
A small drop of tear escape from all their eyes….Ishu holds her moms hand and kiss that
Subha:God Gave me another child in the form of Khushi.
Khushi smiles
Khushi:My pleasure.

Ishu takes Khushi to her room,
The room had two beds next to eachother with leg space in between….
Ishu:This my room….Will u mind staying with me?
Khushi:Not at all and dont be too formal……I am happy that both of us will not have to run up and down for office works
Ishu smiles
Khushi:Let me just freshen up
Ishu:Yah sure I will be down.
Ishu goes down and Khushi goes to take bath.

Arnav along with Raman enter Raizada house and sees Aarav going out.
Arnav:Dude where are you going?
Aarav(in a hurry):Hi bhai..Oh Hi Raman bhai
Arnav:Hi…That is not the answer to my question
Aarav:I am going home and from there to music class
Arnav(laughs):What? U and music? Raman! St.Xaviers ka itna bura haal hain mujhe pata nahin tha (I never knew St.Xaviers were in a bad condition.)
Aarav:St.Xaviers is in a good condition……aap apne baare mein sochiye nai…(U think about yourself…new)
Ishu cuts off
Aarav seeing Ishu runs out
Ishu:Arnu…Make sure u behave well today and for few days because there is an important guest here…..If she finds any inconvenience here I will not spare you
Arnav:If Aarav is the reason then?
Ishu:U will get first then Aarav because he is younger than you and will follow your path only na.
Arnav:What the.
Raman stands there like a small kid…He looks around the house and then at Ishu’s dress then at the pooja room situated opposite to him.While Ishu was talking…Raman prays to Ganapati idol…Pulling his ears (PS Hindu’s might know this….They pray to Ganapati bappa like pulling their ears and keeping legs crossed.I have seen my neighbours do like that)
Arnita stare at him.Raman noticing that stands straight.Arnita burst into laughter.
Arnav:You are mad raman (laughing hard)
Ishu sits on the sofa and laughs hard.
Arnav stops but Ishu doesn’t…Arnav becomes happy because after so many years Ishu was laughing hard
Arnav hugs Raman and says Thank you
Raman:When will this laughter truck stop?
Ishu stops laughing stares at him angrily and goes to kitchen.

*I know I missed Rurav scenes today but I have a lot upcoming scenes for them.Till then stay tuned.Hope it get updated in both ipkknd ek jashn and yhm page

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