Dil Chahta Hai – Episode 5



Recap:Arshi go back to their best part of life I mean childhood

Arnav was 14years and Khushi about 13years

One day,

Arnav was in a beach with Ishu and Aarav….Arnav sees a girl sitting alone and her friends/czins playing there without her….He slowly goes near her and sits,
Arnav:Hi I am Arnav…and U?
The girl:I dont want to reveal my name to strangers.
Arnav:I am your friend now…u can say your name
The girl:My name is Choti
Arnav:Wow I have a Chotu there….I mean my brother
Choti smiles.
Arnav:U want jalebi’s?
Choti thinks
Choti:Not really
Arnav:I will give you….my mom makes awesome jilebi’s….I am sure u will love it
Choti smiles and says:Just a bite.
Arnav goes and takes jilebi’s and brings it to Choti…Both have the jilebi and smile
Choti:Wow it’s really tasty
Arnav:I told you right….And shall I tell you something
Choti:What?(busy in eating jilebi’s)
Arnav:You have a beautiful smile and why are u not smiling often
Choti’s face turns sad which is noticed by Arnav
Arnav:See this is why I asked you can I tell u something
Choti smiles
Arnav:Smile daily it will bring happiness to your heart,mind and soul……If u smile daily na your deadbody will have a smiling face
Choti laughs…Arnav admires her!
Choti:You are really witty.
Arnav:I know right.
Both play for sometime with sand and run around eachother.Ishu calls him for going back home.
Arnav:So bye choti and dont forget to smile….Koi anjaan sheher mein anjaan logon ke beech phir se anjaana anjaani bankar kuch das saal baad milenge (In some strange city….between some strange people…we will meet like strangers after 10years)
Choti laughs…Arnav smiles and goes with Ishu laughing and dancing….Choti looks on
(Hope you all understood it was Arnav and Khushi)
Fb ends

Khushi and Arnav smile as the first and last meeting felt so special.
Khushi(to herself):Anjaan sheher mein anjaana anjaani bankar milenge (in a strange city we would meet as strangers)
Arnav(to himself):Choti si Khushi (A small happiness)

Next day,
Ishu is stuck in traffic and gets irritated…..She gets a call.
Ishu:Yes Aman.
Aman:Ma’am the London client will arrive tmw
Ishu:What!? I havent arranged a hotel
Aman:I just inquired and all hotel’s are booked..What about your house?
Ishu:I cant take her to my house as my Nani is arriving tomorrow and she doesn’t like modern people….
Aman:Ma’am but thats the only option left.
Ishu:I will see.
She hangs up

Driver:Madam ji there is heavy traffic it will take a lot of time…
Ishu:Damn….I am ok….let’s wait…and kaka I have told you not to call Madam ji
Driver(smiles):Sorry beta
Ishu:Yah…That sounds better.
Ishu looks out of window and sees a kulfi store and feels like eating.
Ishu:Kaka….I will be back
Driver:Beta where are u going?
Ishu:Just a kulfi
Driver smiles
Ishu opens the car door and goes to the Kulfi store and orders a Kesar Vanilla Kulfi…She eats the kulfi enjoying each and every bite….A person from behind taps on her shoulder…With Kulfi on her mouth she turns…And it was Raman.
Raman starts laughing seeing Kulfi in her mouth and she looking at him with wide opened eyes.

Raman:Hi I am Raman…Arnav’s professor and bestfriend
Ishu takes Kulfi out.
Ishu:Oh…Hi…I think I saw you yday in Arnu’s college.
Raman:Not think….u saw me only
Ishu fake smiles for his stupid joke.
Raman:Heavy traffic right?
Ishu nods
Raman:And why are you here at this time?
Ishu(to herself):Idiot! Doesnt even understand that I am also stuck in traffic.
Ishu:Just to enjoy traffic
Ishu nods with fake smile.
Raman:Ok…I think…
Ishu cuts off
Ishu:Ok then I am leaving….My driver is waiting
Ishu takes two steps forward and then turns
Ishu:Raman…..Do you have conveyance to reach college?
Raman turns
Raman:Yah…May be
Ishu:Arnav has reached college that’s why just asked.
Raman:Oh teri! I dont have conveyance.
Ishu:Come I will drop you
Raman:But it’s like troubling you
Ishu:Ok then dont come
Ishu goes and gets in to her car….And the traffic was almost cleared…Raman runs and sits in the front seat
Raman:Plz drop me in Arnav’s college.
Ishu smiles
Ishu:Kaka..Arnu ki college mein jaate hain (Uncle… Lets go to Arnav’s college)
Driver nods.


Ruhi was attentively listening to the class…..She writes down few points in the book…..Aarav pass through the corridor and girls looks at him with shining eyes…. Aarav smiles at a girl
The girl:I am dead
Another girl:What?
The girl:He smiled looking at me…..!
All stays silent.
Aarav with a sheet of paper enters the class,
Aarav:Miss….I wanted to call a girl
Teacher:For what?
Aarav:For the culturals held this year…we need a girl for singing for duet.
Teacher:Ok call.
Other girls:Thats not fair
A girl:Who is the male singer?
Other Girls:I hate you Ruhi….(fakes crying)
Ruhi gets up and goes with Aarav to music room….on the way,
Aarav:Why are you avoiding me?
Ruhi:Who told you?
Aarav:Nobody…But I felt like.
Ruhi:No…I am not.I dont know you well so I dont talk to you thats it
Aarav:Jhoot (lie)
Ruhi:Why so?
Aarav:You dont talk to me because i talk with girls.
Ruhi:Ha…U call that talking…..I am sorry thats called flirting
Aarav:Aa gayi na baat samne (The reason came automatically right)
Ruhi:Woh…Yah it’s true I dont like people who flirt with all the beautiful s*xy girls they see.
Aarav:But I only flirt with girls I dont know
Ruhi:I know why you dont flirt with me…
Aarav(to himself):Hope she doesnt know that I LOVE HER.
Ruhi:Because I am Raman.Bhalla’s sister right?
Aarav(relieved):No…You are not meant for flirting but only to love….
Ruhi:Stop! I have also seen yeh jawaani hai deewani many times
Aarav smiles
Both reach music room,
They decide the song and all the while Aarav was just staring at her and admiring her…….Her laugh, Her eyes, Her lips,Her face,Her actions,Her voice,Her opened hair….He was completely lost in her.

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    Arshi childhood was cute.after many years they will meet as strangers…loved them saying this.ishra scene was nice.aarav ruhi t do nice. Aarav is hiding his luv from her.ruhi asking him y he doesn’t flirt with her n aarav saying jawani diwani’s dialogue that she is meant to be loved not to be flirted with was so sweet.no wonder aarav for lost in her when she opened her hair.because aditi looks really beautiful with open hair

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