Dil Chahta Hai – Episode 3



A morning,
Ishu wakes up and gets her P.A’s call
Ishu(in call):What!?
P.A:Ma’am you have a conference call with the London contract at 7am today
Ishu:What!?…Now its already 6:45….What the hell do they think of themselves?
P.A:Ma’am it was my mistake
Ishu:Whatever….I need you here in 15mins
Ishu hangs up

After 5 mins P.A enters Raizada mansion,

Arnav welcomes him,
Arnav:Hi Aman (Aman is played by Aly goni aka romi of yhm)
Aman:Hi Arnav….I am gonna get killed by your sis now so bye
Arnav laughs
Arnav:All the best buddy!
Aman smiles nervous
Aman enter Ishu’s room and see her doing her make up and controls his laughter.
Ishu sees him controlling his laugh and stares angrily
Ishu:What the…When are they going to call?
Aman:In 5mins ma’am
Ishu:Set my skype ready
Aman nods
Aman(to himself):Thank god! She is in a good mood or else I would have died alive today
Ishu:And dont think u will not get punished….Once the meeting is over I will see you.
Aman nods nervously.

A skype call comes….Ishu sits infront of her laptop and receives the call….The caller turns out to be Khushi.
Khushi:Yah…Hi Ishita.Singh.Raizada.
Ishita and Khushi chat about the contract…Arnav peeps in to see with whom Ishu is smiling and talking and he hears a female voice too

Arnav comes near Ishu,
Khushi:Ok then we will meet once I reach India….Make sure you have a place for me to stay in…
As Arnav looks in to the screen he only the lips of the girl and the screen flashes ‘Call Disconnected’
Arnav(to himself):Damn
Ishu looks at Arnav suspiciously
Ishu:Why are you looking at the screen?
Arnav:Ah…Just wanted to know whom you are talking to thats it.
Aman:That is our new cleint from London….She is the youngest Businesswomen in London…The only daughter of Garima.Gupta.
Arnav:Oh!…So much of GK!Anyways bye Ishu I am going to college.

Aarav’s college,
Ruhi enter and looks for somebody
A voice from behind startled her :Are u looking for me? (The person came so close to her ear to ask this)
She turns and loses her balance because of the close proximity……The Person was Aarav….Rurav share eyelock……Kuch kam roshan hai roshni kuch kam gili hai kwayishe…plays
Ruhi(straightens herself):No…I was waiting for my bestfriend
Aarav:Oh…Ok byee (he leaves)
She looks on irritated…..Ruhi accompanies her bff to class.

Arnav’s college,
Raman is taking class and all girls are sitting aww and Listening eagerly……
Arnav to his friend:When Raman marries na his to be wife will have a tough time….bcuz she will get all the curses from these girls.
Both laugh
Arnav sits keeping his finger on lips…Raman smiles saying nautanki.

A peon comes,
Peon:Sir…Arnav.Singh.Raizada is called to principals office.
Raman:Arnav go…should I come?
Peon:Yah..Are u Raman?
Raman nods
Peon:Then u also sure.
Raman follows confusingly.
Raman to Arnav:Whats this new drama?
Arnav:I dont have any idea bruh!
Both enter principals room.Arnav gets shocked to see his father sitting there with the principal and chatting
Principal-Mr.Shekar:Hi Arnav…Your father is here to talk to you.
Arnav:I am not interested (grinning his teeth)
Prakash:Beta…let’s talk for sometime and then I will leave.
Ishu runs into the room.She holds Arnav’s hand
Ishu:Arnav aapse koi rishta nahi rakhna chahta (Arnav doesn’t want to keep any relation with you)
Prakash:U better dont come in between us
Ishu:I will,as far as he is my brother….and I am sure Nobody can change that.
Prakash(angrily):Kya haq hai tumhara uss pe? Yeh mera beta hai…(what right u have on him? He is my son…)
Arnav(with burning eyes):Bus bohat bol li aapne….Ishu ka poora haq hein mujhpe..agar uski maa nahin hoti toh aapka beta aaj zinda nahin hota..Aur ayintha Ishu ke upar awaaz udaye toh aap mujhe beta nahi bolenge (Stop! You have said a lot….Ishu has all rights on me.If her mom was not here your son would have died that day….And of if you ever raise question on Ishu again….u Will lose the right for calling me son!)
All looks on shocked.Raman was confused Prakash leaves from there insulted and angry.

Ishu consoles Arnav…Arnav smiles weakly.
Raman:Arnav..are u alright?
Arnav signs him he is ok.
Raman: if u dont mind you can share it with me.
Arnav:Buddy…it’s just that..
Ishu cuts off
Ishu:Its personal whoever you are stay out of it.
Raman feels insulted.Arnav gets confused as to support Raman or Ishu
Raman:I understand it’s personal but as his bestfriend I thought I had the right.
Arnav:Ishu…it’s ok just leave it and go to office.
Ishu left place as Arnav asked to giving angry glare to Raman.
Raman:I am sorry if I have hurt your sis but….
Arnav:Leave all that
Raman:If you are ok tell me the thing and stop acting like emotional dramas.
Arnav laughs
Arnav goes to flashback


*There is a flashback in the story where I will be showing some masti with young Arnav,Young Khushi,Young Ruhi,Young Aarav,Young Ishra….! And asusual some rona dhona is must…..And And and a very bigggggg flashback is there with rona dhona ???

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  1. Wow viru it is awesome. Now only I read this intro to epi 3. It’s awesome. I love this story a lot. Eagerly waiting for the next episode

    1. Veronica

      Tnx Akshaya

  2. nice one….eagerly waiting for next one…..

    1. Veronica

      Tnx Ishan

  3. nice dear

  4. Kumud


  5. Veronica

    TnX Sowmy and kumud

  6. Arshi

    Wowowowowo fb.. sound interesting…

    First of all..

    Ishu arnav sooo cool.. and aman entry.. and ishu kushi chatting.. soo cite… arnav sees kushis lips.. haaay haay… its was like wowoowow….. i could imagine those….

    And raman armav .. how could i forget this two young men… wow their bondig is awesome….

    Waiting to know abt their flashback

    1. Veronica

      Tnx Arshi di

  7. Jasminerahul

    aly gony as aman.wow.waiting 4 ishita khushi meeting.y arnav hates his dad?arnav ishu scene was emotional.ishu was very rude 2 raman.oh..waiting 4 d past.rurav scene n song was romantic

    1. Veronica

      Tnx Jasmine

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