Dil Chahta Hai – Episode 2


It’s a pleasant evening,
All are back home,
Ishu enters her house and finds nobody at home….She gets suspicious as to why is the house so silent
Ishu(to herself):Where did that monkey’s go? May be some movie…Ah finally I could get some peaceful evenings alone

Suddenly a snake slides through her saree and lands on the floor…She scream and starts jumping

Ishu:Bachao….Bachao…Bachao (Help…..help…help)
Then she sees Arnav and Aarav coming
Ishu:Arnu..Aaru snake..ah….mummy (cries)
Arnav-Aarav laugh
Aarav:Thats a fake one
Ishu stops jumping and takes that in hand
Arnav:Lol…U look so cute when u are scared!
Ishu:I will kill u both today….(shouts)…Kaka! Iss samp ko dustbin mein pheko (Shouts-put this snake in dustbin)
Arnav and Aarav control their laughter as Ishu pass by them giving angry glare…Arnav-Aarav give hi-fi.
Ishu enter a room and switch on the lights

Subha(her mom):Ishu beta u are here finally

A lady comes there with a stick…Ishu smiles as her mom slowly walks till the door to touch and feel her daughter…!
Subha hugs Ishu…Ishu smiles
Subha:Kya hai aaj office mein koi good news hai kya? (What happened is there any good news in ofc?
Ishu gives her mom sweet and says:I got that contract of that london company.
Subha smiles
Ishu:London jaakar aapki aankon ka illaj pura karenge ma (we will complete ur eye surgery in london)
Subha:I dont care about this as far my daughter is always by my side
Arnav and Aarav: Mami(Aarav) chachi(Arnav)….u dont want us? (Makes puppy face)
Subha shows her hand inviting them for a hug.Arnav and Aarav runs to her…Ishu hugs her mom…Arnav and Aarav lie in her lap hearing her stories.

Screen shifts to London,

Khushi was working on her laptop…Her mom enter her study room,
Garima(her mom):Khushi beta…I have made your fav Kheer come have it
Khushi:Just a sec mom! (She gets a call)..
Khushi(in call):Yes…I will come…Now? Ya sure…just a second
Khushi to her mom:Sorry ma…I have to go to office now…I thought of taking half day leave but an imp contract mom…byee
Garima:It’s ok beta

Garima goes into flashback as she sees Khushi in hurry going out,
Khushi is studying something seriously.
Garima enter
Garima:Khushi beta I have made your fav kheer..come have it
Khushi:Just a sec mom!
Garima smiles
Khushi thinks something…She hugs her mom sideways and then takes the Kheer bowl and have it.She eats a spoon and gives another to Garima…Both smile and have the Kheer.
Fb ends

A small drop of tear escape from her eyes as she miss the old good days.

After sometime…Khushi comes back and see the Kheer bowl on dining table and reminces the same incident…She smiles and eats the Kheer…She goes to Garima and both have the Kheer together.Garima gets happy.
Aisa kyun hai Maa plays…. Garima hugs Khushi and kiss on her forehead.

Screen shifts to Bhalla house,
Ruhi is watching T.V.Raman enters….She smiles
Ruhi:Hi bhai!
Raman:Hw was.Your day?
Ruhi:Boring….U know bhai that Aarav…brother of Arnav he is a big flirt….Today he was looking at me like an idiot…yeww! I hate that fellow
Raman (controlling his laughter):Aarav is a good guy….May be he sincerely likes you (he tease)
Ruhi:He doesnt even know the spelling of SINCERITY!
Raman now laughs hard
Mr Bhalla enter
Mr bhalla:Whats happening here?
Ruhi:Papa….(hugs him)….I was talking about a funny incident in the movie thats it.
Mr.Bhalla :Yah both of you talk we will have dinner together
After sometime,
Ruhi in her room.She takes a book and reads: The naughty eyes,lovely smile,I miss that…yes I miss you chotu…..The first time I met you both of us were 5years….but you are the only person who have known me well…whom I have known well……But what came between us that separated us…..Wishing to see you soon
(PS. Ruhi reads the diary before she goes to sleep)
She closes the diary and sleeps

Arnav’s room,

He lies down and thinks abt his childhood and sees a girl in a bful pink frock running and playing with him….a smile crept on his face as he saw the cute lil girl……He smiles and blush as he remember the girl.

*Hi guys hope you All liked this….looking forward for your support!Sorry for late update a small network problem

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  1. Arshi

    Wowoowoowow awsomeness poverloaded…. loved it .. especialy ishu armav aarav scene…super…

    1. Veronica

      Tnx Arshi di

  2. Jasminerahul

    ishita aarav arnav snake scene was funny.ishita subha scene was lovely.garima khushi scenes were emotional.tho ruhi talks against aarav 2 raman i feel that she has a soft corner 4 him.who is ruhi’s chotu?is it aarav?and abt whom is arnav thinking?is that arnav or aarav?

    1. Veronica

      We will see that in the coming epi’s dear…Wait….And yah Its Arnav who is talking and not Aarav…Ruhi is talking about a chotu but it may not be Aarav.

  3. loved it…..

  4. Honey


  5. Kumud

    Awesome y do I have a feeling that they are childhood sweetheart

    1. Veronica

      No no…u will have to wait till a few epi’s

  6. awesome dear

    1. Veronica

      Tnx sowmy

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