Dil Chahta Hai – Episode 1



A marriage hall is shown,
A girl in a beautiful marriage dress is shown and behind her are bridesmaids who have matched dresses with that of the brides.The scene shifts to other side where only the girl is seen…She smiles and says:Goa!!! Welcome India’s top fashion Industry…..The Raizada fashion house….exclusive shop near you!

A person(Director):Cut! Funtastic

A lady was keenly observing the bride
The lady:Shoot it again with another model
Director:But why ma’am?
Lady:No more questions..Just pay her and send her off
Director(to himself):Ishita.Singh.Raizada doesn’t have any sense…What the hell does she think of herself? I am not gonna accept her advertisements again.
Director nods as Ishita glare angrily at him.
Yes it was Ishita.Singh.Raizada

A college,

A boy in cool black jackets and jeans looking stunning enter the college.The boy is revealed to be Arnav.
Arnav waves at another guy…Who looks equally stunning.The guys is none other than Raman.Kumar.Bhalla.
Raman:Hi Arnav!
Arnav:Raman yaar…Can u please excuse me from today’s project work?
Raman stares at Arnav
Arnav:I will do it tmw..pakka sure
Raman:Only today ok
Arnav:Thank you bhai (He hugs Raman)
Raman:Behave like a student yaar…dont embarrass me
Arnav:Hello…I am not kissing you in public idiot!
Raman:If u dare…
Arnav winks and runs from there.
Raman smiles.
Raman enters class and all girls start to giggle and admire him…Suddenly,A voice disturbs them
Arnav:Sir may I get in?
Raman signs him come in.
As Arnav moves to the back seat along the girls side…all the girls say ‘awww’…Raman smiles teasingly.

A girl:Wow….I am so glad to study here
Another girl:Why so?
Girl:I can admire a sir and a batch mate of mine at the same time
Both laugh and admire Arman.

Another college is shown,

Aarav is seen flirting with a girl
Aarav:Liya…..Baby….Your eyes looks so pretty…u know whenever I look into your eyes I remember my beautiful Dadi who passed away two years back….Her eyes were innocent just like yours (he see a girl entering and changes his gaze to her)…Her eyes are beautiful just like yours (Her-His Dadi and Yours-Ruhi.He gets lost in her)Her eyes have the naughtiness which I see in yours.Her face have that pride of being a women that I see in you.
Liya understand that he was admiring somebody else and gets irritated.
Liya:U fool….How dare you start flirting with me and end up in somebody else….!
Aarav comes into his senses
Aarav:I am…Ah….sorry…
Liya slaps him and leaves from there
Ruhi looks on.Aarav smiles..She avoids him and goes

Screen shifts to a big mansion

A lady who is extremely elegant and gorgeous comes out…She hugs another lady
The girl:Good morning mom
Mom:Khushi beta..Eat your fav gobi ki paratha and go
Khushi:Sure ma
She doesn’t smile and finish her food.Her mom smiles as she sees her Khushi eat.
Mom:Khushi beta will u come early today?
Khushi:Will see mom
Mom:Try to come
Khushi nods and leaves…Suddenly she stops and turns to her mom and kiss on her cheeks and goes to office..Her mom smiles.

Mom(to herself):Am I the reason why my daughter turned into a rock? No….She decided it herself. I should find somebody who will bring happiness to her.God!Make my daughter always happy.

An office is shown,

Khushi enters
Her P.A gives her juice and she gives him her bag……She has high attitude on her face….She doesn’t have a friendly face….But she is cute and pretty.
Khushi:Get me the new contract file
P.A:Yes ma’am…Ah….There is a contract from Indian company…They do have outlets in London…But..
Khushi cuts off:Just get me the file I dont want your suggestions or explanations…..Do whatever I have asked u to do…u get that.
P.A:Yes ma’am
Khushi:Now get me the file.
P.A leaves

So guys how is the 1st epi?? Hope you all are happy with it…Plz do say if u have any suggestions.

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  1. Jasminerahul

    ishita’s intro was superb.raman arnav bonding is cool.how is khushi’s mom responsible 4 her present state…aarav flirting n get slapped.so funny.ruhi saw him too.cute

    1. Veronica

      Tnx Jasmine…Her mom and,dad are divorced so may be from a small age she is seeing all this so she might have turned stubborn

  2. mouni roy fan

    Veronica this was indeed good. But may I ask what is your age?

    1. Veronica

      Tnx dude…I am 20yrs

  3. Nivedha

    Welcome back Vero… Stunning Arman.. Kushitha… Wowwww

    1. Veronica

      Tnx Nivedha

  4. Vero ur ff is really nice keep going all the best

  5. wowww…..superb start…..

    1. Veronica

      Tnx Ishan

  6. Sravs

    wow!!!!!!i ishitha is awesome and same like arnav and arman share a cute bonding and khushi’s attire was completely different from ipkknd waiting for more and more chapters keep going……….all the best

    1. Veronica

      Tnx Sravs

  7. Arshi

    Wow awesome….. its such a cute inteo for allllll… raman profesor and arnav stident.. nice combo…

    I really liked aarav ruhi here… so nice and u have explained so cuteky….

    Kishi omg… i alwayz uswd to see kushi lieknthis stubborn ands still sof hearted …. its really soo nice to see

    1. Veronica

      Tnx Arshi di…Happy that you all liked Khushi’s character

  8. Loved it!

  9. Kumud

    U nailed it superb

    1. Veronica

      Tnx kumud

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