Dil Chahta Hai – 47

Dil Chahta Hai-47

5 yrs later,

A marriage function,

All are busy. A person is capturing it all in camera. He asks everybody to smile. They all smile. Subha is shown sitting. The person captures her photo. He takes video in between too.

Subha:Arnu! Stop taking photos like this.
Arnav:Mami u caught me again?
Subha:I can sense your presence…. It’s not your Khushi alone who can sense it…

Arnav turns sad.

Subha:Dont get sad dear…. Today she will come na…. Its Ruravs mehendi and Sangeet… How will she miss it.

Arnav:Yah you are right. Already she has missed the engagement and cocktail Party. I an sure she will not wanna miss it.

Subha smiles.

Arnav then runs from there and again continues taking videos and photos.He reach behind the stairs and see a lady standing her back facing Arnav and He can see a man’s hand over her. He slowly goes close and takes their video.

It was Ishra.

Ishu:Arnu! Not now!
Arnav:What!? You were also enjoying this?
Ishu:Yah in these 5 yrs i have become cool Ish.
Arnav smiles and hugs her.

Arnav:Come mami was calling you.
Raman:Mom in law always calls at the wrong time.

Arnav laughs.

Ishu smiles:Raman! I just came here after talking to mom. Arnu is lying…. I know how he is when he is naughty and plays pranks.

Raman:Go and make a call to London….teri toh waha hai na (Yours is there na)

Raman winks.

Arnav hits Raman playfully. Raman laughs. Ishu looks at Raman.
Raman hugs her.

Raman:He spoilt our mood.
Raman:Arre….aap bade mood mein hai aaj (You are in good mood today)
Ishu:I am always romantic. Its you who must learn from Srk… The romance king.
Raman:What!? You also started talking like Ruhi. You three have become dangerously dramatic.

Ishu laughs.

Shalini comes along with a small baby in hand.

Shalini:Ishu….your daughter is just like you… She doesnt listen to a thing i say.
Ishu:Shalu ma! Dont embarass me infront of my husband… Please (she makes puppy face)
Shalini(smiles):Yah .

Shalini hands over a child about 1 year.

Ishu:Pihu baby was missing mommy?
Raman:Pihu beta look Papa here…. Say papa

Ishu laughs. Raman frowns.Ishra play with Pihu.

Arnav decide to call Khushi. He calls on her phone and she picks up.

Khushi:Hi Arnav…. I am sorry, i cant come today. Mom will be there.

Arnav(sadly):You will miss mehendi and sangeet.

Khushi:Work is there in London….my last few days of work in London Arnav… Then afterwards i am all yours…..my work, life, love all in India.

Arnav(slightly smiles): Come soon baby i miss you.
Khushi:Miss you too…. Love you.
Khushi:Arre say you love me
Arnav:All are here.
Khushi:I dont care.
Arnav:Love ya Ishq… Its a nice film we must watch.

Khushi laughs and says bye.

She hangs up and small naughty smile creep her lips. She keeps on her shades.

Khushi:Get ready for my surprise entry. Mr. Arnav. Singh. Raizada.

Khushi takes a cab.

Khushi:Bhayya udaipur resort.
Cab driver:Madam ji… Shaadi keliye aaye ho? (Have u come for the marriage?)
Khushi nods.
Cab driver:Its 8th person today to the same place.
Khushi(laughs):Bhayya gadi chalayiye (start the car bhayya)

In the resort,

Anika is shown walking here and there with sweet packets. Anika sees Shivaay and turns her face.

La see this.

La:Oh akka…..again you ppl fought?
Anika:This time its his fault
Shivaay:Excuse me! Nobody dares to say that Shivaay singh Oberoi is at fault.
La:OMG! Di you dared to say that… I appreciate your guts di.
Anika:Thank you my sis.
Shivaay:Yeh pura khandaan pagal hai (The whole family is mad)

Anika and la does hi fi and laughs.

La:Its only been 6 months since your marriage and you ppl are fighting every week.

Anika:La dont act as if you dont know anything….We like eachother… But we don’t wanna express that…. And fights always bring us together.

La:God akka…. I cant hear ur lectures.
Anika:I am not forcing you go and talk to ur NK.
La:Yah byee

Anika smiles and keeps the sweet box at place. While she comes back. Shivaay holds her by elbow and pulls her closer. She blush lightly.

Shivaay (looks here and there): Anika… Actually… I…. I… You know…..

Anika:i dont know anything.

He holds her waist and pulls her closer.

Shivaay: dont act smart.
Anika:I am not acting smart
Shivaay:Leave all that… I am sorry.
Anika(taps on her ears and pinches her) :What!? Shivaay Singh Oberoi said sorry for the 1st time in the last 5 years that i have met you.
Shivaay:So what… I said right.
Anika:Ya..its ok. Now leave i have work.

Anika push Shivaay to a side and goes to the hall where all are sitting. She turns back and smiles at him. He smile…..oh jaana plays.

The mehendi function starts…. Ruhi was made to sit in between few girls and aunties. Aarav sat opposite her.

Priya(Aarav’s mom) :Pandit ji has said that Aarav has to apply mehndi in Ruhi’s hand and the same to Ruhi. Ruhi beta you will apply mehndi in Aarav’s hand.

Aarav was made to sit closer with Ruhi. He smiles at her naughtly. He holds her hand and takes the mehndi and writes A in her hand. Ruhi blush.

Aarav(in Ruhi’s ears) :I will always be with you Ruhi!

Ruhi smiles….. Ruhi writes in Aaravs hand R.

Ruhi(In Aarav’s ears): I want to be yours forever.

Aarav smiles and kiss her forehead. All tease them with sounds. Aarav give an I dont care face.

Ruhi blush…. They start applying mehendi to Ruhi. Suddenly the door opens…. Arnav feels it to be Khushi…. But it turns out to be Garima.
Arnav takes blessings from her and looks at the door.

Ishu:Garima aunty…. Somebody is waiting for their wife i guess
Arnav:Yah obviously i am waiting for her Ishu.
Ishu:Yah go on.

Ishu messages Khushi to come. Arnav turns to the hall when suddenly Khushi enter. Arnav turns and with a wide smile runs to Khushi. He lifts her in arms and starts dancing and twirling. All laugh seeing this

Arnav:I knew that you would come…. Surprise was good. I am sure this was Ishus plan

Ishu:Not mine…. Its Nk’s
Nk:I love surprises Arnav.
Arnav:cool idea.

Ruhi:Arre Arnav bhai… Let her apply mehendi to me….only Khushi di is left.

Khushi applies mehendi to Ruhi and smiles.

Khushi:Wow yaar…. Both Rurav look so pretty and handsome .
Anika:Me,Ishu di and La made Ruhi ready. Khushi:I missed all the fun
La:What fun bhabi…. Bhayu(Arnav) didnt allow any of the girlz for party stating that we can do once you come.
Ishu:Yah….and tonight is our party night.

Khushi:Yipee….i am so excited.

They join Ruhi and tells her about tonight plan. Ruhi gets happy. Later they all take photos with weird poses and captions. All enjoy their time together.

*Hi guys i will stop by 52nd epi. As i only have content till there.

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  1. Very enjoyable story and I love it.

    Arnav become naughty when he tried to video Ishra hand something but Ishu caught Arnav and scolding him. Arnav is so sweet person and always love Ishu alot. Arnav lied to Ishra that mother is calling to Ishu but Ishu outsmart Arnav that she had chat with mother so Raman tell Arnav to go and call from London (Khushi) but Arnav already missed her. Raman hug Ishu and Ishu look at Raman then Raman noticed Ishu mood happy then ask her then Ishu tease Raman to learn from SRK as Romantic King that stunned Raman and tell Ishu that Ruhi say the same then complain that 3 woman are dangeriously dramatic. Arnav listen and did not say anything.

    Aww Shalu telling Ishu that Pihu is like her and give Pihu to her which Shalu compare Pihu to Ishu did not listen to anyone.
    Poor Raman tell Pihu to call him papa but Pihu call ishima which make Raman frown but understand that Pihu prefer mother than father. When Pihu will grow up then she will share her love for Ishu and Raman.

    Arnav always missed Khushi when she is not around which noticed Ishu and NK so that they plan to surprised Arnav. Arnav get feeling that Khushi had arrive but see Garima (Khushi mother) and get sad then Ishu message Khushi secret. When Arnav is about to turn to the hall then Khushi made her appearance infront of Arnav. Then all of suddenly that Arnav grab and carry Khushi like little child and dance around which make all guest laugh at Arnav childish antics.

    Waiting for next ff updated. Already enjoying reading this.

    1. Veronica

      Tnx Parichary…. Will update tmw

  2. Awesome dear very interesting

  3. awesome update ;loves ishra arshi scene ishra have a daughter pihu thats so lovely

    1. Veronica

      Thanx jyoti

  4. Awesome yaar it’s very nice.rurav ishra kushi arnav awesome

    1. Veronica

      Thanx Sowmy

  5. Rashita

    Nice yaar vero…..loved ishra rurav scenes…..ishra have a daughter pihu also……soo cute……

    1. Veronica

      Tnx Rashi….!

  6. Kumud

    Really nice and will miss the ff so much

  7. Superb episode after the leap…loved ishra and arshi scene…pihu is ishra daughter wow…eagerly waiting fornext one…

  8. Jasminerahul

    wow.ishra have a daughter. pihu. rurav mehendi was so romantic. arshi scene was sweet .shivika scene was funny sweet and romantic. surprised that they too are married. liked anika saying that its fights that bring them closer

    1. Veronica

      Tnx Jasmine

  9. Aadya

    Only 5 episodes left I am really gonnna miss your ff Vero . this episode was really nice. Could you please give some performance details of Rurav’s sangeet?

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