Dil Chahta Hai – 46


Arshi, Ishra and Rurav reach back home. Aaliya and Adi prepare a grand dinner for them.The group get surprised to see the set up.
The house was lit up. There were lights all over the trees, the garden was lit up with red, yellow and orange lights.

Khushi:The house looks like a Christmas tree.
All laugh.
Adi:Come in kids. Before you go i wanted to give a treat…. I mean we wanted to give a treat.
Aaliya:Yah..and we want to take a photo and frame it.

Their eyes fill with tears.

Ruhi:Anything for you maam.
Aaliya:Can u please call me Ma for a day.
Ruhi hugs Aaliya.
Aaliya cries and hugs Ruhi tight. She invites Khushi and Ishu for a hug. The girls hug.

Adi:Arre yaar phir se saas bahu beti wala drama (Again serial dramas)

The girls laugh. Boys hug Adi. Adi smiles

Adi:You people will always be together and you all will have a good life ahead.

All smile.

They sit to have dinner. Aaliya and Adi sat opposite to eachother in the ends. Ishra Arshi Rurav sat together.

Aaliya gets sad seeing the couple talk so sweetly and enjoying their time with eachother. She looks at Adi.

Adi(To himself): Shall i tell her? I cant see her in pain like this.

Aaliya gets up to leave as she couldn’t sit there.

Aaliya:I will bring food (fake smiles)

Adi(shouts):Bas bohat hogaya (Stop! It’s too much)
Aaliya runs to Adi.

Aaliya:Adi! Are you fine? (Aaliys keeps her hand in mouth and shockingly looks at Adi)
Adi smiles Aaliya gives a confused look.

Aaliya:Ri..Rish.. Rishi!
Adi:Adi bolo…tumhari awaaz mein Rishi se zyada Adi suit karta hai (Adi suits for your voice so call me Adi)
Aaliya:Rishi! What are u saying?
Adi:Abhi toh yeh drama katam karo AALIYA! (Now please stop this drama AALIYA!)

Aaliya and others get shocked by the statement.
Aaliya:Adi! You… You remember everything?
Adi:I remember everything.
Aaliya(hugs and cries) :I am sorry Adi… Please forgive me…. I lied to you about our identity. Plz forgive me.

She kneels down almost holding his leg. He doesnt let her do that and pulls her towards him and hugs her tight.

Adi:Aaliya! Dont dare lie to me again
Aaliya:Never Adi… Never ever.
Adi:Agar kuch saal pehle bol diya hoti na… Toh aaj ek khudka Ruhi bana sakte de (If u had said my real name few years back…..today we would have our own Ruhi)
All laugh. Aaliya hits him playfully.

Ruhi:Ok so that means…. I am not yours now ah?
Adi:No i didn’t mean that…. I was just joking.
Raman:waise uncle you have time still .

All laugh.All have food and enjoy the night with eachother. After a fun segment with eachother. Adi laughs a lot and starts coughing.Aaliya does his aid. He holds her hand and smiles.

Aaliya gets a bad feeling. She says this to Adi.

Adi:Aaliya! When everything is fine dont start with your serial dramas.

Aaliya smiles

At night all go to sleep. Khushitaru in one room and Armaanrav in another. Adiya slept together for the first time.

Aaliya gets tensed and stands near the door.

Adi:Dont get nervous dear… Come we will sleep.
Aaliya moves towards the bed and sleeps with Adi. In the middle of the night Adi gets up,he purposefully hugs Aaliya and sleeps. Aaliya hugs him back in sleep. He smiles.

Next day morning,

There spread a silence in the whole house. There was no movement in the house. Nobody actually woke up.

The maid came in and called Ishu, Khushi and Ruhi. The trio called the boys.

Arnav:Arre ma and papa abhi tak ude nahi? (What mom and dad didnt wake up till now?)
Maid:Mom and dad?
Ruhi:Yah kal raat hum unke bachche ban gaye (Last night we became kids of Adiya)

Maid goes to wake up Adiya. She knocks on the door….no response. She gets tensed and again knocks on the door.

Aaliya:Adi get up and open the door.
Adi:Aaliya…you get up
Aaliya(cries):Our kids will be sad to see this.
Adi:Silent attacks kill people and their loved ones….control yourself Aaliya.
Aaliya hears foot steps.

Aaliya:They have come!
Adi:We have to be strong… They will have to accept the truth.
Aaliya:I am happy i got to say my love to you on the last day of our lives.
Adi:I am also lucky to have you beside me in the last few mins of my life.
Aaliya:See they have come.(cries)

[Guys i hope you understood that they are dead and its their soul talking]

All burst into the room and get shocked to see Aaliya and Adi sleeping in the bed hugging eachother… But no movement.

Ishu checks their pulse and get shocked and says they are no more.Ruhi cries badly… All comfort her. The maid cries sitting down in the floor. Aarav comfort her. Khushi, Ishu, Raman and Arnav cry silently.

Aaliya:I cant see them cry Adi!
Adi:Ruhi has to be strong !I know Aarav will make her strong.
Aaliya rests her head on Adi’s shoulder.

They all do the last rituals. All cry. The maid takes her things and gets ready to go.

Aaliya:Adi see… She is going. She must be hurt badly.She was with me till the last 7yrs.

Adi:I miss them already.

Aaliya:Look Aarav is comforting Ruhi… You are right, Aarav will make Ruhi strong.

Adi:Look Khushi and Arnav are witn eachother and are sharing their pain.

Aaliya:Oh! My Ishu and Raman. They are so much hurt. Raman is supporting her.

Adi:They will share eachothers pain and will always support eachother.

Aaliya:I hope they support eachother without fights.

Adi laughs and coughs.
Aaliya:Sh…we should have gone to hospital the moment you had coughed.

Adi:Its no use now.

Aaliya:Yah! Lets leave i cant see them like this anymore.

Adi nods.Adiya fly to the sky. Ruhi looks up and sees two stars twinkling and smiles resting her head on Aarav’s shoulder. Aarav also smile.

Ishu hugs Raman. Arshi serve food to all.

Precap: 5yrs later.

*Give in your views. I know it was an unexpected thing. Srry i was a bit busy yday.

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  1. Superb dear

  2. Jasminerahul

    all knowing that adi knows her real identity was nice.loved all adya sweet scenes.but shocked about their death.but how come both are dead at the same time?very sad.Adya soul talking n they flying to sky n staying there as stars was beautiful

    1. Veronica

      Thanks dear

  3. Aadya

    Veronica I am really gonna miss you ff. Today I was really sad reading that they both died.

    1. Veronica

      Tnx Aadya… Dont make me cry now yaar plz.

  4. emotional update adi aliya died they confessed to eachother at their last day ishra arshi rurav were sad and crying will miss this story

  5. Very nice story Vero!!! Very sad story that Adiya had to leave other and die together.

    1. Veronica

      Tnx Parichary

  6. Kumud

    Nice and so sad

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