Dil Chahta Hai – 45


So this is for Rurav. And my fav couple in this ff. So lets start. I am so happy for my 45th epi. Thank you to each and everyone.

The epi starts,
While Ishra and Arshi had their romantic dates,what were Rurav doing? Read more…

Aarav dragged Ruhi to the movie counter.

Aarav:Can i get two tickets for Raees?
Ruhi:We must watch romance… So Kaabil. Aarav:No Ruhi… Srk is the best.
Ruhi:I agree Srk is the best…. But we must watch romantic movie on our secret date na.
Aarav(to himself) :Yeh toh mujhse bhi bohat aage nikhal gayi (She is too fast than me)
Ruhi:What are u thinking?
Aarav:Nothing just… Ok bhai… Can we get two tickets for Kaabil.
The ticket giver:Sorry sir both Raees and Kaabil are housefull.

Aarav look at Ruhi sadly

Ruhi:Its ok baby…. I have Plan B.
Aarav(excited):Kya? (What!?)
Ruhi:Scary house and mirror maze. Soo much fun. Mirror maze in 4th floor. And scary house in the ground floor. It will be fun.

Aarav and Ruhi enter the scary house. Aarav in terror holds Ruhi tight. Ruhi laughs as she pass through the dark room.

Ruhi:Aarav…dont get scared… It aint gonna do anything to you.
Aarav(shivering):Arre…. I am a human….. Cant i get scared.
Ruhi:Ok you accept that you are scared…
Aarav:I didnt mean that…..
Ruhi:Male ego…. You are never gonna accept. Come lets go out.

Ruhi leaves. Aarav holds her from leaving and pulls her to him. Her back facing him. He keeps his head on her shoulder. She blush.

Ruhi(slowly):Darr lag raha hai na? Hum bahar chalte hai (You are scared right? We will go out)
Aarav(in her ears) :Agar bahar chale gaye toh ye maza nahi aayega (If we go out… I will miss this fun)

Ruhi blush.

Ruhi(sweetly):Chodo mujhe (Leave me)
Aarav(whispers in ears):No… Until i hear what i want i wont let you go.
Ruhi:What do u wanna hear.
He touch her neck and slides his fingers through her neck. She laughs.

Ruhi:You are tickling me…..

He hugs her from behind and holds her by waist again. He kiss on her cheeks. She blush. He smiles naughtly.

Ruhi:Aarav! Leave me or tell what you want to hear.
Aarav:I want to hear the 3 magical words from your mouth.
Aarav:Arre…Aarav Pratap Singh.
Ruhi pushes him.
Ruhi:Very funny.!
Aarav doesnt leave her. And this time pulls her closer to him. Aarav hits to the wall. And he holds her by waist.

Aarav (whispers): Say now!
Ruhi(blush):I love you Aarav!

Aarav smiles and moves to kiss her. Suddenly they hear a coughing sound and get shocked as well as embarassed to see a person behind them.

Person:Aapki romance bahar kijiye yaha horror ho raha hai (Do your romance out. Horror is happening here)

Rurav move out completely embarassed .

They go to mirror maze.Aarav holds ruhi’s hand tight each time they get confused of the mirror.

Aarav:This is better Ruhi… No scary moves.
Ruhi:Yah! I love this.
Aarav:Dont leave my hand.
Ruhi:Agar chodne keliye pakada tha toh kab chod chuki hoti (If i had hold your hand for leaving….i would have left It early)
Aarav:What!?Why are you saying like that?
Ruhi:Arre…i was trying to be melodramatic.
Aarav:I dont like such melo dramas.
Ruhi:Sorry Aarav
Aarav(laughs):I am more melodramatic
Ruhi laughs along

Ruhi and Aarav come out of mirror maze and decide to go to a park nearby. They reach there and sit in a chair.

Ruhi lays her head on Aarav’s shoulders.

Ruhi:Aarav! You are the best thing ever happend to me…. I cant think about a life without you… You are the reason for my laughter, smile and existence. I just wanted you to know that i love you truly, madly and deeply. Its not anything written up.I am saying this from the bottom of my heart

He caress her face and kiss her forehead.He smile….She smiles looking at him. He rests his head on her laps and looks into her eyes.
Aarav:Iss masoom aankhon mein pyaar ki maasumiyath hai, mere har sawaal ka jawab hai,mere do bachon ki maa hai. (laughs.she hits him playfully. Both smile) [This innocent eye has the selfless love,answers to all my questions, and mother of my two kids(he laughs. She hits him playfully. Both smile)]

Ruhi:Wild thinking!
Aarav:I am so creative!

A voice”Creating kids? ” disturbs them. They get shocked to see Ishra and Arshi.

Aarav:Is it over?
Arnav:Yah we were no. 44
Raman:We were no. 43
Ruhi:Ok guys lets leave.


Aaliya and Adi were preparing for a grand dinner with a special surprise games and fun.

Aaliya:I hope they like this
Adi:Me too Maya.
Aaliya:Yah…Rishi….Shall i take coffee for you.
Adi holds Aaliyas hand.
Adi:I will make for a change
Aaliya:No you wait…..i will make
Adi keeps his finger on her lips and say “Shhhhhh! I will Do and thats it ”
Aaliya nods… Both get lost in eachother……aankhon mein teri ajab si ajab si adaayein hai…. Plays.

They were brought back into sense by the sound of a cat. Both move aside and smile secretly.

*Hello guys…. Thank you soooo much for ur support. Will update next soon.

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    1. Veronica

      I had changed adiya to Bala and Vandita of yhm.I had mentioned that in my 42nd episode.Thanks dear for ur support

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        oh..i did’nt know that.they r good at romance

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