Dil Chahta Hai – 44



Arnav dragged Khushi to a carnival happening nearby. Khushi was so excited but get shocked seeing the Carnival entrance

Khushi:Arnav….why are we here?
Arnav:This is Delhi’s famous carnival…only happens once a year. We will enjoy it.
Khushi:I hate carnivals.
Khushi:Just kidding Arnav…. I love carnivals…. Who gave u this idea?
Arnav:Nk the great.
Khushi:That idiot!
Arnav smiles and takes Khushi with him.
Inside Khushi sees a shoot and win game. She drags Arnav there.

Khushi:Arnav….i want that big teddy.
Arnav:Ok….wait a second….

Arnav pays money and takes the gun and shoots all the ballons. Khushi is happy. She gets the big teddy. Khushi hugs that and in excitement kiss Arnav in cheeks. Arnav wide opens his eyes Khushi realises and starts blushing. Arnav pulls Khushi closer but she keeps the teddy in between.Arnav wide opens his eyes Khushi laughs seeing his expression.He admire her naughtiness….rabba ve plays.

Khushi then drags Arnav to the giant wheel.
Arnav:Are u sure about this?
Khushi:Yah….it will be fun na.
Arnav:Fun!? Seriously?
Khushi:Yah!….i have never been in a giant wheel before… All my childhood i was only seeing my ma struggle.

Arnav cups Khushi’s face.

Arnav:Why are u saying all these now? It was just a matter of giant wheel. Dont spoil the mood baby

He kiss her forehead. A person hits Arnav. Khushi gets shocked to see the person. He was selling ballons in the carnival street.

Khushi stops him from further hitting Arnav.

Papa:Khushi beta (he moves to hug Khushi)
Khushi covers herself in Arnav’s chest scared.

Khushi:Arnav lets go somehwere else… Please!

Her father turns sad and goes from there.

Arnav takes Khushi out. Both sit in an auto. Khushi hugs Arnav tight.

Arnav:Khushi….sh… Stop getting scared like this. You are the worlds first young business women..

Khushi release herself from Arnav’s embrace.Arnav asks her to smile. She smile.

Khushi:Ok now where are we going?
Arnav:Another Carnival…… I want to fulfil your wish.
Khushi:Wow…I love you Arnav.
Arnav and Khushi get down.

Arnav:This carnival happen in every 3 months in Delhi. No much specialities ok
Khushi:You are extra special to me…. So nothing special matters.

Arnav hugs Khushi side ways.

Khushi and Arnav were on giant wheel.Khushi takes soo many photos. Finally they reach down.

Khushi:Mujhe laga tha Giant wheel bohat achi hai…..lekin yeh toh bohat boring nikhla (I thought Giant wheel is fun but this one turned out to be stupid)
Arnav laughs out loud.

Arnav:You are the girl mahn….. Who takes a lot of photos and then says the thing was stupid. (still laughing)

Khushi laughs along with him.

Arnav then takes Khushi to an isolated place…. It was almost evening (4pm).

It had a beautiful lake view…. Behind them was the carnival. Khushi could smell the fresh air.

Khushi:Wow…nice place.
Arnav:You have a surprise.
Khushi:Wow…I love surprises.

Arnav takes Khushi inside a air balloon.Khushi loves the set up. Arnav directs somebody on lifting the air balloon. They reach in the centre of the lake. Arnav takes out a box, he kneels down.

Arnav:Are u ready to be Mrs.Khushi.Kumari Gupta. Singh. Raizada forever?

Khushi:Are you sure about forever?
Khushi:Just asked you.

Arnav hugs Khushi.

Arnav:You are the reason for my existence .
Khushi smiles and hugs him tight.

Khushi:Yes…i am ready for it (Still hugging him)

Arnav smiles and signs to take it down.

*Guys….. No worries about Abhishek’s entry and Khushi’s papa’s entry….they are no harm to our couple. And sorry to say i have a bad news i am ending this ff in a few epis. I dont have any idea about the next track thats why i am ending this. And i dont want seperation track… Thats the reason.

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  1. Rashita

    Hmmmm……epi was nice…..nice arshi scenes loved them a lot……..no vero please please don’t end this ff please its sooooo nice I love it…..plz continue……

    1. Veronica

      Tnx yaar… I am sorry i cant drag episodes. I dont know to make up a new track. I will surely start a new one. I will continue till minimum 50 epis. And seeing the comments i will decide for further

  2. Kumud

    Nice ff vero but will miss it if u end it

    1. Veronica

      Tnx Kumud ?

  3. Superb dear

  4. Zaira

    I m fully fully with ur decision vero ??i m happy that u don’t want to go for more more twist n turns I really appreciate u for this …though I all miss it but…no probs I know my veto will come up with another which ll be better than this ???hai na?

    Episode was soooo romantic hahah lobed that teddy bear scene ??????
    Giant wheal was also superb ??
    Proposal was pakkka ???
    Waiting for rurav ??for tmr

    I m totally with u for ur decision??

    1. Veronica

      Thank you so so so so so much. Thank you for understanding my situation sissy. Thank you for your love for my ff. I am so elated.

  5. Rashita

    Ok continue till how much ever you want……but if you are going to start a new ff plz make it the best……

    1. Veronica

      Sure rashita

  6. after so many days u r back…today epi was superb with nice arshi seanes…

    1. Veronica

      Thanks ishan…. I will update next tmw

  7. Aadya

    Why are you thinking to end this? You write so awesome and we love to read it.
    The episode was so cute and I could actually imagine those scenes

    1. Veronica

      Tnx Aadya…. I am sorry dear i actually dont know to drag ff. I mean to make up a new track. If u ppl insist i can try. But give me some ideas.

  8. ncie episode

    1. Veronica

      Tnx jyoti.

  9. nice yaar

    1. Veronica

      TTnx parichary

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