Dil Chahta Hai – 42 and 43


Dear Jasmine……On ur request i am changing Adiya from shashi & Garima of ipkknd to Vandu & bala of Yhm

Recap:Aaliya checks whether Adi knows his real name.

The epi starts with Ishra, Arshi and Rurav deciding to go to a mall for shopping.

Adiya were not interested they stayed back home.

At home,

Adi:Maya…Arent they just perfect for eachother?


Adi:What hmm?
Aaliya:Rishi..cant u see i am busy(a bit loudly) .
Adi:What!? You are busy reading(loudly) newspaper?
Aaliya:Yah..so? (high attitude)
Adi:Stop it and talk to me… Or else i will go and find somebody else.
Aaliya:Who is gonna look after an old man like you?
Adi:See i am so handsome… Anybody would love to look after me.
Aaliya:Are u taking me for granted?

She keeps her hands on hips and stands right infront of him.He admires her open hair and angry cute face.Aaliya goes on scolding him….But he was lost in her….Haule haule teri harkatoon se….. Sochta hoon raat bar kyun hua hai dil duffer plays (Gori teri prem kahani)

Adi closes her mouth with his hand.

Adi:Now….you wont say anything. Just shut up and listen….we have to give them a treat which they will never forget….something special….do u have any idea what we must give?

Aaliya:Hmmm hmmm…

Adi:Say na
Aaliya signs through her eyes his hand. He takes it off and says sorry.

She whisper her idea in his ears.

In mall,

Ishu, Khushi and Ruhi were walking infront and the boys were following them.
Raman:Guys…i am taking her to the chinese hotel… On 3rd floor.
Aarav:I have a movie plan

Raman:Great…now before they start shopping lets take them.

Raman taps on Ishu’s shoulder Aarav on Ruhi’s and Arnav on Khushi’s. And the trio drags their ladies with them.

They wave bye to eachother.

First of all Ishra,

Raman takes Ishu along with him.

Ishu:Raman….kya kar rahe ho…. Sab log hamara wait kar rahe hai. Chodo mera haath (Raman…. What are u doing? All are waiting for us… Leave my hand)
Raman:Look back nobody is waiting…. They have gone.

Ishu turns back and gets shocked to see nobody there.

Ishu:Where did they go?
Raman:Dont act like a stupid…. Dint u understand that its our plan-The Boys Plan.
Ishu lifts her left eye brow and looks at him questioningly.

Raman:Ok…i agree u arent stupid.
Ishu:Should i say sorry now?
Raman:….No…. I will say….. I am…..arre. wahi…. That word….. (Ishu:Say)….sor……. Sa….sorry Ishu.
Ishu smiles.

Ishu:Sorry bolna koi buri baat nahi hai…. Jab aap sorry dil se bolte hai tab aap ko sab logon ka aashirwad aur well wishes milte hai (saying sorry isnt a bad thing… When u say sorry u get people blessing and they turn to be ur well wishers.)

Raman:Again….ur lectures…. Come my time is gng.
Ishu:Ur time isnt gng anywhere ok mr. Akadu kumar
Raman:Main…main akadu? (I am akadu?)

Ishu folds her hand and with high attitude says yes.

Raman holds her by elbow and drags her to the lift. They were all alone in the lift. Suddenly dim! Lift is off.

Ishu scream. Raman ons his phone light and closes Ishu’s mouth. Both look in to eachothers eyes in the dim light….. Tu aata hai seene mein jab jab saanse talthi ho… Kaun tujhe plays…… They get lost in eachother. Raman holds Ishu by waist and pulls her closer….. She blush. He moves to kiss her

He moves closer

More closer

More closer..just inches apart


Damn! Lights are on. Ishu push Raman and straighten herself. Raman smiles naughtly. Ishu looks at Raman blushing. They reach 3rd floor. Raman takes Ishu to the chinese restaurant.

Raman:You dont like?
Ishu:I hate Chinese.
Raman:What!? But Khushi said that u love Chinese
Ishu:No….i only love desi chinese.
Raman turns sad.

Ishu:But i think i must try Chinese from today.

Raman smiles and hugs Ishu…. Making Ishu numb ?

Ishu:Leave me Raman….. Somebody might see.
Raman:Let them see.
Ishu tries to release from Raman’s clutches but he holds her tightly. She beats him still he doesn’t leave…. Raman keeps on smiling naughtly.

“Chaata! ”
Raman gets beaten from behind Ishu looks on. Shocked.

She turns and get shocked to see the person.
Its Abhishek aka Vivek. Dahiya.

Abhi:Ishu….he was trying to…
Ishu:Abhi stop. He is Raman… My husband.
Abhi:What!? You married without informing us.
Ishu:I am sorry but i had to.
She doesn’t look at him.

Abhi:Look at me and say.
Raman gets up confused.

Ishu:I dont wanna look into your face.
Raman:Who is this Ishita?
Ishu holds Raman’s hand.Abhishek notice that
Ishu:Meet ACP. Abhishek…he was my class mate in school.
Abhi:Hi Raman….. You are lucky to get a wife like Ishu.
Raman:Thank you.
Abhi:I have to leave now… Bye Raman. Bye Ishu. Will meet soon.

Ishra enter the restaurant.

Raman looking at Ishu who is tensed.

Raman:Why did u say that i am ur husband? If u are ok with sharing it with me.
Ishu holds Raman’s hand.
Ishu:Raman….there is nothing that i wanna keep to myself… I am an open book for you… We will write the blank pages together… And the filled pages are my past of which u know half and the other half is my friends in lucknow. You can read it…there is no ifs or whether between us. Atleast i dont wanna lose you.

Raman smiles and holds her hand.

Ishu:I had many friends in lucknow… When i stayed with dadi and studied in lucknow school for few years. And in that one is Abhishek, then Mihika, then Ashok and Rinki. We were all more like a family and we enjoyed everything together. Ashok and Mihika were my closest friends of all. And one day when we three were coming together i saw Abhishek talking to some street boys and we were quite angry at him. Ashok had scolded him badly.And the next day he left home for no reason…. Ashok felt bad that bcuz of him Abhishek left the city and cried a lot. Then after i came back to mumbai. Ashok informed me that Abhishek is found and he is not talking to anybody. That weekend when i went there i talked to Abhi and he didn’t reply me. I thought he was under drug but no he wasnt…. He talked to the street boys mostly and that irked all of us. One day he tried misbehaving with Mihika and Ashok beated him up brutally. And we never contacted him afterwards. I came to know that he is an ACP from Rinki… Who is his cousin

Raman:Ok i understand…. But why did u say that i am ur husband?
Ishu:It just came out and i didnt want to tell that it was a mistake.
Raman smiles at Ishu. Ishu blush.
They enjoy the meal together and leave

*Guysss…… Tmw Arshi and Day after tmw Rurav. In this ff Rurav are my fav couple and i want to show their special epi last…. These spcl epis are for the happiness of my 45th update.. Ty all for ur wonderful support till date and i am grateful to all who have gave me suggestions…. Predicted the story etc….which have encouraged me to think differently. Thank you guys.

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