Dil Chahta Hai – 41


The epi starts with next day morning….. All woke up at the same time bcuz of alarm…. Adi had gone for walk and only Aaliya was there at home.

Raman signs the others that they must say it right now.
Ishu(message in grp): Arre itni subah kehna hai kya? (Should we say it early morning?)
Khushi(message):Yah…. Ishu is right
Arnav(message):? muharat dekhna hai kya? (Should we look muhurat or what?)
Ruhi(message):Muhurat nahi dekho…..samay toh dekh lo (Dont look muhurat…. Look at the time)
Aarav(message):lets say now
All nod. Aarav gets surprised as all heard him for first time.

Arnav(whispers):Who will start?
Ishu:yaha sab logo ko starting trouble hai(everybody have starting trouble)
Khushi:Dont worry….. I will call…. You ppl continue……(aloud) Maya maam.

Aaliya comes

Aaliya:What do u want?
Khushi:Woh…..Ruhi…. I mean Ishu…No Arnav….. Yah Aarav….. Oh Raman wants to say something.
Aaliya:What are u blabbering?
Raman:Maam actually…. We want to tell u the actual reason why we came here.

Aaliya looks on confused.

Arnav:Actually…..Earlier Raman and Ishu used to get flashes of something….. And we consulted a phsycologist.

Aarav:Maam…..i dont want to confuse you…. I want to tell u a story of two couple and their children.

Aarav explains the whole story…. Aaliya starts crying…. All console her.

Raman:Anjali ji said that we are reborn for eachother.
Aaliya hugs all.

Aaliya:I am happy that my parents are reborn through you….. Their love for eachother can never be lost….. You all are connected to eachother now and i am happy for the souls….They will rest in peace now. (she cries)

Adi enter and see Aaliya crying sitting in the sofa. He runs to her and caress her….. She looks at him and hugs him tight.

Adi:What happened? Why is Maya crying?
Aaliya:Nothing Rishi…… I was just going in to flashback.
Adi:God! Maya you have to cry atleast a week on this topic ah?

She angrly glares at him others laugh.

Rishi:Ok….i will freshen up and come and then lets have breakfast.

Rishi enter his room and close the door…… He opens his cuboard and takes a box out….. He takes an album and goes through it.He stops and stares at photo…. A girl of 9yrs standing in a beautiful frock.

Adi:Aaliya! How much ever you try to lie to me….. You will get caught. I found out that you had lied to me about our name….. I very well knew my name is Adi and urs is Aaliya.But i supported u bcuz i didn’t want you to cry again all over thinking about past. I found how u earned money…. U again lied to me that u are working as tutor…. I also decided to keep it secret and sold some documents which were in my name….. Oh! And I replaced with fake documents….. Lastly this…. How could you lie to me easily…. You know that I love you! Then why are u doing this? I would have expressed myself 30yrs back if u wouldn’t have lied to me about the name. I was so devastated that you are lying to ME about our name…. I was in the bed getting excited about meeting you. And u came in and said “RISHI”…i didnt know what to say…. I decided that the day i hear Adi from your mouth i will express myself.But after 30yrs you are not ready to forget the past and say our real name. I am really sorry i choose to ACT my entire life. Till my last breath…..

Adi let out a deep sigh and bathed and came back keeping all his things back in position.

They had breakfast. Raman, Arnav and Aarav started packing bags… Adi who saw this became sad.

Adi(to boys) :Guys plz stay here for 2 more days….. I really loved u people a lot. Plz stay here.
Girls:Yes guys plzz
Arnav:Ok ………On a condition that we will leave exactly after two days.
Girls do hi-fi and are happy. Adi gets happy to see them happy.

Aaliya looks on as Adi smiles at the girls who were happy about staying at their house. She smiles

Aaliya(to herself): Why do i feel that my ADI is back? Why do i feel he is acting?

Aaliya touches her heart. And feels something wrong with Adi.

Aaliya(to herself): But its not the first time that i am feeling this.I have to find out. But how? I cant tell his real name to him. I will have to find a way out.

Adi looks at Aaliya who was busy in her thoughts. He admires her. She feels he is looking at her and turns…. He turned his gaze back to the girls. Aaliya looks on confused. He smiles naughtly.

It was time for lunch. Aaliya was completely disturbed.Adi sees her disturbed and stands behind her.She turns and slips….he holds her tight. Both get lost in eachother.

Khushi was talking in phone with her mom. After hanging up,

Arnav holds her by waist from behind.She jerk. He places his head on her shoulder.

Khushi:You scared me now. Idiot!
Arnav:I am sorry.
Khushi:Why have u come here now?
Arnav:Its been 24hrs and 3 mins since i have romanced with you
Khushi:U count the minute also? (wide open her eye)
Arnav:Kya bolu…..Ek second bhi tumhare bina nahi reh pa raha hoo (I cant stay for a second without you)
Khushi:God Arnav! You are so cheezy
Arnav:I know…..!

Khushi(holds his cheeks):I love you!
Arnav(kiss on her cheeks): i love you too!

Both smile.

Ishita was talking to Ruhi about music. Ruhi asks Ishita whether she sings.

Ishu:I have learned music when i was small…. But after whatever happened with my mom i have never heard music.
Ruhi:Sad! Can u sing a song for me?
Ishu(laughs):I sing soo badly
Ruhi:Its ok….. Plz a song for me.
Ishu:Ok….i will sing.
Ruhi:Sing Tum hi dekho na

Ishu starts singing Tum hi dekho na…. Ruhi loved her voice. Raman and Aarav were hearing it secretly from either sides.After Ishu completed the song a small drop of tear escaped from Ishu’s and Aarav’s eyes.

Ishu:Thank you Ruhi for bringing back Music in my life…. If u were not there i would have forgotten to sing

Ishu hugs Ruhi with happy tears.

Ruhi(holds Ishu’s hand):I would give this credit to my bhai bcuz he was the one who brought music back into your life. I was just asking you to sing. He brought happiness back into your life.

Ruhi leaves. On the way Aarav holds her hand and pulls her to him

Ruhi:Aarav…..leave me.

Aarav pulls Ruhi closer and kiss her lip tight. Ruhi widens her eyes

Ruhi:What the hell Aarav!
Aarav:Thank you Ruhi. I didnt know how to express my happiness.
Ruhi holds his cheeks and kiss him. He gets more shocked.

Ruhi hugs Aarav. He smiles.

Ishu was lost in what Ruhi said. She thinks how Raman was making her happy.How she started smiling etc. She smiles with happy tears…..Raman from behind hugs her. She blush.

Raman:Arre how did u understand that it was me?
Ishu:i can feel you through your heartbeat now.
Raman:Arre wah… Kya baat hai.
Ishu smiles..

Ishu:How was my song?
Raman:How do u know that i heard the whole song.
Ishu:Didnt i tell u i can feel you by your heart beat.
Raman with happy tears hugs Ishu tight.She smiles.

The next day,

Aaliya was talking with the girls

Aaliya:When do we know that we have known a person to his/her fullest?

Khushi:When u know that u can understand what they are about to say.
Ishu:When u know that Your happiness lies in their happiness
Ruhi:And When you know that their behaviour is different from what you have seen.

Khushi:How can that be Ruhi?
Ruhi:When they change their behavior its sure na there is something wrong or they are hiding some thing.

Aaliya goes into deep thinking.She connects how Adi is behaving and how she feels his behavior different.

Aaliya:That means Adi is hiding something. But what?
Adi:My name.
Aaliya turns shocked but that was just a dream.

Aaliya:Why did it strike me that he knows his real name? I hav to do acting like he is doing.

Aaliya was serving breakfast to all. She keeps on the TV and sees OK jaanu movie song. She gets an idea.

Aaliya:Adi dekho (Adi see)

Adi doesn’t turn.

Aaliya:So he doesn’t remember his real name.

Aaliya:Rishi…see Adi.
Adi:Oh…Ok jaanu is a good movie.
Raman:I agree
Others:we all agree

Adi smile

Aaliya thinks something

Adi(to himself):You think that you can find that i am acting…. Not easily my love.
He smiles naughtly

*Again after a looong time. Will try my maximum to update on friday. Thank u allll For ur support

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    what is the relation of aaliya and adi with ishra arshi rurav

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