Dil Chahta Hai – 38 & 39



A lady with broomstick in her hand opens the door. Her dress stated that she was the servant of the house.

Lady:Kya chahiye? (What do u want?)
Raman:Aaliya naam ki ek aurat yaha rehti hai? (Does a women named Aaliya stay here?)
Lady:Tera naam kya hai? (Whats your name?)
Lady:Mujhe malik ka naam nahi pata lekin woh abhi yaha nahi hai…. Toh tum sab log phir kabhi aayiye (I dont know the name of the owner anyways she is not here now….. So you all come later)
Arnav:Woh kabh aayegi? (When will she come?)
Lady:Woh dono toh cinema dekhne gaye hai…. Kuch do ghante baat aajeyenge (Both have gone for movie…. They will come after 2 hours may be)
Ishu:Kya hum yaha unka intezaar kar sakte hai? (Can we wait for them here?)
Lady:Teek hai lekin anthar mat aayega (It’s ok… But dont come inside)
Ishu nods.

Aarav:We understand that u are scared of letting strangers in so we will stay outside. (Says in english)
Lady:Yeh ladka kya keh raha hai? (What is this boy saying?)
Ruhi:Kuch nahi kaki….Yeh hindi nahin jaanta (Nothing aunty…. He doesn’t know hindi)

The lady leaves…. Aarav stares at Ruhi.

Aarav:Why did u say that i dont know hindi?
Ruhi:You dont have simple sense that she doesn’t know english.
Aarav thinks
Aarav:Oh yah…. But why did u say that i dont know hindi?
Ruhi:This is Delhi dude…. They ask for reasons……and she is a servant so she can get scared when such a huge group comes in search of a lady. Ok?
Aarav nod
Khushi:Ruhi should try some legal studies.
Raman:Ma also says that.
Khushi laughs.
Khushi:By the way guys she said that both went for movie…. So that means there are two people here… May be the duo we are looking for?
All smile brightly.

They wait for an hour…..Khushi was fed up of sitting she decides to see the whole house. Arnav as expected follows her….. He hides behind a door…. When she passed by the door he pulled her and both were inside a room where only small light entered through a big hole on the top.

Khushi(sharp voice):Arnav leave
Arnav pulls her more closer… She loosens herself a lil.

Heyyy heyyy…….Rabba ve….. Rabba ve……oh rabba ve plays

Khushi(Lil sharp voice) :Arnav leave.
He kiss on her left cheek
Khushi(sweet but lil sharp) :Arnav leave

Kyun khwaboon pe tere saaye hai
Dil kyun hai tanha mera
Kyun khamoshi hai zubaan meri
Mushkil se keha paon na.

He kiss on her right cheek.
Khushi(Lil sweet) :Arnav leave

Kyun dard hai utna sa….

He kiss on her forehead
Khushi(sweetly):Arnav leave
He slowly move forward and kiss on her lips.
Rabba ve.
Khushi blush hard….. She stands dumbstruck…… She reciprocates the kiss…..both share a lip lock
Rabba ve rabba ve plays…..!


Ruhi was taking pictures of each tree along with Aarav….. They move to backside for taking pictures…..Ruhi’s hair gets stuck in a tree’s branch and a small twig gets stuck in her hair. She doesn’t mind and move to tak next picture. (I actually tried copying the clinic plus ad). Aarav notice that.

Aarav pulls Ruhi by Elbow towards him and tucks her hair behind her eyes looking in to her eyes….. She also looks at his eyes…. Ruhi sees those wonderful moments spend with him unknowingly. She blush reminiscing his proposal. Aarav moves closer to her face (she blush hard) he takes the twig out from her hair….. Ruhi wide opens her eyes.

Ruhi:How could you just take off that twig?
Aarav:Oh! So you kept that intentionally?
Ruhi:Ofcourse no…. But…. Mein bhi kis se keh rahi hoon….Stupid fellow (Whom am i saying to?)
Aarav:Say to me directly……dont give hints in bits and pieces ok.
Ruhi:Nothing……we will leave.
Aarav pulls Ruhi more closer
Aarav:Tell me na
Ruhi:We cant say those….. You people have to understand and do.
Aarav:Can i know what i have to do?
Ruhi(irritated):Leave that…. Lets take pictures.
Aarav nods and follows Ruhi. Ruhi smiles thinking her foolishness.

Ruhi(To herself): Mein bhi na us se bhi zyada stupid aur paagal hoon.Uske saat romance karne ke bare mein soch rehi thi aur usko tension mein daal di. Thoda toh dimaag lagaya kar yaar Ruhi. (I am more stupid and crazy that him. I was thinking about Romancing with him and made him tensed. Use your brain some times Ruhi)

Ruhi’s thoughts werw disturbed by Aarav.
Aarav:Ru….lets play a game.

Both settle down in a bench in the garden behind the house.

Aarav:I will ask you few questions and you will have to say the first things that come to your mind…. The same goes with me ok?
Ruhi:Wow interesting.
Aarav:What is your biggest achievement?
Ruhi:All those whom i love.
Aarav:Who is the most important person of your life?
Ruhi:First bhai then you.
Aarav(smiles):Great……What is your biggest fear as of now?
Ruhi:The fear of losing you.
Aarav gets touched….. He looks in to her eyes……He gets emotional and pulls her into a born crushing hug. Ruhi cries with happy tears… Aarav smiles.

Ruhi releases herself from the hug.

Ruhi:Now my turn
Aarav nods smiling.
Ruhi:What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you here my name?
Aarav (looking in to her eyes) :Life.
Ruhi gets touched.
Ruhi:Who is the most important person in your life?
Aarav:You know that answer…..first Ishu di and Arnav bhai then you.
Ruhi:I love that…… Then my last question is What is the biggest gift that you consider the best and the blessed?
Now that was something Ruhi never expected she was heat touched……She was speechless and he was smiling at her.
Ruhi:I…..I th…. Think…. We mu……must…. Lea….. Leave. They might have come now.
She stands up to leave.

Aarav(holds her hand): Ru…. Lets talk for sometime and leave.
Ruhi was blushing hard
Aarav:I think i was following Ruhi bhalla till now….. But You have turned to tomato now.
Ruhi laughs. Both share sometime together.

Scene 3,

Ishu and Raman were pretending to be busy on phone.Raman wanted Ishita to start the conversation.Ishita wanted Raman to start the conversation. Both were so eager to know what the other is doing on phone…. Then something strike their…. Ishra laugh together looking at the phone…. Both get embarrassed as their plan backfired. And they understood that they were in the same boat sailing to the same banks.

Both look at eachother and start laughing.

Raman:Ok i agree i wanted you to start the conversation.
Ishu:And i wanted you to start the conversation
Ishra:We are so strange
Ishu:And similar.

Raman sits near Ishu.

Ishu:Raman!Dont do anything naughty….. Plz
Raman puts his handa around her shoulders.
Raman:This isnt naughty na
Ishu nods
He takes his hand from the shoulder.He takes her hand in his hand and starts playing with her fingers.She looks on confused.

Ishu:What happened Raman?
Raman:I am restless.
Ishu:What happened?
Raman:I want to marry you…… And you be mine forever.
Ishu:Raman! Kuch bhi.
Raman:What? I am serious….. I want you to be mine forever….. In my house being the perfect bahu for my mom and dad……In my room with me and our children…….Being the perfect mother and being the dutiful wife.

Ishu smiles as he express himself holding her hand. Ishu lies on Raman’s shoulders.

Ishu:Raman…..we will surely marry one day….. But i dont think this is the right time….. I am 25 now… And you are 30.Dont you think we should wait for an year?
Raman:An year!?
Ishu nods.

Raman:No that is not possible.
Ishu:Ok then we will go for a live-in relationship till that.Done
Raman:I dont want to write Ok Jaanu part 2
Ishu:Raman who told you its Ok Jaanu part 2??
Raman: Guess

Ishu turns her face and notice a lizard nearing her….. She scream and hugs Raman.

Raman:What happend?
Ishu:A lizard.

He hugs her back….. Both stand on top of the chair hugging eachother and screaming. The servant comes running.Arshi who were romancing so passionately get disturbed with the scream and run to Ishra. Rurav also reach in time.

Servant(lady):Kya hua madam ji? (what happened madam?)

Both Rurav and Arshi scream.

Aarav :where?
Ishu points towards the ground and scream, it seemed as if it was looking at Ishu.

Ishu:This thing is looking at me Raman.
Raman:I can’t kill it…
Lady starts laughing….All of them starts staring at her.

Khushi:Aap has kyun rehe hai? (Why are you laughing?)
Lady:This is madam’s pet lizard, a fake one.

All laugh hearing this. The lady takes that and goes in…… Ishu and Raman look at eachother.

Two people see all this from the gate. The looks on confused.

*Hi guys sorry for late update. I have my project work….. I am busy with that. Will be regular soon.

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  1. Zaira

    Wowowowowowow dear !!it was superb, awesome,amazing episode!!!! Loved it soooooooo much???????i cherished each n every scene of it first arshi sooo passionate romance ???then…rurav their game n ruhi’s expectations???i never knew clinic plus ad can be this useful ??
    Ishra were really stupids ?????? hahaha ishra was the which I enjoyed love them soo much !!??liked even starting part ???
    Waiting for the next update
    Even I ll be busy …can’t comment in every epi hope u understand??

  2. Rashita

    its sooooo nice veronica……..i just loved it……it was funny the maid scene……arshi scene was sooo nice……..rurav was emotional and cute……..ishra scene was the best…..raman wanted to marry ishu and ishu told to wait for one year…..raman reaction was nice….loved ishra romantic scene……and the most funniest was the fake liard scene…..i just loved it…….. totally i loved it…….please update soon dear…..i am waiting……

  3. So interesting story and this is too funny of Ishra antics and Arshi sweet romancy and Rurav confession. Please continue with this story.

  4. Superb dear

  5. it’s awesome yaar….full of romance and cute moments between all the pairs…really loved it so much….

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    Oh…that was only a servant.arshi were damn romantic. Rurav scene was romantic..then later emotional. Ishra propsal was sweet.raman doesnt want ok jaanu 2nd part.ha he.ishra were romantic too

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    Awesome wen will them meet shagun and who are the two owners

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