Dil Chahta Hai-36


The epi starts with Ishu, Khushi, Ruhi waking up the next day morning. They get surprised to see three cups with coffee inside and the time for breakfast written on the tray.

Khushi:Yeh kaun kar raha hai? (Who is doing this?)
Voice(behind):Yeh hum kar rahe hai (We are doing this. )
Khushi, Ishu, Ruhi turn and gets shocked to see the three boys standing there wearing aprons and chef hats. Ishu laughs
Ishu:You look so funny Arnu.
Arnav:Ishu yaar……Dont tease me.
Aarav:I look so hot right Ishu di?
Ruhi:My baby looking so handsome…. Roz aisa mere liye khana bana lena ok (Daily make food for me like this)
Ishu(laughs):Chotu you look better than other 2 monkeys.
Raman:You called me monkey?
Ishu nods
Raman runs behind Ishu to catch her but fails as she hides inside washroom.All laugh.

Raman:Ishu i am leaving you today.. We will see tmw
Ishu(inside bathroom) :Ok Monkey.
Raman:Jungli billi (wild cat)
Ishu makes puppy face and come out. All laugh at her.
Ruhi:Aww you all look so cute while keeping puppy face ?
Ishu:Aarav looks the cutest right Ruhi? (winks)
Ruhi nods
Ruhi realises they were teasing her. She keeps her hands on head.

Raman:Let us leave for making breakfast.
Arnav:Point…if we stand here for long… I may not be able to come out of this room (he winks at Khushi. Khushi stare at him)
Ishu:Kya dialogue maari yaar wah wah.

Arnav winks and goes out.Khushi blush.

After sometime,
The boys make breakfast and asks the girls to come.The girls come to the dining and get smell of food.

Ruhi:Wow….it smells too good.
Raman:I have tried making your south indian food.
Ruhi hugs Raman and thanks him.
Aarav:And i have made roti’s and aloo sabzi for Khushi babhi and Ishu di.
Arnav:I have made something different… I made ice cream and cake for you all.
Girls:Arnu you are the best.
Arnav winks at Aarav and Raman. The duo make crying face.

Raman:can we start now.
Ruhi:Lets eat fast so that we can eat ice cream and cake.
Raman and Aarav look at eachother helplessly.
Raman and Aarav remember what happened last night in the boys room,

Raman was doing something on phone. Arnav was writing his diary. Aarav was making the bed. Arnav stops writing and turns to Raman and Aarav,

Arnav:Guys…i need your help.
Raman:Ask me the brilliant professor.
Aarav:Plz dont start with your self praising
Raman looks at Aarav.
Arnav:Leave all that… And the thing is we are staying back here only for spending time with them. So i think we should make breakfast for them tmw.
Aarav:Cool (interested)
Raman:Thats stupid
Aarav:Then a dare game
Aarav:Ok we will challenge eachother.
Arnav:I get you my boy (Arnav and Aarav hug)
Raman:1 min what is happening here?
Arnav:Raman its easy… We will make breakfast tmw and will see what will the girls like the most.
Raman:Ok done… I will make… Ah… South indian as the trio love that.
Aarav:I am making Roti and aloo ki sabzi…The girls usually eat that. Arnav bhai what have you decided?
Arnav:A cake and Ice cream……i have to keep ice cream ready and keep it over night.
Raman:I havent seen the girls eating that for breakfast…. Dude get something better they will not eat it early morning itself.
Arnav:You people took all their favourites so i will try something different.
Aarav:Go on bhai if they dont eat i will eat bhai dont worry.
Arnav:Chal be
Aarav and Raman laugh. Arnav leaves to make ice cream.
Fb ends with Arnav keeping his ice cream in fridge.

Dining table,
All were eating the food.
Khushi:Wow all these food is yummy… I am waiting to eat the cake and ice cream.
Ruhi:Aarav i must say these Aloo sabzi and Roti is so tasty. And bhai your dosa is so awesome.
Ishu:I didnt know boys were born chefs.
Raman:Hum toh tareef se mar jayenge. (We will die of praising)
Ishu:Let me see.
Raman(shocked):You had to close my mouth and say never say like this again and all…. Par tum toh heroine ki jagah villian nikhli yaar (But you turned out to be a villian where you are actually the heroine)
All laugh
Arnav:Ishu is like that…..You cant give the general girls tag to any of the three.
Ruhi:Aarav you heard.
Aarav nods like a child.
Ruhi smiles at his actions.

After eating food,
Ruhi first comes after washing hand and sees Arnav waiting for her with vanilla ice cream in hand. Ruhi runs and takes it from him.

Ruhi starts eating and loves the ice cream she then demands for cake. Arnav gives cake to Ruhi… Ruhi loves the cake.The group enjoy her child like excitement.

Ishu and Khushi eat together
Khushi:Arnav ji i loved it.
Arnav Pulls Khushi closer…her eyes widen…. He kiss on her cheeks. But others were busy in eating ice cream that they didnt notice.
Arnav(whisper in ears) :I made it specially for you.
Khushi blush.
Arnav:Tu toh sharma gayi yaar (You became shy)
Khushi:When u say things like this how can i not blush.
Arnav smiles and hugs her sideways. He feeds her cake.
Khushi:Leave me…. They will see
Arnav:No they won’t they are also busy like this.
Khushi:How do u know that
Arnav:Our plan baby.
Khushi turns to leave. But Arnav holds her hand and pulls her to him. She looks at him…. Both get engrossed in eachother…… Rabba ve plays.

Mean while,
Aarav and Ruhi go to take bath. Ishu was sitting in the sofa having ice cream.
Raman sits beside her. For Ishus bad luck she had worn a sari.Raman slowly moves closer to her and pinch on her belly. Ishu widen open her eyes and mouth
Ishu:Whats this Raman?
Raman:I was being naughty
Ishu:Dont do that again…. It hurts
Raman:Ok sorry
He moves closer and kiss on her cheeks. She again wide open her eyes and mouth.
Raman:I am in hyper state now… I want to marry you now.
Ishu:What? Are you mad? Go and bath.
Ishu gets up to leave and slips on the carpet… She falls on top of Raman in sofa causing him a back ache.Both get lost in eachother…..itni si baat hai plays… He tucks her hair behind and moves closer for a kiss and she push him and stand up.
Raman winks at her. Ishu runs to her room.

Ruhi comes after bathing….she comes out and see Aarav talking on phone. She stands behind him and thinks of scaring him. Aarav after hanging his call turns and hits Ruhi and fall down. Aarav on top of Ruhi….. Both get lost in eachother….. Saanson ko saanson mein dal ne do zara…. Hum tum plays.

Ishu who came to bath see this and coughs…..both move down and Ishu laughs.

*Sorry for not updating…. I am having my project work nowadays….this is my final year so i have exams and sooo many projects coming up. But i will try updating daily peeps. Once my exams and projects are over i will be writing regularly.

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