Dil Chahta Hai-35


Ishu and Khushi controlling themselves come back.
Nk:Where did u people go?
Ishu:Just to drink water.
Arnav:It was here in jug right.
Ishu:we forgot.
La:NK continue
Nk:After coming to lucknow i had a bad time taking all of u to rooms…. I didnt know where the rooms were…. Ishu was not ready to leave Raman’s hand (Ishu blush)…. And silent Arnav took Khushi to the room. I first accomadated La, Aarav, Ruhi, Shivaay and Anika in one room bcuz they were partially in senses…. I then took Ishu and Raman together. I thought of Putting Khushi and Ishu in one room and Raman, Arnav and me in other…. But Ishu was not ready to leave Raman and they were already sleepy… So i made Ishu lie on bed and Raman in the couch. Then when i came back i saw Arnav taking Khushi to a room. Actually i had asked him to take her….when finally when i came back to the room where others are there i was shocked to see Ruhi throwing Aarav out of the room bcuz he said something cheezy. And Anika dying to give kiss to Shivaay saying his blue eyes are attracting her to kiss him etc. And la sleeping under the blanket.i was so damn tired that i dozed off. Uff! Such an hectic day it was.

Ishu couldn’t control her laughter for long she burst out laughing….followed by Khushi and others.
Ishu:I must say Anika yours is the best
Anika:Di yaar please dont tease me.
Khushi(laughing):No yaar we wont tease you after this. ..but now i cant stop laughing.
Arnav(To Raman) :I am relieved
Raman signs he too.
All leave to their rooms for cleaning it. Khushi takes Arnav to the pool side.

Khushi:Tell me how did our room get messed up?
Arnav:Woh…yday after i took you to room you started behaving like a small child and i tried my maximum to make you sleep but you werent ready and you started throwing away all the pillow and you even tore my tees and you slept off…i came near you to give the blanket and you pulled me and i slept beside you sitting down.
Khushi laughs out loud.
Khushi:I am so relieved now
Khushi hugs Arnav and laughs happily.

Arnav:Pagal ho gaye ho kya? (Have u gone made or what?)
Khushi:I am not mad and you are mad…. You were trying to fool me right Mr.ASR
Arnav(caught face): I was just trying to see your expression.
Khush:How did it happen that you didnt get the remembro alcoholio?
Arnav:Who knows may be i didn’t drink that.
Khushi:Anyways now i am relieved.
Arnav smiles naughtly and pulls Khushi closer
Arnav:Iss Khushi mein Khushi mujhe degi apna tofa (In this happiness…Khushi will give me a gift)
Khushi:What gift?
Arnav:My gift
Khushi understand what he meant.
Khushi:Tofa toh milege leking sirf ek… Uske baat puchna mat (I will give you the gift…..but dont ask for more after that)
Arnav excitedly stands there expecting his gift and he gets a small peck on his cheeks. Arnav wide opens his eyes and looks at Khushi
Khushi:Yiu have got na… Now go
Arnav leaves with sad face. Khushi laugh.

Raman came to meet Ishu who was relieved and laughing at her own dramatical dialogues and. How Raman tried to control her etc.

Raman:Madrassan tum toh acting mein madhubala nikhli yaar (You are madhubala in acting)
Ishu:I know i was being so dramatic…. But when i see you bare chested and in the same bed how do i just believe that nothing could have happened?
Raman:Point….but i still have a doubt how i came in bed if Nk said i was in the couch.
Ishu:May be in between u went to washroom and came back and slept near me.
Raman:Yah…i remember going to washroom.
Ishu:Thats it.
Raman hugs Ishu sidewaya and laughs hard.
Ishu:Why are you laughing ?
Raman:I just remembered you saying Nateeja jo bhi hoga aap mere saat rahoge na? (Whatever the result is you will be with me na?)
Ishu hits Raman.
Ishu:Stop teasing Raman.
Raman:You are no.1 dramebaaz…. God! I cant stop laughing
Raman continue laughing….Ishu joins him… They tease eachother and laugh.

Anika was packing the food that was left… Shivaay comes to drink water.
Anika sees Shivaay and dont talk.
Shivaay:Why are showing attitude?
Anika:Mein bhav dikha rahi hoon? Aap toh mahan hai aap toh bhav nahi dikha rahe hai na? (i am showing attitude? Right you are perfect so you never show attitude right?)
Shivaay:Yah obvious.
Anika gets irritated and continues her packing.Anika is startled by Shivaays scream. She turns back and sees him standing on top of Kitchen table and looking down scared.

Anika:Shivaay what happened?
Shivaay:Woh…dekho waha (pointing down) thilchatta…(See…there (pointing down)..cockroach)
Anika jumps on top of the table with Shivaay.Both scream for help but none listen.
Shivaay:Are they all deaf?
Anika:Mujhe kya pata meine bhi aapke saat kadi hoon na(How do i know….i am with you right)
Shivaay:Yah but whats the relation between you being here and them being deaf
Anika:Apna chota sa dimaag zyada mat chalao toh achcha hai (Its better if you dont run your small brain)
Shivaay:Heyy….i am intelligent ok?
Anika:Khud ki tareef karte rehoge yaa kuch karoge? (Will u keep on praising yourself or will you do something?)
Shivaay:Cant u see i am Calling for help.
Anika:Koi nahi sunne wala sab garden mein hai (Nobody is gonna hear us….all are in garden)
Shivaay:Fhat the Whuck!
Anika:Ab mujhe kuch karna hoga(Now i will have to do something)
Shivaay(concerned):Are u mad? If something happens to you then?
Anika:I will see and you will not be troubled.
Shivaay:Then good.
Anika turns irritated and see the cockroach nearing the table.She screams and hides under Shivaays coat.He smile….O jaana…o jaana plays….both look at eachother and get lost in eachother. The table breaks and they fall down…Anika on top of Shivaay..the cockroach runs away scared at the sound.. Shivika were lost in eachother……o jaana continues.

Ruhi and Aarav run to kitchen and gets surprised to see Shivika lost in eachother. Ruhi coughs bringing them back to senses. They stand up and move to different sides. Rurav laugh.

Anika(to herself):Yeh mujhe kya ho raha hai…..mein yeh sab njoy kyun kar rahi hoon (what is happening with me… Why am i enjoying all this)

Shivaay(to himself) :Why am i feeling new to this? Why am i enjoying this?

Both were lost thinking.

All leave back to Delhi. Nla and Shivika leave to mumbai. The others stay back in delhi as they had some plan.

*Again a short epi.. Sorry guys.

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  1. Very funy

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    Hahahahahahahahaha so cute yaar

  4. superb one…..couples scenes was very cute….

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    arshi was very romantic.ishra was cute n funny,loved shivika scene the most,funny cute n romantic

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