Dil Chahta Hai-34


Khushi and Ishu are in the room were Ishra slept last night. Ishu came after bathing… She didnt utter a word….she was shocked to the core….Khushi wanted to say this to somebody and get a hug from her…. Khushi came after bathing and saw Ishu sitting staring at the ground.

Khushi:Ishu whatever happened between u and Raman and me and Arnav cannot be easily forgotten…..we were drunk and were so obsessed with eachother.That can be the reason.
Ishu:But he applied sindoor in my forehead and black thread ..how can i just forget that.
Khushi:Ishu…mere saat bhi yahi hua tha lekin meine apne aap ko sambhal liya….doosro ko koyi shak na ho isliye (Same happened with me Ishu but i controlled myself so that others dont doubt on us.
Ishu:I dont know how to control my feelings Khushi.(cries)
Khushi:Ishu please be strong…. I am sure nothing would have happened
Ishu:Does this messy room and bed say that nothing happened? (cries)
Khushi:Whom do u trust more Raman or this room?
Ishu:Ofcourse Raman.(wipes tears off)
Khushi:Then why are you tensed. Whatever will happen Raman will look after you…. I know Arnav will also look after it. We will just be happy.

Ishu wipes of her tears and smiles. She goes out,
Ishu:Happy birthday Ruhi.
Ruhi:Oh! I forgot today is my bday.
Aarav:Everybody dont remember what happened.
Raman looks at Ishu feeling guilty.
Aarav(in Ruhi’s ears) :Ruhi come i have a surprise for you.
Aarav goes out… Ruhi follows him.

Aarav takes Ruhi to the front car porch…..there she is happy to see a roof-less car…. A blue royal one…..
Ruhi:Is it for me Aarav?
Aarav nods
Ruhi:Take me on a drive
Aarav:The surprise isn’t done yet
Ruhi:There are a lott more? (excited)
Aarav:Not a lot but a few may be 2-3
Ruhi:Its ok i am gonna love it.
Aarav:I am excited!

They take the car and go a bit away from the farmhouse and reach near a small hut. Ruhi looks at Aarav confused.
Ruhi:Aarav….what are we doing here?
Aarav:Wait and watch baby
Ruhi nods
Aarav opens the door for Ruhi and gives Ruhi his hand and takes her inside the hut….. She is awestruck to see pictures of them stuck with 3D effects.
Ruhi:Wow it’s beautiful
Aarav:This is not just a hut its a very beautiful house.
Ruhi:I loved the pictures
Aarav:See these pictures will show different phases of our relationship….(pointing at a photo) the first time i saw you and fell for you.
Ruhi:When did u take this pic?
Aarav:Without your knowledge i took it the first day you came to college.
Ruhi:Naughty guy.
Aarav:I know right.
Ruhi smiles… Shee looks around the small hut all their photos. She smiles recalling how he proposed her….how they argued for silly reasons and laugh.
Ruhi:Can i know how is it useful for us?
Aarav:Dont think practically… (side hugs her and looks up) Think na we can show this to our children and tell them our love story.
Ruhi:Bachon ko bigadna chahte ho kya? (You want to spoil our kids or what? )
Aarav:Na baby… I swear i will be a strict dad.
Ruhi:Strictness isnt in your dictionary.
Aarav(makes puppy face) :Ruhi yaar dont spoil my mood
Ruhi(smiles and pulls his cheeks): How cuteeeee….. Ok baba i will keep quiet.
Aarav:Thank you…. Come lets go for surprise no. 3
Ruhi:I am so excited……nobody have given me surprises like this before.
Aarav:Main hoon na (i am there)
Ruhi smile.
Aarav takes Ruhi to an underground area of the hut through a small door in the floor…the steps were so loooonggg. (I am sorry i dont know how to explain that)
Ruhi is dumbstruck to see a very big house with hall, kitchen and two bedroom.
Ruhi:How do we breath through this.
Aarav opens a door and Ruhi is surprised to see a lake .
Ruhi:How did we reach here?
Aarav:My dear darling you don’t know how intelligent i am.
Ruhi:I have been seeing your intelligence for the past few months.
Aarav smiles.
Ruhi:But i must say this house is sooo beautiful….whose house is this?
Aarav:This is where Nani and Nanu lived before… After Nanus death Nani shifted to that farmhouse and sometimes stayed with us.
Ruhi:So that hut?
Aarav:That was my great grandfathers house….. After establishing Raizada fashion house they shifted to mumbai but my Nanu loved that house a lot and he build a house attaching it through underground.
Aarav:And you know why my Nanu loved that hut…. Bcuz Nani’s house was near that hut and they both did love marriage.
Ruhi:Wow how cute.
Aarav:Come on my next surprise is here.
Aarav takes Ruhi to the lake side.They sit in the banks and enjoy the serenity
Ruhi:You didn’t say the surprise yet.
Aarav:I dont know whether you remember but let me tell you that…. You had a wish book when you were small may be in 5th…. And you had written something in that and you had given that book to someone
Ruhi(interrupt):Don’t say me you have that till now.
Aarav nods.
Ruhi:Those were too crazy Aarav
Aarav:Never leave childhood crazy wishes….if u remember whatever i had shown was all mentioned in that book.
Ruhi:God! And you cheater you remember everything ah? (Aarav nods….Ruhi beats him) and what was all these dramas for??
Aarav:Stop beating me. (He holds her hand and pulls her closer)
Aarav leans on Ruhi and kiss on her cheeks… She blush and turn to other side. Aarav smile… He slowly moves closer to her… Their lips were just inches apart…. He moves closer and kiss her…. They share a passionate kiss….. Saanson ko saanson… Hum tum plays.

Ruhi:This was not there in my book.
Aarav:But it was there in my book
Ruhi laugh.

Aarav:So lets ride on the boat come Ruhi.
Ruhi’s wish was to ride on boat with her bestfriend which was Aarav or chotu and take a selfie in the middle of the ride.

Aarav and Ruhi fulfil that wish and come back to the same spot where their car was parked. He then takes her back to farmhouse and there all were ready with cake and crackers.

Ruhi:La di, strictly no crackers….. It is bad for environment.
La:I know but party bomb is fine na.
La opens the party bomb…. All clap and wish Ruhu And Ruhi cut the cake… She gives the first piece to Raman then Aarav and others. Ishu and Khushi had made south indian breakfast for Ruhi
Ruhi:Wow…Idly and sambar.?
Ishu:Dheere kha lena….yeh sab tumhare liye hai (Eat slowly all this is for you)
Ruhi:Tnx Ishu di
Khushi:Anika and La aaj tum log south indian nahi kayenge (Anika and la you people will not eat south indian today)
Anika:Khushi ji aisa kyun (Why so?)
Khushi:Today is Ruhi’s spcl day so she will eat all her favourite and we wont eat that.
Ishu:Ok if its like that i am not eating anything now.
Nk comes after bath with Shivaay.
Anika gives angry glare to Shivaay. Shivaay asks her through eyes :What did i do?
Anika (glaring at him) :Nothing.
Shivaay:Never mind
Anika smirks and turns her head.He secretly admire her.

Their cute talk was disturbed by Nk

Nk:Khushi you remember anything that happened last night?
Khushi wide opens her eyes
Nk:Hi-fi La our new item worked.
Arnav(confused):What new item
Nk:The new one from italy the remembro alcoholio
La:The real name is something else…. But we named it like this.
Raman gets angry and tighten his fingers.Arnav was burning in anger.
Arnav:Do you play with drugs?(holds Nk collar)
Nk:Arnav… Listen
La:Bhayyu its not a drug.
Raman(angrly):Then what?
La:We were talking about the new item that was given in the pub
Nk:Yah…and i was about to say that.
Arnav(interrupt):I am sorry for beinf angry
Nk:Its alright….. Thank god u four dont remember anything…..you people were behaving like mad people. And Ishu was not in her senses i think…. She applied red powder all over her face and tied a black chain around neck and called herself some baba..she did the same with Khushi also. …. God! I was the only one in senses…….Raman was just lost in another world and after coming to lucknow he entered the room and was behaving like a small kid removing the curtains, bedsheets…. He even removed his shirt???…Khushi was being hyper…. She sleeps for a few minutes and then wakes up and starts troubling all. Arnav was silent.he was the one who took the car to lucknow from delhi. I was LMAO. And others were just drunk…. You four had accidentally drunk the new one.

Ishu laughs unknowingly and runs to kitchen. She was relieved that nothing happened. Khushi joins Ishu and both laugh hard remembering the drama they created.

*Hope guys are clear with what happened.I thought its high time Rurav has got the screen so just a Rurav update and the confusion clearing epi

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