Dil Chahta Hai-33


A few weeks later….Its the new year,

All are happy with their lives…. On last day of the year (After Ruhi’s birthday bash).

A pleasant morning,

Ishu wakes up and is shocked to find Raman near her…. She panics…. She tries to recollect what happened….but is not able to… She screams…. The room doesnt seem similar.Ishu wakes up Raman.

Ishu:Raman…Raman…. Raman… (Raman wakes up holding his head)
Raman:Ishu what are you doing here?

Raman looks around the room and find that completely messy. He couldnt recollect anything.He gets more shocked to see sindoor in her forehead and black thread in her neck.

Raman: Ishu this sindoor…. Black thread?
Ishu touch her neck and forehead and gets more shocked.
Ishu:Raman i can’t recall anything (she cries)
Raman hugs her and console her.
Raman:Rub all these…. Since we dont remember anything we will leave this matter here ok?
Ishu:Raman! How could you just say that….think about what will happen next….dont run away from problem.
Raman(holds Ishu’s hand) :We will face it together…we must find what happened last night.
She smiles fakely and he rubs of her sindoor and removes the black thread.

Parallelly in other room,

Arnav and Khushi are in the same situation….but a bit different….Arnav remember what happened but not able to express to Khushi,

Khushi(cries):Arnav yeh sab kya hua? Yeh hum kaha hai? Yeh kamra itna ujla-hua kyun hai? (Arnav what is all this? Where are we now? Why is this room so messy?)
Arnav(consoling her): I…. I….. I… Act… Actually…..dont remember Anything

She understood he was lying
Khushi:Choot mat boliye…… Humein malum hai ki aapko sab kuch yaad hai (Dont lie….. I know you remember everything)
Arnav:No Khushi i seriously don’t remember anything.
Khushi: you were stammering….. I know you stammer when you lie.
Arnav:Khushi! Kal jo bhi hua woh hona nahin chahiye tha…..(Whatever happened yesterday shouldn’t have happened)
Khushi:Kya hua? (what happened?)
Arnav:khushi calm down we will see.
Khushi:I only need the truth Arnav
Arnav(shouts):Jo bhi hona tha hogaya…. hum dono nashe me the dammit! (whatever had to happen that happened……we were drunk dammit!)
Khushi:Please say me its the DDLJ scene
Arnav:Shayd hota (I wish it was)
Arnav calms her down.

After sometime,

Ishu and Khushi were sitting alone in a corner in two rooms.
(Guys the next set of conversation is happening between Arshi and Ishra in two different rooms)

Ishu:Raman…i have no idea what happened yday…..but this messy room, sindoor, black thread all say that something wrong happened.
Arnav:Yes Khushi whatever happened is wrong and i swear i will not leave whover have done this.
Raman:iska nateeja kya hoga mujhe pata nahin (I have no idea about the result)
Khushi:Nateeja jo bhi ho aap mere saat rehoge na? (Whatever the result is you will be with me right?)
Armaan stand there thinking. Khushita’s eyes well up with tears.

Raman:Ishu….i dont know about the result….. But i swear i will stay with you always
Ishu rubs off her tears and hugs Raman smiling.

Arnav:Khushi…i swear i will never leave you…..because you have become more than what you think you are to me.
Khushi smiles and hugs him with tears in her eyes.

Another room is shown….. That room is more messy than the previous rooms. The room has more wine bottles….. Removing the bed sheet Ruhi, La and Anika gets up.

Anika:Hayy mera sar phat raha hai (God! My head is paining)
Ruhi:Mine too
La:Its just that kal ki alcohol ka hangover(yesterdays alcohol hangover) …. You people will get over it after a lime juice…. Come lets go down.
Runika:What!? Alcohol?
La:Akka aap chup rahiye…..aap toh itna pee rahe the ki party ke beech aapne iss ladke(pointing at a guy down sleeping) ko pappy di (Sisy its better you keep quiet…..you were so drunk that you kissed this guy(pointing at a guy who was sleeping) in the party.)
Anika:Kya meine uss kanji aankhon wale ko kiss kiya (What i kissed this guy with sleepy eyes?)
La nods
Ruhi:Where is Aarav?
La(laughs):You dont remember throwing him out because he was being cheezy?
Ruhi(holding her head):Yah… I remember.By the way where is Raman bhai, Ishu di, Khushi ji and Arnav bhai?
Nk:let them enjoy their new year guys
Ruhi:Nk you here?
Nk:What i cant be here.
La hugs Nk and says good morning
La:Baby…you gave Ishra and Arshi the new one from italy?
Nk nods.
Ruhi:What from Italy?
Nk:The exclusive remembro alcoholio from italy
La:After drinking that they won’t remember anything that happens.
Anika:You gave that to Ishra and Arshi…??? Stupid Nk.
Anika:Where are they?
Nk:Who knows?

A voice disturbs them.
Voice:I need the kiss baby… Kiss me my blue eyes are calling you right….. I love you
Anika:Shivaay can you please just shut up for gods sake…..

Shivaay:Why should i shut up? First you shut up…. You dont know who Shivaay, oberoi is ok?
Anika:Ek kanji aankhen wala jo aapne aapko nahin jaanta fine? (a guy with sleepy eyes… Who doesn’t know himself….fine?)
Shivaay:Mind your language ok?
Anika:Teach me language afterwards….now let me find ishu di and Arnav bhai.
Shivaay:Go ahead.
Anika:I didn’t ask you…..
she leaves…her open hair slaps Shivaay…. He looks on lovingly.

Ruhi and Anika open the door together. And gets shocked to find Aarav sleeping near the door.

Aarav:Baby i wont be cheezy…. I will not say you are my life you are my wife etc… I swear please open the door! (in sleep)
Ruhi wakes Aarav and asks him to drink lime juice.
Aarav:Ruhi…..what are we doing here?
Ruhi:I dont remember anything.
Aarav:We are in lucknow now at Nani’s farm house.
Anika looks around and understand that its their Nani’s farm house.

Anika:Shoot Ruhi….. How did we land up here.
Ruhi:Leave all that, first Arshi and Ishra

Anika, Ruhi and Aarav take two steps and see Ishra and Arshi coming from two sides…..their faces said they were sad…..they didn’t knew what to do…. They were a bit broken.
Ruhi runs nd hugs Raman. Aarav hugs Ishu and Arnav. Ishu hugs Aarav tight. Anika hugs Khushi.

Khushi:Anika can i know where are we now?
Anika:where were you?
Khushi:First answer me
Anika:We are now in lucknow at Nani’s farm house.
Khushiand Ishra:What?
Aarav:We are also shocked.
Ishu(holding her head): I dont remember anything.
Khushi:Me too…. Arnav tell us what happened
Arnav:Khushi…..i dont remember how we landed up here and how we came in same room now.
Khushi looks on. Ishu understands that something wrong happened….She keeps mum.
Khushi looks down her eyes well up with tears… Ishu holds her shoulder and console her. Khushi wipes of her tears and smile.

Ruhi:Ishu di, Khushi ji what happened?
Aarav:Yah u all look so weird
Khushi:nothing kids….. After partying all night we didnt know where we were and now we are happy we are in lucknow and not in some other planet.
Rurav, Anika laugh.
Ishu was controlling her tears….she knew if she broke down all are going to know what happened.

Khushi:Ishu chalo hum fresh ho jaate hai (Come Ishu lets go… We will freshen up)
Ruhi:Come Anika di lets make lime juice for all.

*i know its short update….this is going to be fun….. Wait for next guys. And confusions will be cleared in next episode.

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  1. awesome epi vero.love you dear

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  5. Kumud

    Superb vero can’t wait for the next one can u pls update ASAP

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