Dil Chahta Hai-32


The next day Ishu,Khushi,Ruhi,La and Anika go for a walk.After walk,

Ishu:Uff…i am thinking of skipping office today…i am so tired.
Ruhi:I also dont wanna go to college.
Ishu:I am not gonna make Aarav sit at home.
Ruhi:Ishu di…i was joking
La:Ruhi…why do you call Ishu di as ‘di’ and Khushi di as Khushi ji?
Ruhi:Arnav is my bhai so bhai’s to be wife means babhi and with respect we call Ji..
Khushi blush.
La:Khushi di toh tamatr ban gayi (Khushi di became tomato)
Khushi:Stop teasing me.
Anika looks on.She gets bored and gets up to leave and hits a man…He holds her by waist.She blinks and looks at him.She looks at his blue eyes….They share eye lock…o jaana plays…..

The trio see the scene and coughs.Shivika move.

Ruhi:Shivaay Bhai…You here?
Shivaay:Ruhi.You stay here?
Ruhi:That is not an answer to my question.
Shivaay(smiles):I have moved to a flat here.
Ruhi:Why? Mausi isnt giving you food?
Shivaay:No…I have come here to establish business.
Ruhi:Oh…Bade log badi baate mujhe samach nahi aayega (Big people big talks…i cant understand)
Shivaay laughs.
Ishu:Ruhi….who is this?
Ruhi:My Cousin brother…Shivaay.Singh.Oberoi….His mom is my moms sister.
Ishu:Oh..Hi Shivaay…I am Ishita.Singh.Raizada.
Shivaay:Hi Ishita…have heard a lot about your company
Khushi:Myself Khushi Kumari Gupta.
Shivaay:The youngest business women….glad to meet you.
Khushi:Me too.
La:My name is Lavanya….you wouldnt surely know me….i am an BBA student.And this is my di(pointing at Anika) Anika….she is also a Bcom student.One year elder than me.
Shivaay:Ruhi…Is this another version of you.
Ishu:Worse than Ruhi.
The girls were talking with Shivaay so cutely…The boys pass by and burns in jealousy.

Raman gets irked seeing Ishu and Shivaay talking.Arnav is staring at Khushi’s way of talking.Nk was just looking on.Aarav waa burning as he didnt knew shivaay was her czin brother.

And at last,
Ishu:Shivaay why dont you stay at home.
Raman looks on
Ruhi:Good idea
Aarav make sad face
Khushi:It would be fun
Arnav feels heartbroken (Guys Imagine all this in a funny way)
La:Wow Shivaay bhayyu we will have fun
Nk gets relieved as she adress him bhayyu.

After reaching home,

Arnav pulls Khushi to a side.Aarav pulls Ruhi and Raman pulls Ishu.

First Rurav
Ruhi:Ouch…Aarav what happend?
Aarav:You were enjoying with that new kanji aankhen wala(guy with blue eye) ha?
Ruhi understands Aarav is jealous to make him more jealous she nods.
Aarav:What? You are cheating me.
Aarav makes sad face.
Ruhi(pulling his cheeks):Oh my chweety…..i was joking…he is my czin brother.
Aarav smiles and hugs her.
Ruhi hugs him back.
Aarav:I was scared of losing you…You know that? The first time ever…Mr.Aarav Pratap Singh is scared of losing a girl from his life….except Ishu di ok.
Ruhi smiles.
Ruhi:I have promised you that i will never leave you baby
Aarav smiles anf hugs her tighter.
Ruhi:If you dont leave me….we will have to skip college.
Aarav:Thats good know.
Ruhi:But what if somebody see us.
La:I didnt see anything.
Rurav turn to two sides and go to their rooms.
La laughs.

Second Arshi,

Arnav:What were you doing with that new guy.
Khushi understands he is jealous
Khushi:He is so handsome right.
Arnav:He cant compete with me.
Khushi:Chi! He cant even think of competing with you (Arnav smiles) He needs Hrithik Roshan or David Beckem for competition
Arnav looks at her angrly.
Arnav:You dare go behind him.
Khushi:He looks good(Arnav gives a whatever look)….but he is not like my bf who is so pure at heart….whom i enjoy talking….who is more fun and happy.
Arnav smiles
Arnav:Ok so i should be careful right?
Khushi:Yah….because i love my bf a loot.
Arnav:But I heard that your bf is very possessive and he doesnt like you talking with other boys.
Khushi:Yes…its a secret! I was just trying to make him jealous by talking with Shivaay.
Arnav smiles and hugs her.
Khushi:Idiot! I thought you understood that i was fooling you…. You will always stay foolish.
Arnav:Dont call me fool ok
Khushi:Ok ok i am sorry.
Arnav smile and again hugs her..He cups her face and tucks her hair behind her ears and kiss her…. Rabba ve plays… Khushi blush.
La:Oops bhayyu i am sorry i saw everything
Arnav:La you could have said before coming na
La:Who knew you were romancing bhabi.
Arshi widen open their eyes and look at eachother.
La:I swear from next time i will start screaming from the ground floor that i am coming.
Arnav:Ok now…stop teasing and go do your work. Bye Khushi.

Next Ishra,
Ishu:What do you want Raman? Leave me
Raman(angry):You were enjoying when Shivaay hugged you and when he was talking with you.
Ishu:He was handsome…. Girls always like praises from handsome people you know.
Raman:U mean auntys right.
Raman:You can never be called a girl right?
Ishu:Nevermind such stupid talks…. Anyways Shivaay was pretty hawt!
Raman(burning jealousy):Dont talk to him again… You get that.
Ishu:Why do u care?
Raman(angrly):I care because i have started loving you Madrassan
Ishra get shocked. Ishu smiles and hugs him.
Ishu:I love you too akdu kumar.
Raman smiles and hugs Ishu tight. She beat him playfully as he was tightening his grip. ?
Anika:Sorry Ishu di… I came to call you for breakfast.
Ishra move and Ishu follows Anika waving bye to Raman.Raman was flying he was in no mood to come down.

A week later,
Anika had started liking Khushi and Ruhi. But she daily fights with Shivaay. One fine morning,
Anika makes tea for everyone.She gave Shivaay a glass. He drinks it and spit it back as his phone rang. Anika who was irritated with something gets more irritated seeing this.
Anika:Kanji aankhe wale billi tumhare himmat kaise hue ki tumne chai wapas toop diya…(You wild cat with blue eyes how dare you spit the tea back?)
Shivaay:What? You just wanna start anywhere ah?
Anika:Haan toh (if yes then)
Shivaay:Now i am not gonna drink this tea.
Anika takes the cup and pours it into his face.
Anika:Now you drank it.
Shivaay stands there angrly. Others are hell shocked.
Starts laughing….followed by other. Shivaay joins them and stares at Anika… Both look at eachother smiling for the first time. Shivaay feels different.He admires her… She looks on.. … O jaana plays.

*Hope this was cool

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