Dil Chahta Hai-31


Hbd to my sista ???

The epi starts with Ruhi standing scared at what Raman asked.
Arnav:Raman chill man…..you know Aarav right.
Raman:I know Aarav and thats the reason
Ruhi:Bhai he isnt the same…. He has changed… He sincerely loved me from the past few years.
Raman:Few years?
Ruhi:Yes and i had been ignoring him. But after i came to know that he is a nice guy. I accepted his proposal
Raman:Ok…i am not against it. But not completely accepting it also.
Aarav:Raman bhai you can completely believe me….. I swear i will not leave her.
Raman smiles.
Raman:I believe you Aarav….but i cant accept it so quickly.
Ishu:We understand Raman… (she holds his shoulder)
Raman nods.

All head to their rooms and sleep peacefully.

Next day morning,

Ishu and Khushi went for a walk. Armaan had went to their gym. Rurav were sleeping peacefully.Khushita completed their walk and came back home. She passed through her moms room and heard Ruhi talking to Subha.

Subha:Beta…what do you love to eat.
Ruhi:I have no much demands….. But my bhai has a lot…. He doesnt like sugarfree,fatfree or oilfree foods…. He only likes desi foods…. Morning he wants south Indian……afternoon he want something with non veg……Night he will eat anything….Thank god he doesnt have any demands for dinner.
Subha laughs
Subha:Shali….hum iss ladki ko Aarav keliye soche kya? (How about thinking about Her and Aarav)
Ruhi blush
Shalini:I am ok…. She is a cute angel.
Ruhi:I am flattered ??
Shalini and Subha laugh ?.

Ishu who was hearing this runs to kitchen. She takes her phone and checks something in net. Khushi who saw all this goes to her room for freshening up confused.

After sometime,
Ishu makes something and goes to get ready. She sees Armaan who are already ready for college.

Ishu:Arnu…Raman eat something and go.
Raman:I am so hungry Arnav… Let me eat something
Arnav:Yup come lets eat.

Arman move to dining table…Ishu follows them.
Arnav:Ishu you dont have to go office today?
Ishu:Yah i have to…. But i have to take care of guests right.
Raman:Ishita…if u think me and Ruhi as guests then for 15days you will have to be late to office.

Ishu laughs. Raman admires her.

Arnav:Ishu….go and freshen up… We will wait for you ok?
Ishu nods and goes to get ready. By that time Khushi,Nk and Rurav come…. Garima, Shalini and Nani follow them.

Khushi:Arnav actually i need your help…. Can u accompany me and Nk to airport
Arnav(sad):Are u going Nk?
Nk:No my gf is coming to meet her cousins here.
Arnav:Ohk…..i am ready Khushi.

They sit to have food. Shalini and servant opens the food bowl… A south indian food smell comes… The smell made them hungry.

Nani:Arre wah Hari prakash(HP) aaj toh bohat achi khushbu aavt hai… Kya banaya hai aapne? (Wow Hari Prakash(HP) today the food smells great…. What have you made?)
HP:Aaj toh dosa, idly, sambar aur chutney hai nani ji (Today we have dosa, idly, sambar and chutney nani ji)
Raman:Do you have bread and butter?
Arnav:What yaar Raman you dont like all these?
Raman:No yaar i dont like south indian food…..Ruhi is mad about all these desi food.
Ruhi winks at Shalini who had wide opened her eyes. Ishu who was coming down hear what Raman said and feels sad.
HP gets Raman bread and butter .

Ishu comes and sita for breakfast.
Nani:Ishu bitiya dekhiye aapki pasand ki cheeze banayi hai (Ishu see its all your favorites)
Ishu:I know…. I made it myself.(She looks at Raman and says)
Raman who was about to keep the bread inside his mouth stop and looks at Ishu who was angry and it was evident in her face.
Nani:Arre wah toh aaj mein mann barke kaaungi (Wow… Today i will eat my stomach full)
Ishu smiles
Raman:I think i must try dosa and chutney today.
Arnav:Thats like my boy.

All eat breakfast. After eating,

Ruhi:Wow Ishu di i must say… Its delicious??

Khushi:Ishu me, nk and Arnav are going to airport for picking Nk’s gf.
Ishu:Ok dear… Call me if u need any help.
Nk:Sure Ishita… Come Khushi lets go… Come Arnav.

Arshi leave with Nk to airport.
Ishu smirks at Raman who came near her for saying something.Ishu leave to office.

Raman(to himself):Ajeeb ladki hai yaar….subah toh achchi se baat kar rahi thi aur abhi yeh kya hua? (Strange girl…. Morning she was talking well with me and now what happened to her?)

Ishu(in phone) :Mujhe kuch nahi hua hai….apni dimag zyada mat chalao (Nothing happened to me….. Dont use your brains)…. Is it clear??

Raman nods and goes to college….Ishu laughs. She also leaves to office.Rurav leave to College with Ishu.


Two girls arrive and wait for somebody…. Both the girls are in a desi attire… Looking extremely beautiful.Nk arrives and hugs one among the girl….the girl smiles and kiss him in cheeks.

Nk:Baby…how are you? I missed you
Girl1:I missed you too baby.
Nk:Baby this is Khushi…. And Khushi this is Baby…. I mean this is Lavanya… My la baby.
La:How cute baby (She hugs her)
Arnav comes after parking the car and gets shocked to see the two girls.

Arnav:What are u people doing here?
Girl 2:Arnav bhayya…. Aap yaha? (u here?)
Arnav:Tell me what are u doing here?
La:Arnav bhayu… We are here to complete our scholarship.
Arnav:Ani…does Anju di know this?
Girl 2 is Anika (Ishqbaaz)
Anika:Yes Bhayya.
Anika had been staring at Khushi for a while and her dress.

Khushi:Arnav you know them?
Anuika:Yes….he is our brother.
Khushi:But you are only son right?
Anika:Yes…..he is our cousin.
Khushi:Why is it like for whatever i ask you…. She is answering?
Anika:Bhai who is she to ask me?
Arnav:Ani keep quiet yaar…. Khushi you remember Anjali di?
Khushi nods.
Arnav:Anjali is their eldest sister… Anika elder to La and La is the youngest.
La hugs Khushi.
La:Wow Khushi ji you are vert beautiful.
Khushi:Thank you La.
Nk:So abhi hum sabh ek family hai (So now we all are one family)
Nk:Arshi and Nla…. Now we became a family right?
Anika:Oh so you(Khushi) are Arnav bhayya’s gf
Khushi looks at her…. Anika was keeping on staring at her as if she was some alien.

Anika:Nani didnt say anything?
Arnav:What should she say?
Anika:Nani accepted her?
Anika:Impossible….Nani has become modern now…. It was better when shw stayed with us in Lucknow
La:Akka not with US with U.
Anika:Yah the same.
La:Not the same.
Anika:Why am i not your sister?
La:Dont start off your emotional drama. I was just saying that you are so old fashioned.
Arnav:Stop it both of you.

Anika and La stop fighting. They get inside car. Khushi and Arnav sits in front seat. Anika, La and Nk in the back seat. Anika’s face had turned into an apple by now…… Completely red in anger. La builds a good bond with Khushi.

La:Bhayyu can we go to mall…. I want to buy something for Ishu di.
Anika:Oh bhai i forget… How did Ishu di accept her?.
Khushi:Excuse me do u know whom are u talking to?
Anika:Yes a girl.
Khushi:Have u heard about Khushi. Kumari.Gupta?
La:Youngest business women?
Nk nods
La:Oh wowwww…..i need a selfie.

La takes a selfie with Khushi. Anika looks on.

Arnav:Guys come leta go inside mall.
Anika:Bhai you dont have college today?
Arnav:Yea…but i came to pick you people
La:But we were to give you surprise
Arnav:Khushi asked me to come with her to pick Nk’s gf….i didnt knew it was my La sissy.
Anika:Ok so Khushi asked right.
Khushi:Do you have any problem with me?
Anika: No.
Arnav calms Khushi down and takes her along with him inside mall. Nk, la and Anika goes behind them. They enter a fashion store and buy dress for Ishu. Arnav takes Khushi out which was noticed by Anika. Arnav pulls Khushi to a side….and pulls her closer to him.

Khushi:Leave me Arnav….if your cousin sis see us together she will create another mess.
Arnav laughs
Arnav:She is so sweet…. You are a stranger to her and you are close to me thats why she is a bit possessive…..and u quickly build a good rapport with La also… Thats it.
Khushi:She is so annoying i must say.
Arnav:No yaar its not like that…. I am sure you will love her.
Khushi:We will see.
Arnav pulls her more closer…. They are just inches apart….He moves for a kiss and she push him and run back to the shop.

La:Khushi babi… What about this green for Ishu di?
La:Yah Arnav bhayyu ki gf is my babhi right?
Khushi:Ishu dont like green shades…..Buy something with a red shade or blue shade.
La:Yah…..it would look good on her also.
Anika gets irked knowing that Khushi knows a lot about Ishu than them.

Anika(to herself) :Mujhe toh isse bilkul pasand nahi aarahi…… Ishu di,Nani sab log isse pasand karte hai aur Arnav bhai pagalon ki tarah pyaar karte hai iss bandariya se…..bhagwan mujhe toh yeh sahi bhi nahi lag rahi (I didnt like her at all…. Ishu di, Nani everybody liked this monkey and Arnav is madly in love with her…. God! i dont even find her right. )

Arnav taps on Anika’s shoulder and all go back home.


Anika was waiting for Aarav.She sees Aarav,Ruhi and Ishu coming. And she is sad seeing Aarav and Ruhi coming talking and laughing and happy with Ishu.

Anika:Hi Aarav
Ishu:Hi Ani…. You here?….pleasant surprise dear.
Aarav:Hi Ani…..meet Ruhi my gf.
Ani:Hi Ruhi
Ruhi:You are Anika. Iyer… Aarav’s cousin?
Anika nods.
Ruhi hugs her
Ruhi:Then we should hug and meet.
Anika smiles.

Khushi who saw this Pulls Arnav and asks him.
Khushi:See that Mogambo is talking sweet with Ruhi.
Arnav laughs
La:Did you call Akka Mogambo?
Khushi nods
La(laughs):Me and Anju di call her mogambo

Ruhi,Khushi and La create a good rapport with eachother. Ishu joins them after freshening up.Anika takes a novel and reads….She was not happy with Ruhi and Khushi’s entry…. After sometime Raman came and sat near Ishu. Ishu shows attitude.
Raman:Dont show attitude.
Ishu Stare at him and turns her head.
Raman:I just wanted to say that breakfast was yummy.
Ishu smile biting her lips.
Ishu:Thank you Akkadu Kumar
Raman:Me and Akkadu?
Ishu smirks and continues chatting.Raman goes on admiring her…..yhm plays

*Don’t worry about Anika’s entry…..she is not gonna do any harm to any couple. Instead there is new couple entry in the ff.

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