Dil Chahta Hai-30


Its night almost 8:30.Nk feels sleepy and dozes off.The elders were talking and left to sleep by 9:30.But But But But….. Our gang was in no mood to sleep. The romantic couple ie.,Arshi were in high excitement. Ishu was happy to the core. Ruhi and Aarav were sooooooo happy to spend time together.

All 6 gather in Arnav’a room.

Arnav:Guys so what’s the plan?
Ruhi:Night drive?
Khushi:Night drive through mumbai is just amazing.
Ishu:Arnu we will go na.
Raman:Ok come we will go
Arnav and Aarav had some other plan.
Arnav (stops Aarav) :Ok we will go but on the condition that we will play truth or dare after that. Ok?
Ishu was not interested in Truth or dare but she wanted to enjoy night drive. She nods. Same with Raman.

They all head for drive in an Innova (car)…..They keep the music in high volume. They see an ice cream shop open.

Ruhi.Ishu.Khushi:Ice cream.
Aarav:Wow Arnu bhai stop the car…. We will eat ice cream and go.
Arnav nods and parks the car. The boys see some bad boys eyeing their ladies. Aarav gets angry and covers Ruhi and tries to cover the others…..Arnav covers Khushi. Ishu finds something fishy.

Ishu:Romance at night in the middle of the road wow…. Nice
Arnav and Aarav smile.
Raman covers Ishu. Ishu smiles and blush inside.

Ruhi(pointing at Raman):Romance at Night near ice cream shop ah?
Boys:We are not here for romance
Girls(puppy face): Then?
Boys laugh.
Aarav:Ruhi that boys were eyeing you people so we came to protect you.
Ruhi:How sweet of u chotu
Aarav:I know right…..abhi butterscotch kilao mujhe (Now feed me butterscotch)
Ruhi feeds Aarav butterscotch.

Khushi:Should i feed you Arnav?
Arnav:Its part of romance baby….come feed me
Khushi feeds him.

Ishra look at eachother
Ishu:I think we should give them privacy.
Raman nods
Ishu:Shall we go for a walk?
Raman nods
Ishu:Kuch bologe ya aise hi sar hilke rahoge? (Will u tell something or will u just nod like this?)
Raman(laughs):Yah…. We will go for a small walk.

Ishra walk through beach side.

Raman:Are u interested in truth or dare?
Ishu:No not at all.
Raman:Hi fi. (he lifts his hand ✋ )
Raman shows her how to do hi fi.
Ishu:Oh i know to do this.
Raman:You dont have any friends?
Ishu:Not really. But there are a few who consider me to be their good friend
Raman:Oh….earlier you never talked much.
Ishu:Neither u did.
Raman:Not to me…. But to others.
Ishu:Thats what neither you were talking…..I have never seen you talk with Khushi. You only talk to me, Ruhi, Aarav and Arnav.
Raman:I am close with you people so i talk.
Ishu:Me also?
Raman:Yah…i have heard a lot about you from Arnav.
Ishu:That doesn’t mean you are close to me
Raman:But i know you before Khushi ji right.
Ishu:That doesn’t make sense…. You are saying as if we all knew her before you.
Raman:No i never noticed that i haven’t talked to her till now.From tomorrow i will speak to all of u equally.
Ishu:Why do u wait for tomorrow…..why cant u start today.
Raman:Excuse me….. I was the one who started this topic….and now i am unable to give answer.
Ishu laughs.

Ishu: I am an expert in this.
Raman:Meri bolti band karli yaar (i am speechless )
Ishu:I am so talented that i can stop a professor from talking.
Raman laughs.
Raman:Actually you are very fun to talk with
Ishu:Chi yaar…. You dont know to talk with girls.
Raman wide open his eyes
Ishu:What are u looking at?
Raman:I am speechless again.
Ishu:Professor ji shall we go back.
Raman nods
Ishu:Chalo.. Lets go then.
Ishu walks and hits a stone and aches her leg. She screams in pain.
Ishu:Ma!…its paining Raman.
Raman:Can i lift you?
Ishu(to herself):Duffer kahika…. Uda nahi sakta kya….duffer puch raha hai. (Duffer guy….. Cant he lift me? Idiot he is asking me)
Ishu nods

Raman lifts Ishu. Ishu blush turning her head to other side so that he doesnt see…..She looks at him as he moves forward….Yhm plays.
They reach near Rurav and Arshi who were romancing.The duo see them and gets surprised

Ruhi:Romance in beach side ah?
Ishu slowly stand down holding Raman’s shirt tightly. Her nails hurt Raman but he doesn’t show that….he helps her stand.

Ishu:Stop pulling our leg….my leg hit in a stone so it was paining and he lifted me.
Aarav(concerned):Are u fine now di?
Ishu:Yah chotu…. But its a bit paining.
Arnav(concerned):Should we buy any medicine or bandage?
Ishu:No Arnu its fine.
Khushi:Raman ji hai na (Raman is there na)
All laugh
Ishu:Khushi you too.
Ruhi:Now we will tease you with this
Khushi and Ruhi do hi-fi.

They reach back home. Ishu still had pain in her leg. All asked Raman to lift her.
Aarav:Di is too heavy for me to carry
All laugh.Ishu angrly glares at him. He stands behind Ruhi.

Arnav:I already have backache after lifting Khushi evening
All laugh.Khushi angrly stares at him.

Raman:I will lift then
Ruhi:Thats what the whole point was
All laugh again
Raman again lifts Ishu…. Yhm plays. He takes her to room and places her in bed. Both look at eachother and get lost in eachother…. Hum tum plays.

Others get inside room and laugh silently at the sight. Khushi bursts out laughing.Ishra are brought back to senses.

Raman:Woh….I want some water.
Khushi:Agar aise chalte rahoge toh bohat paani peene padegi (If u go on like this you will have to drink a lot of water)
All laugh. And do hi-fi with Khushi.

After sometime,
Arnav:So lets start Truth or Dare?
Ruhi:I am ready….. I am not at all sleepy today.
Ishu:But i am
Raman:Me too.
Ishu(grinning her teeth) :I am not sleepy?
Arnav:Good for you.

Aarav spins the bottle.It stops near Ruhi.

Aarav:Truth or Dare? ?
Ruhi:As always Dare my love. ?
Others:My love oh oh… ?
Arnav:I will give the dare.
Ruhi:Come on bhai go on. Ruhi is ready to face any challenge
Arnav:Pound on your chest and act like gorilla for 10 mins. Dont forget to make that sound ok?
All laugh.Ruhi makes pout face.
Ruhi:It ia ver easy for me.
Ruhi starts acting like a gorilla. Arnav takes the video. All laugh.

After 10 mins,
Ruhi spins the bottle…..its stops near Ishu.
Ruhi:Truth or dare?
Aarav and Arnav:Chi! You spoiled the mood
Ishu:I spoiled the mood or your dare?
Aarav:Dare yaar.
Arnav hits Aarav. He realise what he said and keep quiet.
Khushi:Ok i will ask.
Ishu:Go ahead.
Khushi:How do we understand we have fallen in love?

Ishu(looks at Raman): Jab woh insan ki baatein aapko hasaati hai…Jab unki hasi aapko khush kar deti hai.jab unke saat rehkar aap apne dard bhool jaate ho. Jab dil zor se une dekkar tadapta hai. Jab unke saat rehkar aap apne aap ko bhool jaate ho.Jab woh insaan apki izzat karta hai. Jab aap unke baare mein hi soch te ho. Tab… Tab aapko samch mein aata hai ki aapko pyaar ho gaya hai (When that persons talks make you laugh.When his laugh makes you happy. When you stay with him and forget all your worries. When your heart beats fast seeing him. When you forget yourself staying with him. When he gives u all the respect you deserve.When you always think about him. At that point…. At that point we realise we have fallen in love) (Ishra get lost in eachother)

Others clap bring them back to sense.Ishu smiles.Raman looks on.

Ishu:So now i will spin the bottle.
Ishu spins the bottle and it stops near Khushi
Ishu:Truth or dare?
Khushi:Ofcourse Dare
Raman:I will give the dare
Khushi looks at Raman confused ?
Raman:So your dare is Remove Arnav’s shirt buttons with your teeth.
Khushi:No…this is not possible
Arnav:Mujhe toh maza aayega lekin Khushi se nahi hoga (it will be fun but Khushi cant do this)
Khushi:Shut up…. See how i unbotton your shirt
Arnav:My s*xy lady on floor ah?

Khushi slowly goes near Arnav and unbotton his shirt. He giggle. She asks him to keep quiet.As she was unbottoning he admire her…. Her hair was disturbing her. He tuck it behind her ear…. Tum hi dekho na plays…… She blush and continue unbottoning. He smiles…. She finish Unbottoning….all clap. But Arshi were already lost in eachother…. Tum hi dekho na plays. All laugh silently.

Ishu taps on Khushi’s shoulder bringing them back to senses.

Khushi spins the bottle it stops near Arnav
Khushi:Ha ha…. Truth or dare Arnav ji?
Arnav:Arnav ji?
Khushi:Nevermind say Truth or Dare?
Arnav:Always Dare
Ishu:I want to give Arnu his dare
Arnav smiles
Ishu:An easy one for my brother…..dance on the song that i decide.
Arnav:Please Ishu dont ask me to dance.
Ruhi:Its so easy Arnav bhai….. Why are u getting scared for this simple thing?
Aarav:Ruhi you know Arnav bhai is scared to dance.

Others laugh

Arnav:No its not like that….i can dance
Ishu:Ok go on…. I will play the song
Ishu plays Dilliwali girlfriend.
Arnav hesitates to dance at first but then makes up his mind to dance…. But it turns out to be the worst.All laugh except Khushi and Ishu. Ishu feels bad that because of her all are teasing Arnav. Khushi feels bad for Arnav.

Ishu(in middle of the song) :Ok stop.. It was good..lets continue the game.
All clap for Arnav.

Arnav spins the bottle and stops near Raman
Arnav:Ok Raman Truth or Dare?
Ruhi:Can i ask a secret?
Others nod
Arnav:But we need the answer publicly
Ruhi:Ok Raman bhai will say it to all.
Ruhi says in Raman’s ear
Ruhi:Do u love Ishu di?
Raman thinks for sometime….. He thinks about how he met her…. How he thought she was boring……and day by day she was being crazier and friendly to everyone….but he didnt know whether it was love.

Raman:No Ruhi… My answer in No.
Arnav:If it was an Yes i would have asked for the question…..since its an No lets leave it.

Raman spins the bottle it now stops near Aarav.
Raman:Truth or Dare?
Aarav:Obviously Dare
Khushi:I want to give you the dare

Khushi thinks for sometime.And then something strikes her mind

Khushi:Show us how you proposed Ruhi.
Aarav:Me and Ruhi?
Ruhi:Ah…woh… When did that happen?
Khushi:Dont play with me i know everything
Ishu:Me too come on start now.

Aarav and Ruhi start….. They do the exact way they did. (Ep22: After finding out that Aarav is Chotu…. Ruhi runs to the practice hall. She hugs Aarav happily.
Aarav:What happened Ruhi?
Ruhi:I found my chotu.
Aarav turns sad.
Aarav:Where is he? (sadly)
Ruhi:Right in front of me.
Aarav gets confused
Aarav:What? Where?
Ruhi:Arre bhuddu…. Chotu is standing right infront of me
Aarav:What me?
Ruhi nods
Ruhi hugs him and says:I love you.
Aarav lifts her:I love you too.

…..Mein Rahoon ya na rahoon plays…..

Aarav:But i dont remember anything like that.
Ruhi:Arre you dont even remember how many girls you have dated in the last few months…. Then how will u remember something which happened years back.
Aarav laughs
Aarav:I swear Ruhi i will not leave you (he kneals down) because you are the only girl whom i have wanted whole heartedly. And today is a big day for me as i have got my love…..
He smiles and hugs her, )

All clap
Ishu:So romantic!.
Ruhi blush and smiles at Ishu….
Khushi:Wow that was awesome

Rurav blush

Raman:Ruhi….you and Aarav are dating eachother? I thought it was all for fun.

Ruhi looks on.

*Guys i hope these long epis are worth my absence. Love you all. Next epi on 5th jan guys…happy new year

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