Dil Chahta Hai -29


Advanced happy new year to all my friends….i may not be uploading on 1st Jan so giving you all advance wishes.

The epi starts,

Khushi, Garima and Nk were in London Airport. Khushi’s phone rings. (unknown number)

Khushi:Hello who is this?
UN:You forgot my voice so early???
Khushi: Arnav Tum(you)?
Arnav:Yes Ms. Khushi Kumari Gupta
Khushi:So Mr. Arnav.Singh.Raizada….you dont want to sleep or what?
Arnav:Tumhari bare mein soch raha tha (I Was thinking about you)

Arnav:Where are u now?
Khushi:Air….(Garima signs her not to say)….. Arusha’s house.
Arnav:Whose Arusha?
Khushi:Our new neighbor.
Arnav:Leave that…. When are u coming to India? I am dying to meet you.
Khushi:Soon Arnav.
Arnav:Byee baby ma aa rahi hai(Mom is coming)
Khushi:Try to stop sleep walking….it will be difficult for me to find u all the time.
Arnav laughs and hangs up.
Garima:Come lets go.

The trio leave to India.

Meanwhile in Arnav’s room,
His mom enter and gives him a bell.Arnav stares at her.
Arnav:Mom u know what after going to London i havent sleep walked. And i dont think i need the bell anymore.
Shalini:What….so that means all these days u haven’t slept properly?
Arnav:No.I slept well…..so i don’t need this now. And i am not a small kid anymore… I have grown up….after two months i am joining our company and then why will i need this.
Ishu enter
Ishu:Yes Shalu ma he is saying right only dont give him bell today.

Shalu nods and moves out.Arnav hugs Ishu and thanks her. She says Welcome

Next day,
Arnav and Aarav go to college.Ishu go to office. Raman and Ruhi to their college also. Khushi, Garima and Nk were in flight.

In Rurav college,
Ruhi enter wearing a blue frock.All boys go awww seeing her. Aarav notice that including him all the boys are staring at his lady. He goes near Ruhi. Ruhi smiles at him.

Aarav holds Ruhi and takes her from there to another area where there were less boys.

Aarav:Ruhi why did u wear this? You could have worn some casual dress and come na?
Ruhi:Why? is it bad? (makes sad face)
Aarav:No baba (holds her face) you look soo gooood and i am not able to take my eyes from you.
Ruhi:(blush) Then?
Aarav:Other boys were staring at you and i don’t like that.
Ruhi (hits him playfully) :So possessive
Aarav:Yah that’s right
Ruhi:I love you
Aarav:I love you too but change this dress.
Ruhi:Ok baba only for you.
Aarav:Thank you
He hugs her. Ruhi leaves to change her dress.


Ishu came to a coffee shop near Arnav’s college hoping to meet Raman. She orders a coffee and eagerly looks outside and sit.Her coffee arrives but Raman doesn’t…..she takes small sips but still he doesn’t arrive. She feels sad. She finish the coffee and move out.She looks into her phone and opens the door of the cafe and hits a man. The man holds her by waist. Both of them get shocked to see eachother
Ishu stands straight
Ishu:Raman tum yaha? (you here?)

She acts to be shocked but inside she was dancing with joy…. her happiness didn’t knew boundaries.She was happy that her wish is granted by god.
Raman:Hi Ishu…. How are u? And did u sleep well?

The concern in his voice made her more happy.But all the happiness didnt come in her face. Her face was the old Ishita itself.

Ishu:Yah i slept really well…..the trip was really fun with you people.
Raman:Yah you were also really fun
Ishu:Arent we being formal
Raman laughs
Raman:Mujhe kuch der se hassi aa rahi tha…. Hum aise kyun baat kar rahe the? (I was holding my laughter……why were we talking like that?)
Ishu(laughs):No idea! And where is that monkey?
Raman:Arnav is in class…..i felt hungry so came here to eat.
Ishu:Oh…and how is Ruhi?
Raman:Absolutely fine…..I will be meeting Aarav soon. I am picking Ruhi today from college.And one more thing buy some food for today night me and Ruhi are staying in your house.

Ishu’s was getting happier by his statements…. Her happiness wasnt getting lesser.

Ishu:Oh why so?
Raman:My mom and dad have gone on a business tour and our house is getting renovated.
Ishu:Great it will be fun to be with you…
Raman looks at her
Ishu:And Ruhi.
Raman smiles.
Ishu leaves. Ishu smiles widely and is happy to the core.
Ishu(to herself):What is happening with me? Why do i feel happy when he talks with me well? Why am i blushing when i think about him? Do i love him? Is this what they call love? I will have to ask somebody.

At 6pm,
Arnav reach back home in his bike. A car stops behind him. It was a taxi. He looks through the window of the car. Because of its tinted glass he couldn’t see the faces and it was a bit dark. He looks on confused. The door opens. Arnav watches as one lady’s leg is seen first….and then the lady with cool shades comes out and Armav gets shocked.
Arnav:Khushi! (exclaims)
Khushi:Hi Arnav
Arnav runs and lifts Khushi and runs in. Khushi was insisting him to leave her but he was so happy that he didnt hear her words. He enters his house and turns himself with Khushi in hand.
Khushi:Pagal ho gaye ho kya? Mujhe neeche utharo Arnav….. Arre mujhe saans toh lene do yaar (Have u gone mad? Keep me down….. Can u let me breath)
No still he wasnt hearing her…. He was in cloud 9. He didnt expect her today.

Arnav stands still and laughs loudly. Khushi smiles at him. They were shocked to see Ishra, Rurav, Shalini,Nani and Gautham standing there. Arnav puts Khushi down. She screams in pain.

Arnav:I think i have to freshen up.
All laugh as he leave to his room embarrassed.
Khushi slowly get up with the help of Ruhi and Ishu.
Khushi:I will not leave that stupid dumbo.
Ishu signs Khushi that there is Nani and Shalini standing there.
Khushi stop seeing them and greets them. She introduces her mother. Shali at first gets shocked but she is explained by Ishu and Nani.

Shali:Hi Garima ji.
Garima:Namaste ji… Arre Raman Ruhi aap dono yehi rehte ho? (Raman and Ruhi you people also stay here?)
Ruhi:No aunty…. Our parents have gone on a business tour and our house is getting renovated.
Garima:Wow….i want to see your house. And Ishu where is your mom…. Khushi has told a lot about your mom that i badly want to meet her.

Ishu takes Garima to Subha’s room,

Garima:Namaste Subha ji.
Subha:Namaste Garima ji…. Ishu kuch der pehli aapke baare mein baat kar rahi thi (Ishu was talking about you sometime back)
Garima:Mujhe tareef kar rahi thi kya? (Was she praising me?)
Ishu, Subha and Khushi laugh.
Subha:Ofcourse ji….. She was saying that you are just like me.
Garima:Oh…do we have the same tastes?
Subha:Thats what the kids are saying.
Garima:Then Subha… U must be remembering my voice also.
Subha:Sorry…i didnt understand you
Garima:I am Garima. Gupta who ran away with Rishi.
Subha tries to touch Garima’s face. Ishu and Khushi stand there clueless.
Garima:Yes pagal i am Your childhood bff Garima. Gupta.
Subha hugs Garima and smiles.Ishu and Khushi smile.Garima explains what all happened all these years.

All enjoy.

Precap:Guys today you have precap…. And that is night masti with Rurav, Arshi and Ishra…. And intro of Nk’s gf… Stay tuned

*I am sorrry again if it was short. And thanks to all my friends for your support wishing you al happy new year. I hope this year bring in all your life happiness and success. Love you guys. #byebye2k16 #hi2k17

And i want to know something guys… Actually I have two ideas for this ff….the first idea is a short one and the ff will end within a few episodes. And the second one is quiet long but that is a separation track…..so i am leaving it on you people to decide. Please give me your views on this.

Next epi on monday most probably…. After jan 5 i am regular guys

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  1. Ankitha

    Amazing vero dhi , superb

    1. Veronica

      Tnx Ankitha

  2. awesome update arshi phone conversation was nice ishita is changing she is finding excuses to meet raman she met him their talk was nice ruhi and raman are staying at ishita’s house arnav reaction was nice after meeting khushi garima and subha are childhood friends wow happy new year dear

    1. Veronica

      Thnq Jyoti dear for such a detailed comment (i am so happy)

  3. Zaira

    See dear I think u shouldn’t plan for a separation track ..abhi toh won log aaye hai abhi ishra ko toh pyaar bhai nahi hua hai and ur saying about a separation track this is not fair yaar thida da romance thodi so masti toh dikha do n I will prefer the short one n after that I know automatically u ll get one more idea ….I hope u understand.??
    Episode was awesome vero …arshi were cute n ishu oh!Kuch Kuch ho raha hai mmmm…arav so possisive ..its going all very nice dear plz separation after more time .??u have so much dear to come …
    N yes happy new year !!

    1. Veronica

      Tysm zaira dear….i am happy that you said your opinion…..ok so 1st plan is decided.

  4. happy new year vero……………………….just loved the episode

  5. it’s superb…all the couples scenes were cute…specialy ishita’s changing behaviour….why separation track…still lot more things to happen…happy new year yaar…

    1. Veronica

      Dear i am not talking about the next epi whatever it ia it will be after so many episode…so as u all dont want a seperatiom track i will continue withvthe present track….and tysm

  6. Kumud

    Lovely and happy new year to you in advance

  7. Jasminerahul

    Rurav scene was the best. Loved the possessive aarav .ishita falling for Raman. Sweet. Subha garima scene was good

    1. Veronica

      Tnq jasmine dear

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