Dil Chahta Hai -28



Next day all reach back home.Nani welcomes Aarav Ishu and Arnav. Nani takes their aarti. Same happened with Ramuhi… Mrs. Bhalla was taking their aarti and asked them to come in.

Ishu runs to Subha’s room and hugs her
Ishu:I missed you ma
Subha:I missed you too beta. And say how was your trip?
Aarav and Arnav:Awesome mami???
Ishu:Ma….what do u think about Khushi ji?
Subha:Ek trip mein Ms.Khushi…Khushi ji ban gayi? (In one trip Ms.Khushi became Khushi ji?)

Ishu:Yes ma…. Something good happened.
Arnav signs Ishu not tell anything. Ishu nods yes
Subha:Shali… Where are u?
Shalini enter with tea and snacks
Shali:Didi…i just went to bring some snacks

Subha:When did u start liking pakodas
Ishu(excitedly starts eating):Woh Raman hai na ma (Woh mom u know Raman?)
Aarav and Arnav:What? Raman bhai?
Ishu hits on her head
Ishu:I meant…. Raman taught me to make pakoda and i liked its taste thats it
Arnav:What? Raman taught you to make pakoda. (Arnav hits Aarav’s elbow)
Aarav:When was it, I need the correct details within 5 mins.
Ishu:Are u ordering me? (she glare at him)
Aarav(scared):I mean… Wow pakodas….i…. I…. Love them Arnu bhai.
Arnav:You are a scare crow…..never mind….i am not scared of u Ishu… Say about that
Ishu:I am not gonna tell…. Ok?
Arnav:I know how to make u say that
Ishu:What will u do? If u do anything i will tell something
Arnav:Ok…I don’t wanna know. (he grins his teeth.?)
Shalini:What are u hiding from us…. Dont forget we are your mother and we can understand everything
Arnav:There is nothing important
Shalini:Hmmm….Arnu i will catch your lies soon
Arnav gulp in fear as he knew how his mom is.
Arnav(gulping in fear): Wha… What lies ma?
Ishu:Yah shalu ma what lies?
Shalini holds Ishu’s and Arnav’s ears..Aarav laugh

Shalu:I am scolding you people bcoz Aarav is a kid and u people are grown up man and woman now
Ishu:Ma….ask shalu ma to leave us na it hurts
Subha:Then tell us what are u hiding? Aarav if u know u can tell
Aarav:I have no idea mami
Shalu:Then chotu u go home beta
Aarav nods and leaves winking at Arnita
Subha:Ok so what have u both decided?
Arnav:What decision mami….. Its just that i and Ishu enjoyed maximum in London
Subha is happy hearing Ishu enjoyed
Shalini is also happy.
Shali:Wow that’s a great……and i am sparing you people now….i will find your lies soon.

Nani enter.And the group turns silent

Nani:Till now i was hearing laughing and screaming sound here and can i know what happened now that all of u turned silent?
Arnav:We were going to our rooms for freshening up.
Ishu:Yah Nani… Byee will see you
Arnita leave
Nani:Subha,Shalini did u people talk to Ishu about what i said?
Shalu:No ma
Nani:Its your duties to make her understand ok?
Shalu nods and looks at Subha helplessly
Subha:But ma she is just 24 years
Nani:Subha i am not here to argue with you and please let me decide something good for them atleast now.
Subha:Its your decision whether to argue or not…..i will not let my daughter marry at the age of 24.
Nani:Shalu what is your decision for Arnav?

Shalu:Ma he is also just 24
Nani:So what your father married me when he was 22 and i was 16 you know that.
Gautham:Ma the generation has changed…..it isnt the same generation of yours.
Nani:Atleast now u spoke up….. Idiot i was waiting for u to say that i am wrong. Because i felt u people are distancing yourself from me.And it hurts for a mother to see their children like that you know…..Thank you Subha for this idea.
Shalu:What do u mean mom?
Nani:Why couldn’t you people say that u dont want your kids to get married at this age?
Gautam:Because….(Subha interrupts)

Subha:Gautam ji you don’t have a reason for that…….you were distancing yourself from your mom and were looking after me and Ishu….. And Shali have u forgotten that your mom is the same person who accepted you after Prakash betrayed. Why did u people behave like that?
Shalini hugs Nani and says sorry
Nani:Its ok…… I will forgive all your mistakes.
Gautam hugs his mom
Gautam:Ma aapko vanilla ice cream chahiye? (Mom u want vanilla ice cream?)
Nani(hits him) :You love vanilla ice cream not me ok.
Gautam:I an sorry yaar….
Nani:Mmmm…..It’s alright.

The old group spend some fun time.

Bhalla house,
Raman and Ruhi were fed up eating toooo much food which their mom had made.
Ruhi:Ma yaar bas bhi karo na…. Kitna kaayenge hum? (Mom please stop na….. How much will we eat?)
Raman(with food in mouth): Yah she is right…. I am fed up eating all this…. I have eaten for 3 months in a single day.
Toshi:Chup….bilkul chup tum dono….. Aur yeh sab kuch khatam karna hai (Silent…. Both of u shut up and finish all these)
Ruhi: Sorry ma….. I cant eat more….. My stomach will burst.
Mr. Bhalla : Toshi ji let it be na…
Raman was thinking why is his mom behaving like that.

Toshi:No words more…. You people will eat food and thats it.
Raman:Ma aisa toh nahi na ki aap ko lagta hai ki humne london mein ache se khana nahi khaya and all? (Mom i hope its not that u feel that we didn’t get good food in london?)

Toshi turns her head.Mr Bhalla and Ruhi laugh
Ruhi:Ma you are unbelievable
Raman:Maa…..We were staying with a good indian family…..A Mother and her daughter stays there…. They were so happy to stay with us. And above all that aunty is an Indian and she gave us awesome food….. Aloo paratha…. Kheer…. Laddo……hmmm yummy right Ruhi?
Toshi:You people go and eat your auntys food…. Dont eat mine…. It is not yummy
Ruhi:Dont be angry maa…..We love your food and you a lotttttttt. But now our stomach will burst.
Ramuhi makes puppy face and Toshi nods.
Ramuhi hugs her….she kiss them.Mr Bhalla take photos of them. They have happy family time.

In London,
Nk is talking to someone on phone. Khushi was thinking about Arnav and smiles recalling how he proposed her. She gets disturbed by Nk

Nk(on phone) :Baby meri baat suno…. I didn’t mean that….. Meine tumhari awaaz ko ganthi nahi kaha….. Abhi tum mujhe tamil mein gali de rahi ho….kya yaar. (Baby hear me once….. I didn’t mean that…… I didn’t say that your voice is bad….. Now you are scolding me in Tamil)

Khushi: What happened Nk?
Nk:Khushi….nothing yaar
His speaker is accidentally on
A girls voice is heard
Girl:You…..Nk how dare you cheat me…. You have a gf in London.(he off the speaker)
Khushi gets shocked to hear a girls voice scolding NK.
Garima laughs seeing Nk trying to make his gf understand in hindi.
Atlast NK manages to cut the call.

Nk:Aunty,Khushi….i have to leave to mumbai soon.
Nk:My gf is coming
Khushi:Then mom can we go?
Garima:Yes beta all of us will go and give surprise .
Khushi nods excitedly and starts packing her bag.

*Next epi on friday. And i am really sorry for the delay happening guys.

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