Dil Chahta Hai -27



Arnav was walking outside Khushita and Ruhi’s room restlessly.
Ishu:Arnu….are u coming or not…. Our flight will be delayed. Come fast bacha.
Arnav:Coming… Just a second…. Wait down.

Ishu,Ruhi,Aarav,Raman were saying bye to Garima and Nk.
Arnav was waiting for someone.Suddenly the door opens and Khushi comes out.
Khushi:Hi….u people didn’t leave yet?
Arnav:Hi….i just came to say bye to you.
Khushi:So bye… I hope we can meet soon.
Arnav:Yah…i too hope the same.
Khushi’s phone rings. Khushi looks at the phone and then at Arnav.
Khushi:Ah…i have to attend this call. Byee….see you soon.
Arnav hugs Khushi.She cries on his shoulders. She stops crying and forces herself back from the hug. He looks on as she moves to balcony crying??…Rabba ve sad version plays…

Arnav climb down the stairs completely broken…..he was sad leaving her in London….he didn’t know what to do…… He was confused of his feelings.

Raman:Thank god! Finally he has come
Arnav was lost in his thoughts. Ishu understood something was wrong.Ruhi,Aarav and Raman took their bags and were heading to airport.

All enter car. Ishu enters and stops a sad Arnav.
Ishu:Arnu….waqt kisi keliye nahi rukta…. Agar tumne aaj nahi kaha toh kabhi nahi keh paoge.Jaa aur bol do usse aur fligh ki tension na kar doosri aa jayegi (Time never waits for anyone…. If u dont say it today then u will never be able to say.Go and and say to hef and dont take tension of the flight we can catch the second one)

Arnav smiles and hugs her and runs back to Khushi’s home. Garima and Nk smiles. He runs upstairs to the terrace and sees Khushi standing facing the sky and eating chocolate.He smile

Arnav:Anjaana anjaani bankar anjaan sheher mein mil gaye toh aise jaane dogi kya? (Will u let me leave after meeting as strangers in a strange city?)
Khushi(moving to Arnav) :Meine todi na jaane diya… Tum jaa rahe the wapas apne ghar(Its not me who is letting u go… Its u who is going back to your house)
Arnav(moving to Khushi):Acha…. So now its my fault.
Khushi(wiping her tears and stands next to Arnav): Yes its all ur fault….. Why did u act nice to me, why did u started being my good friend, why did u even start talking to me, why did u share your past with me, why did u give me the space to enter your life, and at last why did u come to say bye to me when u knew u were leaving me?
Arnav(smiles):Because I LOVE YOU!

He hugs her. She hugs him back.Both smile. He cups her face and kiss her. Both share a romantic kiss….. Saanson ko saanson…hum tum plays

Khushi:By the way i love you too
Arnav smiles and hugs her.

Ishu:Now if everything is over can we leave… And Khushi ji aap kab aa rahe ho (And Khushi ji when are coming)
Khushi : Khushi ji?
Ishu :Meri bhai ki girlfriend hai toh izzat dena chahiye nah (You are my bros gf so i have to give respect na)
Khushi:God! You are unbelievable Ishu. And i will come next week (she looks at Arnav. Arnav smiles)
Arnav:Ishu…can we go now?
Ishu:Ok…come on we will go… Byee Khushi ji
Khushi bids them adieu and smiles ☺

In flight,
Arnav sat in the window seat and was thinking about what happened a few hours ago. Ishu and Raman sat together and Ruhi Aarav together(as expected)
Raman:Ishita…actually i didn’t understand what u said to Arnav and then he went upstairs and u followed him and all came down happily….what was happening there?
Ishu:Actually the fact was simple but for that u need brains.
Raman:That i have
Ishu:But u must use it for understanding the simple facts
Raman:Dont act smart ok Madrassan!
Ishu:Me and madrasaan? Why?
Raman:U were born and brought up till a particular age there na
Ishu:You are so irritating
Raman:I like that.
Ishu keeps her headphones listens to songs. Raman sleeps and falls on Ishu’s shoulder… She looks at him and smiles….she adjusts her shawl for him to sleep comfortably…..yhm plays…. Ishu smiles looking at Raman.

Rurav were sad leaving back home and they had to start studies again
Ruhi was resting her head on Aarav’s shoulders.
Ruhi:Now back to studies right?
Aarav:I know right and thats the hardest thing ever. And i will miss you
Ruhi:Chi yaar dont be cheesy.
Aarav:But…i have a doubt
Ruhi:Now what?
Aarav:How did u find that i am chotu?
Ruhi:I asked Ishu di.
Aarav:And what did she say?
Ruhi:That u were very naughty and your mom had to change your school always. And in 6th u studied in St. Josephs.
Ruhi:Why did u ask now?
Aarav:Yesterday night i was thinking about you as usual (Ruhi blush) and i thought as i dont remember anything like that…. What if chotu is another guy and he comes back.
Ruhi:Dont worry… I will never leave you….. Because you have become a part of my life now.
Aarav hugs Ruhi. And kiss on her forehead.She smiles.

*Sorry for short update… I am busy now and i am only able to update such short epis…. I am really sorry guys. And i had updated an epi before but it got uploaded only in ipkknd page. So i hope it get updated in yhm page.

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      Tnks Ankitha dear

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    today was a romantic episode vero ..loved arshi scene very much!!r u going to end this ff in almost 10-15 parts??if yes plz dont do this ….stay till 50 episode..
    ishra n rurav were cute..
    will be waiting ..

    1. Veronica

      No yaar i haven’t decided to stop this in after 10 epis…..i will complete 50 epis….. And tysm Zaira dear

  3. nice update pls continue soon

  4. it’s superb and romantic one…loved it…

  5. Jasminerahul

    Arshi confession was so romantic n the song selection too.ruhi said she will never leave aarav. But will aarav ‘s fear come true? It was very emotional

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      No yaar no worries….. And thank you. I will not seperate any couple

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