Dil Chahta Hai-25



So a happy news and a sad news on my 25th update. Happy news is there is no villian in the story only adventure,fun and romance. And the bad new because its the Christmas month i am going to be very busy till 2017 jan 4th. So i may not be regular but i will try maximum to update. Atleast 2 episode a week.

The epi starts with all in car heading to the restaurant
In car,

Aarav:Arnu bhai i thought Ishu di only knew business.
Arnav:Aarav understand the lesson of life Girls hide their romantic skills(he looks at Khushi)
Ishu:Can u stupids stop embarrassing me?
Garima:Everybody look at me and study. I was the first one to see the scene before u all and see i am silent right.
Ishu:Aunty aap bhi? (you too?)
NK:No aunty i had seen the whole incident first.
Garima:Who is talking to grandpa’s i am talking to my friends ok.
Nk makes pout face. All laugh

All reach the restaurant,
Khushi as described in previous epi.
Ishu is in a white blouse and peacock green skirt with dim gold shawl.
Ruhi wore a deep blue skirt with sky blue blouse and a blue shade shawl.
Raman was in a blue kurti and white pants .
Arnav in a maroon kurti and black pants.
Aarav in a deep blue kurti and silver and white mixed colour pants.
Garima in a orange plain saree and kalamkari blouse.
Nk in a yellow kurti and white pants.)

It was a 7star hotel and all the people kept on staring at the group who entered wearing lehenga and kurti. Khushi was embarrassed.

Khushi:Maa….dekho na sab log humein ghoor rahe hai (Mom… See na every body are staring at us)
Garima:So what….. Ok if u are soo much conscious i have an idea…. Tell me who all are staring at you. I will go and ask them to eat food.
All laugh except Khushi
Khushi:That wasnt funny.
Aarav:Wow she is mother india (laughs hard)
Ruhi:Stop laughing…. Your laugh is making me laugh (laughs hard)
Nk:Mein toh bina wajah huss raha hoon (i am laughing for no reason)
Ishu:He said correct Hindi for the first time.
All laugh for no reason.
After sometime all stop laughing.
Ishu:I swear we are all mad.
All nods
Garima:You people are embarrassing me now….. Come lets go back home.
All turn sad.
Garima(angrly):Not a word Khushi.

All go back home tight lipped.They reach back home and were surprised to see the front garden lit up with beautiful tables and curtains.And a food counter on the right side of the setting.
Khushi hugs Garima and thanks her
Ruhi(hugs Garima) :Wow aunty its awesome…..loved the surprise
NK:Aunty you were supposed to be born as my mother but unfortunately you are Khushi’s mom.
Garima and others laugh
Khushi:You can call her ma for a night. No charges apply
Garima beats Khushi playfully.
The group turn to see Armaan and Aarav already with plates and having food.
Ishu:You people will never change.
Ruhi:We have to give them punishment.
Ishu and Ruhi go there.Ishu twists Aarav and Arnav’s ears and Ruhi Raman’s.
Aarav:Di it hurts
Ishu:Then y didnt u call me before eating
Arnav:Because u were busy thanking aunty. You need skills for this
Armaan does hi fi.
Ruhi gets a message in her phone
All look at her.
Ruhi:Guyz congratulate Vero she has completed 25epi’s of her new ff.
Khushi:Its her 3rd ff na?
Ruhi nods
Ishu:Ok so lets congratulate her formally
All:Hi Veronica…..Congratulations on your 25th epi.Would like to read more of your story soon.

Nk:Ok now let’s eat.
All start eating in a big dining table.
Ruhi:Nk bhai what is ur real name?
Khushi (laughing):Nandakishore
All:What? Nandakishore to NK
Nk nods
Ishu:awesome yaar and why is that u don’t know hindi well?
Nk:Khushi are u saying or can i say?
Arnav gets irked
Khushi:I would like to but you say
Arnav:Will somebody say
Nk:Boss i will say. I was born and raised in London so i am not fluent in hindi that’s it.
Nk:Ishita ji I must say you have very beautiful eyes
Raman gets shocked and lifts his head to look at Nk and Ishu.
Ishu(smiles):Thank you
Nk:And ur lehenga is very good.
Raman gets irked
Ishu(smiles):Thanks NK. Will u praise me till i fly in sky or what?
Nk laugh
Raman:And Ishu your necklace is amazing….from where did u buy this?
Ruhi:Mujhe dene ka plan hai kya? (Do u have a plan of buying it for me?)
Ishu(laughs):Its from the Aliza jeweller’s
Raman:And your ring in the right hand
Ishu:Its my moms
Arnav:And Ishu this lehenga is from M&M designs na?
Aarav:Ishu di you brought this bracelet from italy na?
Ishu(irritated):Yah… What do u people want?
Arnav:Nothing Ishu…. Kuch jal raha tha hum usme paani dal rahe the(Something was burning so we were trying to put water into it)
Ishu:What burnt?
Aarav:Raa (Raman lifts his eyebrow) …Raita paneer di.
Raman gets relieved
Khushi:Where is Raita paneer here?
Arnav:Raita is here(he shows salad)…….and paneer is here (he shows paneer). Add raita to paneer. Here Raita Paneer is ready
Ishu:Khushi never ask him for explanation about food. We will be dumbstruck hearing about his food habits
Khushi(to herself):I think i should try something different today.

Khushi takes two piece paneer kebab and adds green chutney and a little salad in it. She starts eating and she likes the taste…. She takes more of it and eats with naan.

Khushi:Wow Paneer with Raita and green chutney is delicious
Arnav:You must try aloo kebab with Raita and green chutney
Ishu-Aarav:Wow Arnu thats sooo tasty???
Arnav:I know right.
Ruhi:Is there anybody in this grp who eat non vegetarian?
Nk:I used to…. But now No. Because my gf is a south indian vegetarian
Raman:Oh u mean Madrassan?
Ishu:What is the problem with Madrassi’s?
Raman:Nothing.Why are u getting irritated
Ishu turns her face and smirks?
Aarav to Raman (in ears): Dont say anything about south indians she was born there and till she was 12 she stayed there.And she miss the place and she do love that place a lot.

Raman:Oh…(Ramn to Ishu) I am sorry i just said casually Madrassan. I didnt knew about you being there for a long time and all.
Ishu:Its ok and what did u understand from this?
Ishu:Never casually underestimate any people…And u must know that everybody in this world have their own story.So from next time becareful. Ruhi:Bashn devi! (Lecture queen)
Ishu laughs
Raman looks on.

*Hope u liked this so next epi will be on an unexpected day as i have no idea when i will get time.

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  1. superb epi. congratulations for 25th epi

    1. Veronica

      Tnx winniw

  2. nice update it was lovely khushi reaction after everyone was staring them was funny raman and arnav are jealous of NK pls continue soon

  3. wow 25th one….it is super cute episode…and congrats for completing 25th episode…don’t want to talk about sad news….but try to upload when you r free…

    1. Veronica

      Tnx Ishan…..i swear i will update soon

  4. Kumud

    Awesome really nice

  5. Jasminerahul

    Characters wishing our dear Vero for completely 25 parts was cute.Raman too jealous of nk. Funny. Who is nk’s south Indian gf? Eager to see her

    1. Veronica

      Thanks Jasmine for that u will have to wait dear

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