Dil Chahta Hai-24



The epi starts with Khushi talking with NK(ipkknd) in much excitement.Arnav was getting jealous and angry at the same time.

Ishra, Rurav and Garima enter.
Garima:Nk beta
Garima hugs him.
Nk:Aunty….i missed you a lot. Aapki hauton ki kheer bohat miss kiya meine(I missed your lip made sweet)
Ishra, Rurav and Arnav laugh
Khushi:Duffer….hauton nahin haathon (its not lips its hand)
Aarav:Hi Hauton bro…. Myself Aarav i am Khushi di’s new brother.
Khushi smile with tears.
NK:What Khushi’s new bro is making her cry? ?
Khushi smiles and hit NK
Nk:I am Nk Khushi’s PA and best friend
Khushi:We were in school together….but i never talked to him. But after being in office i started talking to him.
Ishu:Hi Myself Ishita…. Khushi’s new sister.
Ruhi:Hi NK… I am Ruhi… Khushi di’s sister.
Raman:I am Raman…Khushi’s
Raman:New brother.
All laugh.
Nk pointing at Arnav: Whose this?
Arnav(irritated):Khushi is my new gf
Khushi widen open her mouth. Nk close it and says:Close your mouth. I will go inside
Khushi smirks?
Garima:U never said about your new boyfriend Khushi
Khushi:Maa you too?
Aarav:Arnav bhaya u could have told me first
Arnav:All of u heard it together na

Ishu:Anyways i am ok with this. New sister to sister-in-law
Khushi:When did i become ur gf?
Khushi:What? You are so disgusting.
Arnav:Arre i didnt say that i am ur bf.
Khushi:Then what did u mean?
Arnav:Ok so u want me to be ur bf?
Khushi hits him playfully irritated.Arnav laughs
Arnav:Ok baba i wanted to say something different thats it
All:Chi yaar…..
Ishu:I even thought of Khushi as shalu ma’s bahu you know?
All laugh

Khushi:So guys todayz dinner will be from outside…. A treat on the arrival of my bff.
All smile and heads to get ready in diff directions.
Garima:Stop there all of u!
All stop and turns to Garima
Garima:All of u will go out in traditional Indian wears.
Khushi:Ma u mean lehenga?
Garima nod
Nk:Wow aunty you read my mind…. I love Kurta Pyjamas
Aarav:Wow me too bro
Nk Aarav do hi fi.
Armaan:We are ok.
Ishru:Double ok
Khushi:Ok mom…. But the one which u gave ok? ?
Garima nods happily. ?

At night,
The house is lit up with lights…..in each room there is light.All the boys were ready.Ruhi rushes inside boys room.
Ruhi:Chotu,Aru bhai, Raman bhai and Nk bhai…. If u people are ready please move out i want to get ready.
All boys move out.Aarav went out last….before Ruhi closing the door.He kept his leg in between and locked the door so that Ruhi couldnt close
Aarav:I shall wait outside right?
Ruhi:Yah may be….. But after i go.
Aarav:Ok then i will call seara
Ruhi(angrly pulling his collar): Who?
Aarav:Chill possessive devi….. I was just joking
Ruhi:Hmm good for you
Aarav:I will wait outside.
Ruhi close the door and change dress.

Arnav who was passing by living room saw Khushi dressed up in beautiful pink ghagra and silver choli with a white mixed shawl. She was looking gorgeous in that dress.He couldnt take his eyes of her. He saw her struggling for pinning her shawl to the blouse. He opened the room and stood behind her and slowly took out the pin which was stuck somewhere (Rabba ve plays) Khushi turns and looks at Arnav.Both get lost in eachother…..Kyun Khaabon pe tere saaye hai dil kyun hai tanha mera plays.
Arnav holds her by waist and pulls her closer. She blush. He moves to kiss her…. Rabba ve plays…… She push him and run out.
Arnav:I will catch you soon
Khushi:We will see
Khushi runs down. Arnav admires her.
Scene 2,

Ishu was standing and drinking water. Raman was laughing at NK who was trying to talk in Hindi. When Raman reach near Ishu Nk pushed causing the glass in Ishu’s hand fall and water spill down.
Ishu turns and starts scolding Raman.After scolding she moves but slips in the water.

Raman holds her by waist.
Ishu:Thank you.
She tries to get up but Raman was lost in her. She holds her hand around his neck and look in to his eyes…… Aankon mein teri ajab si ajab si adaayein hai…. Plays. Ishra are lost in eachother.

Rurav who had completed one round of romance gets shocked to see Ishra stand like that .
Nk was laughing at the site
Khushi who came down was taking cat steps to see the close view.
Arnav who came behind her did the same.

Garima enter calling Khushi’s name which spoiled the romance. But gave the bunch a new topic to tease especially Arnav and Aarav.

*Hope this was cool. Next update tmw…. So ta ta

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