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Happy Bday Diya baby. I know you are a silent reader and you don’t like commenting. You phone me daily to say about the ff and i eagerly wait for your calls daily.I love you and wish you all happiness in life. (Guys. Diya is a silent reader of this ff and other ffs and she was my junior in school)

A special note for my readers:Dont think of Aakash in ipkknd when you read this its a request.

At night,
Khushi is sitting in the terrace with chocolate fully tensed. Arnav enter the terrace and acts that he is on a call.He acts as if he saw Khushi where he actually knew Khushi was there. He acts hanging the call.He sits beside her.
Arnav:Hi….Are u fine to face me?
Khushi:Why like that?
Arnav:Its just that… Raman is so shy to face Ishu, after hearing the past….So i thought you also is quite shy
Khushi:Never….you are a good friend of mine
Arnav:Cool.By the way Sharing is Caring (looking at the chocolate)

Khushi smile and gives him a piece of chocolate.She feels itchy on her cheeks and scratch with her fingers and the melted chocolate is applied on her cheeks… Arnav laughs at her.

Khushi:Why are you laughing?
Arnav:Chocolate on your cheeks.
Khushi wipes it and paste it on Arnav’s cheeks. He stares at her.She laughs at him. Both play with chocolate by wiping at eachother.Both laugh at eachother. And suddenly they see a shooting star pass in sky.

Khushi:Arnav shooting star ?
Both close eachothers eyes and wish something secretly.
(I wont say the wish….Not easily)

After sometime,
Khushi:You know something when i was a child i wasnt a normal kid who had a happy family…..few cousins…..grandparents…..toys etc. My mother eloped with my father when she was barely 20 and when she was 21 i was born. My father had some daily wage job like some painter or something and he always came back home drunk after i turned 1year. He loved me a lot till that…..but after that male Chauvinism had entered in him and he didnt let mom be free.In the initial stage when he came home drunk he never raised hand on either of us. But after an year or so he started raising hand on ma.He never let her give me food. He sometimes beated ma so ruthlessly.I used to cry in one corner under the bedsheet.Afterall what could a kid of 5years do? And my mom took me and ran away with me when she was 27 and me just 6years.But he didn’t stop there he found us after a few years when i was 15 and apologized to mom. She accepted him as she loved him truly. And after a few days he started his old habits. My mom was trying hard to establish her own fashion line through the help of her friends.He was clearly jealous of her and finally mom had to force him out of house and he never returned.My mom and me had enough of tortures and it was hard for her to accept any more of that tortures.I cant see tear in my moms eyes now. I don’t want anybody to hurt her.

Khushi cries.Arnav hugs her and console her.
Arnav:You can be happy that your father never cheated your mother.
Khushi:Cheating was a better punishment Arnav
Arnav explains how his father cheated mother and how he showed fake love to her and him etc. How because of his father Ishu’s mom lost her eye sight.

A small tear escape from his eyes.
Khushi hugs him back, resting her head on his chests.

Khushi: Dont cry for somebody who hurted you the most that will only increase your chance of dying quickly. Smile always it will increase your life period.
Arnav smile
Arnav:Who taught you all these? You were a serious lady.
Khushi:Aarav and Ruhi taught me. You taught me. Raman taught me. My mom taught me. She stayed happy with you people.I never knew she was so much fun. Ishu also taught me how to stay happy for siblings or your loved ones.
Arnav smiles. A long silence spread that terrace.Both of them were busy in their thoughts. Both never knew when they were back to their room and when they were asleep. Khushi had some thoughts of Aakash and Arnav mixed.She was confused.
Arnav on the other hand was happy.His happiness didn’t knew boundaries.He was happy she shared her life with him. He was happy she shared her new findings with me. He changed his whatsapp status to “SMILE DAILY SO THAT YOU LOOK YOUNGER DAY BY DAY”.He was thinking about Khushi.

Next day,
Ishu and Garima had gone to see Rurav practice final session .Raman accompanied Ishu and Garima. Arnav left after sometime. Khushi was all alone in her house. She was tensed about how will Aakash come and she didnt know does she have to say yes to this relationship or not. She was getting confused between Arnav and Aakash.Her heart was repeating Arnav’s name and her mind was confused.She didnt know whether to listen to her heart or her mind.

Bell Rings

Khushi runs to open the door. A man too tall for Khushi with a leather jacket and white tees enter. He has beard all over his face. He has a hat covering his hair completely.He has a huge belly which shocked Khushi to core. He had worn a loose payjma pants. He looked exactly like Bluto (villian in Popeye). Khushi was shocked she never expected somebody like this from the voice she heard in phone.
The man:Hi I am Aakash
Aakash:Your childhood friend
Khushi:But u… You…look like Bluto(???)
She shows scared face and stands there shocked.
Aakash:Khushi dont get scared of my appearance…..i am just a little fat and i swear i can lose weight within an Year maximum two. (he smile)
Khushi gets more terrified when she saw his broken teeths
Khushi:But your teeth
Aakash:We can keep a duplicate one

Khushi looks at his nails and get horrified seeing dirty nails. She almost faint and he holds her. She push him and move back
Khushi:Sorry i dont like you. I never expected a figure like this.I am really sorry.
Aakash:But you were waiting for me all these years na?
Khushi:But…now… Sorry no i can’t accept this
Aakash:The worlds youngest business women judge a person by appearance? I cant believe this.
Khushi:No its not like that Aakash. May be you have a good heart and may be you are a good human. But i cant accept you because i cant force myself into something which i dont like now.
Aakash:So u mean you dont like me?
Khushi(turns back):Yah….i have become a new ME after staying with a few people now. I have learnt to say what I like…. I have learnt to say what is MY DREAM. I have started dreaming more. Now i am the happiest person alive. May be you will not understand this. Nobody in the world will never ever understand my state of mind now even my mother.

Aakash:I understand (removes his hat) (Khushi turns) i have seen the change in you from the boring office worker to a new happy Khushi (he removes his beard and jacket which was connected to the huge bellied shirt) (Khushi is shocked) I have seen how you have started becoming social secretly through Facebook and Instagram (He removes the nails and his torn socks) (Khushi wide opens her eyes) I have seen you caring for each one of us i hope which you never had (He removes the false teeth and the ugly pyjma pant.) (Khushi Opens her mouth wide)
Khushi:Arnav tum (you)?
(Yes guys it was Arnav.I hope most of u might have guessed It)
Khushi:How cheap! were u playing with my feelings?
Arnav:No….actually i am that anjaana(stranger) whom you met in that beech years back.

Khushi:How do i believe you?
Arnav:Simple….Ask me something that happened that day i will say…..you didn’t say which game we played and all right. You just said the incident. Choti!
Khushi:Ok i believe you.
Arnav smiles
Arnav:Actually i came to say something else….. That is…. I
Someone interrupt
Voice:Khush! I love you….. And finally i am back baby
She runs and hugs Nk. Arnav looks on.

*So i hope thiz iz pretty long and hope it get updated in both ipkknd and yhm page??

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  1. Kumud

    Nice superb pls don’t tell me NK loves khushi

    1. Veronica

      Thnx Kumud and dont worry yaar

  2. Superb one….and wish you very very happy birthday Diya…

    1. Veronica

      Thnx Ishan

  3. Jasminerahul

    Arshi chocolate scene was sweet. I also found weird when khushi rejected akash only because of his looks. I feel in real life not so good looking person should be given a chance. Khushi was a bit too rude by telling him directly that she is rejecting him because of his looks. She should have rejected akash politely.but you surprised us..akash was actually arnav.arnav khushi have met on beach before? When was that? Nk’a arrival was a surprise. How is nk related to khushi? I always loved nk khushi bonding. by the way I found arshi sharing their pain with each other very emotional

    1. Veronica

      Thanks Jasmine dear. Yah in the previous episodes i have mentioned about the beach visit after Arnav said about his father and you will know Nk Khushi relation soon. I think it was epi 4

  4. nice update pls continue soon

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