Dil Chahta Hai-22



Now its the real ff…. Where all the characters are in London and Where Ruhi is Raman’s sister and Aarav is Arnita’s brother.

The epi starts with Anjali finishing the fb and Ishu, Khushi and Ruhi crying????

Anjali:But Shagun and Manoj couldnt find the kids….. Nobody have any idea where they went.
Aarav:Thats very sad.
Raman:So you mean that we are connected through this. Just because that lady troubled us and because of us we were separated by death forever we get this flashes.Ah?And it’s our rebirth.
Anjali nod
Arnav:So will they stop getting those flashes now?
Anjali:Yes they will not get flashes anymore…..i can assure you this. May be Raman will get because he has a disbelief in this story.
Raman:Its not like that…… These are only in movies so hearing this for the first time in real life is weird.
Anjali smile
Ishu:I believe you Anjali…. But we have to find out that kids na.
Anjali:They are too old now for us to recognise.
Ruhi:Its our past story na…… So they will have our face cut….. Any one of us for sure.
Aarav:Yah…May be mine and Ruhi’s because we are the kids here (he wink)
Khushi:I cant believe this….. How can somebody fall so low for their lust.
Anjali:I know Khushi……so i hope i can leave tomorrow as i have completed my task
Arnav:it would have been nice if you stay here for a few days more.
Anjali:I have work chote (Arnav)
Aarav:I am Aru for you and Arnav bhai Chote
Ishu:And for me Aru is Arnav and you are my…
She smile. All enjoy dinner and go to sleep with a weird feeling.

Next day morning,

Ruhi wakes up and thinks:Aarav can be chotu as they are connected to eachother. But he said he doesn’t remember anything of that sought.I will have to ask Ishu di.

Ruhi goes to Ishu who was working
Ruhi:Di……Can i talk to you?
Ishu:Yah sure.
Ruhi:Which school did Aarav study?
Ishu:Various…..He was so naughty that till 9th aunty had to change his school every 2-3year.
Ruhi:Which school did he study when he was in 6th?
Ishu:I think in St Joseph school.
Ruhi gets glad
Ishu:Why What happened? You are also getting flashes?
Ruhi ignores the question by laughing ??

Ruhi comes back to her room and opens her diary.
Ruhi: Finally my chotu is here… Yes i have found him after these many years…..he was beside me still i couldnt find him. thank god for showing me my chotu

She hugs the diary and kisses it.

In office,

Khushi gets call from Aakash(i Hope you remember the unknown person or X)
Aakash:Hi choti. How are you?
After hearing about her past life she couldn’t accept him.
Aakash:I am coming to meet you tomorrow
Aakash:That i will not say…… I have an important work byee. We will meet tomorrow.

Khushi :first thiz past life and now this Aakash idiot….. Why can’t i accept it…..he is the same whom i have befriended the first time…. But after Anjali saying me and Arnav are connected…..why am i getting confused ?? Do i love him? No way Khushi he can’t be the right person for you…..he will not like you.

In Khushi’s house,

Raman and Ishita are seated opposite they are not able to face eachother.Arnav comes and sits beside Raman.
Arnav:Raman bro… How are you?
Raman:What happened to me? I am fine
Arnav: Nothing dude….. You are silent from morning so just wanted to ask you.
Raman:I am fine happy now?
Arnav:Yah dude…. Byee i gotta go.

Raman takes his phone and accidentally camera gets on. He sees Ishu through his phone camera…… He admires her beauty. She had just came after bath…. Her wet hair had the fragrance of the jasmine shampoo….. He admired her innocent face which was busy in phone. For the first time ever he was lost in her…..completely lost……..Ajj din chaddeya plays. She looks at him. He hides his phone. She looks at him doubtfully. He smile


Raman’s heart beats fast….. For the first time his name from her mouth gave him a special feeling. She had called him Raman before….but it was the first time that he felt special.He blush.

Raman:Yesssss Ishu

Ishita felt strange as it was the first time he is addressing her ISHU. She looks at him.

Raman:Cant i call u like that?
Ishu:Yah you can….. But all of a sudden when you called me Ishu…. I am surprised.
Raman:Everybody call you Ishu so why cant i call you.
Ishu:I didn’t mean that
Ishu:Ok you can call me Ishu.
Raman smiles naughtly.
Raman:What were u saying?
Ishu:Ah….just pass me the newspaper.
Raman give the newspaper.


All sat for dinner
Ruhi was constantly smiling at Aarav….who was also smiling at Ruhi.

Phone message conv in dining table,

Aarav message her: I love you?
Ruhi:I love you too?
Aarav:Nice surprise
Ruhi:I am happy to find you….. But dont go behind any girl from now. I am so possessive types ok.
Aarav:I love frank,cute,silent and crazy people…. And you are one like that.
Ruhi:?? ☺.
Aarav looks up and stares at Ruhi who was blushing.

A few hours back,

After finding out that Aarav is Chotu…. Ruhi runs to the practice hall. She hugs Aarav happily.
Aarav:What happened Ruhi?
Ruhi:I found my chotu.
Aarav turns sad.
Aarav:Where is he? (sadly)
Ruhi:Right in front of me.
Aarav gets confused
Aarav:What? Where?
Ruhi:Arre bhuddu…. Chotu is standing right infront of me
Aarav:What me?
Ruhi nods
Ruhi hugs him and says:I love you.
Aarav lifts her:I love you too.

…..Mein Rahoon ya na rahoon plays…..

Aarav:But i dont remember anything like that.
Ruhi:Arre you dont even remember how many girls you have dated in the last few months…. Then how will u remember something which happened years back.
Aarav laughs
Aarav:I swear Ruhi i will not leave you (he kneals down) because you are the only girl whom i have wanted whole heartedly. And today is a big day for me as i have got my love…..
He smiles and hugs her, both head back home happily.

In dining table,

Khushi is all tensed about Aakash’s arrival and Ishra are not able to accept the past completely….they are not able to face eachother. Arnav is staring at a tensed Khushi. He thinks to ask her.

*I purposefully didnt give Arshi scenes today as tmw is Arshi day. And its my friend Diya’s bday who is a mad fan of Arshi.Hope you all enjoyed the epi. Put in your valuable comments guys.

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  1. Nice next.epi put fast plzz

  2. Jasminerahul

    its a nice thought that once v get 2 know d past well dreams related 2 past get stopped but those who do not believe in it will keep seeing those dreams.raman getting lost in ishita n calling her ishu.so sweet.ruhi realized that aarav is her chotu.their confession is lovely. but since aarav doesnt remember anything i’m confused if he is chotu.what happened to the other rurav?

    1. Veronica

      Thanks yaar…… But dont worry i will not seperate Rurav….. You will get to know about that past wala Rurav at the end.

  3. Kumud

    Awesome vero love ruhi and Aarav scene

    1. Veronica

      Thanks Kumud

  4. it’s awesome…loved it…

  5. nice update ishra is not able to face eachother pls show some romance between them raman was lost in ishita aarav and ruhi scene was nice

    1. Veronica

      Thnx jyoti soon u will get Ishra scenes

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