Dil Chahta Hai-21


The epi starts with Shagun hearing two people talking…. The people are revealed to be Manoj(Arnita’s cousin) and Nitin. Raizada(Arnita’s papa)
Nitin:Please Manoj…. Dont say anything to Ishu or Arnav…. They will be Heart broken.I cant see my daughter cry.Arnav will isolate himself…. Ramushi are there for them but now i dont know what will be its effect on Rurav.
Manoj:No bade papa… They will never know anything….i promise
Nitin and Manoj hug
Shagun smiles evily hearing this.Manoj comes out of the room and greets Shagun
Manoj: salut Shaggy(Salut means Hi in french)
Shagun: salut Mano
Manoj:Commot allez-vous (How are you in french)
Shagun:Fine Mano and you?
Manoj:Perfect…And u here without a call
Shagun:I came to invite you for my bday next month….i want u all to come as i have big surprise for you all.
Manoj:Please yaar dont marry me next month
Shagun laughs
Shagun: something bigger than that
Manoj: are you breaking up with me?
Shagun hits him playfully.

Ishra and Arshi house,
After few weeks
Rura were eating food.
Ruhi:Ishima today is Shagun auntys bday na?
Khushi and Ishu look at Armaan scared
Raman:you want to go Ruhi?
Ruhi: If u people are going i am coming
Arnav:Champ! Do u want to go?
Aarav:As Ruhi said if you people want to go we can go together
Armaan now look at Khushita…. Who are acting to be busy in their works.
Arnav:Khushi and di you people are the worst actors
Raman:its a new year for her…..we will forget whatever she has done to us.How she tried to stop our marriage…..how she tried to split us.
Arnav:How she overacted seeing us…. how she tried to influence Rurav….. We will forget everything
Raman:Get ready guys we will go for the party
Rurav jump in excitement and run upstairs.Ishu in room kiss Raman on cheeks for accepting for their happiness
Raman:I love these kind of gifts daily ok
Ishu smiles and goes to change her dress.

Khushi on the other hand hugs Asr and kiss on his cheeks excitedly
Arnav:If i would get it for each parties i would simpy organise something
Khushi hugs him and smiles

All got ready and set to go for the Party.Ishu and Khushi gets a bad feeling as they kept nearing her house….. Both of them were highly tensed.They reach the place.

Armaam hold their respective wives hands and walk to the hall.
Ishu:Dont leave my hand Raman (tensed)
Raman:What happened? (cups her face) what is bothering you Ishu?
Ishu:i dont know Raman but i have a bad feeling
Raman: Never mind him when i am here
Ishu(confused): who?
Raman:Arre that bad feeling
Ishu smiles. They move

Khushi:Arnav ji… I am getting some bad feeling
Arnav:Nevemind Khushi…. I am there na
Khushi hugs him…He hugs her back.

In the hall,

Shagun eagerly waits for Ishra and Arshi. She gets happy seeing them and smiles evily.

Shagun(to herself): now Raman or Arnav will be mine forever.

Shagun cut cake all wish her. Rurav enjoy their time together.All are dancing and partying hard.

Shagun pulls Khushi out. Unwillingly she follow her.Ishu follows them. Shagun smile victoriously seeing Ishu following her.

They enter a room,
shagun(sadly):i heard something last day….its a sad news…. Ishu is the adopted daughter of Raizadas
Khushi get shocked.Tears well up in Ishu’s eyes.Armaan were standing behind Ishu they also hear everything.Ishu breaks down,she runs out….Arnav follow her.Raman call Khushi and follow them. Ishu runs to the road.Arnav stops her
Arnav holds her and asks: Are u mad di?
Ishu:Arnav…You dont have any right to call me di
Arnav:Will u believe Shagun?
Ishu:But….If she had to make me sad she wouldnt have taken Khushi aside and said this.
Raman and Khushi come there
Khushi hugs Ishu
Khushi:Di dont be sad….. Everything happens for a reason…. See it doesn’t make any difference that you are adopted…. You are my di, Arnav ji’s di, Ruhi’s Ishima, Aarav’s Ishima,Raman Bhai’s Ishu….You have a family now di
Ishu cries.Raman hugs her sideways.
Ishu:I was being stupid (she smiles).
All smile

But the happinesa didnt last long…… When Khushi realised that they were in the middle of the road and a truck hit the four. They were rushed to hospital…Shagun was watching the accident. She and Manoj took them to hospital.
Shagun says Manoj whatever happened.She cries inconsolably.Manoj comfort her.

Dr comes out of ICU

Shagun runs to him
Dr:Sorry…3 of them died on the spot….one lady is critical. She may get saved… pray for her.
Shagun cries.
Nurse comes out running
Nurse:Dr she is stubborn to meet this lady
Dr:Let her.
Shagun goes in and sees Khushi lying half alive.
Khushi:Sha…..ggy….Look… A… F.. T… E…. R….. Ru…. Hi…. And…… Aa…. Rav……
Shagun:I am sorry. Khushi….. All this happened because of me…. My lust and stupidity has already cost 3 lives….. I will never leave them if anything happens to you.
Khushi smile weakly with tears.

Shagun falls unconscious
Nurse and Dr declare Khushi dead.Shagun and Manoj does their death rituals.Shagun goes home and hugs Rurav and cry.
Ruhi:Where is Ishima?
Aarav:Where is mumma (Khushi)?
Manoj:They will come soon beta.

Shagun prays along with Manoj
Shagun:God!I have only one wish now…. Give them a new life they deserve without any hurdle. Give them happiness.

When they came back to check Rurav room they get shocked to see the room empty.

Shagun and Manoj panic

—————FB ENDS—————-

*Now i will continue with the original ff and i hope all are satisfied with this. And i am really sorry if i have hurt anyone. And yah just want to clear a confusion. Ruhi is Ishra’s daughter and Aarav is Arshi’s son.

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  1. Nice flachback

  2. nice and emotional update arnav khushi raman and ishita died because of shagun omg what happend to aarav and ruhi where they are pls continue soon

    1. Veronica

      Thanks Jyoti next update on monday

  3. Zaira

    Yaar its my rights to ask the ages of the leads n some information about the content of the ff mainly when u have to guess the suspense or past of the story surf isiliye meine pucha tha not that I m fussy about everything …….
    Sorry if I have troubled u or hurted ur feelings by the above statements??????i m sorry ……..???
    You know what…..

    I just loved this extraordinary FB???
    I wished if u have extended it some more….
    I loved the bonding of the 4 of them n rurav very???much I think u have copied arshi aapi’s ff about ek ka bachcha apni chachi ko ma bula raha hai I think in this u have did with dads ??
    I have just blank words about this so have given the dots ????(thoda zyda ho gya)???
    …….I have so many questions in my mind but I ll not ask why to trouble u I know u ll say that things in the coming episodes .???……
    Thankz for the last line ???

    1. Veronica

      Thanks zaira and i am not at all angry with u…… You are my sweet sissy why will i be mad….. And u are free to ask any questions dear. And i agree its your right and you must ask about your doubts and i must clarify it.

  4. Shalu

    The bonding btwn all was very nice but wat happened to Ruhi and Aarav………..pls tell that in the next episode……….anyways nice one yaar……….

    1. Veronica

      Thnx Shalu

  5. Kumud

    Awesome flash back buy pls a Lil bit long

    1. Veronica

      Tnx Kumud

  6. Plzzz put next epi

  7. Superb emotional episode…best part is the bond between ishra and arshi…now how they going to react knowing about their past…

    1. Veronica

      Tnx Ishan… Will update on monday

  8. Jasminerahul

    though manoj is with her shagun wants either arnav or raman.so cheap.to create problems shagun informed ishita abt being adopted.but loved how others supported her.it was a lovely emotional scene.sad that all of them died in d accident.but bcz of this shagun feels guilty n i loved her praying 2 god to give them a new life.god fulfilled her wish by giving them a new life.what happened to RuRav?
    u said RuRav r not siblings.then y did Raman say that Aarav is Ruhi’s brother?how can someone joke like that?

    1. Veronica

      Thanks yaar……..Ishu and Arnav are siblings so Aarav and Ruhi are cousins. For eg, Your parents will say your czin brother as brother na…… Same way Raman says Aarav to be Ruhi’s brother. I hope your confusion is cleared.

      1. Jasminerahul

        if they r cousins how can they be a pair?

    2. Zaira

      In tamilian culture this happens but don’t know about this in this ff

      1. Jasminerahul

        yes.but among north indians cousins do not get married.They r siblings

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