Dil Chahta Hai-20



Happy on my 20th episode…And all the love from your side.. Thanks guys

A bright good morning is all you need to start a new day..
And when you have somebody handsome or beautiful beside you… You will surely have a very good morning

Epi starts,
Ishra and Arshi come after jogging.Khushita starts their daily chores….Ishu goes to a room. The room is decorated with blue paint on one side and with white on another…. She calls out ‘Ruhi beta Aarav beta’
Both Ruhi(Ruhanika Dhawan) and Aarav unwillingly wake up… They Hug Ishu…. Ishu irons their dress while Khushi makes their breakfast and lunch…Armaan are reading newspaper.Rurav come down fighting and sit in opposite directions with pout face…Khushita keeps their hand on head ??
Armaan go near them. Arnav near Ruhi and Raman near Aarav.
Ruhi:Aru pa ask him na what he did… He took my favourite glitter pen.
Raman:That was bad right Aarav
Aarav:Papa but i gave her my blue marker instead and she is showing attitude
Raman:Aarav beta leave it she has gone on her mother.
Ishu and Khushi turn and glare angrily at Raman.
Raman:I mean she is just like me.
Ishu hides her laugh.

Arnav :Ok leave these silly issues and both of you say sorry to each other.And go to school happily
Aarav:Dad but….it was my favourite marker
Ruhi: And it was my favourite glitter pen.
Raman:Ok Ruhi Papa will buy you a new glitter pen and Aarav i will buy you a new marker fine?
Rurav:We dont get that here… I had bought it when we went to Sydney.
Armaan keep their hands on head.
Arnav to Raman:Letz do emotional Blackmailing
Raman:I will blackmail Ruhi….
Arnav:Go ahead i have my champ?

The below conversation is happening in two sides
Arnav:Champ…Agar tum log aise choti choti baat pe jagdte rahoge toh tum logo ke liye bohat dukhi hoga(If you people fight for such silly issues you people will have a tough time)
Raman:And Ruhi…. He is your brother….tumhare liye cheezein myne rakti hai ya rishte (Is it the THINGS that matters the most or is it RELATIONS)
Ruhi:Ofcourse relations papa
Arnav:So go and say sorry.
Rurav say sorry and hug eachother…. Khushita smiles
Khushi:Ishu di…. Hum kuch bhi kare yeh dono toh jagda khatm karte hi nahin the… Aaj 10min mein khatm ho gaya…Arnav ji ne aur Raman bhai ne kya jadoo kiya?? (Whatever we do these two never stopped fighting and today in 10mins they stopped fighting…what magic did Armaan do?)
Ishu:I am sure its Arnavs idea of emotional blackmailing. Bcuz when we were kids mom and dad used to do that when we fight for such silly issues.
Khushi laughs
Khushi:My mom and dad had peace bcuz i was the only girl…. And i swear i have all faults of that.
Ishu:I have been knowing since a few years.
Khushi laughs
They sent Armaan to office and Rurav to school and settle.
They get a call in the landline… After a tiring morning both of them didnt have the energy to pick up the phone.Khushi connected it with the phone nearby and put in speaker ?
The voice:Idiots! Where the hell are you people…..I hope you people are at home… I miss you people… So i have decided to come over your place afternoon for yummy lunch what say?
Ishu:Shaggy….Will u make food?
Shaggy:Yah sure… Kitty you will eat my biriyani na?
Khushi:Heyy dont call me kitty and yah i would love it!!!!!?
Shaggy:Shaggy is coming home… Be ready people.
Shaggy or Shagun comes to their horse.She starts preparing biriyani.

While preparing,

Shagun:Guess what…. My colleague and i are dating eachother
Raman enter hearing it
Raman:Congratulations Shaggy party toh banti hai (U must give a party)
Shagun:Sure Raman. (she smirks)
Ishu looks at Raman
Raman:Ishu just come with me.
Ishu follows Raman to their room
Shagun(to herself) :He doesn’t care? I cant let him be like this….He has to care for me. I had build a good relation with these stupids(Khushita) only for you Raman and how can you just ignore me.Now this biriyani drama! I am fed up of these people. When will this Raman or Arnav accept me. why cant i create misunderstandings between them?

In room,
Ishu:I am sorry for calling her here… But i couldn’t deny her also.
Raman hugs her
Raman:You know na i dont like seeing her face….. And Arnav is on the way…. I am sure he will get angry to the peak if he sees her.

Suddenly they hear a glass breaking.Both run down. Ishu gets shocked to see a cup broken into pieces and Arnav standing there angrily staring at the coffee fallen down. Shagun is missing in the scene.
Khushi brings broom to clean it. Ishu goes near Arnav and holds his hand
Ishu:Aru….aapko tamees nahi hai kya? Kisine aapke liye banaya hai aur aapne kya kar diya? (Do you have manners? Somebody have made tea for you and what have you done)
Raman:And it’s Khushi who made it na…. Then why did u get angry
Arnav:Khushi! Woh chudail kaha hai?(where is that witch)
Raman controls his laughter.Shagun with angry eyes enter the room.

Shagun:Whom did you call witch?
Arnav:There is only one in the room… Standing right infront of me.
Shagun:Ok whatever….. I will be hosting a party next month for my bday…. You people must come…. I have very big surprise for you all.
Shagun leaves

Arnav glares angrly at Khushi
Khushi:Arnav ji we couldn’t say no to her….. She said she was missing us… So we thought not to disappoint her
Arnav:I didnt ask you anything?
Khushi:But u were looking at me angrly
Arnav:Kab tak tumse door rahe sakta hoon yaar (Till when can i stay far from you)
Ishu:Oh yeah! I forgot whenever Aru gets angry he doesn’t talk to anybody and isolate himself na
Ishu said this only to bring Arshi back to senses who had got lost in eachother within a second.
Raman laughs.Khushi feel shy.Arnav smile.

Shagun’s house,
Shagun:I have to know something to destroy them completely….either Arnav or Raman i need any one of them…. Only they can fulfil my needs for a wealthy life.
She laughs. Something strikes her mind and she goes out.

*Was that a small epi? Then i am sorry guys. If u are liking the fb please comment.

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  1. Kumud

    Nice vero but short

    1. Veronica

      Thnx Kumud

  2. Zaira

    Veto plz say me their present ages not 30+but their age in which they r listing this….I really think they r old now….very bad old age romance….
    Rurav siblings!!!!!!I m awe struck tumne to merit aankhe khol di?????

    1. Veronica

      It’s their past na…..so new romance doesnt work……Arshi are 32year’s (who cares about age yaar…..focus on the story)….Ishu is 34 and Raman is 37 OK now? Who said Rura are siblings? I never did. Oh Raman said like that na…..Nevemind yaar he keeps on saying some rubbish

  3. Nice

    1. Veronica

      Tnx Praveena

    1. Veronica

      Tnx Lucky

  4. Jasminerahul

    Is it a rebirth story?I am confused. Rurav as siblings was unexpected. Shagun trying to create misunderstanding between them.oh no.she wants either Arnav or raman for money. So cheap. What twist is going to happen at shagun’s birthday party?

    1. Veronica

      Dont get confused yaar…. Its their old birth and Anjali came in the scene….She knew the story from her grandmas sister and was searching for the people. Her Grandma had said that they will be connected again through Rebirth.

      1. Jasminerahul

        Never expected it to be a rebirth story. But how did lovers become siblings in the previous birth?any mystery behind it?thanks for clearing my doubt

  5. Shalu

    Nice one……..didn’t even expect Shagun’s arrival………but she wants Raman or Arnav to enjoy life with money……….pls don’t tell me she would create some rift cause u said that Anjali’s grandma told they ll be connected……….I am having a weird feeling about this… …….

    1. Shalu

      Wait a sec………now I understand their whole dream sequence thing……..its on Shagun’s bday isn’t it………the cake cutting and a lady laughing………..damn……….but no………….??????……..its okay u travel with the story………I don’t to disturb in btwn……….

    2. Veronica

      Thanks yaar will update soon…..i cant update today cause i am not well.

      1. Shalu

        Its okay Vero take care……….!!!!!

  6. superb episode…but short one….

    1. Veronica

      Thanks yaar will update soon…..i cant update today cause i am not well. Tnx Ishan

  7. aanav and ruhi scene was superb they i love their family moments what a twist shagun is witch how disgusting she is she wants to get raman or arnav pls update soon

    1. Veronica

      Thanks Jyoti.

  8. It’s ok yaar…take care yourself…

  9. Arshi

    Superb…. i though ruhi is ramans daughter and aarav is arnavs son… so it will be perfect nah….

    But whose children are they.
    . They both r calling raman as papa…???

    1. Veronica

      Both are calling Arnav as papa also…… So u can take it the way you thought. Thankz di

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