Dil Chahta Hai-18 & 19




The epi starts with the lady reaching airport and Aarav picks her.
Aarav:Thanks Anju di for coming.
Yes the lady is Anjali!
Anjali: i had to come for you……you are my sisters ex boyfriend na
Anjali:Just kidding.
Aarav:I know you na
Anjali smiles

They reach home,
Anjali is welcomed by Ishra Arshi and Ruhi.

Ishu:Hi Anju….. What a pleasant surprise.
Anjali: Hi Ishu….
Ishu hugs her
Anjali(points at Khushi): Khushi? (Khushi nods) Ruhi? (pointing at Ruhi-she nods)…… Raman? (pointing at Raman-he nods)
Aarav:Anju di how do you know their names?
Anjali: Like Raman bhai and Ruhi are the only strangers.And Khushi ji is famous in the whole world…… So!

Arnav:Your naughtiness hasnt become less till?
Raman:Arnav is this your czin from Lucknow?
Arnav nods
Ruhi: Hi
Ishu:Chotu why didnt you say that Anju is coming….. And i forgot that she can help us.
Aarav:Surprise….and Ishu di tell her to stop teasing me with Mihu di’s name
Anjali:Ok from today i will take your present girlfriends name.
Aarav makes Pout face… Anju Ishu do hi fi and laugh.
Aarav:By the way my new girlfriends name is Seara(he looks at Ruhi)
Ruhi(shocked):Choot….. Tum jhoot bol rahe ho….. Abhi tum single ho…. Tumhari girlfriend ke saath jagda meri wajah se hua tha…. Mujhe yaad hai…..tum mujhe dekh rahe the aur usko gussa aaya woh chali gayi (you are lying….. Now you are single…… U and your gf fought because of me…. I remember….. When i was passing you were looking at me and she got angry and she went)
Aarav gets surprised to find that Ruhi observed him a lot.
Aarav:Wow! I loved it ?
Others smile teasing them.
Ruhi blush unknowingly
Raman:Meri jangli billi ko kissi tamatr pasand aa gaya hai…?(My wild cat has started liking tomatoes)
Others laugh…..Ruhi hides her cheeks with her hands…. Aarav goes on admiring her.

Anjali freshen up and come down.
All look at her
Anjali:Ok guys…. I will tell…. actually my grandma is the silent bomb here.
Arnav:Which grandma?
Anjali:Papa’s moms sister.
Aarav:And how do u know that?
Anjali:I heard about it from my papa and dadi.
Ishu:How are you sure that this is the thing which is haunting us
Anjali :According to psychological study two persons gets the same images when they have a past connected to (PS All of u can rather call it Vero’s philosophy)
Khushi:So what is your opinion….how can we solve this?
Anjali:There are various ways but first you all must know the story to get things clear.
Ruhi:Yah so say the story na.
Anjali:It isn’t a story that you just listen and wipe it out…… Its your past…. Each and everyone of you sitting here are connected through blood….do you have any idea about that?
All nods NO.
Anjali: So its a setting of about 45years back after India getting independence and the whole thing takes place in Lucknow and Newyork.
More that 45years back,
A man is jogging and alongside him a lady is also jogging….A cute couple who doesn’t seem they have crossed 30’s but the truth is they have crossed it a few years back.
The lady gets tired a sita down
Lady:Nannu i am fed up!
Man:Stop calling me Nannu….Kitty
Lady:Dont call me Kitty…. It was my childhood stupidity
Man:But i love that childhood kitty and My grown mummy Khushi!
She blush
Khushi:Arnav ji u say anything ah?
She hides herself in his arms… He hugs her back.
Another man comes
Man2:Arre oh saale sab…. Yeh newyork hai iska matlab yeh nahi ki ghar ki sanskaar bool jaaye (Oh brother in law… Its Newyork that doesn’t mean you can forget the values given by family)
Arnav hits him.
Another lady runs and comes…She breaths heavily
Lady2:Oh subah se romance shuru hogayi (From morning u people have started romance?)
Man2:Ishu….they are forgetting family values (he winkz)
Ishu:Oh yeah….How dare u people Romance in the middle of road.
Arnav:Ishu you dont know that according to our family value book…. You cant scold or punish me in public…. Only at home
Ishu looks at Man2
Man2:But now she is my family….. And i dont have a family value book
Arnav:Raman! You are sooooooo annoying
Arnav runs behind Raman.
Khushi and Ishu laugh.

So the intro of fb characters are here:

Ishu and Arnav are siblings…..Ishu is the adopted daughter..And Arshi and Ishra doesn’t know that.. …. Khushi is the only daughter of great gupta builders….. Raman is Arnav’s friend in childhood friend but both were not in contact after their 5th std. Raman is a business man. Ishu is a dentist… Arnav is the owner of Raizada Fashion House.

Arnav and Khushi met in college while doing Bcom and MBA.Both of them fell in love at first sight.
Ishra as always had a different chemistry.
Ishu treated Raman one day in her clinic and He Liked her way of talking and doing things.He became a frequent visitor there.One day Ishu was ill and he went to see her…. He entered Ishus room. Ishu saw him and got up
Raman:Hi Dr… How are you?
Ishu:I am fine….And what are you doing here?
Raman:What happened to you?
Ishu:Nothing its just that winter has a bad effect on me…. I mean i am down with fever
Raman:Oh..(He checks her temp)…you have high fever….Are you taking proper medicine?
Ishu nods
Raman checks the medicine and is satisfied…..But he doesn’t leave her stating that she is his friend and its his duty to look after his friend.She gets moved with Raman’s caring….The whole day he sat with Ishu caring her till he heard about Arnav’s arrival. He runs out through the window… Ishu laughs at his antics.Arnav enter the room with Khushi…Ishu smiles and greets Khushi.
Arnav checks Ishu’s temperature.
Arnav:Wow di… You are fine now your temperature is normal…. You know Khushi for the first tims di has taken care of herself so well…. and the credit goes to M…
Ishu interrupt (lost in another world) :Raman!
Arnav :What? Who is Raman now?
Khushi:Dont say me its your boyfriend
Arnav:Was he here till now?
Khushi:Wow how sweet of him
Arnav :Stop Khushi…. What does he do di?
Ishu(irritated):Can you peopls shut up! Arnav:Ok…Do
Arnav :Love
Ishu nods
Raman see this from the window and feels on cloud nine.
Raman message Ishu
Raman:I Love you and sorry i have a bad habit of sneaking in to others rooms through window
Ishu gets shocked to see the message…Ishu opens the window and beats Raman
Raman smiles and says:I love you
Ishu:Raavan Kumar
Raman:Say ILY
Ishu:I love Raavan Kumar
He makes Pout face…. She pulls his cheeks.
Raman is introduced to Arshi.

*I hope this was pretty long… So the fb scenes start here with a dull climax(i swear? )

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  1. wow two updates so ishra and arshi were married in earlier birth ishu was adopted and arnav sister pls continue soon

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    Please continue with the story?

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  4. very much interesting story line…their previous birth ishra and arshi both were married….very much eager to fb scenes of previous birth…

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