Dil Chahta Hai-17



Recap:Raman gets some flashes ishu restricts Arnav from saying something. Khushi and Ishu share their problems.Khushi gets a call from unknown number

Next day morning,
Ishu wakes up and she moves down to kitchen and get some flashes of a girl cutting cake, a man looking at her, two kids playing. A man hugging her and crying. ?
She faints and lands on Raman’s arm. She starts blabbering :”Dont leave me”

Raman places her on sofa and sprinkle water on her….She wake up and see raman…….She instantly hug him and say Dont leave me Raman. Raman get shocked. He hugs her back unknowingly.Both get shocked and move away.
Arshi and Rurav enter and get shocked!
Ruhi:What was that?
Arnav:No idea Ruhi!
Khushi:Hot scenes ah! (laughs?)
Arnav, Aarav and Ruhi stare at her.
Aarav:That wasnt hot…. it was just a hug
Khushi:So what i felt it hot so i said
Arnav:Foolish girls
Ruhi:Ladkiyon ki baare mein mat bol (Dont say about girls)
Arnav:Oh meri naari sakti ka founder… i am sorry teek hai? (Oh my lady rights founder…i am sorry fine now?)
Ruhi: Better
Ishra look at Arshi and Rurav shocked.
Aarav:What was happening here di?(he asks teasingly)

Arnav:You can share with us no problem… For US (He stress the US)
Ishu:What do you mean by stressing on US??
Ruhi:Bas aise hi (Just like that)
Raman: question is being asked here and answer from there…. There is something Fishy?
Khushi: Not fishy its huggy?
Ishra look at them shocked and the duo laugh silently?
Ishu:Khushi! You too…….Actually i fainted and he helped me get up and i dont know what happened I suddenly hugged him and he hugged me back.
Raman:I am equally shocked.
Aarav:Di are you alright now.
He hugs her and kiss on her forehead.
She smiles ☺
Arnav: but what happened that you fainted?
Ishu:Again those flashes yaar.
Raman gets shocked at her statement
Raman:What flashes?
Aarav:She also get those flashes like you and….
Ishu interrupt :Raman…..woh i also get some flashes like what you described yesterday……A cake cutting…two kids….. A man…. A women laughing…..A couple dancing….But i cant see their faces.Its as if some filters are added in my dream….and its blured.
Raman:Exactly yaar…!The same thing happens to me
Ruhi:So that means there is something connecting you people
Khushi:May be us?
Arnav:Why did you say us?
Khushi:I dont know.
Aarav:I Have the perfect solution for this.
Everybody look at him eagerly.. He smiles

The screen shifta to India,
A small house and a lady is shown blured… Her phone rings… She picks it up.
Lady:Hi Aarav… How are you chotu?? …. What you are in london? Saale you didnt say me…… Oh yah tell….. Ok….i understand the case…… I will be there tomorrow then.
The lady hangs up the call and smiles widely.
She runs to a room and opens a cuboard and takes out an album…. She Looks at Ishra’s and Arshi’s wedding photo and smiles
Lady:I hope its you people! I have to find you and say the truth….. For my grandma atleast. And the last 3 people are them!
A small drop of tear escape her eyes….. She composes herself and packs her things (i can see her face…..can anyone of you see?… For that wait for my next epi)

So ta ta bye bye….. I was busy so a short epi…. I promise next epi will be big.

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  1. Jasminerahul

    ishra scene was so beautiful.whats their mystery?who is the lady at the end?What?Ishra Arshi r married?

    1. Veronica

      Thanks Jasmine and you will get to know soon.

  2. Kumud

    Wat is this yaar vero another suspense anyway nice ff

    1. Veronica

      Thanks kumud

  3. this much suspense…r you want kill me yaar…try to upload next one fast….eagerly waiting for next one…

    1. Veronica

      Wait wait and wait dear…… Thank you

  4. Arshi

    Wowowowowow what a chappy.. ishra hug s soo cute…..

    And the lady.. i couldnt see her??? this is unfair…. but its ok…. suspemse only add new flavour tp each epi…. i m waitingg for ur next suspense …

    1. Veronica

      Ha ha lol di…… And thanks

  5. nice episode ishra scene was beautiful what the connection ishra and arshi have they are married who is that lady pls update soon

    1. Veronica

      Thanks yaar and i hope you have read my next Update

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