DIL BOLE OBEROI! A story full of love,pain,hatred,disbelief and trust (Episode-8)

Hi ishqies how are you all? Hope all of you’re fine. So so so so sorry for the super late update. We’ll bakbak later first head to the story.


Recape:Shivkara conversation,Jhanvi tries to suicide,Anika comes to know about Shivaay’s nickname,Prinku ask her friend to come to OM and Tej Avinash meeting.

In Oberoi Mansion………
Avinash and Avantika comes to OM. Tej told them about all the mess that happened these days. Avinash really fell sorry for Tej. He assure him that everything will be alright. Tej introduced Anika to him as their private detective who is handling the case. Avinash thanks her again for saving Avantika from falling. All this time Avantika was feeling a strong connection with Anika but she ignores it. All were chitchating about well beings of each-other.Suddenly Tia comes there and ask Shivaay about her phone and says she is not finding it. The Raichand’s were a bit astonished seeing Tia coz they haven’t seen her before. Pinky introduce her.

Pinky:Avinashji meets my would be bahu. She is Tia.Tia kapoor buts for now she will be Oberoi soon. And Tia this is Mr.Avinash Raichand and his wife Mrs.Avantika Raichand.
Tia was a bit shocked to hear”Raichand”??? but she control herself. Avinash also a bit surprised by hearing her surname. He look at Avantika.
Avinash:Tia kapoor. I think I know you.
Tia:But uncle how will you know me? I used to live in Malaysia.???
Avinash:But how can that be possible. Tia kapoor,Tia kapoor.
Tia is now afraid but then all of them hear a voice.
Voice:Priyanka did you forget me?

All look towards the voice direction and found that there is a boy standing. Seeing him Tia got relived. Priyanka run toward him and hug him tightly. And says
Prinku:Oh my God you have come so early I can’t believe.
Boy:You called me and how could I not come.
Prinku:Thanks for coming yaar.
The Raichand’s and Anika was confused. Prinku introduced him to them.
Prinku:Uncle,aunty,Anika meet him. He is my all time best friend(I think guys you all have already understood who is he.)Robin.(yes he is Robin.)
Robin greet all of them. Dadi ask Prinku to take him to his room as he has do a long journey from Delhi. Prinku takes him to his room. NowAvinash want to leave so he seek permission from Dadi.

Avinash:Auntyji now we have to leave.
Dadi:Arey puttar what’s the hurry? Sit for sometime more.
Avantika:Auntyji we could stay back but as you know that we have c ome to India just a few hours ago so we have to set our villa and business too.
Shakti:That means you don’t have any specific place to live.
Avinash:No,that’s not the fact. We are shifting in hotel for somedays.
Shakti:Then why don’t you stay here? You’ll have no problem here.
Tej:What but Avi.

Avinash:Actually Tej I will stay back but the business deals are really important.
Rudra:Arey uncle aap chinta mat kijia papa or chote papa hain na vo sab samvhal lenge or agar vo nehi samvhal paye toh Shivaay bhaiya samvhal lenge. Or agar vo samvhal nehi paye toh O samvhal lega or agar vo bhi nehi samvhal nehi paya toh main kisliye hoon? Ye biceps maine sef dikhane kiliye nehi banaya hain. Main sare rivals ko pit pit kar dajiya uda dunga.(Uncle you don’t worry papa and chote papa will handle everything and if they could not handle then Shivaay bhaiya will handle it and if Shivaay bhaiya couldn’t then O will handle and if Om also fails then why am I here? I didn’t make these biceps for show off. I will beat all the rival black and blue.)
Shivkara together pat on his head. Rudra screams.

Rudra:Ouch! Bhaiya what are you doing.
Shivaay:Tujhe mar rehe hain or kaya?(Were hitting you else what?)
Rudra:Kiyu kaya aap ko lagta hain ki main business nehi samvhal sakte?(Why? Do you think that I can’t handle business?)

Shivkara:Pehele khud ko to samvhal na sikh ja phir business samvhal na. (First learn to handle yourself then do business.)
Shivaay:So uncle you’re staying and I am not going to listen anything now.
Avinash:But Shivaay.
Shivaay:No but vut Khanna plz go and get all the belongings from their car.
Avinash:Ah Shivaay Singh Oberoi is saying then we have to stay Avantika.
Avantika laugh. Pinky goes from there to arrange their room. Shivaay gets a call so he excused himself from there.

In Robin’s room…..

Prinku and Robin are sitting on the bed. Priyanka told him aboutthe whole incident. She was very much tensed. Robin assured her that he will be on her side always. He ask her to go and take rest. He drop her to her room. From Priyanka’s room he went to Tia’s room. Tia was doing something. He silently enter in the room and closed the door. By the door closing noise Tia first afraid a bit?? but as she saw Robin she goes and hug him.?
Tia:Robinwhy have you come here? If anyone saw you then?
Robin:Don’t worry no one saw me. I have come here to talk with you about the further plan.
Tia:Ya even I want to talkto you about it. So did your men do the job?
Robin:Yes they’ve done now just waiting for the right time.
Tia:And after that the problem name Shivaay will be solved for forever.
Robin:Yes darling and we’ll be able to execute our next step.(both laugh evilly.)?????

On Shivaay’s room……

Shivaay was very much tensed after that phone call. He was doing all work together. He was searching files,talking to Mishra,drinking espresso,typing on laptop and what not? Omru come there and saw him in that state.
Rudra:Bhaiya what are you doing?
Shivaay:I am working Rudra.?
Rudra:But which work you are doing so many? And nothing is happening properly.???
Om:Arey wah Rudra aj dusri bar tune akal ki bat boli hain.(Arey wah Rudra you have said something sensible for the second time today.) But Shivaay he is right do work one by one. Why to pressure?
Shivaay:Actually Om something very bad happened if I don’t go to bareliye in next 3 hour then it will be a huge mess.
Om:What happened Shivaay tell us we’ll help you.

Shivaay:No Om thanks for asking but I cannot give you guys tensions for anything.
Rudra:Who said you to give us whole tension. We will divide it.?
Om:He is right Shivaay. You don’t need to handle all pressures alone you havetwo more brothers share it with us. We’ll handle it.
Shivaay:No Omru. Do you know when younger brothers handle pressures? When they don’t have any elder one. But I am here for you na so don’t worry. And if you guys want to handle pressures then wait till my death. Okay.(and he laughs loudly.)
Rudra:Bhaiya how many times I have told you not to talk about death but you never listen to me. Go I will not talk to you.???

Om:Shivaay if anything happens to you then we’ll be not able to live.
Shivaay hearing tis hug Om tightly.Almost in a breaking tone he said:Om you have said this today but don’t you dare to say this ever again. And he tighten the hug more. Om also hug him back. Here Rudy looks at them and says:O’bros moment without me? Not fair. And he makes a puppy face.????
Shivaay and Om laughs and Shivaay pull him to their hug. They hug eachother.(Lafzone ka yeh rishta nehi plays)Shivaay kisses on both head.
After some more times Omru left as Shivaay have to go bareliye. After they leave he called Khanna and ask him to ready the chopper. He was busy in some call when Anika comes and knocks the door. She came inside.
Shivaay:Why have you come here?
Anika:O actually billuji I want the file of Svetlana’s details.

Shivaay:Wait wait wait. First of all don’t call me that.??
Shivaay:That you said just now.??
Anika:What?(taking a pause)Oh I get it billuji right?

Shivaay:You said it again?
Anika:Look billuji I am not in a mood to argue with you. Quickly give me the file.
Shivaay:First you stop calling me that. Then I will give you.
Anika:Billuji I am telling you give me that I have many work to do. So just give me.
Shivaay:Firstly stop calling me that and secondly you should ask for it politely coz when we ask for something we say plz.
Anika:You talk so much. I will call you billu and now give me the file.
Anika:Uffffffff!!??? Ok Give me the file plz.
Shivaay:Ya like this. And he hands over the file to her. Just then he gets a call and was furious after listening what Khanna says.

Shivaay:Look Khanna id my brothers got a scratch I will not spare you. Do you understand? Do whatever you want but remember my brothers shouldn’t have a little wound or h ou will be finish. He hungs up the phone. Anika wss standing there so generally she heard the conversation. After Shivaay cools down a bit she asked
Anika:You love Omru very much right.
Shivaay:More than my life. They’remy everything.
Anika:You thrice are very lucky that you got eachother as brothers.
Shivaay:Why you also have a brother.
Anika:Ya and he is my family.
Her eyes wets up. She goes from there. Shivaay thinks what is the problem with her? He thinks that hehave to find out. But for now he gets ready for bareliye.

In Robin’s room…..

Robin is on call.
Robin:Have you done the work?
On theother side:Yes sir the things you have told me to do I have done it.
Robin:Good job. How much time will it take?
On the:I have set it for 2 hours from now. Your work will be done on the mid-way. Don’t worry sir.
Robin hungs up the phone. He smiles evilly thinking something.

In the study….

Anika was checking the details about Svetlana but as she open the file she found that it was Shivaay’s business related file. He gave her wrong one. So she went to his room to give it back but he wasn’t in the room. She called Khanna and ask her about Shivaay. So Khanna says that he is going to bareliye.

In Om’s room…..

Om is in a mood of painting but he is not getting any idea to draw. So unknowingly he was sketching on the canvas remembering someone’s face. And when he look at it,he saw that he make a beautiful drawing of a girl. The girl is smiling and her eyes are filled with joy. He smiled looking at the picture. And coloured it.


So that’s for today guys.
I am really very very sorry that I post it so lately.
Actually guys I was troubling with my phone very much.
It’s view was shaking.
I have write it 5 times till now.
But each time I close my phone my article got lost.
This is the 6th time.

So guys hope you’re are enjoying IB and DBO.
And plz do comments guys.

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