DIL BOLE OBEROI! A story full of love,pain,hatred,disbelief and trust (Episode-7)

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Recape:Omri conversation,Roumya meeting,Om and Prinku gets a mysterious call.

In Om’s room….

Om is still hugging Shivaay and was crying. Shivaay asked him what happened but he said nothing. Suddenly he realise the hug that Mr. Oberoi has did something that cannot be corrected.
Shivaay:What did Bade papa do Om just tell me.
Om:Shivaay he had already broke my mom and now he also break the family Shivaay.
Shivaay:Om just say what happened.
Om was about to say something but he couldn’t and he again start crying.
Shivaay:Look if you don’t tell me then how will I understand? Look plz tell me. What happened huh what happened?

Om:Shivaay Mr.Oberoi…..he got intimate with that Shwetlana and now he wants to divorce my mom.
Shivaay(shocked):What??!! Who said this to you and how did you get to know that he got intimate with her?
Om:I got a call just before sometime and he says that he is going to leak this news to the mediaand if this news come out Shivaay mo m will not survive. Plz don’t say this to mom I am going to meet with him.

But as he turn to go from there he saw Jhanvi standing there. Shivkara was shocked to see her there. She run from there and Shivkara also run behind her. All saw them running and they come to know the matter when they saw the news on t.v. Tej totally denied it but Dadi placed a tight slap on his cheek. All went to Jhanvi and saw her holding a knife and was about to cut her nerves. All asked her to stop but she doesn’t listen to anyone and move the knife across her nerves. She closes her eyes and was waiting to slip in death but her hand was not paining. She opens her eyes and found that there was another hand placed on her hand and it was bleeding. She look at the person and saw that it was Anika. Anika almost doing struggle took the knife from her and throw it. Then she spoke
Anika:What are you supposed to do Jhanvi aunty? Have you gone crazy? Are you out of your nuts? What if something happens to you.

Jhanvi:Let it happen. I don’t want to live anymore. I am fed up of this life.
Anika(consoling her):Plz don’t say like this aunty. I know that you’re hurt but you shouldn’t do this. This will hurt you.
Jhanvi:What should I do Anika you say,what should I do. What did I get. Nor I get love or nor I get respect of being a wife from my husband. And he is spending night with someone else.
Anika:Aunty I know you’re hurt but that doesn’t mean that you’ll took any drastic step and end your life. Everyone here love you and I believe that Tej uncle didn’t do this.
Jhanvi:How can you say this. The phone call,Shivaay and Om’s talk everything. How can you deny this.

Anika:Nor I am denying it nor I am believing it. I want to search the truth. Plz don’t do this I gave you my words that Io will find the truth. I know you doesn’t get the right of a wife but you got the love and respect of a mother. Your all children love you from the core of their heart. (looking toward Priomru)Don’tyou guys?
Priomru(together):We love you a lot mom.
Saying this they all run towards her and hug her tightly. Jhanvi cries. Shivaay was standing there. She then says:I think my another son doesn’t want to hug me he doesn’t love me. At first all were a bit confused except Dadi. But then she push Shivaay and Shivaay goes and hugs her. They have a Oberoi moment.

In the study…..

Anika was searching some files there but she couldn’t find it. Then she saw Shivaay was passing from there. She stopped him and asked
Anika:Did you see the blue colour file that I kept on the sofa?
Shivaay(shouting):Kaya main tumhara noker hoon jo tum edhar udhar chiz phali rakhogi or main unka dhain rakhunga.(Am I your servant that I will keep an eyes on the things which you kept here and there?)
Anika:Arey main bus aap se ek simple si chiz puchi app itna chilla kiyu rehe ho?(Arey I have just asked you a simple thing why are you shouting?)
Shivaay:Kiyu na chillau? Ek to tum koi chiz samvhal kar nehi rakh sakti or uper se mujhe suna rehe ho.(Why shouldn’t I shout? Firstly you didn’t keep things properly and now you’re saying me.)
Anika:Dekhia mein sab chiz e thik se hi rakhti hoon. (Look I keep all things properly.)
Shivaay:Oh really then why are you not finding it now.

Anika:Coz I have seen you face and when I saw your face my day went bad.
Shivaay:What do you want to say that I have a cursed face????
Anika(nodding her head):Exactly! You understood it. You’re are not that fool which I thought. Aap tadibaaz SSO ho,vo mujhe pata hein par baghwan ne aap ke vheja me vejha diya hain vo mujhe pata nehi tha.(You’re tadibaaz SSO that I know but you have brain in you head that I didn’t know earlier.)
Shivaay:What did you say I don’t have brains? And what does this SSO means huh?
Anika:You didn’t understand what does SSO means. That means I am rightyou don’t have brains. Are bhudhu SSO ka matlab hain”Shivaay Singh Oberoi”

Shivaay:What the wuck???????? SSO……….mera nam……. you’re……..you’re just a………. just…a mad.”MAD”. I wonder how did you become detective.
Anika:You think I am mad really. Jo khud chiz o ka nam rakhta hain vo mujhe pagal bol raha hain…main app ko……(Who gives name to things are calling me mad……..I will show you….)
Shivaay:I don’t give names to things and this is your problem you assumed anything without thinking. Arey Mishra was my……
He couldn’t finish his sentence and Dadi comes there. Dadi asked her why they’re shouting? Anika complains about Shivaay and he also about her
Dadi:Ok ok I understand you both are at fault. Ah Anika I have saw it on the dinning table last time…. you may go…….
Shivaay:What you keep that at dinning table and you’re saying that you kept it on the couch really you’re mad.
Saying this he goes from there toward the dinning table Anika also go behind him. He found the file lying on the table and he picked it.
Shivaay:Look it is here you left it here and you’re saying that it was in the couch. You’re so careless.
Anika:Oh excuse me I am not carelessI clearly remember that I kept it there. But I don’t know how did it come here.
Shivaay:Ya Ya now you will deny it na. The file has come here by itself walking or by flying coz you have keep it there so the only way it come by itself!!!????
All this time of talking he was moving the file side by side up and down. After he finishes his bakbaks Anika move her hand towards him. He asked what? She says file. He says no you will not get it if I gave it to you,you will again lost it.Anika tries to snatch it from his hand but as she grab it she shouts in pain and her hand start bleeding. Shivaay keep the file on the table and grab her hand in his.
Shivaay:Ah.Oh my god! Anika how does it happen?
Anika:O…. Jhanvi aunty.
Shivaay:Ya I understand but why didn’t you dress it till now you know it could have get infected.
Anika:Oh I have forgot to dress it and it wasn’t bleeding much don’t worry it will heal soon.
Shivaay:Ya ya it will heal soon!???. Just shut your mouth and sit here. I will be right back.
Anika sat in a chair and Shivaay comes there with a first-aid box. He he sat in a chair infornt of her and star dressing her hand.
Shivaay:You should be a little more careful if it got infected then it could be a very big problem.
Anika:You don’t worry it is not too late.
Shivaay:Doesn’t it hurt? Are you not feeling pain?
Anika(unknowingly):When you have pain in your heart you does bother about the pain in your body.
Shivaay:What? Pain in your heart?

Anika(realising what she said):No….no…..nothing.
Shivaay completes the first aid.
Shivaay:Ok now it’s done.
Anika:Thank you!
Shivaay:Welcome. Ah…..you didn’t tell about your pain.
Anika(trying to cover up):Oh….o..Ah just leave mine. You now tell me about Jhanvi aunty and Tej uncle.
Shivaay says the story of Tejanvilana and also Om’s possessiveness towards his mom. Anika understood the whole fact and she promise him that she will set everything alright. During their conversation Omru comes there.
Om:Anika thanks for saving my mom. I am really grateful to you.
Anika:Oh ho Om don’t say like that. I was my duty.
Rudra:No didi we know it was your duty but still thanks.

Anika:Ok ok stop this emotional drama dramakings. But I guys want you to help me in solving this case coz I can’t do anything without you bcoz i don’t know all information about the Oberoi’s.
Rudra:Arey didi you don’t worry we will surely help you.
Anika:A guys did you saw Dadi somewhere? Actually I have to talk some important with her.
At that moment Dadi comes there. Actually she was passing nearby and she heard her and come.
Dadi:What’s the matter dear what you want to ask me?
Anika:Dadi…O….actually I want to know the history of Shwetlana as Tej uncle told me that she was an employee in Oberoi industry.
Dadi(smiling):So what’s the big deal in it you will get it. Billu will give that to you.
Anika(confused):Billu….who is this billu?
Rudra:Arey Anika didi you didn’t recognise billu.
Anika:No Rudra who is this?
Rudra was about to say something but Shivaay says:Rudra tu mere sath chal,mujhe tujhse kuch kam hain.(Rudra come with me I have some work with you)
Rudy:Ek minute bhaiya mein pehele didi ko billu koun hain vo to bata doon. (One minute bhaiya first let me trll didi who is billu.)
Shivaay:Koy jaroorat nehi hain tu chal mere sath.(No nee to say,you come with me.)
Om:Kyu Shivaay bol ne dena usse Anika ko bhi pata chale ki billu koun hein. (Why Shivaay let him tell. Anika should also know who is this billu.)
Shivaay:Chup or tu bhi mere sath chal.(Shut up and you also ome along me)
Anika:Arey koy batayga bhi ki koun hein ye?(Arey will anyone say who is this?)
Dadi:Asal mein main payar se…..()
Shivaay:Nehi Dadi kuch mat boliye.
Rudra:Bhaiya aj app kitna bhi rokle main to bataunga.(Bhaiya how much you stop today but I will surely tell it.)
Rudy tries to say but Shivaay covers his mouth. Then Om tries to say but Shivaay hold him by his another hand and tries to go from there. But Rudy is Rudy he bites his hand and Shivaay takes it off.

Shivaay:Ouch! Rudra what have you done
Om:Isse hi kehte hein bure kam ka bura natija.
Rudy(taking breaths):Anika didi……..Shivaay…..bhaiya ka nam hi…..billu hain.
Hearing this Anika start laughing and Shivaay pats on his head. Dadi left from there smiling to give the youngsters some space. Rudy and Om gave a high-five for the success of their plan. Anika is still laughing. After a couple of minutes she control it and speak.
Anika:So billuji arrange the files by tomorrow ok.
Shivaay:Hey don’t call me that ok!

Anika:What should I not call you?
Shivaay:That you say a while ago.
Anika:What billuji? Oh I get it billuji. Toh ab billuji ko billuji nehi bulaunga toh kaya bulaunga? Aap hi bata dijiye billuji.(I should call billuji,billuji.You say what should I call you billuji?)
Shivaay:You said it five times in 1 minute.
Anika:Wow you’re such a calculator. I think I should call you Calculator Singh Oberoi. Coz you have problem in calling you billuji.
Omru laughed at Anika’s talk and seeing Shivaay Singh Oberoi in such a state.
Shivaay:Ohhhh..stop it. Don’t call me that.
Anika:I will call you. Do whatever you want.
Shivaay:This girl is mad.
Saying this he leaves and while he was going Anika shouts from behind.
Anika:Billuji make sure the files are ready tomorrow.
Shivaay just look back at her with a angry look. After he left Aniomru start laughing and was unable to control it.

In Priyanka’s room…..

She was sitting in the bed and was thinking about the call.

“The caller was same but after he gives the Shwetlana’s news he also told that he is going to reavel the truth of Mallika’s murder and will say that Omkara has done that. And he has many proof although its not real but they will not be able to proof that fake.(Actually guys no-one knows about Mallika’s death except the Oberoi family. You could think why did there is no police case but as Oberoi’s think that it was done by Pinky so they didn’t let the matter go out. And you know about Oberoi’s powers.) She asked him what he want so he said that he wants the half share of her part in the Oberoi empire. She says that she will give it and asked him to come to a old factory. Now she is thinking what to do. She decided to discuss it with Anika but she then get that call and the person warned her that if she says this to anyone he will kill her three brother. Fb ends….

Now she is thinking to whome she can share it and take help coz she don’t want to loss her brothers. Suddenly she remembers someone and call him. She told the all incident to him and ask him to come in the OM. After the call she was a bit relived that she shared this and her best friend ready to help her. . But she don’t know that her best friend will be one of the culprit behind the plan of destroying the Oberoi family. She was thinking of what to do next and then Pinky comes there. Prinku saw Pinky she was holding some clothes.
Prinku:Choti ma what happened is everything alright? You here.
Pinky:Prinku o actually mummyji has arranged Ganesh Puja tomorrow so for that she has sent some clothes to you do wear it tomorrow.

Prinku:Ok Choti ma give this to me.I
She tries to take it from her but Pinky hold her hand.
Pinky:Prinku why are you tensed? Did something happened bete tell me.
Prinku(avoiding eye contact):No Choti ma I am fine just a little tired. You go I will rest ok.
Pinky:Are you telling the truth?
Prinku:Yes Choti ma don’t worry I am perfectly fine ok. You go.
Pinky goes from there. Prinku is very much depressed so she take a sleeping pill and sleep.

In the villains house…..

Mrs.kapoor:So our one plan is successful this news of Shwetlana will force Omkara to hate Tej more and we can proceed our plan further.
Roop:So wht is our next step?
Gayatri:Our next step will be the most dangerous if they got 1% suspense on him our plan will fail.
Ragini:Who how will he enter there?
Gayatri:Don’t worry he already got the entry ticket and once he enters it will not be easy to out him.
Tia:But mom what should I do now?
Mrs.kapoor:You just enjoy the money of Oberoi’s but also try to our that Anika out of their life. She is the big obstacle for us.
Tia:Ok mom.
Roop:So Romi you also start your game darling. You also enter in Rudra’s.
Romi:Ok aunty.
Ragini:Mom first we should destroy Tej Oberoi first bcoz he is the basement of the full Oberoi empire.
Roop:No Ragini he isn’t the basement of the Oberoi empire. The basement is Shivaay and he is also the basement of the family. We have to break him first to break the Oberois.
Tia:For that I have a plan. Let me tell you.
She tell the plan which is muted. All agree to it. So Tia start preparation for it.

The next day in Oberoi Mansion…….

Anika comes there for the file and saw the whole family is going for Puja. She doesn’t know it as she left before Dadi could tell her. She says that as they are going for puja then she is going to the Oberoi’s office for the file.
Dadi:But how will you go alone?
Anika:Don’t worry Dadi I will manage.
Rudy:Didi why don’t you join us in the Puja? What do you say Dadi.
Dadi:Wah Rudra aj pehli bar tune akal ki baat boli hain. Ha Anika tu humare sath chal puttar. (Wow Rudra today for the first time you have say something sensible. Yes Anika you also join us puttar.)
Anika:But how could I……

Dadi:No no. I don’t want any further argument on it.
So Anika agree to go with them for the puja. They went there and saw all the arrangements are done. So they can start the puja. Everything went smoothly but during the puja Anika suddenly notice that Shivaay tear falls from Shivaa’s eyes. She thinks that it will be for his family but she has some doubt. The puja ends. Anika and all others are goingout of the temple. Anika saw that a lady was standing on the stairs of the temple and a crowd is coming. Her husband was standing far away from her. Due to the rush of the crowd her feet slips and she was about to fall. But Anika rushes towards her and at the right she hold her and the lady was safe. Her husban come there running. Anika help her to come down of the stairs and she make her sat on the bench nearby.
Anika:Are you ok aunty? I hope you’re not hurt.

Lady:Ye…yes I am fine. Thanks a lot dear for saving me.
Anika:No no aunty whatare you saying it’s my duty.
The Oberoi’s come there and was shocked to see the couple.
Tej:Avinash you? When did you back from Singapore?
Avinash:Arey Tej you. How you’re doing?
Tej:I am not good yaar.
Avinash:Why? What happened.
Tej:Didn’t you know anything?
Avinash:No I didn’t hear anything actually I come to India a few hours ago.
Tej:Then come to OM I will tell you.

Precape:Conversation in OM——-Prinku’s friend reviled——-tia’s plan.

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