DIL BOLE OBEROI! A story full of love,pain,hatred,disbelief and trust (Episode-6)

Hi guys welcome back. Hope all of you’re fine. I have many things to say you but at last. Now let’s head to the story. So this is Orchid again signing in the ff.


Recape:Ranveer comes to OM,Tia’s entry,Shivika moment and Omri meeting.

In Shivaay’s car……..

Anika and Shivaay are looking at eachother but their moment were disturb by the horns of car behind them. Both come into sense and realize what they’re doing and feel awkward. Shivaay drive the car silently and they reach their destination. Shivika went inside the lab and asked for the report. After seeing the report both were shocked. They just can’t believe their eyes. Anika asked Shivaay about their family story and call Raghavan asked him for some files from the Oberoi industry.

Outside of Om’s gallery….

Om was continuously starring Gauri. Gauri shakes her hand infornt of Om to bring him back to sense. Om come out of his thoughts and was disturbed by Gauri’s action.
Om(a bit irritated):WHAT??????
Gauri:What is what? Why are you staring me?
Om:I am not staring you. You’re mistaken.
Gauri:I am mistaken? You want to say that my eyes have problems that I will be mistaken?
Om:Arey! When did I say that?
Gauri:You didn’t say it but you meant it. And your eyes are clearly saying it.
Om:My eyes? Wait a sec that means you were staring me
Gauri:O excuse me I am not so cheap that I will stare anyone like you.
Om:Then how did you come to know that?
Gauri:Just like that
Om:That’s mean you are!
Gauri:No I am not. You were the one who was staring
Om:Why will I stare you? You’re not that beautiful that I will stare you.
Gauri:What? What did you say? I am not that beautiful,do you know that in my college life all boys are my slaves they do all things for me. Even they can die for me. You’re calling me ugly.
Om:Oh that’s mean you were bandits queen from your college age? And I think the boys who was your slave are afraid of you thus they become your slaves.
Gauri:No they are not they were bcoz I am the most beautiful girl of college.
Om:I think the person who said that you’re pretty was having problems in his eye or brain coz you’re not sweet you’re solid.
Gauri(shouting):What about you huh? You’re having such long hair and you’re calling me mad. Actually you’re mad.
Om:Hey don’t say anything about my hairs bandits queen.
Gauri:I will say Mr.Zulfi.
Om:No you’ll not. Or else…
Gauri:Or else what? I will call you Zulfi do whatever you want.
Om:I said just stop it.
Gauri:Zulfi Zulfi Zulfi.
Om:Bandits queen.
Om(giving up):Ok ok I give up you win
Gauri:Better you give up.
Om:Ok thanks for your help.
Gauri:Which help?
Om:You save the lady…..
Gauri:Arey it’s not a big deal. I have save many persons life I my whole life.
Om:What is your age?
Gauri:Oh my god! Hoe shameless you’re. Don’t you know that you shouldn’t ask a girl about her age. Mannerless!??
Om:Hey don’t talk about manner. It doesn’t suits you.
Gauri:You’re saying that it suits you very well huh.
Om:Oh plz I don’t want to argue with you.
Gauri:You’re saying like I am dying to talk with you. Seriously I haven’t see such a battameez guy like you in my whole life.
Om:Oh really then I have to say that your a Witch.
Gauri:I am a witch huh the you’re a…….you’re a Wizard!
Om:Oh can’t you stop blabbering.
Gauri:I am blabbering? And what are you doing? Are you uttering spells?
Both are”TAKKAR WALI”. No one is ready do give up. So at last both went from there cursing eachother.On the other hand

In Oberoi Mansion……

Anika and Shivaay come back from the forensic lab. Anika called all the Oberoi elders in the hall. All were a little confused by this.
Dadi:What happened dear ssh have you call all of us suddenly?
Tej:Yes Anika did you find something?
Anika:Tej uncle,Dadi I have some questions for you plz say the truth.
Shakti:But what’s the matter plz tell us.
Anika:Dadi do you know Harish Mehra?
Dadi and tejakti were shocked by hearing the name.
Anika:What happened you guys know him right.
Dadi:Its a big story dear but we have hide it till now but today you have asked I am tetelling you.


It’s about 25 years ago. Oberoi empire was not that build up like now. Shivaay’s Dada Prithviraj Oberoi were trying hard to build the business. At that time the Mehra’s were the top business mans of India. Harish was the son of Ravish Mehra. Prithviraj and Ravish were childhood friend. Ravish help a lot in his business. Ravish was a good person,good business man but not a good father. His son Harish was very greedy. He used to go to pub and spent night with random girls. He used to enjoy the money of his father. Ravish try hard to control his but he couldn’t. At last Ravish passed away. After that Harish was handling the business. But he was cheap. He used to think about only himself. He build mills in the colony areas remaining thousands of families homeless. He refused to give the share of Oberois. After that Prithviraj stop doing business with him and star own business. After 2 years all other companies were fed up to do business with him and they start business with us. Thus we gain profits and became the Oberoi empire. But Harish threat us that if we do not stop doing business he will detroy us. But Prithviraj didn’t stop so Harish put fire in our industry and because of that 200 workers died. After that we put him into jail and the court ordered for the life prison for him. After that we get no information about him. Fb ends……

Dadi:Except Prithviraj only me and tejakti know about it.
Jhanvi:But mummyji why haven’t you tell us about all this?
Pinky:Yes mummyji why haven’t you tell us?
Dadi:Actually we don’t wawant to trouble you that why we hide it from you.
Shakti:But Anika how did you you got to know about Harish?
Anika:Coz the dead body was Harish Mehra’s.
Tej:What are you saying Anika? How can it be possible?
Anika:Why uncle? Why its not possible?
Shakti:Coz we have news that after 3 years of his prison he suicide.
Anika was confused and thinking how could it be possible? The forensic says that the body has been burnt only a week before,so how can it be possible that he has died 20 years ago? She was lost in thousands of thoughts like this and suddenly she hit someone and the person fall. Anika come out of her thoughts and look at the guy. She says sorry and let her hand to help her. And guys it was none other than Tia.
Anika:Are you ok. I hope you’re not hurt. I am so sorry oh actually I was lost…..and……
Tia:No no its ok. I am not hurt.
Anika:I am so sorry.
Tia:It’s ok. By the way who are you? I mean are you a guest or I mean I haven’t seen you before.
Anika:Oh I am Anika Singhaniya. I am here for the case.
Tia:O..ya ya I have heared your name so you’re the one. Anyways I am Tia kapoor.
Anika:Hi Tia. May I call you that?
Tia:Of course! Anyway did you saw Shivaay baby anywhere? I am looking for him in the whole house. I don’t know why this universe doesn’t want that I meet him.
Anika(a bit confused hearing Shivaay baby):A I saw him last time in the hall.
Tia was about to say something but Pinky comes there and says-
Pinky:Oh my mata! Tia when have you come here?
Tia:Just now aunty.
Pinky:You should have informs me na I would do preparations.
Tia:Why Pinky aunty can’t I come here?
Pinky:Arey why are you saying that. It is your house also. Recently not but it will be in two or three weeks.
Anika were standing there in confusion. Seeing that Pinky introduce Tia as Shivaay’s would be wife. Anika was feeling a little weird. But she goes from there and concentrate in her work.

In a park….

Rudra and some of his friends were chatting there. Suddenly they saw a girl running and some goons were behind her. Girl suddenly fell and the goons catches her and tries to take her with them.
Rudra thinks:Chal Rudy heropanti banne ka time agaya hai usse bachakar uski or puri duniya ki hero ban ja. Kal ka headline tere nam!???
Thinking this he goes there and start fighting with the goons. He was about to win whence suddenly a voice said,”CUT”. He saw upward and see that it was a shooting. His friends were laughing at him. He understood that the girl was the heroine and the goons were just actors. He was standing there like a fool. A girl of his age come and shouts at him. The girl is Sowmya.
Sowmya:Hey you what are you doing here in the shooting spot?
Rudra:A….. I was just helping the girl but I don’t know that it was a shooting.
Sowmya:Oh really, I think a you’re want to become hero but really sorry my film has no place for you therefore bye bye.
Rudra goes from there with plain face his friends tease him for the incident. He comes to OM and lock himself in his room.

In the villens home……

Roop:Our plan has worked now they are confused about the dead body and will concentrate only in it.
Ragini:And now we can execute our next plan and make Romi enter in Oberoi’s life.
Gayatr:But by whome? Shivaay already has Tia and Omkara is not interested in all this then whome?
Romi:Aunty don’t worry! I know a guy who will make me direct entry in OM.
Gayati:But who?
Romi throw an arrow in Rudra’s pic pested in the wall,infact the whole Oberoi family’s pics were pested in the wall.

In the evening……
Priyanka and Ranveer are thinking about eachother. Priyanka was thinking all her moments with Ranveer. Both are lost in their own world. But Priyanka suddenly gets a call. She pick it and after hearing something she just afraid to the hell she just said that she is coming to meet with the caller tomorrow. She hungs up the call and sits on her bed.

Om’s room….

He also got that call and was thinking about it and Shivaay comes there. On doesn’t notice him as he was in deep thoughts. When Shivaay put his hand on his shoulder Om come back to sense and cry loudly hugging him. Shivaay was confused by his sudden reaction. But he reciprocate the hug.

Tia is on call…..
Tia:Yes mom I have done it.
Mrs.kapoor:Very good my darling but now plz handle robin he’s too much.
Tia:Don’t worry he’ll not do anything.
Mrs.kapoor:Hope so and be careful. Ok
Tia:Ok mom.

Precape:Revelation of call mystery——-Something shocking——–Anika meets with her parents.

So it’s over. This is Orchid signing off now.
Guys if my ff is boring plz aware me.
I don’t want to write boring ff.
I am saying this coz I am not getting comments.
Oh yes and the question was
Should I make Roumya story tashan wali
Or emotion wali. Plz help guys. I will write according to yours
wish. Bye bye for now. I will try to post the next asap. And sorry for the delay.

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