DIL BOLE OBEROI! A story full of love,pain,hatred,disbelief and trust (Episode-4)

Hello friends how are you all? I think you guys are angry on me coz I give very short ep last time and I am posting it today although I have promised you that I will post on Wednesday. I am really really really sorry for that. I know I haven’t kept my promise but plz forgive me. Actually I am having virus fever and when I was typing my tablet got hanged and it has repaired today. This one is longer and I have covered the precape also. I have include more Shivika parts as your request. So this is orchid signing in the ff.


RECAPE:Shivika meeting and nok-jhok. Murder case.

In Oberoi Mansion…….

Shivaay:You are standing in my home and you’re threatening me?
Anika:What do you mean by your home. You works here but that doesn’t mean that you’re owner of the house.
Shivaa:Ek second main kis angel se worker lag raha hu? (Wait a second from which angel I am looking like a worker?)
Anika:Kis angle se matlab har angel sehi aap worker lag rehe hain.
Shivaay:Hey! Tum ho kaun? Aur Oberoi Mansion mein kiyu ayi ho?(One minute who are you? And why have you come to Oberoi Mansion?)
Anika:Hey ek minute tum ne mujhe tum bola? How dare you? Kaya tumhe koi manners nehi hain? Ek to mujh se muh lage reheho aur upper se tum. Mujhe Shivaay Singh Oberoi se milne ka mouka milana to main tomhari chutti kar dungi. Just wait and watch.
Shivaay:Tum Shivaay Singh Oberoi ko kaise jante ho? (How do you know Shivaay Singh Oberoi?)
Anika:Why should I tell you?

Shivaay:Because I am asking.
Anika:Arrey o kanji ankhon wale jayada tadi mat maro. Tum puncho ge aur mujhe batana padega?(Arey o kanji ankhon don’tshow too much tadi. If you ask then I have to say?)
Shivaay:Wait a second, what is this language? Ye kaya kan….
ji….kanji ankhon wale….ye ta…….ta…..tabi nehi tadi,kaya hay? Aur main hi hoon Shi… (What is this kan….ji….kanji ankhon wale….this ta…….ta…..tabi no tadi. What is this? And I am Shi…
Shivaay was about to say that he is Shivaay Singh Oberoi but Anika left without hearing him. Omru has seen the whole incident and they were in shock as no girl give such attitude to Shivaay.

Rudra:Bhaiya vo ladki kaun thi. Bara hi himmatt vali thi aapko to pura ka pura dho diya. (Bhaiya who was that girl. She is very much brave. She has just washed you.)
Shivaay:Matlab?????? Koi mujhe kaise dho sakta hain? Arrey main insan hu kapda thori na hu joki mujhe dhoga?(What? How can anyone wash me? I am human not fabric that yi u can wash me.)
Om:Shivaay rudra vo matlab nehi tha.(Shivaay Rudra doesn’t mean that.) Vo ye bolna chahta hain ki you just become numb infornt of her. She just make you shut.
Shivaay:Nothing like that Om and I am not afraid to anyone. I am Shivaay Singh Oberoi. And Shivaay Singh Oberoi never afraid.

Omru:Ha ha! Hum ne dekha. The Shivaay Singh Oberoi ki bolti band kardi ek ladki ne.(Ya ya. We saw. A girl make the great ShivaaySingh Oberoi numb.)
Shivaay gives a death glare to them and they stop. Shivaay want to tease them so he said:A Om don’t you have any work these days. I mean you are spending so much time with Rudra that you’re even understanding what he wants to say.????Like washed you! and you start using stupid talks like him!.Om mocking him back:Shivaay I at least copying my bro. I am not like you that a girl can make me shut and I am not stupid like you ok. I atleast understand Rudy the great’s words and that my plus point. (And he do the logic wala sign to Shivaay) Shivaay just give him a Begaani shaddi me abdullah deewana wala look.

Om says:Ab ase kaya dekh raha hai kaya main tuje koi model lagta hoon?? Chal ab ye bata ki vo ladki kaun thi aur tu uske sath kaya kar raha tha?(Now what are you seeing like this am I look like a model to you? Now say who was that girl and what are you doing with her?)
Shivaay:I don’t know who was she. She had bump something and was about to fall and I hold her.
Rudra:You hold her? O,am I dreaming? Shivaay bhaiya and hold a girl,that too a girl he dosen’t even know. I am going to faint o plz take to me to my room I can’t stand here for anymore.(Rudra continues his nautanki)
Prinku comes there and says to them:Bhaiya the private detective has arrived.
Shivaay:Has arrived already? Very fast girl. Ok let’s go.
Om:Shivaay tu ase jayega? Tuje dekhke servant lag raha hain.(Shivaay you are going in this way? You’re looking like a servant.)

Shivaay:Kue?(Why) What is the problem in this clothes?
Rudra:Bhaiya abhi hum aap ko samjha nehi sakte aap change karlo.(Bhaiya we can’t explain you now,you better change.)
Shivaay:Ok,okI. Pagal kahika!(You mad)
Shivaay went to change. Priomru goes to meet the detective. The went to the hall and found a girl was taking blessings from dadi. She was turning backward from them so they can’t saw her face. Rudra says in a low tone to Om.
Rudra:Zulfi,ladki to mast hain main dating seting karu usske sath?(Zulfi, the girl seems interesting shall I date her?)

Om:Duffer vo tujse bari hain. (Duffer she is elder than you)
Rudra:Tumhe kaise pata? Choti bhi to ho sakti hain.(How do you know? She can be younger too.)
While their conversation Anika stood up and face them. Omru were shocked to see her.Om whispers to rudy that is is the same girl who was arguing with Shivaay? Rudra just become numb.
Jhanvi says:Anika meet my children,Omkara,Rudra and Priyanka.
Anika:Hello, I am Anika Singhaniya,private detective.
Om:Hello, me Om a…
Anika:A artist and sculpturist?
Om (a bit confused):Ya but how do you know me?
Anika:I just guessed.
Om:But how?
Anika:Because in your clothes there are thousands of colour strains and in you left hand in the middle of your thumb there is soil which is only used to make sculptures.
All were amazed my Anika’s sense of humour. Rudra try to introduce himself. He says:Hello, I am Rudra Singh Oberoi. But girls know me as lady killer but I have less interest in girls.
Anika:Ya less interest in girls but great interestin biceps and you like sorry love to do exercise right?
Rudra:Ya but how do u guess? Oh I understand seeing my big biceps right? (And he do his logic wala sign)
Anika:I can guess many more like, tum khane ki nam me protein shake pite ho, Omkara ko zulfi bolte ho,Sab ki crybaby ho hain na?(you drink proteinshake instead of eating,you called Omkara as Zulfil,everyone called you crybaby right?)
Rudra forgot what to say next. Priyanka introduced herself. While introducing Shivaay comes there. He was talking on the phone and was shouting on mishra and while talking he bumps Anika. Anika was having water and the water fall on her. Shivaay realize what he did and he turn to see what happened.
Anika was looking to her dress so they couldn’t saw their faces.
Shivaay says:Sorry. I was talking on the phone and I just push you. I am really sorry.

Anika(looking to her dress):No no its ok. Just Water had fall it will dry soon.
After finishing her sentence she looks to Shivaay and was shocked.

Shivaay:What am I doing here. Listen I should asked this to you ok. This is my house.
Anika:Oh really your house you’re just a worker here you understood.
Dadi,Pinky,Jahnvi,Priomru cups their face hearing Anika’s statement.
Pinky:Oh my mata! Anika ye tu kaya bol raha hain? Shivaay workers kiyu hoga? Vo to mera beta hain.(Oh my goddess! Anika what are you saying? Shivaay is not worker he is my son.)
Anika was shocked and looked at Pinky.???? She can’t believe what she heared now.
Anika murmured:Phaile gaya raita!???
Om says:Choti ma isme Anika ki koi galti nehi hai, aap ka beta hi ajib o garib kapde pehenke ghoom rahatha. (Choti ma,Anika is not a fault your son was roaming here and there wearing strange clothes.)
Dadi:No worries Anika. It’s just a misunderstanding don’t hesitate. Now say what is your first step?
Before Anika could answer her phone rings, she says sorry and pick up the call.
Anika:Hello, may I know who is this?
Caller:Hello I am Raghavan mam.
Anika:Yes,Mr.Raghavan did you do the work I gave you.
Raghavan:Yes it’s done the court has accepted the request of bail of Mr.Tej and Shakti Singh Oberoi’s.
Anika:Ok. Can you plz drop them to Oberoi Mansion.
Raghava:We have almost reached mam.

Anika:You understand me so well.Ok drive safely. Bye
Raghavan:Ok don’t worry mam bye.
All were a bit confused by Anika’s talk. All were looking at her. Then at last
Dadi asked her:What happened puttar? Who are coming?
Anika:Dadi I have a surprise for you all.
Jhanvi:What surprise Anika?
Anika:You guys want to see?

Anika:Then come.
All went behind Anika. Anika was covering Dadi’s eyes. They come to the main door. Then she slowly removed her hands from Dadi’s eyes and Dadi saw Tej and Shakti were standing infornt of her. All were amazed. Dadi with teary eyes look at her and then to Tej and Shakti. Tejakti hug her and take her blessings. Jhanky were also very happy and thanked Anika. Everyone share a happy time.
After sometime all elders went to their respective rooms Anika was talking with Priomru. Shivaay was also there but Anika was ignoring him bcoz she was in guilt. After sometime Tej comes there and ask Anika to come with him. Anika goes with Tej and they were discussing something about that girl who gave the CD to them.

In a house……
A lady was appreciating a mid-20 girl for her work,
Lady:Great work. You rocked Ragini.
Ragini:Thanks mom. Akher beti kiski hu? Roop Singh Oberoi ki.(Although I am Roop Singh Oberoi’s daughter)(Yes guys it’s Roop and Ragini is her daughter)
Roop:Sahi kaha.(You’re right)
Another lady come from the back and says:But Roop we have just sent Tej and Shakti in jail,we have to destroy the Oberoi family.
Roop:Don’t worry Gayatri I have promised you that I will destroy the Oberoi family and Roop Singh Oberoi never back off from her words.???
Suddenly Roop’s phone rings and after hearing some she just throw her phone. (Just like Shivaay. Akher usika bua hain????). Gayatri asked what happened. Roop says:Tej and Shakti got bailed.
Gayatri and Ragini got 1000wt volt shock.???? They were feeling that their first shot missed.???
Gayatri asked:But how could it be possible. We have accused them for such crime so how can they got bailed so easily? ?

Ragini:Yes mom tell us how?
Roop:My P.A. says that they had hired a private detective and she get the bail for them.
Gayatri:Who is this private detective. Can’t we buy her by money?
Roop:Her name is Anika Singhaniya. She is very loyal. We will be not able to buy her.
Ragini:What will we gonna do now? I have heared that she haven’t spare any criminals till now.
Gayatri:It’s a very big problem.
Suddenly a hand placed in her shoulder and a lady come from behind and says:Don’t worry Gayatri. Hamare pas abhi vi ghulaam ka patta baki hain. And that’s Tia. (We have the Jack remaining now)
(Guys I think you have already understood who is it right? Yes it is Mrs.Kapoor.)
Gayatri:But Tia has just entered in the OM. It will be risky to use her now.
Mrs.Kapoor:Yes I know but after the marriage it will be easier right.
Roop,Gayatri,Ragini and Mrs.Kapoor laughs evilly.

In Oberoi Mansion…..
Anika was searching Shivaay’s room as she wants say”sorry”to him. (Of course guys she is not Tadibaaz like Shivaay). At last she was able to find his room. Shivaay was talking on phone and his back was facing her. She knocks at the door. Shivaay turns to see who was there. He sees her and hangs up the call.
Shivaay:Why have you come here?
Anika:O actually I have come here to says sorry to you.
Shivaay:Sorry for what?
Anika:You have already forgot?(She bow her head down in shame) I am so sorry for what I say to you and the way I behaved with you. Plz forgive me.??
Shivaay was amazed by the way of her seeking forgiveness. But as we all know Shivaay he makes every matter to a big issue.
Shivaay:No need to seek forgiveness. Just say one thing who gave you the license of detectivity? You assumed anything did I look like a worker to you? Really? Don’t you even know how does workers look like.

Anika:But you were in such clothes so I thought…..
Shivaay(shouting):Thought what huh? Thought what? Are you mad???
Anika:Arey! Why are you shouting? I have said sorry na!??
Shivaay:Sorry what sorry. Sorry is a small word but you have committed a crime. You called me worker really do you know how handsome I am? In my college life all girls are mad on me and you called me worker. I think you are sick or your eye sight have problems.
Anika(now in full anger):My eye sight have problems I think your eyes have problems or else you wouldn’t be roaming here and there in those clothes.
Shivaay:Excuse me this is my house and it is my personal choice that what would I wear and what not ok.
Anika:O really then try to wear proper clothes ok.

Shivaay:Who are you to tell me what to wear?
Anika:Dekhie aap itna tadi mat maro thik hain.(Don’t show too much tadi)
Shivaay:Now what is this tadi?
Anika:Oh just shut up and why are you wearing sunglass in home?
Shivaay:Hey don’t say anything about…….. (his phone ring,mishra has called. Unknowingly he says “MISHRA”and as his phone was in silent mode Anika didn’t notice the call)
Anika:Mishra?????Your’s glass’s name is Mishra. Aap chizo ka nam dete ho?(You give name to non-living things)
Shivaay:Ab chiz o ka nam kon deta hain?(Now who gives name to things?)
Anika:Vohi to main bol raha hu. Aap to itne dertak mujhe pagal bol rehe the par pagal to aap khud hain. Sunglass ka nam koun deta hoga? (That’s what I am saying. You were saying that I am mad but it seems that you’re mad. Who gives name to sunglass.)
Shivaa:When did I give name. You know your are really mad!
Anika:You think I am mad? Same to you,back to you. No reaturns.
They’rejust shouting like mads and bcoz opf their fight the whole Oberoi Mansion start shaking. But they are fighting and fighting without pause. At last Priomru shouts:SHOUT UUUUUPPPPP!!!???? Hearing them shouting they both stop and turned their face to opposite side.
As Anika’s work was over she goes to Tej’s room grab some files and leave OM. Shivaaywas in his room and thinking about his and Anika’s fight,unknowingly he was smiling thinking of Anika’s joyful mind and weird language. Omru was looking at him and were amazed by seeing him smiling blank like this after 2 years. They decide to discuss about this with Dadi so they went without disturbing his thoughts.

Precape:Anika get some clue———–Shivika romantic scenes———–Omri meeting————Tia’s entry———–Ranveer comes to OM.

So that’s for today guys.
This is Orchid signing off now.
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Plz plz plz forgive me.
I will post tomorrow.
And plz guys give me my protine shake,I mean comments.
Do drop one or words. They give me energy to type more.
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