DIL BOLE OBEROI! A story full of love,pain,hatred,disbelief and trust. Episode-18

Hi ishqbaazins. How are u all. Hope all are enjoying the leap of IB and DBO. So guys have a ques to u all but at last. Do ans me it’s imoortant. Now let’s start.


Precape:Bua’maa comes,Pinky got hurt and ShiTia’s engagement discussion.

In Pinky’s room…
Voice:If u don’t mind may I handle the preparation Aunty?
Pinky looks towards the door. Gauri is standing there.
Pinky:You’re Gauri no? Prinku’s friend.
Gauri:Ya I am Gauri. So if u don’t mind I can help u in the preparations aunty.
Pinky:Arey iss mein minds karne kiya baat hain. Tu zarur help kar sakti hain.(Arey what’s there to mind in this u can surely help.)
Gauri:OK then let’s start the work.
She goes to get the list of guest from dadi..

In Dadi’s room….
Gauri enters there and saw Anika. Gauri didn’t recognize her at first as Anika’s back was facing her and she never expect her in the OM. Anika turns towards Gauri hearing the sound of door opening.
Gauri:Anika di u?
Anika:Arey Gauri u here?
Dadi:U both know each other?
Anika:Yes Dadi we have meet before.
Gauri:Ohh so now I get it. U’re the one who solved all this.

Anika:But what are u doing here?
Dadi:She is Prinku’s friend and come here to live for’ some days.
Gauri:Dadi I come here to take the list of guest from u. And now on I will handle all the preparations of bade bhaiya’s engagement.
Dadi:That’s ok but will u be able to handle all this alone?
Gauri:It’s a bit difficult but will mange.
Anika:Dadi if u agree then I can help Gauri in all this.

Dadi:Sure puttar why will I deny? Go go start the preparations we have very less time.
AniRi(together):Ok Dadi.
Both goes. All elders gets cooperative to this two new organiser. Gauri request Anika to check the lightings to in the pool side. Anika comes there and saw that the wires of the lights got entangled to each other. She stands on a chair and tried to fix them. She didn’t notice that a leg of chair has fall on the wire which make the chair tilt. Shivaay was passing by. He got amazed seeing Anika doing all this.
Shivaay:Hey hey hey!! What are u doing on that?
Anika:Can’t u see that I am working?

Shivaay:But where is Mom’s servants? Why are u doing all this.
Anika:Mr.Kaanji ankhonwale sri sri baghad billa Maharaj ji sayad aapko kisine baataya nehi ki abb se main aur Gauri apki engagement ka organiser hain. Lekin Gauri main hain mai sirf help karungi.(Mr.Kaanji akhoonwale sri sri baghad billa Maharaj ji anyone haven’t told u that me and Gauri are the organiser of u’r engagement from now. But Gauri is the main I will only help her.)
Shivaay:What the wuck u’ll do all things shit then I have to die.
Anika murmurs:U better die soon.?
Shivaay:Did u say anything?
Shivaay:OK now come down of this chair or u’ll fall.

Anika:What’s u’r prob if I fall?
Shivaay:Shut up and come down.
They start fighting. Rudy and Dadi comes there and saw them fighting.
Dadi(to Rudy):Look Rudra Anika ands Shivaay again started god knows when will they become friend.
Rudra(looking upward):Bhagwanji plz do something.
Om comes from back and patts on Rudy’s back.
Om:Look God granted u’r wish.
All look towards Shivika and saw the chair Anika is standing slips. She was about to fall.
He caught her but both fell. Dadi OmRu cups their face. Anika is on Shivaay. She is holding his coller tightly. Shivaay’s hand is on her waist. Anika looks at him. Both have an eyelock. Seeing no possibilities of breaking this eye lock,Rudra coughs. Shivika comes into sense.They feels awkward. Anika get up and goes. Shivaay tries to get OmRu comes and help him.
Rudy:Started huh??
Shivaay looked at him like he will eat him up.?? Rudy stops. Shivaay goes. OmRu laughs to the hell.?

Preparations go on and tashan between Shivika and Omri.(what to do they fight in every small matter(I am not in fault??) )


The whole Oberoi Mansion is decorated beautifully. Lighting has been done in the every corner of the house. The whole staircase has been decorated with Orchids and White Roses. A big royal jhumar is hanging in the center ceiling of the hall.A small round stage have been made right under the jhumar in which the ring ceremony will occur. All is busy especially AniRi. Both are very busy attending guests and all. Anika is wearing a golden gown with white embroidery and laces. A stylish choker is in her neck and as always her moon bracelet and a ring in her hand. Gauri is wearing a rose pink gown with golden embroidery. She is wearing a small necklace and a maang tika on her forehead. Both of them is looking stunning. ShivOmRu trio is wearing the same outfit,a white blazer and black pant with it. Om is looking here and there and his eyes stuck on Gauri. Gauri was checking the return gift of the guests. He totally got lost and he continuously stared at her. He is walking looking at her and he accidentally bumped Rudy who was talking with Shivaay.
Rudra:O what are u doing? Walk properly.
“No response”

Rudra(shaking him):O…
Om:What!!! What the hell has happened Rudra? What’re u shouting?
Shivaay:First tell what has happened to u? Where are u lost?
Om: Me?? I am not lost anywhere.
Rudra:Let me see!!
He tries the see at the direction Om was starring but all the while Gauri went from there. All that Rudy see is Pinky’s private servant(or u can say her chamchi??) she is eating like a ruckus. Rudy irked.
Rudy(in mind):Chie!! O was starring at her!! Seriously O gone mad. Fully mad.?
Om shakes him.
Om:Where did u lost now?
Rudra comes to sense.
Rudy:Huh nothing just…
At that moment Tia comes.
Tia:Shivaay baby.

She hugs him.
Rudy(murmurs):Here comes the lady baba.
Om tells him to shut up.
Tia:Shivaay baby u know i am very happy today. At last our engagement is happening. I can’t tell u how happy i am.
Shivaay:That’s good. Excuse me Tia i have to make a call.
Shivaay goes.

Rudy takes Om to a side.
Rudy:O are u out of u’r nuts?
Rudy:What is why? U are starring at choti ma’s chamcho. What u find so special abt her,
Om:Are u blind I wasn’t starring at her. I was looking at..
Om(in mind):No no u can’t say this to him. He will understand something else.
Rudy:Why have u stopped?
Om just slightly slap on Rudy’s head and goes.

Shivaay finish his talk with Mishra. He turn backwards and saw Anika was standing behind him. He look at her and totally got lost in her beauty. He was just cherishing her beauty. Anika waved hand before him. He come out of his thoughts.
Anika:Dadi is calling u.
Shivaay:Oh ok.
He tries to go but a thread that comes out of his sleeve gets entangled with Anika’s ring. He didn’t notice and pulled his hand thus Anika’s ring come out of her hand fall some where. Anika realised her ring is missing she looks for it.
Rudy was irritating Om about that incident. Om gets furious and start running behind Rudra to beat him. Jhanvi was coming with the engagement rings of ShiTia. Seeing Jhanvi Rudy hide behind her. Om tried to catch him. Due to their fight the plate which contains the rings falls in the floor. OmRu continues fighting and goes from there. Anika saw that everything. She goes to help Jhanvi. Jhanvi thanks her.

The ceremony start…
Rudy:O today our Bhaiya is going to be paraya dhan.
Om:Will u shut up Rudra.
Rudy:How can I he will be our’s no more.?
Om:Shivaay is getting engaged. He is not going to any war.
Rudy:Tia is not less than war for us.
Om:Shut up.
Rudy makes a puppy face.

Tia make Shivaay wore the ring. All claps. Anika is looking for her ring and suddenly she saw it in a corner of the stage. She picks it up. Shivaay is about to make Tia wear the ring but Khanna comes running.
Khanna:Sir Priyanka mam….Priyanka mam’s car met with an accident.
All got afraid. Shivaay hurriedly slips the ring in Tia’s finger and run to Khanna.
Shivaay:Where is she now? Is she OK.
Khanna:She is in hospital sir. Her friend Robin call me just now and he tells he took her in the hospital.
Shivaay:Quickly ready my car. I am going now. He runs out.
All other goes behind him. In hurry Anika wear her ring but she didn’t noticed that it was the engagement ring for Tia. Shivaay,Tej,Jhanvi,Shakti and Pinky goes in one car and Anika,OmRu,Gauri and Dadi in one.All reached to the hospital. Tia comes with her mom. They saw Robin waiting outside the OT. All goes to him.
Dadi:Where is Prinku is she OK?

Jhanvi:Where is my child? Robin say something.
Robin:Aunty she is badly hurt. Doctors take her in OT.

Shivaay:Oh god plz save her. Nothing should happen to her.
Tia:Shivaay baby nothing will happen to her. Keep belief in god.
Doctor come out of the OT.
Shivaay:Doctor how is my sister. How is Priyanka. Everything is alright no? She is hurt much?
Jhanvi:What happened to her doctor plz say.
Tej:What happened why aren’t u saying something? Is my child alright?
Doctor:I am sorry Mr.Oberoi she…she

Precape:All are crying——-Gauri supports Om.

Soooooooo sorry guys for this much late.
I surely deserve chandinis and chamelis.
I posted it yesterday but it didn’t got published.
Aur iss 24hrs waiting ne meri dimagg ka
dahi jama diya.
Again sorry for late.
Do comment.
Will meet soon.
Bye bye.?

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