DIL BOLE OBEROI! A story full of love,pain,hatred,disbelief and trust. Episode-15

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Recape:Svetlana provokes Tej,Prinku is kidnapped,Roumya meeting and Tejanvi fight.

In Tia’s house…
Voice:Why have u called me here?
As there was dark in the room Her face is not seen. All others except Ragini hides themselves.
Ragini:So u have come. Come in and have a sit.
Voice:I don’t want it. Straightly come to the point.
Ragini:What Mrs.Raichand(Yes Mrs.Raichand means Avantika) u came to my home and will not sit here for a while how can this happen? Sit comfortably have something then we’ll discuss.
Avantika:No need of that. Just say why u called me here?
Ragini:Ok. Now listen I have called u here bcoz I know where is your daughter.
Avantika:What?? What are u saying? My daughter has passed away 16 years ago.

Ragini:No your daughter was alive and had grown up in an orphanage and became a very successful architecture.
Avantika:But how can this be possible? She….she fall from the cliff of hill and then…
Ragini:No she was alive and she looks like this…
Ragini show a pic in a frame to her. Avantika recognize the girl. Her eyes filled with tears.
Avantika:This…this is my daughter. My daughter. Where is she now? Where is she? Plz tell me plz.
She takes the frame from Ragini’s hand hugged it.
Ragini:That day she got saved but now she is no more.
Avantika:What? What are saying? Are u joking?
Ragini:No I am telling truth. She is dead. She is no more.
Avantika:No this can’t be happen. Tell me you’re lying.
Ragini shooks head in negative.
Avantika is shocked. Almost in a breaking tone she said,
Avantika:Then why? Why u call me here and meet me with her once again? Why did u increase my pain? Why? Answer me. Why??
Ragini:Coz u’r daughter needs justice. She didn’t died naturally. She has been mudered. Someone killed her.
Avantika cried.
Avantika:Who? Who killed her?? What’s the reason.
Ragini:The Oberoi’s killed her.
Avantika get a 1000volt shock.
Avantika:Shut up. Stop your nonsense. The Oberoi’s can’t kill her. They are our friend. They can’t do it. No.
Ragini:You believe it or not but this is the truth.
Avantika(shouts):No,no,no. This is a lie. Plz tell this is a lie. They can’t do it. They can’t kill my daughter. Neverrr.
Ragini also shouts.
Ragini:No this is the truth. Bcoz of the Oberoi’s she died. Mallika died bcoz of the Oberoi’s Mrs.Raichand,Oberoi’s are the reason for death of Mallika.(yes”MALLIKA”)
Avantika:No this can’t be happen..where is my childrens?
Ragini:The road accident was also the planning of Oberois and they died there itself.
Avnatika:Road accident was also..

Ragini:Yes. It was also done by the Oberois. They had destroyed your family just to make their children top business tycoons of India.
Avantika:I don’t believe u. The accident happened bcoz of the Kapoors. Oberois can’t do it.
Ragini:This information is fake. They did all that and blame the Kapoors to destroy them also.
Avnatika:I don’t believe it. Lie. All this is lie.
Ragini:This is the truth Mrs.Raichand. Believe it or not is upto u.
Saying this she went from there. Avantika sit on knees and cried. She shouts
Avantika:Oberois I will not spare u. What had my children’s done to u? Why? Why do u did it? Why did u take them away from us? Me and Avinash used to think u guys as our closest friends but… U have to pay for it. U will pay for it.
She cried.

In Oberoi Mansion….
Jhanvi turns to go from there but as she turns she get shocked. Tej was abt to speak but he also get shocked. They saw Om was standing there. He heard their conversation,his eyes are filled with amger,disgust and tears. His eyes show that how much he is hurted by Tej. He steps forward.
Tej:Om plz don’t..
Om signs him to stop. He goes to Jhanvi.
Om:Still. Do u still love this man mom? Do u?
Jhanvi:Om listen to me.
Om:Do u still,love him?
Jhanvi nods her head. Om claps.
Om:Wah wah wah. Seriously mom u still. I knew that love is blind,but this much? I never know. Did he ever love u that you’re dying for him? What did he gave u mom? Nor the respect of wife or any right of wife anything. But u’r always ready to take his side and fight for him. Why mom?
Om:No Mr.Oberoi u will not say anything today. What kind of dad is u? You doubt your own son.Seriously? Arey which father in the world can doubt his own son for his defamation? Doubt is very far,how can even think of it? All this days I used to think u don’t love me. But I used to think I am wrong. U love me but can’t say or express but no. Today,today u proved that u don’t love me. I break all relations with u.
Om:No mom. I hate him. He doesn’t deserve to get love from us.
Tej:Listen to me.
Om:Listen? What is left to listen? Svetlana said that me and mom did all that and u believed it? Wow! What a great business man,u get manipulated by everyone so easily.
He went from there. He pushes Gauri while going. Om apologised. Gauri was ready to attack on him but seeing his face she stop. He hoes. Gauri sense something wrong. Jhanvi just look at Tej for once and walk away. Tej is all alone,he feels that he did very wrong with Om. He want to apologies but he can’t face Om.

@Shivika’s place…
Anika is shivering in cold. Shivaay went to the other side of the hut and found a jute rag. He comes to Anika and wrapped her with that.
Shivaay:Keep it on u you’re shivering.
She looks at him.
Anika(in mind):He is not that bad I used to think.
Shivaay sits beside her. Both were close but they’re not talking to each other. A unpleasant silence were between them. After sometime Shivaay was sitting still suddenly he feels something makes a press on his shoulder.
He looked at the side and found Anika falls asleep and leans his shoulder. At first he was amazed. He looks at her sleeping face.
Shivaay(in mind):She might be very tired. All this days she doesn’t sit calmly for a single moment. Always busy in work. Aww! She looks so cute while sleeping. Btw she is jhansi ki rani always fighting with me but she is so innocent. Though she argue with me so much but I enjoy the time when she talks to me.
He a slight smile appears on his lips. He feels something strange in his heart,a feeling that he don’t know.
Next day morning,
Anika woke up first. She found herself leaning on Shivaay’s shoulder. She is bit uncomfortable. She tries to get up but suddenly Shivaay holds her hand.
Shivaay(in sleep):Mallika plz don’t leave me. I can’t live without u.
Anika carefully frees her hand and went outside. The storm has stopped,morning rays are falling on her face. She was looking around to find someone or some vehicle so that they can come home back. Suddenly she heard a shout,”WHAT THE WUCK.” She ran in the hut and found Shivaay standing like he get shock. His blazer is in his hand.
Anika:What happened billuji? Why are u shouting?

Shivaay:There,there are many lizards here. And I hate that.
Anika:What?? Lizards? Will they eat u up that u’r shouting like this?
Shivaay:Arey I was sleeping on that. That’s why….
Anika:That’s why u shout the hell out of u.
Shivaay:So what to do? I was feeling very creepy.
Anika:Ok u feel creepy but do anyone shout like this?
Shivaay:Why don’t u awake me?
Anika:Oh actually u were sleeping so peacefully that I don’t feel like to…
Shivaay’s phone rings…
Other side:Mr.Shivaay Singh Oberoi kaise ho?(how are u?)
Shivaay:Main thik hu par aap kaun?(I am ok but who are u?)
Os:Forget my introduction. But let me tell u that u’r sister is with me. And u don’t know what can I do to her.
Shivaay:What? Prinku?
Os:Yes. Priyanka Singh Oberoi.
Shivaay:What do u want?
Os:You’re not that dumb I used to thought. Literally u came to the point. Good. Ok listen I want all the shares and property of your’s. And I want all this ri8 now. Don’t try to deny. Maybe your one no can end up of u’r sister’s life.
Shivaay:Ok. I will give but I am now out of Mumbai so let me reach. I will come straight to u.
Os:Ok. But don’t try to be over smart. Or else u’r sister will be up.
The call cuts. He told Anika about all this. Both went outside the hut.

In Oberoi Mansion…….
Gauri is walking through the corridor. She feels someone sitting and sobbing behind the pillar of the corner. She goes there and find Om. Om doesn’t looks at her and keep sobbing. Gauri sits beside him.
Gauri:I know why are u crying.
Om:Who said I am crying?
Gauri:Tohkaya main andhaa hu. Yeh jo aap ke akhone se bade bade rasgulle jaise annsun behrehe hain na mujhe saf saf dikhraha hain.(So am i blind? I can clearly see this big tears falling from your eyes.)
Om:Arey something went into my eyes.
Gauri:Don’t try to hide your pains. It will give u more pain.
Om:So what will i do? Tell me. What?
Gauri:I know the reason but he really didn’t mean it.

Precape:Convo continue——-Shivika is shocked.

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