DIL BOLE OBEROI! A story full of love,pain,hatred,disbelief and trust (Episode-11)

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Precape:Anika finds the truth of Gayatri and the CD girl,Anika and Shivaay’s a little nok-jok,Priveer’s conversation.

In Oberoi Mansion…..
Prinku take Ranveer to Anika. Anika was doing some works but she was thinking about Shivaay and Mallika only so she is not able to pay concentration in work.
Anika’s pov…

Who was the girl of that pic and why do I feel I saw her somewhere. And why Omru said that billuji is not happy with Tia? I know that she is of somewhat a little bit that type but she is sweet. Billuji is very much confusing don’t know what he thinks and what he do nothing match yaar. By the way why I am thinking about him so much? No Anika no you have many work to do. Do your work and where does this Ranveer left? Is he hited by truck? Is it takes an era to come to the Oberoi Mansion. Let him come I am got eat him raw.
Prinku knocks on the door. Anika look at her.

Anika:Priyanka you?
Prinku:Vo Anika didi actually Acp wants to meet you but he was lost in the house so I take him here.
Anika:OO accha toh kaha hain Maharaj ji? Aaye hain ya phir se kho gaye?(So where is Mr.Emperor? Did he come with you or he again got lost.)
Ranveer:Didi why are you getting too much angry?
Anika:Toh aur kaya karu? Main tera mandir bana kar tujhe puja karunga?(So what else will I do? Will I built your temple and worship you?)
Ranveer:Didi aap itna gussa mat huye gussa sehat ki liye accha nehi hain aur ye rehe files aap nejo manvhaya tha.(Didi don’t be too much angry,it is not good for health and here are the files which you asked for.)

Anika:Ok ok you don’t teach me about health and is the files are alright or they also lost like you.
Ranveer:Khud hi dekh lijiye.(You see by yourself.)
Anika(after checking it):Chal thik thak hain sab.(Ok everything is fine.)
Ranveer:Aap mujhe biswas nehi karte.??(You don’t believe me.)
Anika:Kaise karu tu toh ek number ki bhulakkar hain. (How could I you’re number one forgetful.)
Prinku laughs hearing her.? Ranveer got serious.

Ranveer:Di ye aap kaya bol rehe hain? Bolna hain toh akele bol dete yaha Priyankaji ke samne kam se kam mera majak toh mat udaye.?(Di what are you saying? If you want to say then you can say it in privacy. At least don’t make fun of me before Priyanka.)
Anika:Ooo so your feeling shy huh?
Ranveer:No…no what are you thinking is not like that.
Anika:How do you know what I am thinking?
Ranveer(trying to cover up):No..no I was just saying that don’t think too much it is not good for health.

Shivaay was passing by there he hears them aur vo unke batoon mein tapak para.
Shivaay:Yes you said the right thing Ranveer. Over thinking is no good for health.? But some ppl’s work is over thinking and troubling others.
Anika:Are you saying this to me?
Shivaay:No one here is like that except you so obviously I am saying to you.
Anika:So you think I am over thinking type?
Shivaay:I think I just said that now.

Anika:What is your problem in that?
Shivaay:I have problem.You always think too much and that irritates me.
Anika:O really? Of you get irritated then stop listening to me.
Shivaay:If you talk in such a loud voice how can I stop hearing you?
Anika:Now you also have have problem in my talk also

Shivaay nods. Anika got angry to the hell. Suddenly Priveer hear a sound “Splash” and at the next moment the scene they saw left them speechless. Their mouth becomes exactly like a “O” Shivaay was totally drenched in water and Anika is holding a glass. Shivaay looked at her astonishedly. He never expect this from her infact he never thought that she can do something like this. Shivaay wipes the water from his face. He is hell angry.
Shivaay:What the wuck! How dare you to throw water on me? I am Shivaay Singh Oberoi and Shivaay Singh Oberoi will not tolerate this.

Anika:It’s your fault. And excuse me I am not afraid of you. So don’t show me your tadi.
Shivaay:What’s with this language? Can’t you speak in proper language??
Anika:It is my mouth my language what’s your problem in it??

Shivaay:Yes I have problem and why did you throw water on me?
Anika:Coz you make me angry and when I am angry I throw things it’s my speciality.??
Shivaay:Ya ya what else can you do?
Anika:I can do many things and don’t challenge me.
Shivaay:What will you do?
Anika:What I will do even I don’t know. So stay away.

Shivaay:Oh really what can a mad girl like you can do except shouting and using weird language?
Anika:Oh just shut up billu. You own is a Baghad billa and now fighting with me?
Shivaay:Hey don’t call me that or else
Anika:Or else what? I will call you billu. Billu billu billu.
Shivaay(shouts):Shut up!
Anika(shouts louder then him):”BILLU”

Shivaay:You’re mad totally mad.
Anika:You’re mad.
Shivaay(shouts):You think I am mad?
Anika:Normal ppl doesn’t shout like this.
Shivaay:So you’re also mad you’re also shouting.
Anika:You’re billu.

Shivaay:Mad mad madddd.
Anika:Billu billu billuuuu.
All this time of their fight all Oberoi youngsters were looking at them with a unbelievable look. At last Om tried to make them calm.
Om:Guys why are you fighting like kids? Calm down. You are not kids anymore ok stop it.
Anika:He started it.
Shivaay:What I started it? You’re the one who start it.

Shivaay:No you.
Rudra:You guys again start fighting. Don’t you have any other work?
Anika gets a call. It is Raghavan
Anika:Yes did you get anything?
Raghavan:Yes mam. Ms. Shanaya is in Delhi recently.
Anika:Is she staying there alone?
Raghavan:Yes she is alone but don’t know where she exactly is.
Anika:Did you traced her number?
Raghavan:Yes mam. I traced her. You can come tomorrow in search of her.
Anika:Ok thanks Raghavan. I will call you soon.

Raghavan:Ok mam.
Anika hangs up the call. Shiomrupri was looking at her excitedly. They are hoping to hear some good news. Prinku is now unable to hold her excitement any longer. She just jump on Anika with her buckets of questions.
Prinku:Who was that? Who is traced? Did you find that girl? Are papa and chote papa out of that fake case? Tell na.
Anika:Priyanka wait wait. If you let me talk then I will tell na.
Rudy:Didi you say. I am stapling her mouth wait.
Anika:Ok ok stop. And Priyanka all ans is yesss. Tej and Shakti uncle is now out of this scandal.
Anika nods. Prinku just hug her and cried.

Anika:Ok ok stop it. This moment is not for crying. You go and give this news to all. Prinku goes. Shivomru have a hug and they also run behind Prinku. Soon all are in the hall. Prinku says this to all. All are very happy.
Anika:But our work is not done yet. We have to find her before anyone harm her.
Rudra:Didi when are you going to her?
Anika:After 2 days actually I have some more work to do.
She asked for a glass of water. Prinku give her. Rudra whisper something to Om. Om look at him with an impossible look but Rudy says plz. Om agree. Anika was having water.
Om:Aa Anika can we come with you?

She splits the water and coughs. She looked them like she saw some ghost.
Anika:What? No,never,impossible.
Rudra:Please didi plz. I want to see how detectives works in a case.
Anika:No Rudy. It’s very dangerous. Anything can happen there.
Rudra:Plz plz didi. We’ll never interfere in your work. Plz didi.
Anika:I said no.
Rudra:Didi plz na.
Anika:No Rudra.
Rudra:Ah didi.
Anika:Om you say something na.

Om:Yes.Plz Anika agree na. This time I am with Rudy. Plz we’ll come with you. Even I want to be a part of it.
Anika:You too Om. Uff you three brothers are very stubborn.Shivaay looks at her with what the wuck look.
Anika:You guys will not stop I know. Ok then you’ll come but no interfere in my work and no rustam giri ok.
Rudra:What is rustam giri didi?

Om:Shut up Rudra.
Anika:Enough you two. Omru you both are coming with me.
Rudra:Yayyy! I am going now. Oh shit I have to pack my belongings. Run Rudy run.
And he went to his room running. All laughs.

Dadi’s room…
Prinku and Jhanvi is there talk with Dadi.
Prinku:Dadi actually my friend is coming today. She used to live with his uncle but now he has some problems so can she stay here for some days?
Dadi:Sure dear.
Jhanvi:But mummyji there is only one guest room left and that too unorganized. Where will she stay?
Dadi:Umm…She can stay in Om’s room. Om will not have any problem in staying in the guest room.
Om come and hears her.
Om:Who is coming Dadi?

Dadi:Priyanka’s friend and she will stay in your room.
Om:What no I am not going to share my room.
Dadi:You are moving to guest room and that’s final.
Jhanvi:No but.
Om:Ok I will manage.
Dadi:That’s like my Om.

After 2 hours….
Om is arranging his belongings to shift in the guest room and was blabbering angrily. He goes out with all his things. He was passing by the hall and suddenly bumped with a person. All his things fall. The person says sorry and tries to help him. Suddenly Prinku shouts”Gauri.”
Gauri:Prinku you….
And she runs to her and hugs her.
Gauri:Then tell how are you?
Prinku:I am superb yaar. What about you?

Gauri:Same like always.
Prinku:Hey Om bhaiya what are you doing here?
Om:Nothing just all this falls
Gauri:O actually I pushed him and things fall. Sorry for that.
Om:It’s ok.
As He was bending down she didn’t saw his face and Om too didn’t saw her. He now get up and looks at her. Both get shocked.
Gauri:What are you doing here?
Om:I should asked this to you. This is my house.

She goes to Prinku.
Gauri:Is it?
Priyanka nods.Gauri was like oh my mata.
Om:So this is your friend?
Prinku:Yes bhaiya and do you guys know eachother?
Omri(together):Of couse. How could I not know the most battamiz girl/boy of the entire Mumbai.
Both look at eachother with an angry look and then move their face to oppite sides.
Rudy’s room..
Rudra is doing packing Shivaay comes.
Rudy:Bhaiya look na I am not able to decide which clothes should I take.
Shivaay:Rudra we’re going there for only three or four days so you doesn’t need to pack the whole Oberoi Mansion with you.

Rudra:Did you say we? That’s mean you’re also coming with us.
Shivaay:No..yes…no..I mean yes I am also coming.
Rudy:Then why didn’t you told it to didi what if she doesn’t agree?
Shivaay:Who is she to disagree? I am coming and that’s final.
He left from there.

In hall….
Shivaay comes there and saw Tia and her mom was sitting with Pandit,Pinky and Dadi.
Dadi:Billu Panditji has come to fix your engagement date. You also come an d sit here.
Shivaay:O Dadi actually I have some important calls to do you fix it I am going to office.
Dadi:I have said you that you’ll not go to office for 2 weeks. And you are going today.
Shivaay:Plz Dadi. I have many works pending.
Dadi:Ok you can go but after this.
He sits with them. The engagement murat after 2 weeks. Tia’s mom is not happy with it. She asked him for an earlier date but this was the only earliest date or others date is after one months. So she agree with it. All starts preparation for the engagement.

Precape:Rudra and Love Angel have a talk——-Shivomru and Anika reached Delhi and find the girl——Omri fight.

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