Dil Bole Oberoi & Ishqbaaz 10th July 2017 Written Episode Update: Oberois celebrate Rudra’s birthday

Ishqbaaz 10th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Note: There won’t be separate updates for Dil Bole Oberoi from now on as DBO has merged into Ishqbaaz.

Shivaye shows the cake. They girls seeing the damaged cake. Anika says you just have our cake. Shivaye punches their cake. Anika applies cake on her face. Shivaye hits cake on her face. Some time before, Shivaye says I have decided to get engaged to Ragini. Pinky smiles. Shivaye asks Anika is this affecting her. Anika gets a call and says yes, I m coming. Pinky says you made all of us glad, we felt its just friendship, matter went ahead, who has proposed whom, what does Ragini call my Shivaye, now my Shivaye is marrying a good family name, our Billu is not one to look back. Dadi says sometimes its necessary to look back to get ahead. Pinky

hugs Ragini and says I wanted this, you turn into his life partner from a best friend. Rudra asks Shivaye are you serious. Shivaye says marriage is a not a joke. Shivaye says but sometimes it becomes a joke. He goes. Pinky asks Ragini to manage him.

Anika sees her ring and recalls Shivaye’s words. She says I became a fool, this is the truth, Shivaye has forgotten me, he loves someone else now. Shivaye sees his ring and gets sad. Anika cries.

Ragini recalls Shivaye’s words. She sees herself in mirror. She says yes, finally I will be Mrs. Shivaye Singh Oberoi. She takes her selfie. She praises herself. She says fake boyfriend, engagement and crying, but real results, now Shivaye and I will become a power couple. She sees Anika.

Ragini says I must say, you are very sorted. Anika asks what do you mean. Ragini says you are Shivaye’s ex wife and took his engagement news very sportingly, you would have got hurt, but you did not cry, typical housewife would have cried, but not you, quite impressive. Anika says there was a name on our relation, it got erased, but it does not mean relation also gets erased. Ragini asks what do you mean. Anika says you won’t understand, what name did you say, Ragini says Ragini, if you forget my name, you can call me Mrs. Shivaye Singh Oberoi. She goes.

Shivaye says Ragini I was…. Ragini says you surprised me, I did not know you think this about us. Shivaye says hold on, whatever I said, I did not mean it, we are just friends, I wanted to make Anika jealous, sorry I should have not used you in my personal matters, I will clarify this to my family, sorry about it. She gets shocked. She says its okay, I m happy I could help, that’s exactly what friends are for. He says thanks for understanding, I will set everything right okay. He holds her shoulder and goes. She repeats his words and says I will turn this lie into truth, just wait and watch.

Anika cries. Shivaye comes and asks what are you doing here. She recalls his words. She says this is my house, I can do anything. He says but this is my room. She says everything won’t be according to you. He says so much anger, I think someone is affected by my engagement news. She says you are affected, you don’t know what to do and what not. They argue. Shivaye says it was my mistake to trust you. She asks where is your fiancee. He says you came early, did you cancel your date. She asks why do you care, why will I tell you about my personal life. He says I already know, you are affected, I have moved on. She says fine, you move out as well. She makes him out of the room and shuts door. He leaves. Anika sits and cries.

Gauri says my work is over, I have no reason to stay here, I have no rights, do you have any reason to stop me. Om holds her hand. Saathiya…..plays….. He says  I realized my mistake, I m sorry, stay back atleast now. She asks why shall I stay here, so that you ask me to leave from this house, you are not understanding,  She says you don’t accept this marriage, by what rights shall I stay. He says you did a lot for my family, by being Chulbul and my wife, don’t take decision in hurry, take some time, just think about it, you believe in Lord, ask him, maybe he tells you, what happened. She says I can’t think when you are around. He asks what shall I do. She asks him to go. He says what, this is my house. She says fine, I will go. He says wait, I will go, just think about it. He goes.

Rudra says I don’t believe you are a cop. He recalls Bhavya. She says I tried to tell you. He says I felt you are joking. She asks whose mistake is it. He says you mean its my mistake, now I understand everything, eggs going missing, you used to do exercise in my room, you had a gun too, you always keep that gun with you. She says yes. He says I felt you are a helpless woman, but you are a cop, you used me and my family. She says sorry, I was just doing my duty, where are you going. He says anywhere, but away from you. She says I can’t leave this assignment till I get orders. He says you were like family for me, I m just an assignment for you. He goes.

Om and Rudra come to Shivaye. Om and Shivaye ask Rudra to shut up. Rudra says I did not say anything. Shivaye says even then I know. Om says we are made to leave from our rooms. Shivaye says who signed on property papers, Anika made me out of my room. Anika says I had to come back for Shivaye, he got strange. Gauri says Om asked me to leave from house, there are some misunderstandings between us. Om says we should give time to each other to think and end misunderstanding. Bhavya says he is not understanding my helplessness. Anika says its so bad, we care for all this. Shivaye says they don’t care, we are talking about them. Rudra says so can we make them out of rooms. Shivaye says we can make them out of mind. Anika says why should we encourage their tadi. Gauri says you are right. Anika and Gauri talk in each other’s typical language. Bhavya says I was thinking its my mistake, not Rudra’s. Rudra says its my birthday tomorrow, but I don’t want to celebrate it. Shivaye and Om say we will celebrate it well. Anika says why shall we ruin Rudra’s birthday, we will celebrate it. Gauri says yes. Shivaye says its decided then, it will be boys party. Anika says it will be girls party, we will show we can stay happy without them. They join hands. Gauri says Nari Shakti J/Zindabad.

Its morning, Jhanvi asks what’s happening. Tej says its Rudra’s birthday and Anika, Gauri and Bhavya should not know about it. Jhanvi says Shivaye messaged this to me. Shakti says Anika messaged me that Shivaye and Om should not know it. Pinky says its two parties. Tej says it looks more like partition than party. Shivaye and Om get a cake. Anika, Gauri and Bhavya get a cake too. They sing baar baar din ye aaye…. Shivaye and Om sing birthday song. Rudra says I m centre of attraction, so I m here. He joins Shivaye. Shivaye says he is our brother, he will be with us, we are Oberois, Dil Bole Oberois. Gauri and Anika ask Rudra to come to them and cut cake. Rudra says so sweet. Shivaye says those who can’t make cake on own order cake. Om asks Rudra to cut their cake. Anika says come here, we will sing birthday song. Shivaye says anyone can sing. Anika says yes, but none can hear it, remember your song. Shivaye recalls and says you mean I sing bad. Anika says very bad.

Rudra says don’t fight today, its my birthday. Bhavya says exactly, we got your fav cake by difficulty. Rudra says I won’t melt by this cake. Om says we have blood relation, he won’t be bought by this cake. Tej asks what’s happening. Shakti says I feel war will start now. Shivaye says Rudra will cut our cake. He shows the cake. They all get shocked. Anika, Gauri and Bhavya laugh seeing the cake spoiled. Rudra asks Shivaye and Om not to worry.

Anika says I wish this cake had some tadi. Gauri says this would have not happened. Anika asks Rudra to have their cake, that’s only one left now. Rudra says its such a good cake, its my birthday, chill I will cut that cake. Shivaye and Om go to them. Shivaye says very nice cake. Anika says girls do everything perfect. Shivaye stabs the cake and punches it. They all look on. Shivaye eats the cake from his hand and says girls don’t do it so perfect. Gauri says you killed the cake. Anika says arrest them. Bhavya says I would have arrested them, but there is no such crime. Dadi says you spoiled the cake. Shivaye says everything is fair in love and war. Anika says phail gaya raita….. Shivaye asks where. She hits cake on his face. Gauri and Bhavya say she did good. Shivaye hits cake on her face. Everyone smiles.

Gauri hits cake on Om’s face and smears it well. Om wipes off the cake and says you too… Gauri says yes, I also thought to play cake holi. Om says I understand and smears cake to her face. Bhavya asks Rudra to hit cake first, my aim is good, once I hit, you can’t hit. Rudra says oh over confidence, you hit first. She says as your wish. She hits cake. Rudra falls back and laughs. He says now you are gone and smears cake on her face. Om runs after Gauri. Tej asks what the hell is happening. Jhanvi says let it be, they look happy. Tej says they are behaving like wild children. Dadi smears cake on his face. Tej says you too. She says yes. Tej smears cake on Shakti’s face. Even Jhanvi gets cake on her face. They all laugh. Pinky looks on, standing alone. She sees Shivaye and Anika happy. Anika runs after Shivaye. Lafzon ka yeh rishta nahi…..plays………. They all run playing around. Shivaye holds Anika in arms. O jaana……plays…..

Ragini comes and asks what’s going on. Pinky says they all got mad. Gauri asks Anika what happened and shoves off. She says sorry, I got a sprain in my neck. Bhavya says me too got sprain. Dadi says you all have hurt them. Shivaye asks does anyone get hurt by cake. Dadi asks them to lift their one and take to room. Shivaye says but Dadi… Dadi says don’t argue, do as I said. Shivaye, Om and Rudra lift Anika, Gauri and Bhavya in arms, and leave.

They drop the girls down and argue. Shivaye says we knew it, you are making us… Anika says Pappu…. He says yes. She says we were celebrating Rudra’s happy birthday. Shivaye says its just birthday. She says you all made us angry. He asks what did we do. She says what’s the use to say if you don’t realize. Gauri says leave it, we will go. They all look at each other.

Anika asks why were you staring. Shivaye says even you were staring, you are jealous of Ragini. She says even my new slipper Chamki is not jealous of her, we both have moved on. He asks are you sure.

Note: There won’t be separate updates for Dil Bole Oberoi from now on as DBO has merged into Ishqbaaz.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. hi astha first comment go astha go….short and sweet(with honey)

    The girls vs boys conversation was also awesome…..
    cake fighting so cute…………….
    shivika o jana momment loved it ..
    The elders were equally fun ,dadi dailouge are super
    finally the pinky ponky face hahahaaaaa i loved that part……………

    1. Ranilya

      pinky being left out of messages n cake smears was very enjoyable

    2. Aastha_Reddy

      Chaithu…He he Pinky face lol!!! Mismatch in Oberoi family lady with big owl eyes.

  2. Archiya

    158 comments already.. the page is full of praises for the episode
    but i did not like it much.. I want to see only shivika but its like i m forced to see RUvya and Rikara too.. the same might be the case for Ruvya na Rikara fans(so please dont take any offence this is just my view)

    Today i m just gonna reply to others comments.. nothing more from my side

    1. Ranilya

      Archu, cheer up girl….from now on we have no choice…..cant miss Shivika due to Bhavya…. Shrenu is still acceptable with Om, their chemistry seems to have picked up….. i wouldnt mind Ishana though…
      but Bhavya….She is a complete Misfit!!
      Her presence spoils Rudy’s aura too…. infact the the whole of IB’s aura is spoiled by her…. Like Nivi said I too feel Pinky n Kamini r better tolerable…

      Even with passing episodes n time it’l b diffficult to see Bhavya with Rudy…. Atleast they can change the actress (someone with better talent n expressions) with the same track if Soumya cant b back….

      Archu, hope you feel better by tmro, waiting for your comment…..

      1. Hey ranilya
        ShivIka ke liye RuVya ko seen ki Kya zaroorath hai yaar.agar RuVya ki wajah se trp kam hua tho Neha(soumya) ko wapas laane ka chance ho tho.kyunki GK se pyaar se request karo tho samajh nahi aatha. iss liye main un logo se request kar rahi ho Jo RuVya ko dislike kartha hu Jo Neha(Soumya) ko wapas show PE dekhna chaatha hu please RuVya ka scene show pe math dekho.main bhi ye socha tha koi good actress nahi lethe Jo Leenesh(Rudy) ke liye perfect ho.agar Leenesh and Mansi saath main acha lagtha jaise Leenesh and Neha dikthi tho phir bhi acha hotha

        Take care?

      2. Archiya

        🙁 bhavya i cant even seee.. there is no chemistry between Ruvya

        m hoping to feel better by tomo tooo ..

        time is another constarint for me dear.. i cant watch till 11.. it gets too late, an i wake up by 5.30 in the morning .. an next day i cant see as i will b busy wit work ..
        Does not look like i m gonna continue watching IB.. let me see how this week goes

    2. Y only Shivika??I m sure v ll start loving Rikara as well…Rikara were cutest today

      1. Archiya

        the thing is i have seen only shivika from start, may b if they had merged IB before itself an not started DBO.. i would have still accepted, but now all of a sudden.. i feel like m forced to watch

    3. Gayathri.visu

      Archi di
      Don’t be sad….even I too don’t like this epi. But for our Shivika we have to tolerate this.
      Di, u too Ishkara’s fan??
      And Rikara they look nice n cute but still……. Though no offence for them.
      But this bhavya…….beyond irritating! I can’t understand one thing di, what is the need of this cop story? Unnecessary track n story! Her character is totally waste.

      1. Archiya

        rite dear.. an no cop keeps ssaying IPC sections all the time.. show her as a brave officer, they r making it joke.. thats what i m hating..
        an no i m not a Iskara fan.. m a hard core shivikan only 🙂

    4. Dear archiya
      Shivika ke liye RuVya ko dekhne ki Kya zaroorath hai.RiKara tho acha hai but RuVya main unko kabhi accept nahi karunga.but I don’t think ShivIka ke liye RuVya ko dekhne ki zaroorath hai.ShivIka ke liye sirf unki dekhiye okay.agar hum RuVya ka scene tv pe skip karengi tho MAKERS samjhengi.tho Kya patha Rudy ki opposite soumya ko laayatho.mujhe koi problem nahi hoga agar Rudy ki opposite soumya wapas aane ki baath bhi bhavya show pe hogi tho.main sirf RuVya ko dislike karthe hu.not bhavya?

      Take care?

      1. Archiya

        how should i skip on TV .. i need to keep changing channels, an i might miss shivika in between.. mujhe saumya achi lagti thi.. par in logon ne usko bhi nikal di..

        u too take care

    5. AnuluvsIB

      Archu dear.. I agree that they force bhavya on us.. and I know u r a true blue shivikan too.. but I think u can consider trying Rikara.. their chemistry is getting better now..
      Just try today.. see if u like it..

      1. Archiya

        yeah let me see today, how i feel.. i m so used to feeling only for shivika na that i dont feel any chemistry between anyone else 🙁

    6. Piyuu

      my pyaari dp queen kya hua no analysis.ruvya aur rikara ki vajah se upset hai.hamari shivika keliye dekho nahi hua tho skip karo unki vajah se show dekna chodna math.
      cheer up girl ….

      1. Archiya

        Thank u gal.. I will try to continue.. ? ?

    7. Ranilya

      Archu dont tell u’l have to stop watching IB….no….
      Download Hotstar dear n watch when you r free, mayb during travelling to office….
      I understand time is the biggest constraint, sply with a toddler at home…..

      When in India I used to watch it on Hotstar only, sometimes if im free then i would watch on TV too only to add up on TRP…. managing work, home n children is a huge task by itself where in places like blore half your life gets wasted on roads commuting…..
      but do make time for yourself too…
      love you dear, takecare…
      see tmro with a comment….

      1. Archiya

        Thanks dear for such a nice reply… Will try to watch whenever I can… Love u too ? ?

  3. Gayathri.visu

    Hello…….very big Hiiiiii PKJs!!
    1st epi of Ishqbaaz – Interesting start
    1st anniversary epi – not good
    After lapse, 1st epi – waste of time
    1st epi of IB & DBO merge – neither good nor bad.

    Anika….what to say? Again n again same mistake. Open ur eyes Mrs. Anika Singh Oberoi! I agree Shivika both are in pain. But she hurts Shivaay more. Plzzzzzzz CVs, stop this irritating Anika’s cry baby drama. And from which right she throws Shivaay out of the room???

    Shivaay….thank god, this time he didn’t repeat his mistake. Glad he cleared the MU about engagement announcement!!

    Rikara…why they are repeats the same scene? But happy for return of old Mr. Artist Singh Oberoi.


    TejVi….after a longgggggggggg time, we saw normal TejVi…happy Tej, father Tej…the one who loves his children especially Om more than anything.

    Shakti….nice, he don’t want to celebrate cake holi with his wife. Really good thing!

    Yuckini naagin…. she very much better than that female acp. Yesterday she was good in expressions. But don’t like her self praising
    n her wrong entry timing.

    Pinky yuckkkk ponky – Felt 0.00000001% bad for her rest I m very happy. But she deserves more….

    Precap….definitely whole PKJ knows that unwanted answer! Poor SSO, again Anika is waiting to see painful Shivaay….

    1. Gayathri.visu

      *Mrs. Anika Shivaay Singh Oberoi(always)

    2. Ranilya

      Gayu, yes you can call them SHII as many times as you wish….

      as for yuckini…..yes much better to tolerate than Bhavya….. She spoiled all the fun…. GULNAGMAKHAN pls pls pls get Soumya back…..

      1. Gayathri.visu

        Rani di
        I too wish the same!! Gul maata plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz hear our request…..that is WE WANT SOWMYA!! WE WANT SOWMYA!! WE WANT NEHA!! WE WANT RUMYA!!

    3. AnuluvsIB

      When it comes to annika, u and ranu reflect just the same thoughts!!

      1. Gayathri.visu

        What to do pa? I can’t see Shivika in pain. Anika mattum indha matterra konjum maturera handle panni irutha indha nellamaiye vanthu irukkaathula. Ennoda kovamla Anika avangaloda lovela nambika vakkalanradhuthaan. Avanga lovenala illegitimate truth therinchu shattered aana Shivaayya support panna mudiyumnu nambikka vekkala. Remember Shivaay’s support for Anika in 9tara’s case. After Daksh problem, he always supports n trusts Anika. But Anika……..? She broke his heart into many pieces. Entha nambikkaila Shivaayya ponkykitta vittutu ponaanga? That’s why I can’t control my anger Anu.
        Aama neenga sonnathu sarithaan. Jealous Anika means cry baby Anika but jealous Shivaay means tadibaaz SSO! Indha cry baby Anikava sutthama enaku pudikkala. Kudave andha sad bgm vera……thaanga mudiyala.

        By the way innikku KK paatengala? Khikdtod…..hilarious episode….

        Oopsss…..veryyyyy long reply!

    4. Archiya

      unfortunately or fotunately i feel chemistry emotions an feelings only an only for shivika.. they have raised the bar high.. where no one matches..

      And from which right she throws Shivaay out of the room???.. its the same thing dear, she was hurt so she wanted to hurt him.. they r gonna keep hurting each other for sometime now..

      Shakti….nice, he don’t want to celebrate cake holi with his wife. Really good thing!.. lolzzzzzzzzzzz this got me laughing hard

      1. Gayathri.visu

        Archu di
        I like Ishkara n Rumya but I m die hard fan of Shivika! U told, that u r forced to watching rikara na, that’s why I asked that question to you. I m watching IB only bcz of Shivika’s chemistry as well as Obros chemistry.

        Yeah di, u r right. Yesterday I hate that scene the most!

        Really……glad to hear that u r laughing hard. Now cheer up di……for today’s episode. Di, today also I ate chocolate for hilarious epi of Kadhala kadhala.

      2. Archiya

        ? ? chocolate for me

    5. Nila

      Hello ,
      big haiiii to u gayu??
      Rights: she is the owner of OM na that’s y
      OM is back?
      Missing Sowmya????
      Ya tej inaiku romba cool & super
      Shakti nala velai senchu irukaru inaiku?
      Yuckini better than ACP mm apdiyum solalam?
      What’s going on my foot wrong entry with wrong expressions???

      1. Gayathri.visu

        Illa pa, Anika Shivaayya hurt pannanumnuthaan,she throws him out(Archu di’s reply).

        Tej….cool Tej la. Ipdiye indha charac continue pannaangana romba nallaa irukkum.
        Yesterday yuckini’s entry is irritating pa, but expressuon wise she is 200% better than bhavya.

    Itni short comment,everything clear tis comm.
    tday epi good

  5. Hiiii pinku dear, hrw..
    @asthababy yaa in odisha is also raining heavily….. i am.enjoying it with garmagaram pakoda.with special chai..

    @maahi i really love your lines. …

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Arpita enjoy your hot ginger tea with pakoras. I a stuck with coffee for my head ache slightly due to cold. Its my main problem in rainy season.

    2. Archiya

      wow Arpita
      enjoyyyyyy.. m a hard core bitter Coffian 🙂

  6. Piyuu

    episode was superb
    shivaay ne yuckini ko pappu banaya .
    boy vs girls conversation was good i love the part

  7. Renimarenju

    Hello my 200 + sweet ishqies……How’s the episode ??????????? Why am asking this stupid question here ?? Of course it was a khidkithod one and all actors tried their level best 2 entertain us….This reminded me old ib episode of raksha bandhan…Especially when anika taunted billuji for that song.’phoolon ko taaron kaa’, that was an unbeatable episode in ishqbaaz, and for me yesterday’s episode didn’t beaten that old raksha bandhan epsiode…. But i liked the episode for bringing shivomru and anigauvya together and want 2 apprecaite cv’s for fullfilling ibdbo fans demands…..I felt bit bad for pinky when she stared the family bonding of tejvi,sakthi and dadi……I wish at least jhanvi should have show some sort of concern 2wards pinky as jhanvi is the only person who convince pinky better than any one…. Pinky’s eyes depicted her anger and pain for the ignorance from her family and am sure that this had made her 2 feel again as isolated from her family……To make her stand in family she will try 2 work out new strategies and make viewers 2 hate her again….No need 2 tell that ragini will use pinky as puppet in her hands and blindly pinky will believe ragini and again pinky will be playing vital role for destroying shivay’s soul -anika……Can’t tolerate all these things any more…..For rikara, am feeling glad that finally om has started seeing the other side of coin also, as world will not exists on idealism…..I missed ishkara while om said gauri ” abb samajhna chahta hun, mujhe apne galatiyon kaa ehsas ho chuka hein”…..I wish om should have understood what made ishu 2 become a congirl and what forced ishu 2 break om’s trust….But they ended ishkara track as incomplete and right after the end people started loving them more and that confrontation scene always reminds me 2 love ishkara a lot….It;s high time and like all am started liking rikara pairing, and this moment brought a worth watch also, but still i miss ishkara a lot…..But rikara is doing gud and now they have gained much popularity also and i feel happy for them…For ruvya, i am not able 2 find any sort of chemistry among them and that is making me 2 feel that i am literally missing sumo a lot……Ani-gauri-bhavya bonding scenes were gud, but acting wise i felt gauri and anika as better than her…….Some thing is lacking in bhavya and ruvya pairing and i am not able 2 tell what exactly it is…..But still hoping that in upcoming episodes they will do something magical which will make me 2 like ruvya pairing…..I can’t believe that why they didn’t took the pain 2 bring prinku…….For shivay, prinku is her sweet sister and how can shivomru miss her ????? I wonder is this the same show which encouraged women empowerment once and shown a scene of shivomruprinku bringing an idol of ganeshji in one of it’s episode?? No offence , oberoi tribahus are strong and their naari sakthi bonding was gud 2 watch….But the episode would have been more gud, if they have brought prinku also…….Don;t know what that kameeni has planned 2 trap her…..I loved dadi a lot when she ordered shivomru “apni waali ko udaao” and i felt this is ishqbaazi……moment…. which was the most beautiful moment of the whole episode ….For ragini,” crappy beauty”, but can’t beat swethlana as swethu is daring beauty only…I want 2 see what will happen if ragini and swethlana will meet each other ???? I won;t give these kind of weird ideas 2 cv’s because it’s hard 2 tolerate vamp swethlana and psycho ragini in single episode…….Shivay’s attempt 2 make anika 2 feel jealous just stolen the first half of the episode, fark padta hein…..panika aur billu ko as anika said….” naam mitthne se rishtey nahi mitthe”……

    HOW R U ALL ???????????? I CAN’T WRITE ALL NAMES BECAUSE TU HAS RESTRICTED ME 2 MAKE LONG ISHQBAAZI ATTENDANCE REGISTER LIST AS PART OF THEIR RULES……I always forgot the thing that this is a site, and tu reminded me it again…..Sorry for that……But it can’t stop me loving u all my ishqies…..Bye….ishqies, hope all are fine

    1. Ranilya

      Hi Renima, how r you? Hope your eyes r better dear.

      Renima agreed Pinky will definitely intensify her strategies against Anika due to thius isolation…but this lady doesnt have the mind to think that she herself is the cause for her isolation….

      TU has instructed you not to write names?? its part of their rules? I will miss seeing my name and also the long list of ishquies…… it was nice to see all our names together….

      1. Renimarenju

        I have 2 go hospital after 2hours , by next week i will be fit and fine and after that probably i can go office also….Yeah am feeling better now…..Tu msgd me and this has happened with me earlier also…..Due 2 the luv2 this page as family , i will almost forgot this as a site and it’s a kind of my heart’s resolution 2 remember all names and i feel much connected with all ishqies whenever i mentions names…..Certainly i will make bit loose talks also if i get time 2 comment on this page, forgetting the fact that tu needs only show related comments……So once again these so called rules of tu has reminded me the terms and conditions of tu……U will stay in my heart and there tu can’t come up with any rules….ranilya ishqie

    2. Hello @Renima di….. How are u now??? Feeling sooo good to see u back on the TU page….
      Today’s episode was just awesome…. All the couples were cute……
      Initially I also wanted to.see Ishkara but as the time passes I started liking Rikara the more specially firming the bareilley segment and I actually Love them now more…..
      Even I agree with u that bhavya doesn’t suit Rudra…. When Rudra was applying cake to bhavya I badly wanted Soumya to be in her place…. I missed Soumya very much….

      Very truly said that Ragini can’t beat svetlana either by her beauty, style, daring ,dialouge and attitude….. SVETY is just different…..


    3. Good analysis. Yes i too accept that always they sideline priyanka character. Not that i like priveer but yes i too feel if she is shown as daughter of oberios she should be shown as a part of family happy celebrations naa .But yesterday episode was nice

    4. Aastha_Reddy

      Renny…I am also sad not seeing Priyanka. Cvs started too much of pairs and leaving or forgetting stories in between or failing to keep balance with actors and characters.
      Hope you are fine now and enjoying with your four eyes.

    5. AnuluvsIB

      Aww! U cannot write names anymore.. that’s ok.. as u said.. no change in the love!!

      Renima, when I watched rikara, I din miss ishu.. but after I read ur comment I felt what u have mentioned here..
      Ishkara had an intense chemistry too! And wished om understood her better..

      Ru and bhavya.. I think partly it is that actress isn’t par with other IB cast.. the factor I guess is.. we cannot see a replacement for Soumya…

    6. Mansi ‘s very bad in expressions……Bhavya character s good….buy Mansi has terribly failed to potray Bhavya….She lacks energy while delivering dialogues as well….

    7. Ranilya

      Love you dear….

  8. Nikita_jai29

    Hii ishqies… Thanks for your time and commenting on MMKAD to all my friends and silent readers… Here is the next part hhttp://www.tellyupdates.com/mukammal-mohabbat-ki-adhuri-dastaan-mmkad-ishqbaaz-ff-episode-14/….. Please read and commenting on it… Love you ishqies…

  9. Hii Good afternoon everyone……

    @nikitajai- how are u doing nikki ?? Coz of ur wishes and prayers my thumb is fine and hence managed to write quite a long comment….. Love u dear……

    @Nivedita- AniRi actually look like sisters…. The way Omkara smeared the cake on Gauri’s face yewww….. BUT IN SPOILERS I SAW GAURI SAYING ” EK JHAAP MEIN … SAAT JAIBE” AND THEN OMKARA SAYING ” AWWWLEE”…. THEY JUST CROPPED THAT SCENE…….

    @swathi & @ranilya- Mere dimaag mein aise khirafaat sooch Aur aise khurafaat line aate rahte hai….. Don’t underestimate the KHURAFAAT NAUGHTY BRAIN OF MAAHI….???

    @anu- Ice cream was just a excuse to initiate the talk between Shivika…. Also in precap u can see that how Shivaay using ice cream as a excuse wanted to know what’s going in anika’s mind… and thoda sa romance bhi ho gaya doono ke beech mein……

    @pushpa- I said stupid to shivaay coz he unnecessarily announced his engagement with Naagini…. He could have just been bit closercloser ( to his limits ) with Naagini to make Anika jealous…. Even now if Shivaay does not want to do theEngagement that pinky will do anything make this possible hurting Shivika more…. And Naagini is gonna use both pinky and Shivaay as her puppets …… So for me it was stupid move by shivaay to make anika jealous … He could have adopted other ways…

    @astha- Now my BUDDHA thumb is just alright…. BecharaBechara type kar kar ke buddha hoho gaya….

    @Piyuu and @arpita- Those lines were just for fun….. Glad that u liked them…….


    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Take care of your “Buddha” Mahi. wink wink!!

  10. Dear friends
    Kisine mujhe miss kiya.yestarday my health is not good.mujhe fever tha so that why main IB and IPKKND nahi dekh paaya.ab fever kam hua hai but tirdenss abhi bhi thoda hai.aap logo ka comment pada tho thoda idea mila yestarday epi ka and Insta pe pick bhi dekha.meri Ghar pe tv na hone ka thoda upset bhi hai and happy bhi hai.main happy ki wajah boltha hu.tv na hone ki karan RuVya ko dekhna nahi padtha.agar hotha bhi main wahi kartha Jo sab se request kar raha tha.ruvya scene cut kartha?main kuch insta pe dektha hu.kuch log Mansi ko hate na karne ka request karthe hua.i think hate tho zyada log Mansi ko nahi karthe hoga.wo log bolthe hai Mansi bahuth hard work kar rahi hai.wo baath tho okay hai but neha ka mehnath ki baare main koi kyu kuch nahi bol raha hai.usne tho soumya ki character ke liye apna weight high kiya.i think waise hard work Mansi nahi kiya hoga.aaj bhi main samajh nahi pa rahi hai.GK kyu neha ko jaane ko bola hai.uss makers ko bilkul sharam nahi aise unki career ki saath khelne main.kya bola tha wo GK ishana ka character end karne ka reason.unki beech chemistry ki kami hai.agar aisa Hai tho main bolunga RuVya se bhi best chemistry IshKara ki beech hai.badi aayi chemistry dekhne waali??Jo reason IshKara story end karne ko diya haina waise reason abi thank ye log RuMya ka story end karne ko nahi diya.star plus tho bola RuMya sirf friends Hai unka shaadi bhi drunk state pe hua tha tho uss shaadi ka koi imp nahi.mujhe tho ye koi true reason nahi but stupid reason lag raha Hai?agar Mansi ko out na kar ke Neha ko Leenesh ki opposite wapas laaya tho acha hotha.mujhe uss GK ki face dekh kar bahuth bada wala michmichi hotha hai??

    So that’s it.sorry for my stupid comment.agar aaj raath health perfect hoga tho main IB dekhunga and comment bhi karunga.jab thak phone pe JIO net and Hot Star aap hai tho uska tension nahi?

    Take care?

    1. Hello UF…..
      Take care of yourself coz Health comes first…..
      Even I agree that RuVya’s character lacks chemistry…. If u talk about GK dropping Ishana then in that case I heard that There was Some problem between Vrushika and The makers and hence Vrushika left the show…..
      But in case of Soumya all our hopes of getting back Neha has shattered….. Initially I also thought that Neha is on health break and she will be back in 1month after getting Fit but I didn’t happened at all…
      Even I also want Neha to be back….
      But now it seems impossible……

      Take care of urself…….

    2. Aastha_Reddy

      UF dear, take care of your health yaar.
      Haan yaar Bhavya ko dekhkar mich michi hi nahi machti hai. Kya expression deti hai yeh ladki, hamesha eyes ke beech mein frone hota hai, mouth slightly irritating and Rudra ke saamne pheeka pad jaatihai. Takkar wali koi baat hi nahi hai Ruvya mein.
      Seriously take care of your health.

    3. AnuluvsIB

      Hey Uf, how r u feeling now.. hope u r better.. take care dear..
      Swathi ne ek petition ki link di hain.. to bring back rumya… u can sign that..

      Main bhi rumya ko bohot miss Karthik hoon…?

    4. Archiya

      u should be taking rest n not b here.. being more time on phone or laptop is not good wen ur ill … take care n get well soon

    5. Swathi..

      Hi UF get well soon.

    6. Gayathri.visu

      Take care urself dear….. Get well soon.

  11. This episode was truly amazing!
    It seriously made me want to live in a joint family. Nothing can come close to the love brothers and sisters share!
    Loved it because Tej was being a positive figure!
    I am extremely happy that Pinky was left out.
    Ragini’s entry was at the right moment!?
    Love all three couples a lot!?

  12. Ragini and Shivaay romance. What the hell ! !

  13. Lve_surbhi

    OKAY .

    Me , surbhi Sharma , fan of ishqbaaz , from the family of pkj has written a ff finally . Yayy !!
    The name of the ff is ‘love?hate?’ .

    And I am not requesting but ordering you guys to read it . Do me pinky promise .

    U should and should read it .

    Wait , i’ll give the links .

    ● intro – http://www.tellyupdates.com/lovehate-intro/

    ●chapter 1 – http://www.tellyupdates.com/lovehate-chapter-1/

    Everybody please read it and tell ur views ….

  14. Hi Renima, how r you? how is your eyes r u better. nice analysis ya missed priyanka badly (obros only one and sweet sister ) from so loving family after lapse they didn’t show with family

  15. I am enjoying the episodes. I love the show tremendously. I am now always looking forward for Monday to come fast just because I want so much to see Ishqbaaz!!!!!!

    Please continue to make Ishqbaaz a Feel Good movie and not a stressful hateful movie.

    I would love to see both SSO and Annika have a good loooonnnggg tight hug because they really missed each other sooo very much. Please create an opportunity, Gul Madam.

  16. Dii I don’t want ruvya to be pair up they r not magical at all I hate them I hate to watch this show more after they make saumya leave from the show now I hate ib serial I’m so sorry to hurt u guysss but what to do I love rikara and shivika but what abut rumya I miss them alot and uff dii ur right some of the mansi fans are saying like this mansi dii doing hard work a lot don’t spred negitivity but what about neha she gained her weight for this soo called serial but nothing happened I felt ekta ma’m is far better than gul khan at least she listen what her fans want eg kasam serial but thus gul mata she will not really very dissapointed on gul ma’m

  17. sushmitha shetty

    How can director forget that shivay & his dadi went to search anika for the first time because they liked the cake she baked and wanted to order the same for shivay’s wedding and now she dont know to bake cake. She was doing catering and now she dont know to cook. strange how can one forget cooking in few months

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