Dil Bole Oberoi- Chulbul Vs Swetlana Part 3- Saathiya- a journey towards togetherness

Part 3: Dil Bole Oberoi- Saathiya- a journey towards​ togetherness..
Mrs. Kapoor visits Father Pedro at the Pamchgani school. She knew Swetlana’s mom when both Swetlana and Rhea were studying in 12th STD at that high school.
So she disguises herself a little bit and wears a grey wig and facial makeup to age herself. She wears rectangular specs like Swetlana’s mom..And salwar kameez… Patterned for a women in her 60’s..
Father Pedro welcomes Mrs. Khanna ( Mrs. Kapoor disguised as original dead Swetlana’s mom).

Father Pedro: Please come in. I was waiting for you. Interestingly​ enough we have another person who wants to meet me today about Swetlana. Btw how is Swetlana doing. It’s been almost 15 years since we have seen your family in Pamchgani. Didn’t you relocate to Canada?
Mrs Khanna ( urf Kapoor): Yes father, it’s been 15 years since we were in India. Swetlana is doing great. She studied MBA in the US and after working in US and Canada she decided to move back to India for love. She works for the Oberoi company in Mumbai.
Father Pedro: interesting this person who is coming his name is also Oberoi, do you know him?
Mrs. Khanna: (acts startled).. accha father that is interesting.. kya naam hai unka?
Father: Omkara Singh Oberoi
Mrs khanna: Omkara beta! He is my would be son-in-law.. that’s why he probably wants to know about our Swetu’s past. Please take care of him and help him with whatever he asks.

Father Pedro: of course. His aunt also had studied in our high school, so I have met his father in the past..Waise I must tell you, a secret with so many students gracing our school, sometimes it’s difficult for me to remember all the parents.. i try remembering people through old pictures. Though I do remember Swetlana she was one of our brightest students..

Of course you seem to have changed a bit.
Mrs Kapoors- tryng not to be nervous..Laughs it out and days- haan the moving to Canada has changed me quite a lot. Since life there is so different. That’s why you must think i have changed so much in 15 years. Anyways since my Swetu is getting married, I came back to India for her wedding. I wanted to get in touch with her past Indian schools to see if i can donate to them. After all because of her great schooling in India she succeeded in her studies in US and Canada.
Father Pedro: thank you Mrs Kapoor for remember Inc our school. Benefactors like you help make our school the best in Pamchgani..

Mrs Kapoor : writes a check. Then she gives a card and tells father please keep my current India phone no. I am planning to live in India for a few years so that I can be near my dearest Swetu. Also Swetu’s father has a company in Pune, so we will be settling there. I would love to keep hearing about the schools progress.
Accha main chalti hoon abhi. Next time i will get Swetu too with me.
Btw please don’t tell my damad ji of my visit. I don’t want him to know about our donations..Since i like to keep that information private.
Father Pedro: of course i will keep your visit and donation confidential. Thank you for your generosity.

Swetlana gives chulbul a bhang mixed pepsi bottles and tells him to take this for the trip to Panchgani..
Chulbul Omkara: they drink the pepsi on the way, stop in the Dhaba for food,, eat the omlettes and have bhang induced dance scenes from the series. They blame the Dhaba food and drink for their mishap..Instead of the pepsi.. because the group of teenagers with them were drunk as well while dancing they assume it’s the food and drinks from the Dhaba to be the culprit..

Precap: why has Mrs. Kapoor given her no?
Chulbul Omkara reach Panchgani.

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