Dil Bole Oberoi- Chulbul Vs Swetlana Part 2- Saathiya- a journey towards togetherness

Dil bole Oberoi- Chulbul Vs Swetlana part 2
I am changing the series name to
Saathiya- a journey towards​ togetherness..

Chulbul Omkara in OM:
Chulbul trying to enter Om’s room quickly so that she can do a quick puja of the idols there, Om getting out in a hurry dashes against her.. the sindoor and haldi and flowers in the Thalj fall on the two.. Saathiya plays in the background..
Om wonders about Gauri seeing the sindoor..
Gauri remembers their wedding..
Om: Chulbul I told you to not do Puja in my room, please let me stay away from God. I have renounced God just how God has renounced me.

Chulbul: still in daze not listening.
Om: shouts and shakes Chulbul out of her revere..
Current between the two- and both jump 1 hand apart.. in the background Rudy and Dadi see the drama and Rudy snickers Dadi Om hamara bigad Gaya!
Dadi shocked! And speechless.

Chulbul excuses herself saying I have to go see Swetlana ma’am since I am her servant. On the way there she thinks how do I start understanding what is in that file in Omkara ji’s room, that Sultana ji was looking at yesterday night.. I need to find out about that file, something fishy is going on there.. I wish I could understand complicated English words. I’ll look into Google Maiya to see if it will translate english words to Hindi for me..
Swetlana: Chulbul kahan hi Tum..Har din mujhe Omkara Ka update chahiye tumse.. aaj se every morning you should come report to me about Omkara and bring me breakfast in my room at 8 am..

Chulbul- ji madam ji..
Swetlana- maine Omkara ke room mein kal ek file Dekhi thi.. jisme ek school ka naam tha. Has he mentioned that to you?
Chulbul- nahin humne koi school ki bast nahin ki.
Swetlana: ok– i want you to tell me if Omkara goes to that school and Tim uske Sarah saye ki tarah rehna today. And wherever he goes make sure to go with him..
Chulbul: nods ji madam ji..
Chulbul walks away to Omkara’s room – so there is the name of a school in the file.. good, i don’t have to use Google Maiya’s help now..

She enters Omkara’s room while the family is having breakfast and tries reading the document-
Spelling the name of the school
Our lady of perpetual Succor (OLPS) high school Panchgani.. she looks in Google and sees that Panchgani is quite far.. him Kaise Omkara ji ke saath jaayenge..
Swetlana is thining how can i make Omkara take Chulbul with him daily ??I can’t take any chances of Chulbul not keeping me updated on Omkara..
She calls Chulbul to her room and asks him to get her breakfast .And starts illtreating him- i paid you 3 months salary but you cannot do a single thing properly.. you have brought me burnt toast and thanda tea.what use are you to me.pay me back the advance i gave you. You are fired..

Chulbul starts crying because she of course doesn’t have the money. Hearing Swetlana’s shouting Jahnvi, dadi, OmRu come to her room and hear Chulbul crying and getting fired.
Om intervenes because of the pitiful state of Chulbul and says.. you don’t have to fire him, you used my father’s money to hire him..So instead of you he can work for me. I noticed him take care of my idols. He can assist me in my studio from now on.. you don’t have to bother about Chulbul..
Om takes hold of chulbul’s hand and drags him to his room..

Still fuming at Swetlana.. Ru intervenes and says Bhai you are hurting poor skinny chubuls arms, let go..
Om : i just cant stand that woman. She had no decency..She mistreats even poor helpless servants. Ugh.
Ok anyways Ru- the detective gave me the address of Swetlana’s highschool- that’s the only record he has found of Swetlana in India from 15 years back. I am going to Panchgani to look into that. Please tell Shivaay about the progress.
Chulbul: hum kya karein yahan aaj..hum akele rahenge toh sultana ma’am ki hum par na barad pade..
Om: ok you can come with me to Panchgani..

When i am talking to the father, maybe you can talk with some of the other staff to see if anyone there knows about Swetlana..
Before they leave Swetlana meets with Chulbul and tells him- though you work for Omkara now, I got you this job. I fought with you as a plan to get you to work with Omkara. Be loyal to me otherwise I will make your life hell.
Chulbul: agrees thinking i will do as you say, but i will help Omkara ji in his mission because today and before when he married me both times he showed his humanity ( insaniyat)..

Precap: Mrs. Kapoor in Panchgani.

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