Dil Bole Oberoi 9th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Dil Bole Oberoi 9th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Om asks Chulbul to run. He pushes Gauri. Gauri’s hair get loose. She gets tensed. Some time before, Om threatens Kaali. He goes. Kaali says he is threatening me. Gauri says no, don’t do anything to Om. He says he is breathing because of you, else I would have killed him, if you do anything, he will not go alive, I will marry you in 15mins, get ready. He goes. She cries. Shwetlana sees a guy’s pic and says hair matches Om, but not face, its fine, face will be hidden in sehra, arrange marriage setup in basement, marriage will happen now, none should know about this. Buamaa comes and asks what’s cooking. Shwetlana says I m planning to surprise Om. Buamaa says I felt you got surprise. Shwetlana says you will be surprised when I marry Om. Buamaa says I will make you out of Om’s life. Shwetlana

asks how will you do this. Buamaa handcuffs her and says hum saath saath hai, now no need to keep an eye on you, we are together now.

Gauri says I m doing this marriage to save Om, but he won’t go without Chulbul, Chulbul can’t go with him, show me some way to send Om safely. She sees hair wig. Om gets a message from Chulbul. Om reads meet me outside in law. Om rushes. Om goes and looks for Chulbul. Gauri comes there as Chulbul, and calls him out. Om gets happy and hugs her. Kaali knocks the door and asks why are you taking much time to dress up as bride. He sings Sajna hai mujhe… and asks her to open door. Om says thank God you are fine, did they do anything, don’t worry, I have come, we will go home soon, sorry you got trapped because of me, I will make everything fine. She feels sorry to cheat him again, but maybe he won’t listen to her if she said this as Gauri. Kaali breaks the door and sees Gauri gone.

Gauri says I can’t go with you, go from here. Om says nonsense, how can I leave you. Gauri says Kaali will kill you, don’t put your life in risk, please go. Kaali says go and find her and Om. Om asks Gauri to come. Gauri says no, I can’t come, that Kaali… Om says I will fight with 10 Kaalis, but not leave you. Gauri says I don’t want you to fight with Kaali, he will kill you. Om says I don’t care, I m not leaving you.

Kaali throws his pagdi. Gauri says either of us can go from here, I m the root of all this. Om asks what are you saying, how did you come in between. Kaali takes gun and walks to them. Gauri says before Kaali and his men come, go from here. Om asks why can’t you come, tell me the reason. She thinks to tell him she is Gauri. Om asks what’s the matter. Gauri says if you regard me friend, go and save your life. Om says I regard you true friend, I won’t go without you, come on. Gauri says they have come. Om says I told you I will keep this relation all life. He lifts Gauri and takes her. Saathiya….plays…..

Gauri says you should go from here, Om makes her sit in jeep. He sits to drive and sees Kaali in front. Kaali points gun at them. Om drives. Kaali shoots at the car and moves off the way. Kaali asks his men to catch them. Jhanvi asks Buama about hadncuffss. Buamaa says I m limiting Shwetlana. Jhanvi says I m stressed about Om and Ga… Chulbul. Buamaa says Om will get Chulbul. Gauri says you are doing big mistake, Kaali will be mad in anger. Om asks her to sit quiet. Kaali follows them. Gauri cries and prays to Shankar ji, don’t know we are falling in trouble or coming out, its your wish, just protect Om. She sees Shiv temple and thinks now I m sure you are with us.

She sees Kaali coming after them and says I told you he will come, what will we do now. Kaali points gun. Gauri says leave me here, I will go. Kaali shoots at the tyres. Om hits the tree. He asks Gauri are you fine, just get down and run. Om fights with Kaali’s men. Kaali looks on. Om and Gauri run. Kaali points gun at them and shoots at Om’s leg. Om falls down. Gauri gets shocked. Om asks her to run. Gauri says I won’t go leaving you, give me your hand, I will take you.

Kaali and his men come in front. Kaali says there is much yaarana, ye dosti hum nai todenge….. what to do, now its time to get away, Bulbul’s revenge from Chulbul, my brother died because of you, now Chulbul will die. Om says kill me if you want. Kaali says fun is not to kill, but to give pain. Kaali attacks. Om shouts Chulbul run and pushes Gauri. He holds the sword in hand. Gauri’s hair get loose.

Om asks Chulbul to run. Kaali smiles. Om turns and sees Gauri. He leaves the sword and says you….. Saathiya….plays….

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Ahsana98

    It was an emotional episode. It was first time I commenting on DBO ‘s page. I’m waiting for knowing om ‘s reaction when he finding chulbul is none other than gaury. I don’t know if he believe her or he think again it was her and Kali ‘s play.

  2. Lo ek aur din wait karna padega…but chulkara part was good.and i don’t want to say anything. …..

    Saying. hii hello namaste namaskar to alll.my frnds.

  3. episode was fast…….and best part is buamaa trapped swetlana cleverly……….and thanks to makers,here no twins for om..waiting for tomorrow…….want to see omkara reaction………….

    1. Obviously no one is that ugly in this world

  4. Whattt is the same precap but just some changes!!! Hurry and show what will happen next!!!!

  5. What yaar…again pushed to next day

  6. Kanfi

    Hii everyone…
    Just chulkara scene were amazing,,,they didn’t reveal truth today..
    Now have to wait for tmrrw….

  7. Kanfi

    Hey guyss ,i have submitted my frst ff ever,,so plzz read n commnt when it’ll published,.
    “”Love at frst sight??naah”love at last sight””..name of my ff

    Gd night

  8. Waiting to watch tomorrow’s episode….interesting twist

  9. Aastha_Reddy

    Waiting for you baby….aawaawaw ..aawaaw…

  10. OMG…. Kaali again ur chiraiya ran away with her chirota…. By the way how dare u shoot my OmKara …. u Black Thakur, u KAALIYE…. GO TO HELL….
    BUT today’s episode was like RUN OMKARA RUN….. RUN AWAY WITH UR BULBUL….
    Svetlana Buamaa be tumhe Kaid he kar liye… permanent apne nazroon ke saamne…


    1. maahi there is another picture in instagram that svetlana is in wedding attire too……also two more pictures.in one rahul dev(kali takur)finished his shoot and svetlana also.i dont know they are on break or their part get finished…

  11. I want to see more buama and I want a hour special Ishqabaaz and dil bole Oberoi when they trap kaali and Svetlana please.

  12. What’s going on yaar ?? Why this serial is full with violence and all ??isnt there any sweet happy moments???its getting so boring tho .the writer of this serial please get some spice in it

  13. I think gauri will end up killing kaali

  14. Dear dbo fans there is a segment today in which omkara bring bring gauri as his wife in OM.svetlana wint get any property becoz everything belongs to his wife gauri…so her plan failed…and guys RIKARA looks breath taking….wait for twists and turns….

  15. i think om brings gauri to OM as chulbul.

    meanwhile svetlana makes everything ready for the marriage and waiting for om.

    buamaa and jhanvi secretly make pact to replace gauri in the place of svetlana and hide svetlana.

    om marries gauri.

    svetlana comes out and starts threateninig, but is held back knowing that she didnt marry om and he is married to somebody else and now the property belongs to gauri.

    kali thakur follows om to OM. tries killing gauri but accidently stabs svetlana, as om rescues gauri.

    …. am sure something like this might happen..!!

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