Dil Bole Oberoi 7th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Dil Bole Oberoi 7th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Om says I want to know who is Gauri, one I met in Bareilly or one who is here, I realized my mistake, I m sorry. Rudra says mission got completed. Bhavya says I have to stay here for some days. Some time before, Buamaa says I give slow poison to Om, family would not know, you spoiled everything, I have to get Om marry, you have to die. She strangulates Gauri. Gauri shouts to Om for help. Buamaa gets shocked seeing Om. Om gets in front of Gauri. Buamaa says she is a liar, she is not pregnant. Om says I have seen everything and heard what Gauri said and what you said. Buamaa says no. Om shouts enough, not a word anymore, I heard how your Ratan will come and Om will go.

Om says I can’t believe what she did, all her love was a show. Jhanvi says no, she said what she thinks is true. He says

its about intentions, her intentions were bad. She says she has gone through a lot. He says Buamaa has to accept truth today. He goes. Buamaa sings lullaby and sees Ratan’s pic. Om comes and says Buamaa, Ratan… She says Ratan will surely come. He says Ratan won’t come. She asks how dare you say this, Ratan will come. She cries and says that girl lied to me, my Ratan will come, I m waiting for him. She faints. Om holds her. The photo frame falls and breaks.

Commissioner says well done ACP Bhavya, your plan and mission was successful, it was not a small thing to use Oberois son. Rudra looks on. Commissioner says you have used him as sacrificing sheep. Rudra recalls Bhavya. Bhavya shows Rudra. Commissioner says oh Rudra, this mission would have not been successful without you. Rudra says Bhavya lied to me, I m glad to be of some use. He goes.

Jhanvi says doctors checked all reports, Buamaa has lost her mental balance, if she stays here, it will be dangerous for us, we have to send her to mental asylum. Dadi says what are you saying. Om says its a hospital, its good for her, she will get fine. Jhanvi says its good Gauri got to know about Buamaa, else Bumaa did all planning to kill Om. Om recalls Gauri saving him and Jhanvi. Buamaa thinks I did madness drama so that you think I m mad, not a criminal, I will come back for my Ratan.

Bhavya says locket is fake, it has no chip, Rudra does not know about it. Commissioner asks where is real one, it has imp info, it will be in Oberoi mansion, you have to go there again, we need it.

Gauri thanks Lord for helping her do wife’s duty, now Om is fine, I have to leave from here, take care of Om. Saathiya…..plays….. She gets leaving and stumbles. Om forwards hand. She goes ahead. He holds the curtain which she held. Om asks are you going somewhere.

She says where will the bird go, back to nest. He says Bareilly, is it necessary to go. She says now I have no reason and right to stay here. He says if I say, don’t go, stay back. She cries and asks why, do you have any reason, I know you won’t have any answer. He says maybe I misunderstood you. She says you never understood me. He holds her hand. Om says I want to understand you, I want to know who is Gauri, one I met in Bareilly or one who is here, I realized my mistake, I m sorry, stay back atleast now.

She asks why shall I stay here, so that you ask me to leave from this house, you are not understanding, I got myself insulted by you a lot, I would have not left anyone doing so, but it was you, my husband, you asked me many times to leave, but I came like shameless one, as your life was imp to me than my respect, before you insult me and make me leave, I will leave from here. Om says its strange, I told you to leave and you did not do, today when I m stopping, you are going, stay back. She says you don’t accept this marriage, by what rights shall I stay. He says you did a lot for my family, by being Chulbul and my wife, don’t take decision in hurry, take some time, just think about it, you believe in Lord, ask him, maybe he tells you, what happened. She says I can’t think when you are around. He asks what shall I do. She asks him to go. He says what, this is my house. She says fine, I will go. He says wait, I will go, just think about it. He goes.

Rudra enters his room and sees Bhavya. He asks what are you doing here, mission completed, what do you want from me. She says it did not complete, I have to stay here for some days. He asks why, are you not done of lies. She says country needs us, I will not move back from doing my duty. He says even if you cheat anyone, what about my family. She says I told your entire family that I m an undercover cop and came here for a mission, so I will stay here.

Shivaye shows the cake. Anika, Gauri and Bhavya laugh. Anika says you just have our cake left. Shivaye punches the cake. Anika and Shivaye swear cake on each other’s faces.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Shraddha-DBO

    Hi all rikarians & Shrenalians

    The last episode was THE BEST of all episodes of DBO??
    It was so divine & magical,my family was really excitedly watching this episode?

    Om- bua confrontation was blowing….
    But loved all rikara convo today,m any were telling that story is rushed.

    But no guys, it’s in the right track; om’s attitude was changing since jalandhar track & now after bua ma incident he really feels that he want to know gouri.He feels that she is not faking her love & concern for him.Even he has started to feel comfort with her; usually hero protects heroine but here is vice versa.Finally he have took all her care in the real meaning; he knows she had lied but her lies are nothing in front of her self sacrifice.

    Loved duet Saathiya a lot…..& from the scene where she is goiaway till the end I was sitting with dreamy eyes.Shrenal killed it; I was afraid whether she would stop in his first call buy she kept on questioning him & he kept answering to get.

    Loved how he extended his arms, when she tripped,how he touched the curtains,how he stopped her…. everything….& ruvya too…

    So last day here guys, but will b reading all ffs & updating mine too here.We r not going anywhere,we will meet in IB page.Get ready for a fresh start guys, this ending is giving way to a brand new beginning for an intense love story????


    1. Every thing related to Gaurikara was best …..????????….
      from their scenes …. to their conversation…. Omkara trying his best not to fall weak seeing Gauri leaving him….
      Omkara trying his best to stop Gauri…..


      1. Shraddha-DBO

        Hi maahi, ur shayari last day was mind blowing??
        Loved the duet really…

    2. Last episode????

    3. Renimarenju

      Oh shraddha meri jaan, u said the right thing, can’t believe that dbo has ended, but whatever it be feeling glad that now we will be getting full and full of ishqbaaz for one hour……in one show we can watch shivika,gaurika and ruvya[ though rumya is best, will try 2 like them] and now priveer also……How are u dear ??? Few days, more ….then i will be fine and then we will meet in ib page…..dear….but surely miss this dbo page lot….

      1. Shraddha-DBO

        I’m fine di, waiting for ur stories??

  2. Thank yiu amena di for superfast update. .last time for this tu page. ….thank yiu soooo much. ..for this

  3. Nivedita

    DBO was so emotional for me with the Saathiya song and OmRi moments.  I cried buckets, just cause of the lyrics..????????
    Gauri had some awesome dialogues today!  ??????
    Loved you so much Gauri for showing some self respect.??????
    CVs are clever making Gauri stay but not clearing OmRi misunderstanding all together..or any confession..from either..??
    Yaar why can’t they replace the Bhavya actress.. ??? can’t stomach her presence for 1 hr episodes..ugh..??

    I simply loved the ‘milke tumse’part with both male and female singing together and Om preventing Gauri from leaving..??????

    And if DBO had such awesome moments and dialogues from the start, it would have had better TRPs.. ?
    Goodbye DBO–? thanks for some awesome OmRi moments all cast crew and CVs! ????
    I will miss it only because my IB journey Shivika Gaurika love started because of DBO! ???????

    1. Nivedita

      PS: Since Bua ma isn’t really mad there is potential for her to come back in the future date in IB..with a revenge track..

      1. Dii what about soumya I’m missing her a lot y cvs don’t understand we love rumya not ruvya

    2. Is this show dbo ending here? ?

      1. Nivedita

        Yes Helly the DBO series has ended..OmRu Gauri’s story will now continue in 1 hour Ishqbaaz episodes from tonight. (Which was the original start of OmRu story.)

  4. Today DBO. Was most beautiful. ..episode till date…kassh har din asi khobsurat episode dete..

    fiinally woh moment aa hi gayaOm ko sab pata chalgaya……
    .. today i am saying for DBO IB keliye sayad bol chuki hun…

    So buaama was not psycho..she was doing drama…oh my God kya drama he….??…

    Then Rudy heart is broken…..?????
    ..i am feeling bad for him

    But OMRI AND THAT DUET SATHIYA…???????????????????????.oh my God still killing me…..

    Yes gouri hamesha apni chirota ko bachaya aab self respect bhi jaroori he..

    I love gouri today shrenu was looking really beautiful today…
    Ye dino bhai same….he Sso bhi aur om.bhi tum meri Pat……
    Patni bhi nahi bola jata inse…..???…

    Bhabya was looking terrible in last part….

    Om..yes try to know who is gouri…she is your pvarbati…..look at your chireya…
    She loves you sooooo much yarr..

    Btw i want to thank yiu all my frnds who commented here..and gave their support to DBO….
    Thsnk you soo much you guys..

    And plz continue reply…you can reply on IB page no no no no no you can..

    You have to comment. ..give your support to all your fev jodi…..????..

    Love yiu Soooooòooooo much..once again…

    1. Yes arpita …. I was waiting for Omkara to say ” meri biwi OR meri patni ” to Gauri….
      but alas he stopped in middle….

      Today’s episode was just a bliss to watch….. #LOVE U GAURIKARA

    2. Nivedita

      Same wish here Arpita– itna accha writing for Gaurika DBO mein pehle Diya hota and lad interactions daka hota toh aaj the series wouldn’t have ended. .

      Yeah that duet part I can keep re-watching! ???


      2. Nivedita

        And *bad interactions *kam dikhayahota

      3. Nivedita

        And *bad interactions *kam dikhaya hota

  5. I never commented here but 2day I just can’t stop myself from doing this???? THIS WAS THE BEST EPISODE OF DBO so far??? om just nailed it 2day?? his words n exprsns… i jst luv him? i think he’s getting back 2 d old artist om? n gauri… She didn’t left her self-respect 4 her luv lyk most of other heroines ?? n I think that was the best part of d epi❣

  6. Sakash.

    Superb,Awesome,Mindblowing,Todays episode full of emotions & love.Finally i am happy for Gaurika.But i am sad for rudra.Any ways this is the last & best episode DBO.
    Thanks for writing such a wonderful updates of DBO – Amena??????

  7. Waiting …. Monday episode ?? ?? ?
    I love ? .. today episode …superb, finally om ask gauri to stay… wonderful. Hopefully one day he ,omkara get to know who is gauri actually and he start loving her.

  8. Sakash.

    Superb update.No more words to say.

  9. I loved today’s episode I will miss dbo a lot

  10. Today’s episode is totally awesomee, happiest and at the same time also the heart pinching one as it is ending. No more DBO.. 🙁 only IB. I m unable to digest..

    Jai and shrenuu were doing fabulous..I wish them a bright future . Even if i watch IB it is only for Jai and shenu..
    Thank you JAI ….. and only bcoz of ur action and expressions I started watching serial.Good Luck to you

  11. Today the last episode of INDIA FIRST TELEVISION SPIN OFF….
    I just love THE EVERY BIT OF GAURIKARA SCENE…. Gauri’s expressions and Omkara’s emotions…..
    Today omkara #Falling in lovekara….. #Heartmeltingkara….
    1.Omkara holding Gauri’s hand……
    2. The Omkara held the same curtain which Gauri held when she stumbled….
    3.The way he said her “Agar mein kahu mat jaoo …”…. “Ruk Jaoo”….
    4.Today Gauri said everything to Omkara that he never understood her, never trusted her, never accepted their marriage…..
    5. The way Omkara said ” sorry “….


  12. I’m so glad it’s ended. I said it from the start it was a bad idea. I’m surprised some people are still deluded asking for equal ss. All fingers are not equal. There’s a difference between the stars. That’s why Ykkrh will keep ruling the chats. The producers didn’t listen to fans crying to make Gayu the main lead despite the fact she had played lead in a prior serial. Insecure Rikara fans. I like Kunal, I love Shrenu from ipkkd. I didn’t watch nakul’s previous serial but in Ishqbaaz Nakul and Surbhi are undisputed leads. They have the awards to show for it.

  13. Dbo fans from kerala

    There is no words about today episode, Our omkara-gauri aka shrenu nd kunal fully rocked. We love last episode cvs make gauri to speak.

    We will miss our RIKARA and DBO.
    Dbo one of the best show in ongoing tv series.shrenu and kunal are amazing talented actors brilliantly portrayed each and every scenes of #Rikara. Don’t know about full story of ishqbaaz, but love shivika also , anyway hoping for the best.

    Love you all our friends, shraddha,niveditha,arpitha,maahi….etc.
    Love you omkara-gauri
    Karari ????❤❤❤❤❤❤

    1. Nivedita

      Hi DBo fans. Hope to See your posts in IB page from now on..will miss commenting on this page. But koi nahin …our ShreNal journey hadn’t ended yet..

      You fans should check up on past IB episodes, you will love it.. just skip the silly episodes, but do watch the Shivika journey in past IB if you can..

  14. Mona146

    bhavya looks absolutely dayan or devil rather than a heroine. It better if she becomes villain and sowmya comes back. I know this will never happen.

  15. Dear Friends
    So main aaj DBO ka last epi main comment kar rahi hu.but feel nahi ho raha last hai.episode tho superb Tha?????

    Om ko buama ka sach patha chala.aaj buamaa thoda scary laga???but main zyada uska part nahi dekha.

    Rudy ko dekh kar bura laga?mujhe tho uss acp pe gussa as raha hai.?????Rudy ko bakhra bola pehle apne aap ko dekh to kiss behas Kam nahi lagtha??????Moto kahika????

    OmRi o Saathiya duet?????aisa lag raha tha ki main kisi movie ka romantic song dekh rahi hu??????but male female version mix karna nahi chaahiye tha.

    Acha laga gouri ko apni respect imp hai dekh kar.aur ye bhi acha laga ki usne om ko apni man ki andhar ka feeling bathaya.ab tho samajhle om usse best wife nahi milega tujhe.and SSO version 2 wala om”tum Meri path” mann kar raha tha ki uski back pe haathon se maaron thaki wo pathni ka full word bahar aaye.sso2 kahika?last main tho mujhe uski baath se purana om ka feel hua?jaise purana om baath karthe hai calmly waise laga.

    Bhavya?wo kaise chair pe bait kar styly saamne aaya mujhe tho wo dekh kar hassi aayi?yaar bhavya I know tum funny bhi hothi hu.but kabhi tho serious situation ko bhi seriously lena chaahiye na.uska wo style yaad karo tho abh bhi hassi aatha Hai?but Rudy ko dekh kar mujhe kuch acha feel nahi aara ha tha?patha nahi uski man pe Kya chal raha hai.

    That’s it friends so hamara DBO end hua. but oberoi brothers ki ishqbaazi nahi.so unki ishqbaazi ke liye phir milthe hai ishqbaaz ki page(paaglon ki joond) pe.so sab aayiye IB ki page pe apni fav Jodi’s and characters ko support kijiye.

    Kuch aur baath bhi bathana Hai

    Om aaj handsome lag raha tha?and gauri she is always beautiful??????

    GK ek iv main bola tha.rudy ki new girl sso version 3 hoga.aur ab thak aise sso version 3 baath mujhe nahi laga.shayad wo iss liye hoga.kyunki uski entry ki baath main bahuth DBO IB episode skip kiya tha.but yesterday epi main last bhavya ko dekh kar laga ki thoda rudness and sso3 version wala baath tha?

    So all my dearest RiKara fans,Kunal,shrenu,leenesh,Mansi fans sab IB ki page pe aana.Spin off show end hua hai om,gaur,bhavya,rudy ki story nahi.so ham sab milke apni favorite character and Jodi’s ko support karna chaahiye.and saari fans milke support karna chaahiye fans war nahi fans pyaar hona chaahiye.kabhi dusre fans ki saath cold war math karna.sochna ki sab ko apni viewrs bathane ka right hai so friends ban ke hum sab apni favorites ko support karengi??bas dukh iss baath ka hai ki RuMya ko hamesha ke liye khoya.but unko kabhi nahi bool payengi??miss you RuMya miss you so much???????

    Ek baath bool gayi.IB pe tho sab old tadibaaz shivay ko wapas laane ki try kar rahi hai.but sab log old omkara ko bool gaya hai kya.ya phir CVS bool gayi.i think gauri ki character ke liye old om phit na hoga iss liye hogi.but uske liye gauri ki character pe thoda change laa sakthe haina.thoda ishana effect.agar gauri ko aisi character banaye Jo old om ko perfect ho thab maza hoga.ab tho mujhe lagtha hai iss bhavya ki karan old rudy bhi badalega.agar iss CVS ko inke liye new girls laana hai tho okay.but unke liye inko badalne ki kya zaroorath hai.mujhe cool funny naghty Rudy nahi badalna hai.agar badalna hai tho bhavya ko badalo.aur gauri ki character ko bhi aisa banavo Jo old omkara me liye perfect ho.like ishana.and bhavya ko bhi waisa hi karo.dont want so version 2 and 3.and don’t want shivika story version 2 and 3.

    So friends sab log IB ki page pe aana okay.

    DIL BOLE OBEROI?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  16. one of the best episodes of dbo

    wish they would never end it
    the one hour ishqbaaz will focus more on shivika not on the other Jodis

    if u remember during the mahasangam miss dbo best episode today
    Wish dbo never ended

    If u remember during mahasangam more attention was given to shivika and hardly 3-5 mins to omri and rudra

    I hope this time there is no partiality between the Jodis.

    we want equal importance

  17. Oops a small mistake
    one of the best episodes of dbo

    wish they would never end it
    the one hour ishqbaaz will focus more on shivika not on the other Jodis

    if u remember during the mahasangam more attention was given to shivika and hardly 3-5 mins to omri and rudra

    I hope this time there is no partiality between the Jodis.

    we want equal importance
    Love u omri,shrenal

  18. Hi all, so emotional….. will miss DBO…. hru all special hi to sharada nivedita arpita archiya mona146…..

  19. I never watched ishqbazz before.. but i like shrenu thets why i watched dbo… actually i dont like surbhi but i like nakul… anyway dbo ended her and integrated with ib.. so want to watch full ib to see gouri and om….. i am not satisfying about their decision.. but understand their risk.. so will watch ishqbazzz also

  20. waiting for next episode

  21. Gayathri.visu

    Hello Rikarians…..
    After a longggggggg time I m commenting on DBO page.
    Nice episode….good ending! Except bhavya.
    Trust me guys this is not real Om. When u will see the old artist Om, the one who took decisions by his heart……u guys will understand why many people don’t like this spinoff!

    And Tej……I missed father Tej, father of OmRuPri!! The one who loved his children more than anyone, he was real Tej! I missed Tej n Pinky ponky’s taunting scenes.

    Rudra…..I missed crybaby Rudra, Sumo’s
    crybaby, Om’s duffer Ru, Shivaay’s baby Ru, love angel’s AmarPrem Ru……..etc.

    I missed Obro kitchen moments, Obro pool scend, Obros convo with Dadi, Om-prinku scenes, RuHil scenes…….like more.
    So don’t worry guys…..once old IB is back then definitely u guys will like IB!
    Hope will see u all are in IB page……

    I m sorry friends, if I hurt someone by my comment.


    Finally om realised his mistake and is developing feelings for gauri but i hope gauri donot forgive him easily.?????
    I feel sad ???? for rudra, he always have to face heart break? …

  23. I only want to see om and gauri. Neither shivika nor ruvya

  24. I want to see rumya not ruvya

  25. Pixie

    loved this episode!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    amazing end!!!!!
    cant wait for 1 hour of ishqbaaaz from monday!!!!
    ruvya and rikara rocked it!!

  26. Guyss plss who all are rumya fan pls sign the petition

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