Dil Bole Oberoi 7th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Dil Bole Oberoi 7th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Shwetlana says there was another camera too, it means footage is recorded in it, I have to find that footage, else I m finished, this secret is not leaving me, I have to go hospital. Om says I know you well, I just don’t know why you are doing this, the day I get proof against you, it will be your last day, note my words. Some time before, Shwetlana sees Dang hiding the envelope. She asks him to have a safe trip and shakes hands. She hurts him and says you were going to tell my secrets to Om.

Om and Gauri come hospital. He asks for Dang. They go ahead to meet him. Shwetlana says I will have fun when you bleed. Dang shouts Mr. Omkara Singh Oberoi. Om stops and says I felt like someone called out my name. Shwetlana looks out of the window. Dang takes some chemical and writes something on the

glass door. She sees Dang and says be ready to die. She stabs Dang. He falls down.

She turns and sees the door. Om and Gauri step in. Shwetlana hides inside a stretcher and sees them. She says you came Om, but got late. Gauri says there is no one here. Om throws the chair and says again. Gauri falls and lights gets switched off. Om asks are you fine. They see two circles, made on the door. Gauri says its red marks, maybe of blood. Om switches on lights. They don’t see anything.

He switches off lights. She asks what’s this strange thing, its not seen in light, its seen in darkness. Om says its chemical, person uses it to pass secret message, we use this in art to show statue in darkness, I don’t know what this means, what Dang wants to tell us, does he want to say his life is in danger. Gauri says I don’t know where did he go, Shwetlana is not here, she also came to meet him, did she take him.

Om touches door and says its fresh, it means they did not go far, lets go. Gauri says wait, give me your phone, and clicks the pic. Shwetlana wears the doctor’s coat, glasses and mask. Om stops her and asks did you see Dr. Dang. She signs no. He thanks her. She takes Dang’s body. She thinks you will be just finding Dang, but you won’t get him, he will reach there where none can reach him. She gets inside lift. Om stops the lift and gets in with Gauri.

Lift stops and door opens. Gauri screams seeing a skeleton. The man gets in with that skeleton. Om says relax Chulbul, its okay. Shwetlana thinks idiot, he is scared of fake skeleton, if he double crosses me, I will turn him to real skeleton. Shwetlana’s accessories fall down. She steps on it and picks it up.

Shwetlana takes Dang to the Oberoi mansion. She says people kill enemies and bury, but I m burying you alive, you were leaking my secrets, you should be punished. Om hurts his hand. Gauri runs to him seeing the bleeding. He says every time, Shwetlana wins, whenever we reach near destination, something happens that we reach to starting point, after so many tries, we have nothing. Shwetlana buries Dang and jokes that Dang stays under Oberoi mansion, Om is finding him everywhere, he can’t think Dang is buried here in the garden. She says you stayed in middle class house all your life, after dying, you shifted to expensive property, welcome to Oberoi mansion, Dr. Dang I hope you die soon and go to hell.

Om says she always has answer to all plans, I m not able to do anything. Gauri cries and says don’t feel sad, I believe… Om says enough, what happened of your belief, nothing happens by it. Gauri says you are just seeing one side of coin, we always got some clue. Om says what’s the use, we are clueless after getting many clues. He goes. Gauri prays to Shankar ji to give courage to Om, give me strength to stand with him.

Shwetlana says its time to revive some old memories, I m going to delete this forever. She inserts the chip and plays video. She sits having popcorn. Video shows….. A girl stabbing Shwetlana and asking Dang to give her Shwetlana’s face. He does the surgery.

She sees her face and smiles. He says I gave you Shwetlana’s face by surgery, but you have to be extra careful, for skin rejuvenation, you will need Shwetlana’s blood, if you have to stay alive, you have to keep her alive. She says of course doctor, I have to keep her alive, afterall she helped me, she does not know how much benefits I will get by her face. Video ends.

Shwetlana recalls keeping real Shwetlana in ice box and taking her blood. She says now that doctor is no more, and even this proof. She zooms and checks. Shwetlana says there was another camera too, it means footage is recorded in it, I have to find that footage, else I m finished, this secret is not leaving me, I have to go hospital.

She silently starts leaving. Om stops her. Lights come. She asks why are you awake till now, its not good for health. He says same for you. She says I m going for midnight beauty treatment, would be bride have to get that done, don’t you want me to look pretty. He says shut up, I know you well, you disappeared Dang, I have no proof. She says you are restless and create new stories, you blame me, as you have no proof against me, your mental state is getting bad, I think you are becoming mad. He shouts enough, I know you well, I just don’t know why you are doing this, the day I get proof against you, it will be your last day, note my words.

Shwetlana says enough, I m tired of clarifying. Om holds her hands, and says why is this mud red, even we have red mud in our garden, lets have some fun. Why don’t we go garden and check.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Super fast update amne di thank yoy soo much.
    Coming to episode it is kinda dragging. I know that dr dang wii be killed.
    Feeling ver bad for om.he is trying his best.but failed.???? poor om
    Toh ye tha swetlana ka raaz. Chalo thodi clue toh mili jili janani ke baare main??

    Precap lagta nahi ki iss baar bhi om ko kuch proof milega.lets wait and watch.

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Arpita.. comment le pratidina prathamei Aapona….

  2. EmAsli wali margayi he ye koi aur he. Mere dimag ki dhai ho gayi he.??

  3. Well no comments. Fed up with this swetlana drama. One thing which was hillarious is that Swetlana right after the plastiv surgery, her voice is changed and she has eyeliner. Lmao I couldn’t stop laughing at it. At least they kinda showed the secret. But how is she related to Mrs. Kapoor?? And on Monday Om will dig the garden and nothing will be found, cuz its Dil Bole Swetlana. Ill be very much surprised if Om finds Dr. Dang’s body. Pls finish this nonsense asap. I really didnt like today’s episode. Even IB I didnt like it. Scared for Anika.

    1. The girl who did plastic surgery is Mrs. Kapoor’s daughter I think–
      Agree totally ridiculous..
      Also just because she saw a camera on screen she assumed there is another copy..of the video..What rubbish??
      DBo writers are writers of nonsensical plots..

      Also those circles on the door– the director just has no eye for detail– when doctor dang’s hand were on the door, the hands were near his lower back, but the marks seen by Chulkara was at eye level. Itna attention to detail also they don’t have.. toh story plot toh aisa rubbish hi hoga..

      Also if all the change of Swetlana’s plastic surgery happened in Dr. Dang’s office why did the detective want to meet Om in the chemical factory.. whatever info he wanted to give Om, why couldn’t he just bring it to OM or meet at a place near OM instead of meeting at a factory miles away from OM..
      Also why was Swetlana waiting for Dr. Dang to surface in her life..
      Because if she already thought that her secret if plastic surgery won’t be safe with the doc, then why didn’t she murder him before..

      And that Swetlana in the trunk is alive– yeh kaunsa alternate reality world hai– where a person can stay alive in a ice filled trunk.. and a person needs blood from someone whose face you took up through plastic surgery??
      Kuch bhi science, logic Ka kachra Kar ke rakhna hai CVS nei..???????
      This week i am sure DBO will b out of top 20 in TRP..
      Jitna accha IB tha this week.. usse bhi badhkar stupid tha DBO..

  4. Bull sh*t whats gng on in this show stupid story .first end that sweatlana chapter and focus on omkara ,gauri relationship I think that will be intresting tis is not at all gud.i can’t see that sweatlana’s overacting.i used to love this show when they r in bareli now the story is worst im sure if they continue this it’s trp rating will be surely decreased,end her chapter fast plz we don’t have patience to watch tis bl***y show.

  5. Aastha_Reddy

    Huh… again a stupid reason to save shwetlana…. kuch bhi…
    Plastic surgery … uski toh main plastic se surgery karlungi… neither in cloning nor in any other face change treatment surgery.. blood from actual patient is needed …and that causes skin disease… and irritation…
    When Cvs are ending this torture on us…!!!!
    Believe… failure… new hope …again at point zero.. OnRi are in a cyclic motion… hope the Chudail will not find the Robot any how…and Om Should get that …..
    Dr. Dang… bye bye ganja( Bald) budhdha… live in peace under the soil with earth worms… fell in love with them…happy journey..!!!
    Confident is making Shwetlana do many unnatural things.. and the other is following her after the one at hand is solved….she need a bed in Agra mental asylum…

    1. Navz

      Yaar aastha ……really waiting for ur next post of ur ff…plz post it soon haa..

      1. Aastha_Reddy

        Navya… kya kahoon yaar.. I typed and saved on my laptop.. before 2 days … but but find it missing the next day.. Ab main bhul gayi hoon ki kya type kiya tha…apna dard kisko bataun yaar…thats why wrote OS .
        Ab mujhe phir se part-11 type karna padega….

    2. You said 100 %true dii.. The story is like dragging…. I am bored.. But only for rikara I am tolerating the chural svetlana…

  6. Antara

    Dr dang was the hope but no this devil killed him that clue is robot i think
    when will they find truth abt svetlana’s truth? dragginggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg like hell

  7. Navz

    One thing i want to clear to cvs is that we r not here to see the victorious ,stupid,illogical,senseless deeds of that chudail swetlana????.we r here to watch d lovestory of omri and shivomru ki bonding…plzz understand that…..
    And seriously anything….blood after plastic surgery????????…….plz show some way for our om to get relieved from yhat chudail(for us alsooooo)plzzzz?????

  8. @Asthababy , you know odia.??? I like it.
    And bye bye ganja budhdha?????????? your comment is always hilarious. ????? I am laughing like mad.

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Arpita… Shivaay Singh Oberoi ke sister kuch bhi kar sakti hai.. ha ha…

  9. Mann kar raha ki Cvs ke dimag ki surgery kar doon, they need it Kyun ki dimag ke jagah gobar hai….. They need brain…..
    I think Cvs need the following for Omri:-
    Gauri P for pati-parmeshwar chodo aur P for proof dhoondho…. and Omkara B for brain hota hai na ki B for bewakoofi….
    and Omri you need to be S for smart not S for stupid…..
    Aur precap ki baat toh naa he ki jaye toh behtar har coz we all know the further story…. And it goes like this….
    Omkara will think he is smart that he got a clue against chudail…… he will go and dig up the garden…… Then he will get nothing….. Poor fellow…. Svetlana phir se uska mamu bana degi… Next day the gardener of OM will come and thank Omkara for his help….. Aur doono mil plants lagayenge….After plantation Omkara will say to chulbul ” see meine ek din mein kitne jhande gaad diya and these plants will help svetlana in her beauty treatment”…..( Matlab yaah par bhi svetlana ki he help)…

    Again sry guys……. Mujhe bhi pata nahi what I am typing…. But that didn’t mean I don’t like Omkara … Aisa bilkul nahi hai …yeh saara dimag ki dahi cvs ne he kar hai ( aur waise bhi garmi ke mausam mein dahi jaldi khatti ho jati hai)……

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Maahi… Isse kehte hai power plant…(Askhya kumar BOSS style)…no power gardening…lolz…i am laughing after reading your comment..

      1. Sorry likne mein thodi galti ho gayi. Mein astha se puch rahi ho ki kya wo hame cvs ki surgery karne me guide kargi . I know you love science. Please.
        Hii Nivedita don’t cry please

    2. Maahi lol! No sorry necessary.. DBO’s idiotic plot, draggy story and stupidity of the storyline is making my blood boil too.
      I totally agree it’s possible that Monday bhi kuch hath nahin ayega Om Ri ke..

      And seriously that robot also might go to Swetlana!???

      As for the non-dead Swetlana in the trunk+- i still don’t understand how such a big body and trunk got inside OM without anyone knowing​ about it..
      Do you think Swetlana used the secret Mahi chawl OM passage to infiltrate OM..
      Sach mein cvs Kaise came up with that trunk plot I can’t understand..

      Gul ma’am please change your DBO writers and director..
      And find out ASaP who is the culprit that loves Swetlana so much to the detriment of DBO– it’s really turned into Dimag Bole Oh my Mata now..
      Dimag Bole Oh please end this torture
      Dil bole no more Om stupidity
      Dil bole Om please get a clue about Gauri…
      Crying silent tears for Shrenu and Kunal..??

    3. Mahi calm down dear . Bahut gussa mein ho. Well I will assist you in the surgery and astha can guide us in surgery. I know your you love science.please .and gardener and omkara part was hilarious .and mere dimag ke dahi ho chuki ab mein uska rayta bana rahi ho.. anyone want to join me we will do rayta party.

      1. Aastha_Reddy

        Pragathi… I will surely help in that surgery… And want to join in Raita party too…

      2. Astha warm welcome to you in my raita party . In and dbo dekh dekh kar mere dimag mein bhi kafi idea aane lag gaye hai . I want to share.
        Ham raita party karge sab isme invited hai . Yeh show dekh dekh kar samke dimag ki dahi jam chuki hai . To sab aapna aapna dahi sath leana . I am sure bahut sare dahi collect ho jayega. Ham raita Bana ke pee Bhi lege aur swimming pool bana ke Naha Bhi Lage . Aur Jo raita Bach jayga uska Na OM mein parcel karwa denhe . Usne likhega with lots of love to starcast and harness to cvs from pagola ka jund . Shivay om Rudra sab mil ke raita falate rahte hai unhe hamare raita ki jarurat padegi . Tumhare Kya kahna hai?

    4. Really mahi hilarious . I am laughing like anything thanks for ur comments.

  10. Shiv

    Actually I thought swetlana is very smart ! But nooo both om n chulbul are dumb dumber instead of DBO we can change it to dumb and dumbers!!!? Dragging without logic !!!

    1. Shiv agree but will add it’s
      Dumb- Swetlana with her idiotic plotlines
      Dumber- Om who can’t figure out about Gauri despite her million slip ups..
      Dumbest- Gauri who also has forgotten her Bareilly smart womaniya days-
      When she came to Mumbai she could use a smartphone app to hire a can for her and Swetlana, she could save Swetlana from a angry mob of guys..
      But when she is with Om she loses her brain and prays to shivji instead of calling a cab..
      And despite Swetlana’s out of ordinary huge eyes- neither Om not Gauri can recognise her..

      1. *hire a cab
        *Om nor Chulbul

      2. Shiv

        Lol? U r right yaar!!! Dumbos?

    2. Lol instead of Dil bole oberoi it should be dil bole dumbos !!!!

    3. Shiv

      And very sorry to say most dumbest are the writers hope their IQ won’t cross even 80 where the hell you will give blood intermittently by injection the blood of donor to prevent reactions n allergy of the recipient for god sake the donor swetlana is alive or under cryosleep !!! If u take the skin of donor how the hell the face of donor is fresh n beautiful !! Who the heck writing this serial misguiding ppl about medical science even morons write with little common sense you should not expect logic in serials but this is too atrocious making serials thinking that all the viewers are imbecile and morons !!! swetlana peeling her skin n showing it to father priest and again gluing with fevicol ah?Don’t fool ppl writers can wiki n google something about face transplants n write with common sense sorry friends never ever watched any serials since after long time IB is the only serial I hooked to which made me to watch DBO
      BUT DBO is idiotic made by imbecile writing !!! We badly wants romance between chulkara not to teach viewers abt plastic surgery n mockery of medical science don’t show bull plz think of abt few viewers who really knw abt plastic surgery and don’t mock them !!! Plz revamp the show !! We love IB AND DBO and loving to watch shivika n gaukara always!!!

      1. Nivedita

        Agree 100%

  11. Thought this show was meant to be about the relationship of Gauri and Om??? Enough of this Svetlana badwaas. She’s overstaying her welcome. She should’ve left a few weeks after Tia and Mrs Kapoor left. CVs need to start building the show towards what it was actually made for.


    HI ;MAAHI,SHIV,NIKITHAJI,AASTHU,ASTHA REDDY,ARPITHA,..etc all other friends :we are decided to stop to watch DBO up to a week or month. Because the over dragging of stupid Svetlana track.this scenes made us a mad people. But we love our shrenu and kunal a lot.but cvs show only Svetlana. This lady became week killer.and kill one innocent person in every week. And also she is the all round winner.gouri and omkara do not able to reach her before she erase the proof.so we fed up with the show. By
    ALSO LOVE YOU GOURIKA ???????????.

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Hi… friend…have a happy weekend…

    2. I watched maybe 1 or 2 DBO episodes this week..But thought week end hai toh kuch accha dikhayenge.. but no.. i was wrong..The CVs have no clue on how to drive the plot..
      I will not watch DBO on Mon and will wait to see the Precaps or updates before watching DBO next week..

  13. hi..all today’s epi i don’t like so much …will ohm find the truth….let’s see before that gauri should say the real things to ohm and ohm would forgive her and accepts her as his wife….what was the thing ohm should say to gauri???????love u gauri kumari sharma and love u shrenu parikh ……
    let ohm and gauri be one and kill swetlana

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Pragathi .. Raita party… theme kya hai yaar….

  14. nothing is there to comment in DBO tired of watching there stupidity every time om & gouri will reach the spot but always late they have become like police always reach the crime spot after the crime is done & criminals run away sorry if any one is hurt by my comment.

  15. MAD-FURIOUS -Satya

    please mock me and tell me which ipad has a micro SD slot ??

    1. Nivedita

      Ha ha ha! I was thinking the same thing in that scene! ??

    2. Nivedita

      And if you have data in a microSD card-carrying can’t that data simply be transferred through email or MMS to someone else – after all in this day and age don’t most docs have the phone no. Of their patients..( my cousin is a dentist and he even has his patients phone nos)..
      And yeah toh Oberois hain.. special rich clients so doc toh aur bhi khayal rakhenge unka..anday have email and cell phone of the family..

  16. Eagerly waiting for Monday hoping something good for Monday

  17. Guys the most funny thing is robot is wandering in their own house but they didn’t explore it till now and Om didn’t see it

  18. Astha itni tadi thik nahi he warna Sso jaisi chop ho jayegi ?????
    And pragati dear, join me in your raita party, but what is the theme? ??
    Maahi dear, your comment is funny.

    And guys just chill. Jayada boring lag raha he toh tum purane episode dekh kar enjoy kar sakte ho.kya kare jo mila ussi se kaam chalana padega.bcoz it is DBO.??

    SATYA dear,ye dbo he yaha hamseha logic ki oh my maata hoti he . nothing new.???hii dbo fans from kerala, I am.calling you frnd ok. Ya happy weekend.
    Pragati dear, raita ko parsal kar ke OM main bhejoge??????????? sooo funny.
    Osshi akbar, yahan toh sabse ajjeb aur atrangi cheese hoti he.
    Omkara- apni maa ke liye kuch bhi karsakta he lekin haar baar fail ho jata he
    Gouri.A perfect wife.woh jo bhi costume main ho ya jo bhi naam ho usski ko pehechan banake aur apni sankar ji pe trust rakh ke apni pati ka pura saath de rahi he.

    Janvi-now she came on hittler didi mode and also trying to shot out their problem with tej.

    Tej-apni biwi ka ijjat karna nahi aata nahi accha baap he aur na hi accha husband. Sasur ho kar bahu ke saath romance karta he .like really! !!?????

    Bua maa I don’t know if she is positive or going to be negative but now she is very good and she is giving fully support to om and janvi.

    Swetlana -meri annika didi ne uski acchi naam di he.kutti kammini dayan chudail aur jo bhi gali he all are perfect for her. Saari illogical thinking uss main bhari he..
    Usse sirf sabko marna aata he chipdi.

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Arpita… full in form to kill cvs ..
      Mujhe baad mein chop karna baby… pehle apni jijaji
      ki ijjat karna seekho…
      I am warning you not to insult my Shivaay bhaiyya….ha ha….

    2. Hii Arpita welcome to raita party . Sorry Mene theme ke bare mein socha nahi . Tum log suggest Karo kuch. And in ke repeat telecast dekhti ho Na to wo unsolved mystery ke bare bare mei soch soch kar dimag Karan ho jata. Ashok mystery and gyatri mider case , roop.i think hamari tarah makers ko Bhi repeat telecast dekhne chiye unhe Bhi to yad rahe kitne unsolved mystery chod rakhi hai unhone . And one more thing yar he Robot ek toy hi hai na to iski battery katam nahi ho rahi. I am sure jab om ke hat lagega tabhi battery katam hogi.

  19. Nivedita

    Hey DBO fans-
    To vent out my frustration with the current DBO track and to stop my Dimag Ka oh my Mata phase-out i had started writing a DBO fan fiction last month. Today i wrote two more episodes. Please read them, if you are bored this weekend, and let me know how they are..?
    Here are the links.



    Thanks in advance to those who may read it..??

  20. Nivi dear, I read you ff it is nice. But plz jitnu jaldi ho sake chudail ko bahar nikalo show main toh usse tolerate nahi kar sakti .isliye tumhari ff se usse chutti kardo.
    @astha baby.main apni jija ki izzat karna janti hun bus apni didi ko thodi priority de rahi hun thats all.????
    Pragati dear,thank you for joining me on your party.
    And you are right Cvs ko mystery banani aati he , solve karna nahi aati.

    1. Nivedita

      Will try to take her character out soon..Thanks for reading it dear!

  21. Arre waah?????… Itne boring episode mein bhi 45 comments….. it’s a record after that we have 45 comments ( i.e max number of comment after 2-3 episode of DBO)…..
    Soocho CVS agar asp hume acche acche episode doo toh kitne comments honge DBO par……( I think maine kuch logical question puch liya hai CVS se….. Hope they will be able to figure out…. kyunki DBO Cvs are totally illogical minded…. with their stupid science…. but hope unka maths accha ho……)

    1. Nivedita

      Maahi kabhi kabhi, the episodes that try our patience also gets comments. So that people can vent out. Also I guess being 2 days DBO free makes us comment more!??

      1. That’s why Nivedita Cvs should give acche acche episodes to us…. Woh bhi khush hum bhi khush…. what’s say????….

    2. Nivedita

      Absolutely correct Maahi! Idk why CVs aren’t worried on the TRP drop of DBO? They seemed to care for IB- because after the TRP drop, the story improved in IB.

  22. Hiiii guys.now I am giving you a good news and a bakwass news.I don’t know if it is true or not. I get these news from insta.
    1.om ru will find the ice box in where real swetlana is hiding.and the. Swetlana track will end

    2.And a bakwas news is that Kali thakur will back once again in gouri life.

    If these news are true then I am happy that swetlana chapter will end.

    But how can kali thakur will back ???????? He is almost dead.na!!!!!!!

    Mere ko kuch samajh nahi aa raha he. .

  23. Hi Arpita, astha,maahi commenting after long time…hru u all… a big hii to all DBO fans….

  24. I do enjoy the way you have presented this situation and it does offer us a lot of fodder for consideration. On the other hand, from everything that I have experienced, I really wish when the feed-back pile on that men and women continue to be on issue and in no way embark upon a soap box involving some other news du jour. Still, thank you for this superb point and even though I do not necessarily concur with this in totality, I respect your perspective.


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