Dil Bole Oberoi 6th April 2017 Written Episode Update

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Gauri says Omkara ji, I have to tell you, I m not Chulbul, I m Gauri, you tell me the thing you wanted to say, as I m here. She opens eyes. Shwetlana meets Dang. Some time before, Gauri says I m Gauri Kumari Sharma, I will tell him entire truth, then I will accept whatever decision he wants to take. She removes her glasses and wig, and lets her hair loose. She says I m coming to move the curtains off this lie. She gets ready and thinks of Om’s words. She cries thinking I have to choose one of Karm or Dharm, I will choose my husband, even if Om does not regard me wife, I regard him my husband, Shwetlana is making me helpless, now I will tell him entire truth, I will tell him, I m Gauri, I will accept his decision. She goes to Om’s room. She says Shankar ji, give me strength to say truth fast.

She opens the door and gets in. Gauri says Omkara ji, I have to tell you something, I lied to you,, I m not Chulbul, I m Gauri, you tell me the thing you wanted to say, as I m here, why are you not saying anything, I know you would be angry on me. She opens eyes and does not see anyone in room. She says where did he go, where to find him.

Shwetlana throws the vase on mirror and breaks it. She says how dare that doctor challenge me, I will find you from terracotta too, he has my secrets, if he leaks it, I m finished, I have to find him at any cost. Om says why is Shwetlana breaking things. She says you can’t do this doctor, I won’t let you do this. Om looks at her.

Jhanvi sees Gauri and says you….. Gauri gets tensed. Shwetlana checks chloroform, knife, poison and takes the bag. She goes to meet Dang. Om says I have to save the doctor. Jhanvi says I was going to call you, I think Mata Rani has sent you, you have sung good bhajans in Jagrata, we also want to do Jagrata, we have problems going on at home, I think Jagrata will bring positivity in Om’s life, you have come now, I think everything will be fine in his life. Gauri says I …. She gets Om’s call. She thinks what to do, I m in girl’s getup, how to talk as guy. Om says why is Chulbul not answering. Shwetlana leaves. Om looks on.

Jhanvi says this Jagrata is imp, I m keeping this for Om. Gauiri thinks I m doing all this for Om. She stops Jhanvi and touches her feet, thinking Jhanvi is Om’s mum, so she is my mum too, I need blessings and courage to tell truth to Om. Jhanvi blesses her and goes. Gauri says I have to tell truth to Om. She gets Om’s call again. Om asks where are you, we have to follow Shwetlana, she went to Dang. She thinks Om will not listen to me in hurry, I have to help him in finding Shwetlana’s secret. She says just 5mins. Om says fine, just hurry up, I m waiting near the car. She dresses as Chulbul.

Om asks did you get time, thanks, girls don’t get so much time. Gauri thinks it will take time to become guy from girl. Om says we have to go after Shwetlana, sit in the car. They leave. Shwetlana was lying under their car. She says idiots, they were going to follow Shwetlana, Om you are goodlooking, I wish you were intelligent too, you won’t go anything today. She recalls getting her mechanic costume. She sees Om in mirror and says I need some space, he does not leave me. FB ends. She says you can’t even reach Dang, leave about my secrets.

Om and Gauri are on the way. Shwetlana follows them. She says they think they are following me, but I m following them, sorry Om, our togetherness was till here. She takes a diversion. Dang tells someone that his life is in danger, so he is leaving from country and taking Shwetlana’s secret, I gave you a copy, keeping it inside the robot. The girl says I have given that robot to detective. He asks what, that detective is dead, where is the robo. Robot roams in Oberoi house. Dang says if robo is missing, it means just I have the secret.

Gauri thinks what was the thing Om wanted to tell Gauri. Om holds her hand and asks why are you silent. Gauri says nothing. Om says never lie to me please, I just don’t like it, when any dear one lies. Gauri says dear one, it means I m dear to you. Om says of course, what do you think, I share my feelings and personal life with everyone, I have less people in my life, with whom I open up and talk, its just Shivaye, Rudra and you, you are very close to me. She gets glad. Saathiya….plays………

Om’s car stops. Om says petrol got over, how is this possible, every car has full tank, its a rule in Oberoi mansion. He gets down and sees petrol leaking. He says its Shwetlana’work, she does not want us to reach Dang before her. Dang puts the chip in envelope and writes Om’s name. Shwetlana comes there and greets him. He gets shocked.

Om says we won’t get any auto here, Shwetlana won. Gauri prays to Shankar ji to keep her belief and Om’s hope. A truck comes and the driver offers help. She asks Om to come. Shankar ji has sent truck for us. Om asks are you serious, sit. Shwetlana says I did not think we will meet so soon, but I had to meet you. Om holds Gauri. They sit in the truck.

Saathiya…..plays…………She sees the Lord idol and thanks. Shwetlana says I came to see you off. Dang asks what do you want. She says after what you did for me, I want you to promise me that my secret will be secret. He says cloning is a crime. She says don’t anger me, else… He asks what will you do. She says then I have to do another crime, you know its not a big thing for me. He says I m leaving from this city, I have nothing to do with your secret. She says that’s a smart move, it means you won’t share my secret with anyone. He says fine, believe me, this will be a secret. She sees him hiding the envelop.

Shwetlana buries Dang. Om sees Shwetlana’s hands and asks why is the mud so red, its like we have in our garden.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Thank you amena di for fastest update
    Coming to episode it is not shock for me .mujhe pata tha itni jaldi.gouri ki raaz nahi khulega vamp swetlana ko jhelna padega.
    Bass dr dang ke liye bura lag raha he. Mar gaya?? Chulkara part was nice and janvi gouri convo was good.

    Bas intzar he kab gouri aur annika milenge.

  2. This story isnt going anywhere.. isnt this show about gauri and om .. arent they getting a good plot in their brains.?
    Tired tolerating such nonsense stories.
    First they entirely changed our poetic and calm om which gave us relief and then they are showing 2rs drama.
    Dont u all here think iahkara track was lot better. It was a different and beautiful story to watch …
    Still hoping for the best

  3. Aastha_Reddy

    Another murder on way… Dr. Dang…
    That Robot also fell in place..
    Gouri… Cvs gave us hope and then back to Chulbul… har harai ke…
    Totally show is a spoil thing … no hope…
    Finally it was cloning… Dolly ki aunty… Shwetlana… dayan..
    scientificlana… to gentic engineerlana…not allowed for human…only for animals… she is an animal then…( chudail ki fans don’t kill me for this)…
    After moving the whole world.. Omri will get proof inside OM.
    Cvs can show the end of Shwetlana and her drama in a most cheap and unexpected way.

    1. Agree with you…

      The thing is that Dr Dang’s stupidity lead to his death because he shouldn’t have called Svetlana to say that he is alive, should’ve booked a ticket and flew to the west or something.

      Cvs should end this stupid track, which doesn’t even make sense, first of all real Svetlana’s corpse in the ice box underground, so how come the corpse didn’t get ruined and smell when fake Svetlana left it to fool Om and Gauri.

      Secondly, how come fake Svetlana say dialogues like “Svetlana se bachna impossible hai” and dialogues like that although she isn’t the real Svetlana.

      And Cvs only show Buamaa, Jhanvi, Tej, Om, Svetlana and Gauri in Oberoi Mansion, where are the other members. Also in IB I haven’t seen Gauri and Buamaa anywhere in a family scene.

    2. Hey astha….. aaj kal mujhe bhi DBO accha nahi lagta par watch just because of Omkara ….. And don’t worry today I will post my shyari on IB page ……

  4. Ab yeh shwetlana ne Dr. Dang ka bhi murder kar di. Arey yeh koi rakshsh ya bhootni hai kya itne logon ki jaan le rahi hai. Arey jabse dbo start hua hai tabse yeh shwetlana ka track hi zyaada chal rahi hai. Humesha burayi kahi jeet ho raha hai. Plz cvs yeh track jitna jaldi hosake utna jaldi change Karo. Ab iss shwetlana ka chehra aur nahi dekh paarahe hai. Kya kehte hai sab log. Maine teekh bola kya

    1. January, ekdum correct.. we have been saying this forever..
      I predicted yesterday that Gauri reveal won’t happen. But i am glad Jahnvi has seen her, so it gives her a reason to be present as Gauri in OM now.. i hope she gets to reveal the truth soon..
      But thoda drag toh karenge.. the CVs of DBO are supper draggy.. jaise this doc killing or attacking ko drag kiya aaj.. btw..The doc was so stupid -day before yesterday when Om and Chulbul wanted to know about Swetlana, why did he just run.. if he knew Swetlana is dangerous and guessed she sent the snakes, shouldn’t he gave told Om her truth.. i mean if my life is in danger and i suspect the murderer wouldn’t i tell that at least to someone?
      Why is it so easy for Swetlana to know the docs address – both home and office? Is she a mind reader too! !???

      Today, i again liked the Chulbul Omkara scenes,?? but story still keeps on dragging..

  5. Woah!!! Today I am the first one to comment!

  6. Shh why the Svetlana lady became a all time winner.today my mind is shattered, that gouri failed to unveil her truth to omkara. DBO again cheated us.when they stop Svetlana track?when they start gourika track?.I decided to stop to watch DBO for a week or a month because I really fed up with the over dragging sequence of Svetlana.

  7. Hiii everyone… @ Nikki, astha, arpita, dbo fans from Kerala, pragati, nivedita…. u all guys?????…..
    Omkara yeh chudail svetlana ne tumhe phir se chuna laga diya aur Dr. Dang ke pass pahuch gayi…. Today’s episode was like… Chulkara busy in their la la land ( truck Walla scene)… Aur svetlana ne bajadi Dr. Dang ki band….
    By the way Shrenu was looking cute and sweet in red suit….. agar Omkara ne Gauri ko red suit mein dekha hota toh by God he would have been flat….. But coming to the important point jab tak CVS svetlana ka track khatam nahi kar dete aur Omri ki love story start Nahi kar dete tab tak iss story ka kuch nahi ho sakta….
    Waise oberois kahte hai one for all and all for one…. Jab bhi shivika koi problem mein hote hote hai toh Omru ki help lete hai par in DBO no help to Omri from shivikaru…. Then one for all and all for one ka concept kahan gaya, which was the highlighting point of the show…. Ishqbaaz mein all family members play a important role to fight for each other but in DBO this concept is no where seen… That’s why dispite having such a wonderful cast the show is unable to reach up to the audience expectations ……
    Sry guys agar meine zayada bol diya toh par what to do itno dino se nahi Kuch kaha tha isiliye aaj kah rahi hoon…….

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Hello Maahi dear…..
      la la land.. baja diya
      band…lolz ..
      We were missing you here.. and your lovely sweet lines about Love….
      Good Night…

    2. Maahi, good you said something.. i hope the CVs are reading this and will listen to the viewers..
      In in they seem to have realised we want Shivika, Obro moments, o family moments and they have been churning khidkitod episodes this week. But DBO mein hardly any improvement.. i agree Swetlana’s screen time is a bit reduced the last few days, but stupid illogical story is still continuing..
      And they have listened and giving us Gaurika moments.. but they can’t keep dragging and showing us the past Gaurika moments only. We need newer bond between the two..
      And as for the following Swetlana thing today– that whole thing was too ridiculous and irritating.. the whole part of Swetlana cutting the fuel tank .. i mean what was that? I can’t even begin to explain what was wrong with the whole scenario– everything from Om waiting for Gauri ( when he thinks docs life is in danger) to Swetlana wasting her time in stopping Om ( and knowing before hand that she will need her mechanic suit to cut the fuel pipe?????) All of it was ridiculous..
      Omkara has docs phone no.. since the doc was called to take care of chulbul’s knife injury,..So why couldn’t he have called the doc first?? Instead of calling Chulbul to accompany him..
      Btw i agree with you..Why is Om not taking Rudy and Shivaay’s advice about dealing with Swetlana?.. and why can’t he just hire another detective to follow Swetlana where ever she goes? Ek detective Ka murder ho Gaya yoh kya saare detective agencies are on strike..
      And what about khanna hi and his team, can’t Om use then for tracking Swetlana..
      And the tracker in Gauri is irking me.. by now how could she not have an infection and know about that tracker??
      Ugh sorry for venting, but DBO name should be changed to Bheja fry..

    3. DBO fans from kerala

      Hi maahi ji;your comments are awesome. We are like it.your comment about shrenu that she is beautiful in red suit.us it is really correct. Shrenu and kunal are beautiful,talented actors.shrenu-kunal pair are well liked by the audience. But cvs make to spoil the story using such good cast.yesterday we had a lot of hopes that gouri will come back.but that not happend. Ya we agreed that suddenly gouri identity not revealed. But we have a request to the director of DBO that pls stop the Svetlana track.it made us a totally irritating.we are a big fan of shrenu-kunal, pls unite them and start their love story. Maahi ji,aasthu,astha reddy, shiv ji,…..etc ,pls we all are fight against the stupid dragging of Svetlana tracks. Will you agreed us?

    4. Hii mahi . I too get bore . Mujhe to yeh spinoff ka idea accha nahi Laga. I love Omri but don’t like the story line. Bore ho Gaye same story line dekh dekh ke hero from very rich family and girl from a poor middle class family . And hero misunderstood our heroine. I also want they merge dbo and ib because I want to see the bonding between the three brothers and their wives dealing with all problems together.isse wajah se dbo se mera interest Kam ho rahe hai. Comment karne ka bhi man nahi karta. Seriously friends aap sab ke comments padne ke liya and chat karne ke liye hi yeh page open karti ho.mei .
      And yes astha Reddy and Nivedita sorry I can’t reply you on precious page. I had read your comments just now. And ashta l read all your comments / analysis at ib and dbo page. Sometime I reply too. They all are good. Kidkitood. And yes Dove shampoo wala comment it was hilarious.
      Ib and dbo ke ek aachi bat yeh hai ki ek dusare ko nahi janta Hui Bhi ham log ek dusare se itne connected hai. Jab bhi show dekhti ho to yeh jaroor soocti ho ki astha , mahi Nivedita arpita and all people Kya comment karega .

      1. Aastha_Reddy

        Hi….Pragati… ek baat toh sahi kaha .. mujhe bhi aajkal DBO bilkul achcha nahi lagta …main bhi iss liye aari hoon ki Maahi ke shayaries padhun.. Arpita ko first cmt. karte hue dekhun and dusron se kuch funny baat karoon and unko hasaun… bass nothing else…
        Cvs have completely spoiled the show…..

    5. Hii Maahi dii.. I am fine… Dbo dekh k mood kharab ho gya h… Waiting for your shayari on ib page…

  8. It’s a big flop show, no story and if you consider Ishqbaaz this don’t tie up anywhere, Shivaye is solving his issues, OM is not telling anything to his brother abt Sweat lana chudail, and she is right OM u are really an idiot she always makes pappu of you and your puppy is just waste lol. She just do nothing,Can they stop stupid serial or change the track.

  9. Stop dis track…its just nonsense…low…dragging…full of mis piggy bakwas

  10. Thanks Amena di for fast update..

    Today’s episode was ok ok…
    But a little dragging was there… I mean what kind of Persia is swetlana is she like an magician of something.. she destroys every scope of her xposure. Unbelievable!!

    I knew it.. Gauri’s truth won’t be out so early.. cause dbo is a fan of dragging.

    Chulbul and om’s bond is way too cute… an amzing friendship full of trust.
    But I kam damn sure they will add the trust breaking drama…

    Dr dang was a little cuckoo… I mean if he so wanted to tell om sultana’s truth then why didn’t he said at that snake drama time..

    All in all I love jhanvi’s character.. but in ishqbaaz Tej is helping the family in exposing mahi but here he is full of vampness?? I can’t get it.

    Hey dbo family.. can I join u guys??

  11. Shiv, i don’t know if i should post here or on yesterday’s telly update .. but i agree with you on Swetlana item song– idk why CVs like her so much.. her character is surely loved dearly by someone in the CV team — or the CVs don’t know how to run the DBO story.. so they keep giving us filler pe filler daily..
    Nowadays I skip atleast 5-10 mins of DBO.. because nothing is missed if you skip the end or Swetlana parts..

    For that matter even Gaurika moments are pretty repetitive- but i tolerate that only for Kunal and Shrenu..

    Only the dialogue writer of DBO is doing a good job with funny Dialogues.. even Swetlana’s​ dialogues are at times funny– but if only we didn’t dislike her character so much..Her storyline just makes everything related to her too irritating..

  12. Hi,

    I am writing this in the hope they will take our feedback into consideration. The cast of DBO are good and the storyline must be made more attractive to show this talent that they have. Initially everyone was complaining about Shrenu but she is proving that she is good at acting. Kunal is also equally good so make sure to explore more of their acting.
    Besides this every drama does not necessarily needs a main villain to run the story. All they need is a good story that makes the audience happy.

    They should stop showing this Shevtlana as the most genius person in the whole wide world. If that is the case she can replace Stephen Hawking or Johann Wolfgang.

    Please Om already has a lot to solve between his father and mother, to change himself back to his old self, to accept gauri, and to decide what he needs to do with his life and be truth to his family about his marriage to gauri.

    So please stop this shevtlana nonsense and make the story to be good again. For sure they are not shooting this in the same place as IB \. That must be the reason they are not showing the family together. But please make it connected. Please show the whole family in both the shows or just merge the show to become one and run for an hour.

    Frustrating is that they think that the audience are dumb and will take everything as shown to them.

  13. Actually I am happy that guari’s secret was not released, I want it to be opened after Svetlana’s secret opens. Wish om reach the secret soon. The episode was alright only. ??

    1. Haan Anushaka, i also want Swetlana’s secret revealed before Gauri.. but it would b nice if Gauri secret is slowly revealed to other OM people like Jahnvi, Shivaay, Annika, Rudy and Bua ma..So that one or a few of them can help her in gaining Omkara’s love..
      Best would be Gauri Annika or Gauri Jahnvi bonding and working together ..
      Or Gauri ShivRu Annika working together..
      I didn’t trust the Gauri reveal teaser, but still some progress should happen in that story..
      The CVs have so many nice possibilities with the story, but they keep dragging the silly and irritating Swetlana plot instead..

  14. Today’s episode was ok ok…

  15. Hiiiii mahi!!! Kaha chaligayithi?? I am missing your shari ??? Aur aaj shayri kaha he,,, tumhari.syari likhna mat chodna .I really love it.

    1. Hii arpita…. Don’t worry I will not stop writing shayari… I write shayari for u guys only …… Today I will definitely post my SHAYARI ON IB PAGE…..

  16. We are tired of asking these questions
    1) when are they going to end Swetlana Track
    2)when they are going to reveal Gouri’s truth
    3)where are the other members of Family (dadi,shivika,pinky,shakti,rudy,prinku)

    DBO was suppose to be a love story of OM & gouri but they turned this show into CID where Swetlana keeps Murdering One after the other & OM Chulbul working like detectives but they are not getting any clues to expose her.

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