Dil Bole Oberoi 5th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Dil Bole Oberoi 5th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Buamaa says this laddoos is necessary for pregnant women. Om stops her. Rudra says everyone likes you, and even I. Bhavya thinks I will sacrifice myself. Some time before, Buamaa asks Gauri to have laddoos every day, Ratan likes it a lot. Om comes and stops her. Buamaa says explain her, I made laddoos for her, this is necessary for pregnancy. Om says keep it, she will have it when she wants, Gauri don’t eat papaya. Buamaa asks how do you know. He says books, internet, magazines. Buamaa says then you would be knowing this is necessary for pregnant women. He says don’t force her and goes. Gauri smiles.

Buamaa says you are getting happy, relax, he does not care for you, he worries for my Ratan. She goes. Rudra says I know what’s happening today. Bhavya thinks Rudra knows, but how. He says

I m not stupid, I know this drama is ending, Sultan got caught, so commissioner called us, I m glad that fear ended, but I m sad that we can’t meet now. She looks at him. He says so I want to tell you something, this was acting, but concern and friendship was not acting, our relation was fake, but feelings were not fake, everyone likes you in my house. He names everyone. She asks and…. He names even room door, furniture and things…. He says and maybe I also like you, I just want to say this drama is ending, not our friendship, you can stay in our house till you want, think and say, no need to say right now, who holds umbrella in rain. Jeene laga hoon…..plays…. He gets flowers and throws in air. Bhavya dances with him. They get close. Moment breaks. She gets away and goes.

Buamaa talks to Ratan. She says Gauri is clever, but I will get you, you will come, Om will go. She sees tablets on the ground. She says I give this tablet to Gauri so that Ratan gets healthy, why is it here. She gets more tablets and asks how did this come here. She sees Gauri at the window.

Its morning, Rudra and Bhavya wait for commissioner. Rudra says what will happen of this country, big people have no discipline, I will ask him what is he teaching youth, what did you decide. She thinks how to explain, I have no answer. She sees him wearing locket and thinks I m sacrificing him for my mission. He asks what are you thinking much, its simple yes or no. She hugs him. He asks is it a yes.

She cries and takes off his locket. She thinks I will sacrifice myself. She sees cars coming and hopes its Sultan in the car. Gauri does aid to her foot. Om asks what happened. Gauri says I was tying the bandage. Om sits and does the aid. Saathiya…plays… Dadi comes and asks what’s this. Om asks what is this. She asks him to say what’s the meaning of the love letters.

Rudra asks Bhavya what did you decide, if girl does not say yes or not, it means yes, I want to hear it from you. She says I m thinking sometimes person’s best habit becomes weakness, you trust people easily, its dangerous. He says I did not understand. She says you will understand in some time. Dadi asks who is this Madhu, since when is this going on. Om sees Gauri. Dadi scolds him. Om says its old letters. Dadi says I know, why did you keep this. He says I did not throw, that’s it. Dadi says Madhu gave kisses and pasted cut out paper hearts, what will your child think about you seeing this. She tells Gauri that Om was simple cow type in college.

Om asks what is she saying. Dadi says he used to write shayari, he used to make painting and statues, girls used to roam around him, everyone was worried for him, if he would like a girl or not, he used to run away from girls, who knows he likes a guy. Om says Dadi…. Gauri smiles. Dadi says I m joking, once he told me what type of girl he wants. Om asks when did I ask. Dadi says don’t lie, I remember, he said he wants someone who has shyness in eyes, smile on face, loves younger ones and respects elders, who does anything for family. Om and Gauri’s moments are seen, when Gauri helped him. Dadi says Om got such a girl. Buamaa comes with aarti plate. Gauri thinks what’s this aarti thing, did she add anything in prasad. Buamaa does Om’s aarti.

Bhavya and Rudra fight with the goons. Bhavya’s dress gets pulled off. Rudra gets shocked seeing her in police uniform. The goon shoots.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Today episode was really good. ..

    Rubhya part was hot..Actually rain sequence are made the scen hot……

    Actually lee is a very good actor…he can do any type of acting…..?????..

    .. hell scary bumaa and her scary ideas …..

    Omri part was good…sathiya song is totall perfect for them….

    And last Dadi….??????…So funny…btw why she didn’t say anything about ridhimaa…..woh bhi toh wasi girl.nahi thi jaise om chahata tha…?????…but ok ok dadi was super cute .

    And precap So bhabya truth is out .good..

    This is the last week of dile bole oberoi. .

    So guys plz comment. .

  2. Nivedita

    OmRi moments have been great this week..
    Yesterday I was wondering what is promoting the sudden change in Om towards Gauri..I finally figured it out after Today’s epi.

    Since DBO will end this Friday, they are rounding up the Chulbul Gauri arc in DBO by finally making Om acknowledge all the sacrifices Gauri has done for him and OF.

    Bhavya parts o ignored again.. I am guessing Bua ma track will end this Friday for a new beginning of Ishqbaaaz from Mon..

    And Bhavya I guess will get shot tomorrow or Thursday. Thus making Rudy even more grateful towards her. ?

    Btw is Bhavya a super hero that her police costume was hidden beneath her clothes! ??????


  3. Previous page reply…

    @VICKY dear , it is awesome sry maine galat type kardi..

    @SINGH SAB….. toh tumhara bhi dream sequence he same he .hope kaash aisa ho..and thnx for answaring pinku’s question.

    @pinku dear ,so singh sab ne tumhe jawab de diya he…yaa big hiiiiii. .yaa i am fine.. tell me how are you??

    @Maahi dear ,lines are awesome …

    @Shradha DBO i zm agree with you…omri hug was really good..

    @UF dear i know you are a die hard fan of ishkara and rumya..and i am haapy that yiu manged with omri…but i am also upset with rubhya ..but Cvs are do OMM of our super cute RUMYA…

    don’t be Sad…we can’t do anything. ..so jayada upset mat ho and enjoy the show ok…….
    Lots of love from me to you……

    1. Dear arpu so sweet of you ???.main aapka comment padthi hu.aapne kahana RuVya ko ek chance de rahi hu kyunki aapki pass koi option nahi.but dear iam request you?agar hum log Jo RuMya ko pasand karthe hai unhe wapas dekhna chaathe hua log milkar har RuVya part skip karungi tho Kya patha wo log wapas RuMya ko diya tho aur ha iss ki wajah se ShivIka,OmRi scenes bhi zyada milengi.mujhe RuVya se zyada problem uss over confident ki dukhan GulNeet se hai.harneet bola Tha RuVya ki karan trp high ho raha hai.wo jobhi bole RuVya ko pasand karne walon se zyada RuMya ko pasand karne wala hai.so hum milke try karungi tho RuMya ko wapas pa saktha hai.aur uss GK ki gamant thodna chaahiye????ek baath hai Vrushika show khud choda tha but neha ko in logone chodne ko bola tha.agar ye log usse waapas aane ko bolongina tho wo aayega.star plus Kya bola hai.RuMya ka story end karne ka reason kyunki wo log unki dosthi ko pyaar samjh raha tha?main iss liye hass rahi hu kyunki ye log baath aise kar rahi hai ki jaise RuMya ek dusre ko I love you bola ho?phir shaadi Kya bola drunken shaadi tho koi mathlab nahi aisa kuch na.mathlab agar RuMya ka shaadi shivika omri ki tarah hotha tho shaadi hotha.agar friend ship se love story start bhi ho tho Kya hotha.real main bhi hoga aise love storys.so iss main kyun nahi.ishkara ki tarah chemistry ki kami hai aisa reason nahi batha sakthe na iss liye ye stupid reason batha raha hai.

      Dear ARPITHA.
      Main tumse phir se request kar rahi hu.please aisa try karo RuMya ka shaadi hokar bhi unka story end kiya.tho RuVya ko end karne main bhi mushkil nahi hoga.jobi log RuMya ko pasand karthe hai unse request hai.ek baar phirse try karo.rumya ko wapasa laane ka and Neha ko wapas laane aap log agar pinky aur ragini ka part tv pe nahi dekh rahi hai tho RUVYA ko bhi na dekhne ki try karo yaar.uss harneet ki over confident ko thodo uss GK samak sikhavo please??????arpitha tum IB ki comment page pe RUMYA ko pasand karne walon se mera ye baath bolo.aur tum bhi RuVya ka scene tv pe math dekho.agar hamari aise koshish fan power se Neha wapas aaya aur RuMya story start hua tho acha hogi na.aage Rudy ki birth day function aara ha hai I know that aur main ye nahi bolon ga wo fun scene math dekho main tho ye bol raha hu.ruvya scene na dekho.agar phir bhi ye log Rumya ko wapas nahi aaya tho aap log RUVYA part dekhna hai dekho nahi tho math dekho.main ab hotstar pe show dekh thi hu.aur usse tho GK KO faidha nahi hoga.

      So please arpitha and my friends RuMya ko wapas laane last try karo yaar.please ?????????jaisa main bola RuVya scene tv pe na dekh kar.remember ONLY RUVYA SCENE thabi inko samajh aayega.trp Kam hone ka karan so please do it for RUMYA.agar isse kuch bhi nahi hoga tho phir main aap logo ko aise disturb nahi karunga?? ???


  4. Such a wow episode

  5. Hey arpita ur just awesome girl… y this week last DBO??? Acha om n gauri ne hug kiya uska continuation ka kya
    @ nivedita shradha mahi hru guys a big hii

  6. N yea arpita I am still recovering…..

  7. DBO fans from kerala

    So DBO going to end on Friday, but all episodes of omkara-gauri-chulbul is bliss for us.????????
    Love DBO ???
    Love you chulbul ???
    Love you omkara❤❤❤
    Love you gauri❤❤❤

  8. Radhika.k

    I was seriously lazy to comment today,but wanted to comment as this week DBO is going to end soon!!!!!!
    Talking abt today’s episode,it was really good!!N thats bcoz CVs wanna end the show on a happy note!!!!The ladoo part was ok ok but i loved all the more when omki said Don’t eat papaya(It was an order by her loving husband)…….N also When omki replied to buamaa saying don’t force her!!!!I felt like achanak se itna concern!But buamaa was a little bit true,whatever omki is upto is only n only for the child!!!!But we knw that somewhere in his heart he has a place for gauri,n thats going to be revealed soon………
    Truth is that i don’t like The pair Ruvya,but CVs r making their scenes so special!!!!like rain scene for a long time……So little jealous that nothing is going on for Shivika!!!!!!
    N yaa loved when dadi entered the scene after a long time that too for omki…Have been waiting for this scene !!!I thoroughly enjoyed the way dadi was pulling omki’s legs by teasing him wid the Love Letters!!!!! When she was praising omki,u guyz should have seen Gauri’s reaction….Her smile was too cute!!!!!Husband helping wife is normal one,but they highlighted the character ‘Friendship’ by showing Chulbul!!!!!I was like atlast he is remembering Chulbul deeds!!!!
    Precap:Happy that rude getting to knw abt the identity of bhavya!!!!

    1. Dear radhika
      Aapka do pic is superb????????????????love you ShivIka?????.zee golden award ka pic haina dhono ka.main award winner ka list dekha happy for NarBhi nakkul ko actor(konsa category patha nahi)chandan ko bhi actress ka award mila hai.but unko Jodi ka award Mila hai Kya.jodi ka award tho Ishitha Raman ko hai?.seriously yaar inko bore nahi ho raha Jodi ka award collect karthe.ithna tho Arnav kushi ko bhi nahi Mila hoga.sach main mujhe ye question unki fans se poochna chaahiye unko bore nahi hotha hai kya.unko nahi lagtha kisi aur Jodi ko bhi award milna chahiye??.agar NarBhi ko Jodi ka award hai tho please tell na.i think list main full winners nahi.

      Take care and keep smiling???

  9. i have a doubt…where is sowmya…rudra was married to sowmya and entire family was happy about them…now they are ok with rudra and bhavya…wat is dis???

  10. I don’t know but I feel that omki knows truth of buamaa anyways let’s just wait and watch..

  11. don’ go DBO please………..

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